Artoo and R2

A Mystery

by Tommy

There’s this new weird kid that goes to our school now. No one knows much about him. He won’t tell anyone his name, sneaks around like a spy, and made his own Origami R2-D2!

It all started a few days after I finished my case file on Darth Paper. I thought my two case files where pretty interesting, so I posted them online. Well, that kid had just moved here to Virginia and apparently read those, inspiring him to make his own Origami “Star Wars” character.

First of all, I apologize to anyone reading this for the fact that Harvey has written his stupid comments in this case file. The other day at lunch he told me to let him see it, but I had learned my lesson about that. And so he stole it from me later that day and left his, and I quote, “scientific disclaimers” on every story.

Anyway, in this first story is told by Kellen, who was the first person to meet this new kid…

The New Kid

by Kellen

Okay, so, um, I’m in homeroom and all of a sudden, the PRINCIPAL walks in! I quickly try to remember if I had done any bad things lately, but than I realized, if I was in trouble, she’d call me over the intercom. But wait- what if the intercom broke or someth-

I couldn’t finish my thoughts, because then she said what she always says when she visits a classroom, “Good morning, students,” and she puts a finger to her ear and leans forward as if she expects us to say something.

When we don’t say anything, she looks confused, and looks at Mr. Howell.
So Mr. Howell’s like, “Ahem.”

We all groan and say, “Good Morning, Mrs. Rabbski.” Man, what grade does she think we’re in, 2nd?

So she gives us the hairy eyeball, than turns to the door and says, “Artoo, come in.”

So I’m like, “Artoo?”  Than this really scrawny kid walked in, giving her a weird look. I guess he thought that she was a little weird for expecting us to still greet here when she visited.

“This is Artoo,” she said. “He’s from Arizona.”

THEN we all had to say, “Hi, Artoo.”

So there’s an empty desk next to me, and the kid sat down in it.

So then Mrs. Rabbski’s like, “Make sure Artoo has a good time here at our school!” Then she skipped out the door. So maybe she didn’t come because I was in trouble. Who cares? That woman freaks me out!

So anyways, I saw the kid silently take something out of his pocket. Then I noticed, that thing kind of looks like R2-D2. Than I realized, no, that’s totally R2. An ORIGAMI R2, no less! Is this kid some kind of R2-D2 fanatic? Then I wondered, his name probably isn’t even Artoo. So then what’s his real name?

R2 the Comedian

by Tommy

So at lunch, Kellen was telling me all about the “Artoo” kid. Then we heard laughing over at the other table. We looked over, and the the kid was entertaining them with his Origami R2-D2 by having it talk (His impression’s terrible, by the way) and then he pretends to translate it into a joke. Some of them where actually pretty good, like this one:

A man and a women got married and decided to spend their honeymoon down in California. But right at that time the husband got called for an urgent one-day business trip. And so the wife went down to California without him to check into the hotel. Once she had their room all prepared, she sent him an E-Mail to tell him that everything was ready. But she misprinted the E-Mail address and accidentally sent it to an old woman in South Dakota who’s husband had died recently. She read the E-Mail, screamed, and fainted. This is what the E-Mail said:

Dear Honey, everything is ready for your arrival tomorrow. See you soon!

PS: It sure is HOT down here!

Harvey’s Comment: Okay, so maybe this “Artoo” kid has some pretty decent jokes. So? As long as he has that pathetic excuse of an Origami R2-D2, he’s pretty much Dwight 2.0

My comment: Harvey and Kellen make a point. There’s something about that kid. It’s almost as if he’s another Dwight. Always goofing off, walking around with an Origami finger puppet, you get the idea. This next story is about how we learned more about this kid and how we learned what he’d been up to lately.

To be continued!

  1. SuperFolder JC

    Wow! Great job, whoever wrote this! 🙂

  2. i live in arizona too

  3. Yoda:finish you must
    artoo: but
    Yoda: must
    artoo: but yoda
    Yoda: MUST
    artoo: okay jeez

  4. super folder Tavin

    PLEASE FINISH STORY YOU MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. luke skypaper…………….

  6. FINISH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sf hewhowalkstheskyshallblowupthedeathstar


    Han Foldo: Finish the story, kid! He really likes it!

  8. artoo please finish. my gravatar picture:finish you must artoo:but yoda:finish you must
    artoo:BUT yoda:must must MUSTTTTTT!
    by the way where is artoo?

  9. SuperFolder JC

    Artoo was actually in an accident about a year ago. He was, honest, in a car accident, and lost both of his hands. The SuperFolders sent encouraging messages, and soon enough, Artoo got artificial hands! 😀

    He was the first SuperBlogger, and actually, if it weren’t for him, there’d never have been an Origami Yoda Expanded Universe. I’m thinking about putting a little sidebar memorial for Artoo, for what he’s done on this website. If anyone would like to help, please hashtag #artoo on any OY EU post!

  10. I await a sequel SB Artoo. (yoda waiting for luke to return to dagobah :D)

  11. Origami Zombie: BRAINSSSSS
    Origami Plo-Koon: What the wha?
    Origami Boba: Zombie, quit being weird and get your deadness in the cargo hold.
    Origami (VERY creepy wearing santa hat) Skeleton: Weee! We wish you a merry Crease-mas we wish you a merry crease-mas we wish you a merry Crease-mas and a happy new Fold!

  12. Was his name really Artoo? If it is, it is an awesome name!

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