The Irrefoldable OriAnt-Man

The Irrefoldable OriAnt-Man


[One year ago]

I am OriAnt-Man! 

By-Robert O’Grady

Alright, so, the coolest thing just happened to me! This person who is in high school just came up to me and gave me this Ant-Man thing. It does not look like Ant-Man but he assures me that it is. I guess I will just describe it to you. It’s roughly the size of half of my finger, it has these huge silver beady eyes and its ‘helmet’ is red, with these small antennae made from toothpicks. He told me that I would be needed in the future but until then I should lay low and tell no one that I have the Ant-Man puppet. So until I am needed again, this is OriAnt-Man signing out!


The Past

By- Robert O’Grady

It’s been so long since I have heard from Trent (The highschooler) and even longer since I thought about OriAnt-Man. I was brought in to the principal’s office because of my relations with Trenton Adams. I am not the only Ant-Man in Wheeler! there’s this kid with another one, the Black Ant version but so far I have not talked to him. I guess I should recap about what happened from the start. I was at the “Save the Trees” event because I had nothing better to do. I was relaxing under a tree watching everything go down. When I saw Wheeler’s student principal shoot a glare my way I decided to get up and walk away. I stuck my hands in my pockets and then I immediately reared my hand back because something had just stabbed me! I reached back in slowly and pulled out OriAnt-Man. I put it in my shirt pocket and walked over to the crowd to try and blend in. I had yet to go to Wheeler but I could tell that everything had changed.

Job Offer

By- Robert O’Grady

When the Principal tells you to do something you do it. I had just finished listening to “It Ain’t Over Till the Wasp Lady Sings” By- Christophe Beck when I was called into his office.

“I want to talk to you about a potential job opportunity.” She said.

I looked at her blankly. Was she kidding? She wanted to hire a kid to do what?

“Sure.” I said

“Good, It’s going to be hard but I can tell that It will be easy for you” She said.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“I know about Trent and OriAnt-Man,” She said plainly, like this was common information. 

“Seyla told me that she saw you at the ‘Save the Trees’ event. Listen, in order for you to remain in the private sector and out of detention I am going to need something.”

I looked at her for a minute before she continued. 

“The thing in question is a 24k golden apple, like the one I have on my desk,” She pointed to the shimmering golden apple that was on the corner of his desk. 

“Give me 24 hours.” I said

“Wait,” She said. “Where’s your puppet?”

I held up OriAnt-Man “Who are you callin’ puppet?” The Irrefoldable OriAnt-Man said.

Who’s hungry for apples? 

By- Robert O’Grady

I call my puppet ‘Irrefoldable’ because simply, I have no clue how to fold another one. I guess I should call him ‘The one and only’ but that would make the name way too long. It was easy to get into Kirby because there was no security system left and the unspoken rule was that you don’t just break into a school with so much history, I tried to preserve all I could. First I looked in the principal’s office, nothing of any real importance. Even the infamous Amazing Spider-Man 185 was gone. Finally I located the apple. It was in the desk drawer. I was making my rounds one more time when I saw a bunch of kids wearing ski masks. I was about to walk out when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around to see this jock’s fist come barreling at me. I ducked out of the way and attempted to run out the back door when the kids in masks from before blocked off the door. I pushed them aside with no effort at all.

“Eat a sandwich!” OriAnt-Man shouted.

Henchmen are overrated. 

By- Biff Buncin

I was woken up last night by my old F.O.L.D. watch. I have no idea why I thought to keep it, F.O.L.D. had long been dead because of Andy Gardner and his Captain America puppet. I knew Trent’s secret along with Project: Irredeemable and how it had failed horribly but now that everyone was here at Wheeler there was a guarantee that ‘Irredeemable’ might be needed again. Me and my team were breaking into Kirby to get the file to Project: Irredeemable when my watch went off, telling me that someone had been in the school recently (Some of us had moved the trigger to the front door). We planned a trap and it almost worked until the end when he ran out the back door and commented that my people should “Eat a sandwich” but in the end, we got what we needed. 

