SaboFive the Alliances Aftermath

Sabofive: The alliances aftermath

An OYEU legends story.

Based off the books by Superfolder DJ Fett

Written by Superfolder Arctic


I’ve seen Origami Yoda. I’ve seen the advice. I’ve been through the FUNpire. I’ve witnessed the destruction of McQuarrie. I’ve seen it be rebuilt. I saw Thomas Lomax nearly run away from his life forever…and then come back, only to save an old enemy. I saw them eat the skittles and fade away…

And they haven’t been back in six months. I knew the skittles were dangerous. Patty and I both knew. There can’t be light without salt. Today it looked like it had finally ended. The council was either dead or transported to some fantastical dream world. So who would keep the peace? 

Short answer: Me. My name is Superfolder Kento Bearson, and this is my story.

Chapter 1:The puppets rise

By Kento

I have five friends: Patty, Edwin, Seymour, and Pink. We were all good friends of Tommy. Jerome was the fifth friend, but he was transferred to this place called Wheeler… Isn’t that a high school in New York? Ah well.

 We never actually had puppets of our own, except for Patty. She has RescueCut, which is like a girl Iron Man. She’ll be writing in this case file a little, too. Edwin isn’t very smart, but he somehow makes straight A’s in math class. Dwight and Origami Yoda told him how to do that, he says. They told him to read “Curious George Rides A Bike” By Marrgaret H.A. Ray. Somehow, his grades have been soaring sky high ever since. Seymour, or Sey, as we like to call him, is a Star Trek fan. We’ve tried to convert him to Star Wars, but he never budges. Pink is the brainiac of the bunch. His real name is Poop. I kid you not. I don’t know why his parents named him that, and he doesn’t either. So don’t bother to ask him. Anyway, I told them what happened to the other kids. “Wait a second,” Patty said, “Why would they willingly eat the magic skittles?” 

“I don’t know. They said something ‘bout Jacob Minch.” Pink joined in. “Jacob Minch? That’s Papertine!” Sey also butted into the conversation. “Yeah, he tried to shred all of our origami. And take over the district!” And finally, Edwin popped in. “And when that didn’t work, he burnt the whole school down. Why would they try to wish for him?” I sighed. “They didn’t. The point I’m trying to make is that we’ve got to keep the balance in the folds.”

Chapter 2:Sabofive

By Patty



It’s me again! Typing from my typewriter! Anyways, when Kento said “Keep the balance in the folds”

I was confused. Jacob Minch, the knights of pen, and the Fold Republic are gone. What else is there to fight for? I thought. Then Kento said something that made absolute sense. “Zack found out about the…weird skittle thingies…” Everyone gasped. 

“…Two days ago. Look at this.” He pulled his phone out. It was footage from the school security system. It showed Zack walking down the hall, eating a skittle of the ground, and a snake popping into existence. Zack wrestled the snake and threw it into the trash bin. Then the video ended. “So?” I said, “That doesn’t prove anything.” “It does,” said Kento, “He thought about a snake right after eating the skittle. The skittle identified it as a wish, and boom! A snake! We’ve got to find those skittles and hide them before anyone else sees them.” We all looked at each other and nodded. “Sey, Edwin, and Pink will check the hallways. Patty and I will look in the lunchroom.” He was about to turn and go when he said, “And may the folds be with us.”

Chapter 3: Not dead yet

As recorded by Kento

Kento: Ya see anything?

Patty: Not yet. By the way, why do I have to search the trash cans?

Kento: Remember, we’re risking expulsion for this. Would you rather be kicked out of school?

Patty:*groans* Fiiiiiiiiiiine.

*Sound of squishing and squelching trash*

Patty:*Moans in disgust*

Kento:What the-?

Patty:What’s wrong?

Kento:Look. This trash is marked ‘dangerous’. Could be a motive.

Patty:Ok, open it.

