Art-Mong Us

The Birth of the Oricrewmate

By Richard

The other day, I was sitting on the front steps at school, waiting for my friend, Preston. To pass the time, I grabbed some crisp, white paper from my backpack and folded an origami flower. It was awful. I ripped it up so I could start over, but when I saw that two pedals were remaining on the bottom of the ruined flower, I noticed that it looked like the dead body of an Among Us Crewmate. That gave me an idea. I quickly took a piece of pink paper and folded it into an origami Crewmate. Thus, the Oricrewmate was born. I drew a visor on it, added the Flamingo hat, and he looked exactly like my actual Among Us character.

After about two minutes of admiring my Oricrewmate, Preston finally showed up. We were supposed to walk home together and discuss a school project, but now I didn’t want to talk about school. I had to show him what I had made!

“Hey, Preston. Check this out!” I said, waving the Oricrewmate at him. “This is an origami version of my Among Us character.”

“I guess that would make him an ART-mong Us character.” Preston laughed. “Would you show me how you made that? It looks cool.”

I showed him how to make one. He folded his out of red paper, drew a visor, and added the Plant hat. That’s what his real character looks like.

“You know,” Preston declared. “If we had eight more people we could play a real-life game of Among Us. Like Mafia!”

“That’s not a bad idea.” I articulated. “We could make notecards that tell you if you’re an Oricrewmate or an Imposter- “

“I think you mean IMPAPER.”

“Yeah. And it would tell you what your tasks and fake tasks are.”

We talked about it for quite some time and decided we would play Artmong Us every Saturday at my house because it has many rooms that we can set up tasks in. I talked to some other people, and eight other people can do it with us: Tyler, Denis, Brianna, Shannon, Aaron, Nick, Austin, and Natalie. I’m going to let Preston write the next chapter because I need to get started on that school project I was talking about. It’s due tomorrow and It counts for half of my grade.

The First Game

By: Preston

We just finished playing our first game of Artmong Us! Here is how it played out:

Richard’s parents let us use the house for the game. Richard made some note cards that either said “Oricrewmate” or “Impaper” on them. He put them in a hat, shook it up, and we each pulled out a card. Mine said: “Oricrewmate” and had a list of tasks on it. As I was heading to Electrical (AKA Richard’s darkened garage) to do the Fix Wiring task, I saw someone run past me in the dark! I started to run in the other direction, but it was too late. The Impaper tapped my shoulder. That’s how we “kill” people in the game.

Me: Okay, you got me.

Austin looked down at me. She was the Impaper.

Austin: Yes, I did. I love this game!

She started to leave when suddenly; Denis jumped out.

Denis: Aha! I have you now, Impaper!

When we arrived at the Meeting Table, (AKA Richard’s dining room table) everyone except Tyler, Shannon, and I started discussing.

Richard: Okay, where was everyone?

Nick: I was just walking into Storage when I saw Tyler’s dead body. I was about to report it but Denis reported Preston’s body first.

Aaron: I was in Admin doing the Swipe Card task.

Natalie: I was with Aaron.

Aaron: Yes, she was.

Richard: And I was in the Cafeteria doing the Empty Trash task.

Austin: I was in Electrical and I found Preston’s dead body.

Denis: I saw her kill Preston! She’s the imposter.

Richard: Okay. Did anyone see anything to confirm that?

Brianna: I was in security and I think I saw Austin kill Shannon. The camera was a little blurry though, so I could be wrong.

Austin: That’s not true! I was going to do the Fix Wiring task.

Denis: Sorry Austin, but it seems a couple of us witnessed you killing people.

Richard: Let’s vote.

Everyone except me, Shannon, and Tyler: I vote for Austin!

Austin smiled.

Austin: Okay, you guys win. 

Richard: So, did everyone like the game?

Aaron, Denis, Natalie, Austin, Shannon, Nick, and I said yes. Tyler and Brianna had different feelings about the game.

Brianna: Meh. It was okay I guess. I don’t see why you had to add the Empty Trash task. And using a baby monitor as a security camera is very inconvenient because of the tiny screen.

Richard: I have an actual security camera in my garage, but I’m not allowed to use it.

