Episode XIV: The Attack of Origami Shadow Squadron

The Attack of Origami Shadow Squadron

Chapter 1: A New Dawn

by Tommy

Once we filled in Jacob about General Creasous and the note, as well as the whole Darth Yoda stuff, Dwight perked up.

“Heard of a Jedi Mind-Trick, have you?” Origami Yoda said. “Origami Faux-da, the General has!”

We were about to ask Yoda a slew of questions about General Creasous, when….Get ready for the weirdness…..A set of quadruplets walked in the doors. Origami Yoda said, “New allies, transferred to the school they have.” We walked up to greet them. Their names were Curtis, Donny, Kyle, and Greg. They pulled out four shadowtrooper puppets. “Woah! Stooky!” Kellen yelled. Donny looked at him and said, “Yes. Meet Shadow Squadron. Ironside, Percy, Scarface, and Knots.” Harvey brayed, “Sure. How do we know we can trust you?” Kyle replied, “Didn’t you hear Origami Yoda? We are here to help. Just say Shadow Squad and we will be there.”
I, Sara, Jacob, Kellen, and Dwight looked at each other and we gave approving looks.

Donny was the leader. He wielded Origami Ironside.

You could have mistaken Kyle for an agent of the SuperFolder Protection League. He wielded Origami Scarface, and he was a suave, slick, and agile spy-type.

We all know better than to mess with Curtis. He was this huge, hulking mass of a guy, who made big ol’ Chuck look as frail and helpless as Harvey! (No offense). He wielded Origami Knots.

And finally, Greg. He wielded Origami Percy. He was more social than the others. He’d always stop by our table at lunch and say hi. He’d also flirt (successfully) with Rhondella, making her practically swoon.

Harvey’s Comment: I am still suspicious….especially of Greg…..

Tommy’s Comment: Oh, stop it.

Chapter 2: First Save

by Kellen

Immediately after they left, all was norma…whoops, I almost said normal. Classes resumed as usual. At lunch, it all changed. I sneaked in my phone that day and got a text from Remi saying that Tony D. Struction had hired 5 people to do his dirty work. After Sara, Tommy, I, Harvey, and Jen had finished our lunches and got up to leave (we were the last people there and the room was empty) we were surrounded by five huge shadows!

“Time’s up.” said a raspy voice. I felt hand on my shoulder. I suddenly remembered our friends, the quadruplets. “SHADOW SQUAD!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “HELP!”

Nothing happened for five seconds and then the lights cut out for 30 seconds. We heard a minor scuffling and then they came back on. “What the?” asked Harvey. There were the quadruplets standing over the hunters for hire who were being sat on by Curtis. Donny stared and said, “Mission accomplished.” Sara, along with Tommy and I, expressed our gratitude. The lights went out again, and when they came back on, they boys were gone.

Harvey’s Comment: Anakin/Darth Paper says: “Impressive, Most impressive.”

Tommy’s Comment: Perfect quote for this story!

Chapter 3: Narrow Escape

by Harvey

As soon as I walked through the door the next day, it all went downhill. It looked like practically a re-enactment of the Battle of Geonosis! Tony D. Struction led an army of unknown kids–apparently ex-members of the Origami Bounty Hunter vandals–with a new Jango Fortune. They all wielded various droids. On our side the usual puppets and wielders were retreating: Dwight/OY, Tommy/Foldy-Wan, Sara/FW, Han Foldo, etc. Out of nowhere, a paper Republic Attack Gunship flew past my head. The Shadow Squadron had arrived! Since they seemed to have everything covered, I dodged out of the battle into the library. I thought it was a narrow escape from a bunch of dorks. I was WRONG. What I saw next was shocking…

Chapter 4: Oh No…

by Tommy and Harvey.

Tommy’s Part: Foldy-Wan and I escaped the war and headed where Harvey was going. We saw a seventh grader sitting in Ms. Calhoun’s chair. “Hello, Tommy.” he croaked. There sat who we thought was a good guy. An old friend from 4th grade. Harold Hummer. On his finger was a Count Dooku puppet. “Meet Crease Dooku.” he sneered.

“Harold,” I said. “Why are you doing all this? Re-creating the Bounty Hunters?? Dude, that’s just bad news for all of McQuarrie!”

“Oh please,” Harvey said. “We can easily stop this guy!”

“Twice the pride, double the fall.” Crease Dooku said to Harvey. Harold put down Dooku and spoke in his normal voice. “I was one of the Bounty Hunters! I wielded Origami Embo! But thanks to your SuperFolder Protection League….” He growled. “Now, I was appointed by ‘V’, in case the Bounty Hunters were defeated, to rally up the remaining Bounty Hunters, and create the Origami Separatists.”

“Army or not,” Harvey said. “You must realize, you are doomed.”

