Martian ManShredder

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Chapter 1

Hello, I’m David Franklin. I recently transferred to Donner Preparatory School. I always try to get my work done fast so I can go and read some downloaded comic books. Ah, Comic books. The best type of book in my opinion.

“Ok, class. You can put away your textbooks now and start working on your homework.” Our teacher Mr. Anderson said. I finished my homework and was getting my phone out… “RIIINNNGGG!!!!” Dang it. If you couldn’t tell, that was the bell. I had to go home. My mother gets mad at me if I get home after 3:30pm. I’d also get my online order for a PS4 cancelled! While I was at my locker I heard people talking about this guy named Chris Booth? I overheard that he exposed Neil Swift. I think that he was using the schools money to get the science fair but… Um… He sold this thing called Flexonite to the students? Ok, that’s bad! When I got home, I went straight up to my room, then went on my laptop and started reading some more DC Comic Books. This time I started reading Martian Manhunter #1. I really felt a connection to him. My brother always hated me! He always claimed that I got everything I could ever want in life! While I am at Donner Prep, he goes to Kane High School. 

Chapter 2

The next day I was once again at My locker when I heard cries for help. I started getting this feeling in me that I should investigate. I went over to the cries and found this tall guy pinning a kid to a wall! I went up to him and said “Put. Him. Down.”

“Yeah? What are you going to do kid!” He yells back. I run up and try to push him but that just got the Jerk angrier! He started to chase me all over the school until I got punched in the back. A teacher saw that and called him into her classroom. I walked back to where the kid was and he ran up to me!

“Thank you!” He said.

“Y-y-you’re welcome.” I reply before going back to my locker to grab my stuff for class. When I got into the classroom I went on my phone. As I started reading Martian Manhunter #2, some people started throwing around paper airplanes. I got hit by one and it dropped down on my desk. I then went to try and fold one. I kept failing but on my last try I failed. Again. But I looked at it and thought it looked like a finger puppet.  I put it on my finger and wanted to design it to look like a superhero! I took out my phone to search for a superhero when I saw the Martian Manhunter comic. I then thought about making a Martian Manhunter finger puppet! I finished the design and colored it. After I finished it I said to myself: “Hello Martian… Martian… Martian ManShredder!” While I was walking back to my locker I put him inside. After school I was on my computer trying to make a better Martian ManShredder when I had to go answer a phone call I had. I don’t know why, because I don’t really have a lot of friends. But not knowing my brother went into my room! He saw the unfinished puppet and decided to finish it. But the first person he saw on my screen was Malefic! Martian Manhunter’s EVIL twin brother! I hung up the phone and started to walk into my bedroom. Usually seeing my little brother in my bedroom isn’t a big deal, I just tell him to get out, he says no, then I push him out. But this time was different. I saw the puppet, looked at my table and then back at him. I picked him up and threw him into his bedroom, closed the door, and went back to my bedroom, fuming.

Chapter 3

I was back at school once more but the good thing was it’s Friday! I was just about to go home when I was called into the principal’s office.

“David, we need to talk about your behavior to your brother.” She said.

“What? Um, I think you got me mixed up with someone else. My brother goes to Kane high school.” I replied.

“No, he doesn’t. Look at this list of students: you can see your brother’s name… right here.” She points to his name.

“I-I-I… He never told me or my parents!” I reply.

“Well, just be nicer to him. Ok?” She replies to me.

“Ok.” I say. After that I went around looking for him and… I… Don’t find him. But while I was walking home I got hit by a stick that was thrown at me. I look behind me and I see someone quickly hide behind a bush. I run behind a house and see my brother run right by me.

“What are you doing, Morgan?” I asked my brother.

“GAH! How did you find me?” He replies.

“I knew you were following me! So… Why did you transfer to Donner?” I say.

“To get revenge on you! You got everything you may have ever wanted! While I never got anything! You have a phone, a computer, an expensive school! What did I ever get!? NOTHING!” He screams back.

“That’s not my fault! You never worked hard on anything!” I yell. Morgan then starts to charge me and soon enough tackles me.

Chapter 4

I was walking around the school when I saw my brother picking on a kid “MORGAN! Stop bullying that kid!” I scream.

“Yeah? Who’s gonna stop me?” He replies.

“Me.” I say back.

“Huh?” He says confused. I then start running towards him and punch him. He then lets go of the kid in which I catch. While he runs away I deal with my brother. I got kicked off of him then he ran to tell the Principal. Want to know how I know that? Well, The Principal told me who told her! While at home my brother told my parents that he was getting bullied at Donner.

“Wait. Since when do you go to Donner?” They both asked.