The next day I was walking down the hall looking through the file. Information started to come up, “Robert,” and “Don’t teach him,” I walked down the hall and shifted some posters out of the way to reveal a lever that, when pulled, some lockers moved. This whole system was implemented during the Cold War in case the Soviets decided to “Turn the keys.” I opened the vault door that led to what now was the files room for the school. I looked in the ‘New students from Kirby’ section for anyone named Robert, no one came up. Next was the section about the students who had been going here for a while, still no one. The last section was about people who had graduated from Goodman Middle, the middle school that was down the road. I got one, Robert O’Grady. I started to look through his file to find a note from Trent. “I have selected this kid to be the Irrefoldable OriAnt-Man so that one day he might join the OriAvengers, or take them down. He has no knowledge of the comics but he does know about the 2015 Ant-Man movie starring Paul Rudd along with its sequel, the poor kid is missing out. Therefore I have attached this Mitchel Carson puppet in the events that he goes rouge, take his puppet. He has no clue how to fold another. (P.S. the puppet’s name is Mitchel Crayola)” 

I started to process this but I was interrupted when the secretary tried to open the vault from the primary entrance so I grabbed the puppet and ran.

All that for a [REDACTED] apple? 

By- Biff Buncin

As I was eating lunch I saw Robert clutch his bag and run off to what I can only assume is the principal’s office. I got up and started to follow him, soon I was in a chaise with him, he had seen us following him so we had started a chaise. I had sent some people ahead to keep him occupied while I thought of a way to deal with the problem that he presented. He was a good fighter, I saw him take out my best men like he was playing Wii sports. He then threw his back pack at me and I must have thought that it was just books because when it hit me I was flung into the wall behind me, I guess gold can do that to the human body if flung at the right velocity. I slumped against the wall, I was laying on the floor when I saw the glorious shimmering apple roll out of his backpack. Then it hit me, he went through all of that for a [REDACTED] apple?

I was resting in the nurse’s office when she came up to me holding a piece of paper.

“Looks like report cards came out early.” I said

“Actually it’s a note from the-,” She looked very confused. “MCP?”

I snatched it out of her hands and began to read it. 

‘Get the apple at all costs, -MCP’

I put Mitchel Crayola on my finger and began to plot.

If you’re a super-villain, never tell your henchmen ANYTHING! 

By- Robert O’Grady

I was sitting in Mr. Donovan’s class listening to him drone on about the Cold War and how it was primarily a war over information and how the stakes were unbelievably high.

“Now let’s move on to the destruction of the Berlin wall.” He said in that boring southern drawl.

I was starting to doze off when I saw two kids start to talk to each other about something and then slip on these black ski masks like they were going to sled the hallways or steal something. I jumped up out of my chair and grabbed my backpack.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Mr. Donovan asked.

“To the Microverse,” OriAnt-man said. “Be back in a minute!”

I began to slowly follow them as they rounded the corner to the principal’s office. I had been following them for some time now when I heard the creaking of metal behind me. I turned around to see Biff Buncin move some posters. I then did the smartest thing I could think of, I jumped in a trash can. He then pulled down on a lever and some lockers moved out of the way and then he slid behind them, I was going to attempt to save him when the lockers moved back with no fuss. I then began to sneak over to the lockers to see tons of posters from a plethora of decades. I moved them aside to see a yellow lever embedded in the metal. With one quick tug they slowly slid out of place revealing a Cold War era vault. I was walking down the hallway when I heard his voice.

“You REALLY should not be here.” He said

“And you REALLY should be suspended” I replied.

He then punched me in my back causing me to trip and fall over. I kicked him in his stomach as he reeled back. I got up just to be slammed into a wall, wait, no I was slammed into a door! As Biff was charging at me I twisted the lever to try and trap Biff. He still managed to shove us out of the hallway and into the closet of sorts. I could only imagine where we were.

I could already hear the smooth southern drawl “Now what do we have here?”

Biff then punched the door causing us to spill out onto the floor of Mr. Donovan’s classroom.

He looked at us and them at the secret hallway. He then crossed his arms and looked at us on the floor.

“Not only am I shocked but I am just-,” He said “wow?”