Kento:I’m not sure about this…

Patty:C’mon! At least it isn’t normal trash! *Shudders*

*Sound of bag being ripped open*

Kento:Huh? The only thing in here is this greenish-brown piece of paper…MOTHER OF JABBA! ITS GLOWING! AND FOLDING ITSELF!

Patty:Get back!


???:Surprised, are you? Hmmmm?


Chapter 4:Origami Yoda

As recorded by Kento

Kento:YODAAAAAAA!!! Thank the folds you’re alive!

*Sound of paper crinkling*

Origami Yoda:Ermmmm…Hug me please do not…

Kento: Oh! Sorry, sorry, sorry…

Patty: I thought you were dead!

Origami Yoda:Beans, a powerful ally it is, but not strong enough.

Kento:This is great! I thought you went away with-with…

Kento, but this time very slowly and quietly:Yoda, where are Tommy and the others?

Origami Yoda: One with the force, they are. Unwise decision, they made.

Kento:What! What did they wish for?

Origami Yoda:To be in peace after Jacobs’ wish.

Kento:What did he wish for?

Origami Yoda:To destroy our universe. Work, the wish did.

Kento:I-I don’t believe it. I thought this was just about Star Wars puppets and just some defective skittles but…our world is disappearing?

Origami Yoda: Not yet.


Origami Yoda:Just finished destroying Mars, it did.


Origami Yoda:Panic, do not. A plan I have.

Chapter 5: The plan.

By Origami Yoda and the others

Step 1: Search the town for defective skittles

Step 2: Go through every different effect the skittles have.

STEP 2 ½: Bring back Yoda a cookie, you must.

(Note:Yoda wrote that  himself)

Step 3: Wait until our world starts to collapse.

Step 4: Kento will eat a skittle right before the school starts to collapse.


Chapter 5: The blur

By Kento

At about 4:30 pm, the white blur started to come. The news said it was starting to destroy China. I saw that on my phone. 

“Origami Yoda was right. It’s started.” 

Patty and I were walking around the park, looking for skittles. While we were searching, I asked Patty.

“Patty, why did Jerome get transferred to Wheeler?” 

“It’s a long story. After we dis-hypnotized him, he was slowly beginning to experience the side effects of red-class skittles.” I looked at her sideways. “Side effects?” “He became increasingly mentally unstable, to the point where he had to be transferred to Wheeler Academy because they have psychiatric therapy stuff there. He escaped and he hasn’t been seen ever since.” I shuddered. “That’s scary.” 

“I know, but we have bigger things to worry about now.” She said.

 I shrugged, bent down, and kept looking.

4:50 pm:

Pink called me over the phone. “Kento! Patty! Come quick! I found a skittle! The green type!”

Chapter 6: The Expanded Universe

By Kento


Location:McQuarrie Middle school

Event: The Blur closes in on its final target:The school

Seymour, Pink, and Edwin rushed the skittle to me.

“Thanks.” I said.

The Blur was advancing about 2 inches a second towards the door.

“I really hope this is the type that lets you make wishes.” I remarked.

And I popped the skittle into my mouth.

I thought harder than I had ever thought before.

Bring back my universe bring back my universe bring back my universe bring back my universe!


I was surrounded by nothingness

“What happened? Am I dead? Did I fail?” I said.

Then, I saw the door appear. And then my friends. And the rest of the world. And the most incredible thing. 

Right behind me, was Tommy and his friends, in the exact same pose as when they faded away.


By Kento



The last coin to rebuild the school plopped into the jar. The only thing that stayed intact after that explosion was the door. I nearly threw up when I saw who gave it to us. “Principal Angleberger?” “The one and only!” I remembered the explosion. “Does this mean we’re expelled?” I said feebly. 

He chuckled. “Are you kidding? You brought back our universe! Of course not!” 

So that’s how we saved the universe. Everything’s gone back to normal. Dwight and Yoda are giving out advice. Jacob Minch went to juvy. Zack is being held back…again. 

But I keep having dreams about this Jawa and some random kid named JC telling me thank you.


  1. Kento is a male, yes? I want to make sure I draw them right.

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