“Yeah! I transferred because David goes there! But now this bully named Spencer keeps attacking me at school!”

“WHAT!” My mom screams.

“I will get that kid suspended!” My dad replies. But the thing is, Spencer is the kid that MORGAN was bullying! I am starting to piece together his plan but need more details! I will write later in a different chapter to keep you updated.

Chapter 5

I was watching Morgan throughout the week and saw that everyday he kept bullying more and more kids! 

Monday: He walks up to a kid named Jonah and punches him and punches him some more! He then opens up his locker and throws him in it! After he was put into the locker I walked up to it and let the kid out.

Tuesday: He did the same thing again but with a kid named Karl! But he punched this kid more and more! And even kicked him about ten times… ON EACH LEG! Once more I let the kid free and he went straight to the nurse.

Wednesday: He went up to Kyle, the new kid at school. He transferred here two days ago and got sent to the nurse crying! Morgan walked up to him and introduced himself then he punched him in the nose!  Instantly, blood started pouring out! But Morgan kept on punching and kicking! Then once more shoved into a locker! I ran and opened the locker door and let the kid out.

Thursday: I guess all of those kids became friends while they were in the nurse’s office, because he attacked all of them at the same time! First he locked all of them in a room, then he started punching them one by one, finally he kicks all of them then puts each of those kids in a cabinet in the science class! When he left, I guess Morgan forgot to lock the door again because I walked in and helped everyone in the classroom.

“Why are you helping us?” Kyle asked.

“Because I believe that by helping others will inspire you to help others also! And that is my brother…” I reply.

“Wait… WHAT!?!” Karl screams!

“Yeah… He has been telling my parents that you guys are bullying HIM!” I reply.

“Oh…” Jonah says. That was when everyone left the classroom.

Friday: All of those kids weren’t at school today. I guess my parents got them expelled! I felt bad about them but people started to talk about me at Donner because of me saving the kids! I even got an interview with Chris Booth!

Chapter 6


CB=Chris Booth

Me= Well Me!


CB: Are you David Franklin?


CB: What do you think about your new bit of fame?

Me: I don’t like it. I only helped those kids because MY brother was the one bullying them!

CB: So you’re saying that you don’t care about them?

Me: Well, no, I-I-I just want my brother to stop bullying kids! I care about them but I wouldn’t have known about those kids if my brother didn’t start bullying them!

CB: Ok. Thank you for the interview.

So that was the end of the interview and probably the end of my reputation. But… HEY! I am still going on the trip to Washington!

Chapter 7

Ok, so I was able to go on the trip! I brought my phone so I can keep an eye on Morgan cause he is also coming! I couldn’t enjoy the trip because I thought he was going to hurt some of the kids there! After not seeing anything I started to relax on the second to last day. But while looking in the space museum I heard people yelling outside. I walked out to see what was happening and some kid was getting bullied by… none other… than… MORGAN! I was outraged! I walked up to him and punched him to the ground.

“MORGAN! STOP BULLYING INNOCENT KIDS!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“No! I won’t stop! You got everything you could ever want! All I wanted was to get ONE thing I wanted! But I never even could get that! You think you are the hero of this story! Well, you’re not.” He says with a sinister tone in his voice at the end. Before I knew it I got tackled and everything turned black.

Chapter 8

I woke up in a hospital with my family looking at me. Turns out Morgan got so mad he tackled me to the ground and gave me a BAD concussion! My mom told me that after the incident Morgan went missing after he got back home from the plane! I got to stay home from school for about a week! My Dad went to this store where you can buy comic books and bought me the first 20 issues of Martian Manhunter! After the week ended I read ten out of the twenty comics! I went back to school and started doing my regular routine. But this time I got some more attention from people! And I hate it! I am a shy person, so when all of a sudden I am getting loads of attention I don’t like it!  My mom also says that I shouldn’t get into any more fights but I guess I did! I was walking around Donner when I heard a scream for help! I ran to the spot and saw MORGAN punching this exchange student!

“MORGAN! Stop this!” I yell from down the hall.

“Never! Now you can’t tackle me because of your head!”

“Sure, sure. But! I can still punch!” I say with a smile. I then start punching him until he says he will stop! After school I take him home and give him to my parents. He tries saying that he keeps getting bullied but then I say that HE was bullying all of the kids who ‘bullied’ him! He got grounded for two weeks and was sent back to Kane.

Chapter 9

Now. You may think that since Morgan was sent back to Kane this story is over. Bye Bye! NO! Don’t leave yet because… Morgan is not done yet! He has been sneaking out of school to attack me! This happened throughout the last week of school.