By-Robert O’Grady

Me and Biff were still fighting when the bell rang for our next period. He then pushed me down and grabbed the apple out of my back pack, He pulled on the golden stem and a loud ‘click’ came from the base of the apple as it unfolded to reveal a literal glowing light. I wanted his face to melt off or turn to dust but he just smiled. He then pulled out a smaller piece of paper and unfolded it, I could not see what he was looking at but I could tell that he was upset at something. He then re-sealed the apple and walked out.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m going to see a woman about a photo.” He replied.

I still had no answers or any golden apple so I was just laying on the floor, defeated when a hand rested on my shoulder. I looked up to see the face of Kaylee Winston.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want to help you get the apple back,” she said “I can tell that it’s important to you so I thought I might help.”

She sounded sympathetic but I wasn’t buying it. Her little club of know-it-all-freaks just wasn’t my sorta’ thing.

“No, I don’t need sympathy right now.” I muttered “I need results.”

I put OriAnt-Man on my finger.

“It’s been wild but i’m out” OriAnt-Man said.

As I was walking away I saw her pull out a pad of paper and start to write something down.

Keep your enemies close. 

By- Biff Buncin

The golden apple is absolutely worthless. I can understand why the principal would want it but in all honesty she should have just sent me to go and get it. I have no clue why she would send someone as ridiculous as Robert. I was tossing the apple in my hands when I met back up with my henchmen who had cleared a path to the principal’s office. I walked in and sat at the desk that was situated at the entrance to her office. A few minutes passed and she walked out, supposedly to take her lunch break. 

“Ms. Principal, can we talk to you for a moment.” I asked as I walked into her office.

“Well sure, apparently.” she said as I walked into her room.

I sat down in one of the chairs and waited for her to sit down. I wanted to know why of all the people she decided to hire Robert. What did she see in him that I did not have? I was stronger and faster and smarter but she decided on Robert? I wonder why she was the principal. I placed the golden apple on the desk and looked at her judgingly. 

“Why?” I asked.

“Robert?” She asked back.

“Yes, what does he have that I do not?” I asked.

“He has commitment and the right amount of ‘humpf’ to get the job done,” She said “And he doesn’t break into the files room VIA COLD WAR TUNNELS!”

She had a point. If there was one thing about Robert that I respected it was his commitment to getting this apple. I then grabbed the stem and pulled on it causing the apple to open again. I thought that the apple was neat, it was pretty brilliant to put a light in it. I pulled out the photo and placed it on her desk. 

“So he failed?” She asked.

“Spectacularly.” I responded.

Then from behind me I heard an annoyingly familiar voice.

“Really?” Robert said “Well I thought he did pretty good…”

Principals and Idols. 

By-Robert O’Grady

After Biff got sent out of the office the principal unfolded the picture. She didn’t cry but I did see a solitary tear roll down her cheek. After some time she finally spoke.

“Did you get it?” She asked.

“The apple? Yeah it’s on your desk.” 

“I chose you for a reason. Now let’s face a simple truth, you broke into a condemned building.”

“Yes.” I said “What’s my punishment?”

“Nothing, just if you want me to forget about it I think that you should join a club.” 

She then pressed a button on his phone and in walked Kaylee. I looked at her and then to Kaylee and back to her. 

“I want you to join P.Y.M” She said “They could use someone like you.”


By- Principal Villanueva

The day had ended and I looked at the two apples on my desk. I clicked them both open and unfolded both pieces of paper, the images fit together perfectly. It was me, after first becoming a principal, next to a younger Dr. Ainsley, who’d already been at the job for awhile. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Thinking back, I recalled the words that Dr. Ainsley had spoken to me, ironically taken from another wise man: “That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.”

I thought about what Robert, and all of these kids, had done. I left my office and turned out the lights.

Epilogue. (pt.2)

By- Robert O’Grady

I was chilling at home watching Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure when a knock came from my door, I opened the door and a note was shoved into my hands. I walked back over to the couch and eagerly opened the note; after all, how often do you get mail?

To- Robert O’Grady/ OriAnt-Man

We need your help, a threat has come to reside in the halls of Wheeler and it has gone unchecked for long enough. I have encountered this threat myself and it almost ruined me, I believe that you have also encountered this threat in the form of one of his ‘operatives,’ Biff Buncin. Please, we need as many fighters as we can get.

From- Cayde Cates/ Blank Knight

OriAnt-man will return in The MCP Saga: Part II!


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