Tyler: And I was killed too easily. I wasn’t even able to do my first task. I hate it when I don’t get any playing time on a real Among Us game. This is no different.

Richard: Okay, I can tweak the rules a little bit over the week.

Tyler: Fair enough.

Richard: Okay.

The Argument

By Preston

Okay, so Richard changed the rules up a little bit, and it caused complete chaos.

He removed the Empty Trash task but forgot and ended up putting it on Tyler’s card.

Tyler: Dude, I searched your entire house for the task and got killed before I found it! I thought you were going to FIX the game.

Richard: Now I think I might have-

Brianna: And I noticed you connected the baby monitor to a tv, but that just didn’t help. I just barely bumped into that TV and it stopped working altogether!

Richard: Okay, I made some mistakes, but I just-

Tyler: The game is stupid! The reason you can’t fix it is because it’s beyond repair!

Austin: Guys, you’re being ridiculous! Richard worked hard on this game. He just wants you guys to have fun.

Brianna: Well, we’re not, okay!

Aaron: H-hey guys? Maybe we should calm down a little…

Denis: And I don’t see why you had to invite Aaron to play. He’s boring to play with. All he does is sit in Admin and wait for the Impaper!

Aaron: What the heck, dude?! That was totally uncalled for!

Denis: But it’s true. As far as I know you didn’t have any tasks in Admin this round. If you’re just gonna sit around and be bored, then maybe you shouldn’t play.

Aaron: Maybe YOU shouldn’t play if you’re just gonna be a jerk!


We all stared at him. He started to speak.

Richard: What’s gotten into you guys? We all used to be such good friends… and look at us now. Guys, I just invited you to play this game so we can have fun. If you don’t like it, don’t play. But stop being mean. If you want to be like that, you can go home.

Without a word, Tyler turned around and walked out the door. Brianna followed suit. Denis mouthed something to Aaron that I didn’t quite catch, and left. Richard looked at us. “Sorry, guys. Maybe it would be best if we called it a day.”

I went home, shocked by what I had just witnessed.


By Richard

Today when I was at school, some weird things started happening. In Mr. Henderson’s science class, we were mixing up some chemicals for an experiment, an air vent opened above my desk and a small capsule fell into my mixture. The glass container holding the chemicals caught fire. Aaron, who was sitting right next to me, grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed it on the flames. Mr. Henderson rushed up and smelled the container.

“Did you put an Alka seltzer in here? Your beaker melted and now we’re breathing in melted plastic fumes! That was the stupidest thing you’ve ever done Richard. Go to the principal’s office.”

That was so unfair… and oddly specific. An alka seltzer?

When I was in the principal’s office, the lights went out. The principal stumbled around in the dark.

Principal: Richard, did you do this?

Me: It wasn’t me!

Principal: Well, who was it then?

Me: How would I know? I can’t even work the circuit breaker in my own house.

After about three minutes, the lights came back on. The school custodian walked in and told us that someone had been playing with the circuit breaker and escaped through a vent.

Custodian: I found this list.

He handed a yellow piece of paper to the principal. I caught a glimpse of the paper. It said: Sabotage O2= Check, Sabotage Lights= Check, Sabotage Reactor= Unchecked.

The principal looked down at me.

Principal: Richard, can you understand this?

I took the paper. I thought about it for a moment, then figured out what was happening. Mr. Henderson had told me that if we hadn’t put out the fire, the oxygen in the room would’ve been poisoned. That must’ve been what the list meant by “Sabotage O2.” Then when the lights went out, that must’ve been “Sabotage Lights.”

Principal: You seem to know what you’re doing, so you can go. Just don’t go poisoning the whole school. (I don’t know what I’d do if we had another biohazard in the building…)

As I walked out, I scanned the hallways for Tyler, Brianna, or Denis. I knew it had to be one of them because they were the ones who had been so mad during Art-mong Us. Denis was the least likely culprit because he was usually nicer than the others. He WAS being a bully to Aaron though. Brianna was only annoyed that night, but she sometimes took her annoyance out on her friends- that includes me. It must have been Tyler! He had completely flipped out on us and left looking like he was thirsty for revenge, so I went to go find him. I started looking for him, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Denis was walking away from the history classroom, so I asked him if he knew where Tyler was.