Monday: I was at my locker putting my backpack in it until I was just leaving when I got punched in the back! I stumbled forward looking for the person who did it but when I turned around I saw someone run away in a black cloak! I was confused but after the week I learned more about it!

Tuesday: I left my house and started walking over to school. It was about 2-3 blocks away so I thought I could make it! I left at 7:00 even though school starts at 8:00. Well, I brought my latest Martian Manhunter comic! #12 to be exact. But while walking on the sidewalk I saw a cloaked figure behind a bush. I started walking over to it for two reasons:

I saw a cloaked figure the day before.

I had time because I was 1 hour early!

I went over to them but saw nobody! I never heard the person walk up behind me, punch me in the back, and push me into the bush! When I got back up I looked around and saw nobody! I was so confused once more.

Wednesday: This time I was at my house! I was updating the document of what happened the day before when a FOOTBALL flew right passed my face and hit my laptop! I got up and ran out of my room. I then see the person with the cloak again! I tried charging them but got punched instead! I ran into the house but got hit in the back with a football! I look behind me and see them jump over the fence in my backyard!

Thursday: This time I never left my bedroom! But I opened my closet door when I got punched in the face by the cloaked figure!!!


“I want to give you the pain I- I mean your brother felt!” The cloaked figure yells back.


“Yes- I mean no! I am the one doing this to you! Not your super cool and awesome brother Morgan!” They yell back.

“But then why do you kind of sound like him then?” I questioned.

“Um…” They say before punching me and running away! I did not see them until the next day. BUT I did see Morgan at dinner and he kept looking at me quickly right before I said anything!

Friday: I was watching myself all day and when I saw Morgan go into his room I knew it was about to happen! I started recording on this old Star Wars Smartwatch. My mom got me it when I was 10 for my birthday! It is one of those little kid VTech things. Well, anyways, I started recording on my phone as well which was set up on my shelf and I also started recording on the watch.

“Are you ready, jerk!” Morgan yelled.

“Yes I am, MORGAN!” I yell back.


“You sure about tha,t Morgan?” I say. He then gets so mad he falls into my trap! He runs onto a baseball bat which catches on the robe which then makes the robe fall off, revealing Morgan! I get punched and kicked in my legs, my arms and my body! I fell to the ground making a loud THUD! When Morgan left I looked at my arm with the watch and the screen cracked! I get up, grab my phone and limp over to my parents and show them the video. They get so mad at Morgan they GROUNDED him for 5 WHOLE MONTHS!


I was at school when I got a text.

“Hey David, it’s Chris!” After not answering for a bit, he said, “Chris Booth, Could I have an interview with you for the school newspaper?”

That was what the text said. I said yes so I will write down the interview as well.

CB=Chris Booth

DF=David Franklin (Me)


CB: So, I heard your week has been crazy.

DF: Yeah it has been.

CB: Can you tell me more about it?

DF: Sure.

Then I tell him my whole story. From the beginning! But afterwards he asked if we could talk to each other.

“Hey David?” Chris says.

“Yeah?” I reply.

“You had to fight your own brother?” He asked.

“Yeah, and it mainly started after I had read this comic.” I say before taking the first Martian Manhunter comic out of my backpack. But while doing that my first Martian Manshredder fell out of the pages. I never was able to make a new one. (Mainly because I never figured out how I did it…)

“Wow. That probably was hard, fighting your own brother and all!” Chris says.

“Yeah, it was. But I’ve learned a new… Respect for all of the heroes who help protect people! Like You, that BatFold person, the girl with the Wonder Woman puppet and that person with the Aquaman puppet from Lampert.” I say.

“Hrm. Well, has anyone ever told you about The Justice Pleats? I think you’d be a great fit! If only it was around…” Chris said.

“Really? Who are they?” I asked.

“I will tell you all about it, buddy.” He replies.

I don’t know much about the Justice Pleats, except all I know is that they’re gone! I hope I’m a good fit, if they ever come back. And to think. All of this because my brother hated me more than anyone could think possible!


It’s time to start Justice Pleats: Dark, which had it’s own sort of build-up fold before it’s release. If you want, you can just jump right into it here.

However, we recommend that you start with the “Road to Justice Pleats: Dark,” specifically with “Bat-Fold of the 1980s: The Long Halloween Break.”

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  1. Congrats! This was actually pretty good, if did have some flaw in it’s pacing, character development, etc. but I sure did have fun reading it, and I can clearly see that you’ve grown alot as a writer! It’s was a 5.5/10, meaning it was more good than bad but it definitely could’ve used some work.

    Great Job!

  2. origami_master53

    If I could do a rewrite I would lol! I read some parts that I am not that proud of and I hope to write more with David for Fold 3!

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