Gilderoy Lock-art: Travels with Internet Trolls.


A Gilderoy Lock-art story

Written by SF Guillermo.


Were I to start this story in any boring way, many of you readers would not be even get to the middle of this incredible adventure, in which (very nearly to this schools closure due to the invasion of the school’s site with internet trolls, who very abruptly entered and destroyed the security and contact channels, messed up the homework timetables and sprayed negative and rude comments all over the email addresses) I, Oliver Allen, year 11 student from Ilkley Grammar School saved us all, with no small degree of charm, of course *laughs*.

In order to understand this story, it is crucial for you Gilderoy Lock-art fans to know, that this is no story for cowards, for it is a story aimed towards adventure and thrill seekers!

As I have many times said over the years to my fellow followers, one cannot truly know who will betray him, until one betrays him, and let it be known to everyone that I have seen how people who I very deeply trusted leave me hanging in the midst of trouble.

But the thing is, one must learn to survive and exceed in every tough situation, even if it means travelling against the tide, or in this case, travelling with the most horrible of creatures the wizarding folds of Ilkley Grammar School hides: Internet Trolls.


As soon as I read this piece of news that came from the IGS Prophet (the school paper), I knew right from that moment that no one else was going to be up for this task, no one as brave or as courageous as I was would ever have the wits or the intelligence required for this, and so, I left the paper on the table where I was just finishing my fried eggs and beans over at the school canteen, and ran as fast as I could towards the Ministry of Folders office, where the big decisions from the student council were made.

Never have I ever wanted to take part in these decisions, I always figured my job was out there in the open field, and where now I was.

But I wouldn’t know, as I have just started school here, being transferred from another, Westville House, yet I have my priorities clear.

“Hey there, Oliver!” A very lovely girl I had seen before, but whose name I did not know crossed the hallway and called to me, obviously admiring my new school blazer which held a piece of paper in my pocket saying in which Chemistry House I had been sorted in.

“I was so glad to hear you were on Hufflepuff, too! High five!” I got my hand up in the air and she jumped to complete the salute.

“Are you having fun already in Ilkley Grammar?” She very cautiously yet interestingly asked me.

“Of course! With so many awesome people all around, how could I not enjoy the excitement!”

“Cool! How about we have lunch tomorrow?”

“Sweet.” I smirked.

Then she smiled and left me to my duties, and to another group of ladies who stopped by and said hello to me, too.

I just can’t get over the fact of how friendly people are here.


“I know, Tim,” Were some words I could hear from the other side of the door. As the respectable man I am, I waited for my turn.

“They tried to take me into the group, but I offered them Cammy’s help instead because I just couldn’t believe that with all the things we had done to get rid of someone like Cassius, there could still be someone worse. And now we’re only four days into the school year and all this has happened-“

“I know, I know, I promise you Henry’s brother will be taken care of…in the means of what’s possible.” She sounded sad.

“I just need a break from all this,” This Tim guy continued, “I cannot be in so many places at the time, this is my second to last year in this school and I need to focus on my studies.”

“Oh, Tim, but you are focused, all the time.”

I looked through the keyhole, and I could tell that Heather Harrington, the anti-bullying division leader and this Tim, whoever he was, we’re standing not as far from each other as I would have liked.

“Yes, yes, you guys get closer…ehem.” I grunted, and they came apart like paper broken into two (not my best analogy, though).

“Oh, please come in,” Heather said, and so I did, “Oh! Oliver! This is Tim, I don’t think you two have met.”

I went to shake Tim’s hand as a true gentleman, but I may have squeezed too hard.

“Stop. Get your hand off me.” He said very cuttingly.

“Oh, man. Why all the seriousness?” I laughed, looking at Heather, but she didn’t laugh with me as the others in the hallway had.

Tim grabbed my hand and opened the door violently.

“Tim, don’t-“ Heather told him.

“Henry’s parents are dead, Heather!” He yelled, “And now Henry’s little brother is here, alone in this giant school because on top of it all you know what Henry did to his girlfriend! What do you want me to do?” He looked at her, and then burst through the door with red eyes.

Heather continued looking at the door. She looked like she didn’t know what to say.

“Well, onto what I was saying. I came here because of the school newspaper. I heard you guys might need some help figuring out who did those things to the school site. I came here to help.”

She looked at me and then at some files.

“It all seems to be happening right at the same time. I guess you must feel pretty weird because of everything that is happening, not taking into account the fact that you’ve just started here.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m alright! Just want to do my duty.”

“It’s not so much about finding who did this as putting a stop to this, we don’t want any more trouble, and even Anna Leach, the former Minister of Folders has had to quit from all this work that’s overboarding.”

“So who’s picking up the role now?” I had only been here four days, but I had caught up with stuff pretty quickly.

“My brother has taken the role as a temporary Minister , but we will have to see. I just begged him a favor practically.”

“Oh, well…” I looked around and smiled, “I came to you because it just so happens I’m an expert in these types of things, and I can figure out who did this very easily.”

“Thanks a lot, Oliver,” She sighed, “You really are as good as they say.”

“Don’t let your Tim hear you say that tho,” I patted her on the shoulder and left, “Our paths will meet again!”


When I got home, the first thing I did was to send a text to an old friend of mine who had migrated to the USA just over a year before. He was a bit of a complicated kid, but a bit of a genius.

When the text was sent and I waited for an answer, it just came to my mind how many people hid an origami finger puppet in their trousers. I felt like I had to get one too, and I just knew the character that best fit me according to who I was.

Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, first class.

I looked at my design. It truly was a masterpiece.

That’s when I got an email as an answer.

From: W. Davis

Hello. I am doing well, thank you for asking. I am going to have to change schools again due to some problems.

I looked at your problem and told my uncle about it. He’s a computer genius, and I’m bad at computers.

He says the IP address is the same as the one’s from the school. It makes me want to laugh how he didn’t use a fake email. Her email is

You’re welcome.

I closed my laptop and wanted to shout in joy. I couldn’t believe I had cracked the case.


“Heather, I very urgently have to talk to you.” I called her when she was leaving the cafeteria with Tim the next day.

“What is it? What did you find?” She was very excited, I could tell.

“I told you I was a computer genius!” I held a piece of paper where the email of the girl who hacked the page was written.

“Huge thanks! I knew I could count on you!” She came to me and gave me a hug, “You don’t know how much trouble you saved me from.”

“It was only my duty.” I replied, proudly, while Tim was in the background, looking down and not knowing what to do.

That was when Heather looked at the email I had written, and her face fell.

“Oh, no, oh, no, no, no.”

Tim went to her fast and read it himself.

“Mia Green? Wasn’t she the one that Kevin said attacked Eva in the camp last summer?”

“I’ve got to run,” She told me, “Tim, I need you to reach Alastor, Peter, Camster and Eva, there may be more we don’t know!”

“Got it. What will you do?”

“I’ve got to warn Kevin.”

“Excuse me,” I said, stomping towards them, “And what do I do?” 

“You’ve been of so much help. I need you to write this all down so I can save it in the archives. I will see you again!”

I gave a smirk and turned around, I think that I left it clear how important my contribution was to whatever it was they were doing. 

It was in that moment that I knew that it wasn’t the last they had seen from Gilderoy Lock-art!


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