Denis: I don’t know where he went. About a minute after the lights went out, I heard paper ripping and footsteps. When they came back on, he was gone, and his Oricrewmate was ripped in half. I’m surprised he even still has that thing, with the way he was acting yesterday.

Me: I guess Tyler didn’t sabotage the lights then. Do you know where Brianna Went? If Tyler’s not responsible for this then she is a possible suspect.

Denis: I last saw her walking to her class. I didn’t see where she went afterwards.

Me: Okay, keep an eye out for her. I’ll start looking in the library. Brianna usually likes to study there during lunch.

Denis: Okay. I’m gonna go get some lunch at the cafeteria. See you around.

Me: Denis, wait.

Denis: What’s up?

Me: Go easy on Aaron, okay? He doesn’t deserve to be treated the way you’re treating him. He’s a good guy.

Denis: Maybe to you…

Me: I’m serious.

Denis: Fine. I’ll work on being nicer.

I walked to the school library and tried to open the door, which wouldn’t budge. That’s odd. The library door is NEVER locked. I jiggled the doorknob a few times and the door finally opened. It must have just been stuck. But when I looked around, the lights were off, and the room was empty. I took out my phone and turned on my flashlight, and there, sitting in the middle of the room, was Brianna’s Oricrewmate! It had been ripped in half. If it wasn’t Tyler, Brianna, or Denis, then who was it? I turned around to leave, when suddenly, I heard someone pounding on the storage closet door in the back of the library. I put my ear up to the door. The banging got louder. I unlocked it, and Tyler and Brianna jumped out.

Tyler: Finally! I thought we would be spending the night in there.

Me: What the heck were you doing in there?!

Tyler: I dunno. About a minute after the lights went out, someone grabbed me and dragged me in here. It took me a while to realize where I was.

Me: How did Brianna get here?

Brianna: I was studying in the library, when suddenly, the lights went out. When I tried to find my flashlight, I heard Tyler get thrown inside the closet. I went to investigate and someone shut the door behind me.

Me: Did either of you see who put you in here when the door opened?

Brianna: Nope. They stayed behind me and closed the door before I could turn around.

Tyler: No such luck. It was too dark. We need to find out who did this. I assume it was someone from our Art-mong Us match when I flipped out. Sorry about that by the way.

Me: It’s fine.

Brianna: Who all is in your class, Tyler? If we think about it, maybe we’ll figure out who’s sabotaging everything.

Tyler: Okay. So, I think the power went out during my history class, and in that class we have Aaron, Danny, Brianna, Nick, Gregory, Austin, Sabrina, and Shannon.

Me: Okay, and who were you sitting next to?

Tyler: Aaron.

Me: Oh my gosh!

Brianna: What’s wrong?

Me: I know who did this. I was so stupid to never realize this before!

The Culprit

By Richard

Me: Tyler, you said Aaron, Danny, Brianna, Nick, Greggory, Austin, Sabrina, and Shannon are in your class?

Tyler: Right.

Me: And you were sitting next to Aaron?

Tyler: Yes. Why does this matter?

Me: I’m getting to that. Brianna, you went straight to the library after class, right?

Brianna: Yes.

Me: Then the answer is simple. Denis did it.

Tyler and Brianna: What?!

Me: I made the mistake of ruling out Denis because of how nice he usually is… to me! But I didn’t even think about how nice he is to other people!

Tyler: What are you getting at?

Me: Denis hates Aaron, remember? Well, when I was in science class, I was sitting right next to Aaron and we were mixing chemicals. Denis was traveling through vents, and he tried to drop an Alka seltzer in Aaron’s mixture, but he missed and dropped it in mine instead. Tyler, Denis told me everything that happened to you when the power went out like he was in the class with you, but when you told me who was in there, you didn’t say his name. So, he must have come from the electrical room to your classroom.

Tyler: But how on earth would he get there so fast?

Me: Only a true Among Us fan would catch on to this, but the vent from electrical connects to Med Bay. You were in the history classroom, which is right next to the school nurse’s office.