I paused for a moment. That was a General Grievous line. Could Harvey have made up the whole General Creasous thing, just to get us off-guard? Either way, it was more important now to stop Harold and the Separatists.

Harvey’s Part: I folded the helmet onto Origami Anakin, revealing Darth Paper. I searched my feelings, but couldn’t resist. I flipped the helmet and said “All too easy.”

I snatched Crease Dooku from Harold, and ripped its head off. Harold glared at me angrily, and probably would’ve done something crazy and too violent for this case file, but the quadruplets appeared and surrounded Harold. “You are under arrest by the order of the Galactic Foldpublic.”

Harold was taken directly to the Principal, who merely looked at everything going on in the school and said, “I don’t get paid enough for this,” before handing Harold a demerit. One of the Origami Separatist leaders was defeated. That left Tony.

Harvey’s Comment: Craziest day ever!

Tommy’s Comment: You said it!

Chapter 5: The End of Tony D. Struction

by Sara

I got to school the next day and Tony D. Struction was waiting at the door. “Hey, Bolt. Where you going?” Tommy came by on his bike looking like a Jedi Master on ultimate defense mode. Tony grabbed me and made a kissy face. “Awwww, little Tommy-boy. Got your girlfriend. Foldy-Wan looked up boldly along with Tommy saying, ” Let. Her. GO!” Tony was immediately backed up by Zack Martin who was apparently holding a Bib Fortuna puppet. “What he said.” answered the puppet/Zack.

“Zack,” Tommy said. “Why are you even following this guy?”

“He’s tough and brash. My kind of scum.” Zack chuckled.

As you guys all know, I’m not the kind of girl to be a damsel in distress. So, I kicked behind me, hitting Tony. He crumpled to the ground, singing soprano. I quickly grabbed his Jango Fortune from his hand, and prepared to rip it in half. Zack lost interest in the situation, and went into the cafeteria to eat.

“Hey!” Tony cried. “Do you KNOW how much money blue/white paper is??”

“Actually, yes, I do,” I said. “I once tried to make an Origami Grand Admiral Thrawn. It cost twenty bucks for three sheets of paper. Not cool.” I ripped Jango, excruciatingly slowly, right in Tony’s face. The fire in his eyes grew wide in fury. He nearly lunged at me, but he paused. The dark truth finally came to him. Throwing paper airplanes, having foodfights, and shooting dart guns were all kind of expected things in a middle school like ours. But actually physically attacking someone was just plain wrong. Tony (begrudgingly) walked away.

“That was close,” I said. Tommy came up to me and hugged me. Suddenly, he broke out of the hug, startled. Tony apparently hadn’t given up, and charged at me. I would’ve been completely defenseless, but Tony was tackled to the ground in a giant dogpile, by the Shadow Squadron. Tommy and I leaped on top of it, laughing our heads off. Without their leaders, The Origami Separatists were scattered. Until a new leader took over, the Bounty Hunters were defeated once again.

Harvey’s Comment: That was close!

Tommy’s Comment: At least Jabba- breath didn’t kiss her. I would have lost it.

Sara’s Comment: It’s okay, Tommy. I know what you would have done.

Chapter 6: A New Page

by Tommy

The four boys decided to stay. The Principal was so impressed by their heroics, that each one of the boys was given a medal. (One of those medals you get from winning the school talent show. Each one of the boys used their talents to aid the school. They’d earned it).

Sadly, though, the Principal resigned shortly after that. I guess the job of running a school like this is too much for a lot of people. This was a new page in the story of McQuarrie Middle School. And we had a new principal, too. Her name was Mrs. Yavada. We all thought she’d be a really good choice. From what we’d heard, even though none of us had ever met her in person, she was really nice. Like Senator Palpatine said in Phantom Menace, “We would watch her career with great interest.”

Harvey’s Comment: Actually, what he SAID was…..

Tommy’s Comment: Oh brother.

Chapter 7: The Second Note

By Kellen

We were celebrating our victory against the Bounty Hunters/Separatists, when Mike ran up to us.

“Guys,” he sounded worried. “We got another note from General Creasous!”

We all sat down and read the note.

Well done, all of you. You’ve proven to me that your talents can overcome large obstacles. But can you overcome a teacher who hates origami? Go check out Mr. MacDonald. He’ll be an interesting obstacle for you. I can’t wait to see how you handle it, Tommy. You are a bold one…

–General Creasous

Written By SuperFolder EmpireForPalpatine

  1. Stooky!

  2. Thanks so much! You used my idea!

  3. empireforpalpatine

    Thanks guys! You used my story!

  4. Wait, in which story was general cresus? There are so much of these stories that I am getting lost!😳

    • SuperFolder JC

      General Creasous is present in a few stories now….. His first reference is in Darth Yoda, and from there, he goes on being referenced.

  5. Stooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Origami Separatists should be called the Paperatists.

  7. origami_master53


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