The Mandafoldian

Screenshot_20190824_184605THE MANDAFOLDIAN
By SF Guillermo

My story starts right after the Edu-Fun empire was destroyed. I was a normal and ordinary kid that studied at McQuarrie since I was the proper age to enter. I was never really popular, no one knew me, but I was there…all this time. I was never noticed by anybody, I wasn’t even mentioned in any of Lomax’s case files. I saw the origami rise, fall, and come back again. I saw it all; The Knights of Pen, The Fold Republic, and the even the Death Shredder.

My name is Charlie Keating, and I am the Mandafoldian.

How This Started
By Charlie

The Origami Rebellion had just achieved their greatest victory against the Edu-Fun empire, which ended the origami ban forever…or that’s what it seemed like.

I was in the library the exact same day when I saw Principal Rabbski was hanging a banner in the school that said ” McQuarrie Middle School has the BEST Students in the Galaxy!” when some kid walked up to me…was he a new kid? I don’t know, but he placed something on the table, a piece of folded paper that was gray and brown.

I stopped reading my book and glanced at the piece of paper he left behind. I had seen all of the Star Wars movies and the entire Clone Wars series, so I knew what the origami reassembled:

It was a Mandalorian, those troopers that appeared in the Clone Wars.

The Power Unfolded
By Charlie

The first couple of days I left The Mandafoldian at my house, but I decided to bring him after watching the Origami Rebellion. The next thing I know, I’m looking at some kid getting beaten up by Zach Martin.

I looked at them for a second, and then I felt the Mandafoldian in my pocket. I picked him up, put him on my finger, and confronted Zach.

“Hey! It’s not right you know, beating people up for no reason!”

Zach turned around and saw me standing there, and walked straight through me.

“Alright, what’s your problem? Ya want me to beat you up too?”

“You may try, but it won’t be easy.”

He tried to punch me, but the strength of the Mandafoldian was with me. Zach fell to the ground.

“This is not the end, you hear me?!?” he yelled, while running away.

The kid walked up to me.

“Thanks a lot man, that was stooky. The name’s Murky.”

“No problem. Wait, what did you say? Stooky?”

“It basically just means awesome, I made it up. What’s your name?”

“Charlie Keating.”

The bell rang.

“Well, cya around, Charlie.”

Future Promises
By Charlie

I started to walk down the hall, when I saw Dwight, the kid who created Origami Yoda. He walked up to me and pulled out Yoda.

“Hurm…great things I sense in you, Charlie…but up to it are you?”

“What do you mean, Yoda?”

“On the D.C. field trip, you must go.”

After that, Dwight walked past me and went to class.

Math Class
By Charlie

I’m in the same Math class as this annoying kid, Harvey Cunningham, and he really is getting on my nerves lately.

“Today class, I’m going to start by giving you your tests back from last Friday.”

Harvey snorted. “Great! Another test, another 100!”

The teacher hands us back our tests. I got a 100%!

“What? I got a 90? Well, I’m still the best in this class!” Harvey complained.

“Actually, I got 100.”

“What?!? No one is better than me!”

I put the Mandafoldian on my finger.
“You better watch yourself, we’re wanted in 12 school systems”

I expected Harvey to shut up for once, but I guess that was too much to ask. He put Darth Paper on his finger:

“Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Charlie. We’ll settle this at lunch.”

By Charlie

I remembered that the weapon of the first Mandalorian, the Darksaber, is as powerful as a lightsaber, but with a completely black blade. I decided that the Darksaber was the best chance I had for the Mandofoldian to be as equally menacing as Harvey’s Darth Paper.

By Harvey Cunningham

Alright, so this kid that no one knows of suddenly makes an appearance in math class and suddenly thinks he’s better than I am. The only way to settle that was with a duel. We met at lunch, and then walked into the adjacent hallway.

“This ends now Harvey!” he shouted.

We charged at each other, but my Darth Paper flew off from the speed of me running down the hall.

“Hey, no fair! I want a rematch!”

“No rematches today, Harvey!”

By Charlie

I’m happy now, knowing that I beat Harvey in math and origami. I know it probably doesn’t make sense to you guys, and I understand that. But I have chosen to live a life different from the others, as a separate life, the life, of a bounty hunter.

  1. So cool, I really liked this story

  2. A lot of people in McQuarrie really like folding Mandalorians. Jango Fortune, Boba Felt, the origami Mandalorians that Tater Tot and his friend have, and now this.

  3. And SLS is Finest Hour. (The Huge Legends Crossover)

  4. alchemistwolf34

    not bad

  5. origami_master53

    Loved it…

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