Tyler: So, he used the vents to get to my classroom in a little over a minute!

Me: Right. You said you were sitting next to Aaron, so maybe he was trying to grab him, but grabbed you by mistake! He ripped your Oricrewmate thinking it was Aaron’s in hopes that Aaron might take a hint and would stop playing Art-Mong Us with the rest of us. When he realized he had grabbed the wrong guy, he hid you in the closet so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

Brianna: What about me?

Me: See, I was talking to Denis because I thought you might’ve been the one to turn off all the lights, but I was wrong about that part. He wanted me to think you were the culprit by making sure I couldn’t find you. Anyways, I told him I was going to look for you in the library, and he said he was going to buy his lunch at the cafeteria. If you think about the vent layout in The Skeld again, the cafeteria vents are also connected to other rooms with a series of vents. Denis knows the Among Us vent layout better than I do and decided to use his knowledge to navigate through the school’s vents. Don’t ask me how that works, because it sounds ridiculous in my head, but the rest of the story makes sense. This whole plot was to do something bad to Aaron. I’m not sure what though.

Tyler: So all we have to do is find Denis and stop him from doing whatever his nefarious scheme is?

Me: Yeah, but I’m not sure- OH SHOOT!

Brianna and Tyler: WHAT NOW?!

Me: When I was in the principal’s office, the school custodian walked in and handed us a list of things Denis was going to sabotage as part of his master plan. He wrote it in Among Us language so our teachers wouldn’t understand. It said Denis was planning to sabotage O2, Lights, and Reactor. He already did the first two, so that leaves the Reactor to be sabotaged.

Brianna: But what does the Reactor represent?

Me: I don’t know! Our school sure doesn’t have a reactor…

Tyler: Wait! Remember the reactor is what powers all the systems in the Skeld… and if the Imposter sabotages it, everything will blow up! Maybe Denis is thinking metaphorically.

Brianna: How do you mean?

Tyler: Aaron has such amazing grades, his test scores support the whole school, and everyone knows it.

Brianna: Right! So if Denis sabotages Aaron’s big test tomorrow…

Me: The overall average of the test scores will take a huge drop, and it will be all because of Aaron’s test!

Tyler: We have to stop Denis!

Suddenly, Denis came walking out from nowhere.

Denis: Not so fast crewmates.

Me: Denis! What’s your problem man? You said you were going to be nicer to Aaron.

Denis: I lied. Deal with it chump.

Me: So what else do you lie about?

Denis: Lots of things. I don’t have a mansion, I never met MrBeast, I don’t get straight A’s-

Me: There’s a shock.

Brianna: You should try writing fiction sometime. You’d be great at it.

Denis: And I’m definitely NOT friends with that obnoxious Aaron.

Tyler: But, why though?

Denis: Because he HAS a mansion, he HAS met MrBeast, and he DOES get straight A’s. He’s always bragging about it and I’m gonna make him pay.

Tyler: So, what are you gonna do about it?

Denis: I’m gonna take all those things away- no more Straight A’s, so his parents will send him to a different, more expensive school. They will lose money and have to sell the mansion.

Me: And what about the MrBeast thing? How are you gonna get rid of that?

Denis: Hey, shut up!

Brianna: Um… I really don’t think that’s gonna work.

Denis: Oh yeah? Why not?

Tyler: Because- well maybe you should turn around.

Denis turned around. There he saw Aaron, who had recorded the whole conversation.

Aaron: Sorry for bragging Denis. I didn’t know it was making you mad. But I have to show this to the principal.

Denis: No! Don’t be like that…

We watched as Aaron ran to the principal’s office and Denis chased him.


By Preston

I feel like I maybe missed something important, but everyone’s calling Denis The True Impaper and now he’s been expelled from our school. After all that happened without much warning, Richard fixed the rules to Art-mong Us, so we all went back to playing the game together. Except Denis of course. He’s a little sore at Aaron and Richard for some reason. Oh well. At least he can chill in his mansion, remembering the awesome time he met MrBeast and got an A on his math exam all in the same week. That guy sure has it good.


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