The OY EU: A Documentary

This was originally called the “SF JC File,” and it tells the story of the EU, not to today, but to a few months ago. Here is the EU History…

This page is dedicated to JC, who is leaving the OY EU website to see more projects, make more movies, and stuff like that. He has left his position in the hands of SF Megan/Phred, his sister, The Evil Jawa, and with the help of SD CJ’s doodles.

I think most of us can agree, that he just wasn’t a SuperFolder and SuperMovieMaker, but an UltraFolder and UltraMovieMaker! He will still comment and stuff like that, but just remember that he was a great friend and UltraFolder!

May the Force be with You, JC!

Here’s a few pics I’ve found that we’ve seen over the months, some are funny, and I used them to create:

A SuperBlogger Life
By The Evil Jawa, JC, CJ, and Megan/Phred

The Beginning  

By The Evil Jawa

In the begining of 2012, a SuperFolder named Artoo got hacked. Who did it? NONOMOS! We didn’t know who Nonomos was then, but we had many leads… Then, SuperFolder T@yler, and a bunch of SF’s got together and tried to find out who Nonomos was.  JC and I helped as well, we found Nonomos and tried to catch him. We still haven’t. BUT, JC and I bonded over the experience  and became BIF’s (Best Internet Friends) And created Origami Yoda Expanded Universe! Now, it had a average of 3 views per day! Then, the word got out. We now have more than 200,000 Views, and about 150 views a day! We were so excited! Tom has viewed the site PLENTY of times and so has many other SuperFolders! We were both Admins at the time and decided to get more members and stories. We hired T@yler and tried Tom, and got more stories. It was GREAT! Then it happened.

The Fold Wars


Well, things were going ok, but then the true war that sparked all hacking began… THE GREAT FOLD WARS!!!

(Honestly, it wasn’t so “great”)

So the deal was Tom put up a post a long time ago that had spoilers about OY3, and only a few SFs saw it. Well, I (JC) also saw it, and I thought I COULD put it up on the EU! Well, I thought better of it, knowing it could possibly ruin Tom’s career! So, I never put it up anywhere. Well, I found that SFs OscarU and Artoo (Pre-accident and “Death”) had put it up on their sites, totally unaware of the damage it could cause. Well, I tried to stop them, and ultimately, OscarU understood and stopped. But Artoo was still going. He was apparently on vacation, and only got the emails from Tom afterwards, so the post was still up. Well, if Tom didn’t make him take it down soon, AMULET BOOKS would have to sue him! So, the heroic SF Luke100/Peyton swooped in, and deleted it! YAY!!! 😀 We thought it was over. It wasn’t.

Y’see, the war had only just begun, as a new SuperFolder emerged from the shadows… FIRK!!!

Calling himself “The Dude” he began going all Soapy on the other SFs because he thought their opinions were wrong! A lot of SFs tried to stop him, and ultimately, OscarU forced him to stop, but not before he almost turned to the Dark Side! I turned him good again, and he started the Origami Yoda Show! So, Firk was defeated, and the Fold Wars were over. Almost…. Well, Firk then said this before he left the site for a long time: “I have read the spoilers and will post it everywhere. Mwahaha!”

The Revenge of the Sith: Of Artoo’s Leaving, Nonomous, and “The Accident”


So, with that problem over, of course a new problem followed it just after… NONOMOUS!!!

His name is infamous to all SuperFolders. Nobody knows his name. They don’t even know who he is.

His first evil deed was he hacked SB Artoo’s account! Then, he actually hacked Rovio Studios, creators of Angry Birds!! 😡

Then, he really did it. He attacked Land-A-Gami, and caused a major panic over who we could trust! Sometimes, it seemed like he was Artoo. Others, Firk, and Landon, we’re also assumed to be him. Then, he vanished. Gone away…for now. But his legacy hadn’t left us. It never would. For a week later, SB Artoo resigned from being a SuperBlogger/SuperFolder, the reasons, were that for one thing, he still felt really bad about accidentally almost ruining Tom’s writing with putting up those spoilers I talked about about earlier, and also, Nonomous had really put a toll on his SuperBlogging.

Artoo-Gami closed. The New Artoo-Gami closed. Then, just as Artoo thought about returning, the unthinkable happened.

We don’t no much about “The Accident,” but we do know that it was a car accident, and it resulted in Artoo actually losing his hands! He stopped SuperBlogging. The SuperFolder Community was frozen in shock. We had lost a friend, and it was partially the fault of Nonomous.

The Return of the Jedi (Of The Evil Jawa’s Memorial Site, The SuperRebels, and The Return of Artoo)

By The Evil Jawa

OK, so Artoo left, and became a “Dead” SuperFolder. The “Dead” term wasn’t fimliar then. But it is now. Ya see, I was so upset about the hacking, Artoo, Firk, Tom, Yoda, and everything so I decided to create- The SuperFolder Memorial Site. It was in memory of SB Artoo, because I had learned he lost his hands so I made him the first “Dead” SuperFolder ever. A “dead” SF is like they’re not REALLY dead, but they aren’t on OY anymore. So then I didn’t announce it, but I almost left OY too. But then, the SUPER-REBLES came and saved the day! SF T@yler created the NEW Artoo-gami Secret Site and I became a part of the SuperRebles and so did a few others. After that, we became a OriRepublic and we SAVE SuperFolders who have been hacked! This was later though. So, we didn’t know what was happening then. Firk was Nonomos! We were STILL worried about the hacking though, BUT the IMPOSSIBLE happened! Artoo came back! He had REALLY been hit by a car and lost his hands! It was a miracle! Now, he has bionic Luke Skywalker hands and is now no longer on The DSFHOF and he is alive and well! We thought everything was good but it WASN’T.

The Fall of The Empire (The SuperFolder Protection Leauge, JC being Nonomos, and The Mysterious NEW Nonomos)


Well, T@yler took protection too the next level with a new organization: THE SUPERFOLDER PROTECTION LEAGUE!!! (I was actually in it) So, we set out to stop any hackers that attack others. Our last case, still remaining unsolved to this day, is the mysterious hacking of OscarU’s account, and the deleting of his site! (He didn’t delete it, the hacker did!)

So, we have begun our mission! But, we will talk about that when it unfolds more.


Ok, well then, the worst happened. I, JC, made a fake post saying that I am a second “Nonomous” and that I had hacked my own account and would take over the EU! Then, I realized, that was a really cruel joke, so I deleted it. Or so I thought….. Three days later, T@yler found it, and posted that he would block off the site until Nonomous 2 was defeated. Well, I told everyone the truth, and I left the SuperBlogging world. (Don’t worry, I’ll return after Summer). Well, then a new guy showed up, who’s even more mysterious than the original Nonomous! THE NEW NONOMOUS!!! He says he is a good guy, and Evil Jawa says he knows who he is, but he’s not telling. So, he says that New Nonomous is a good guy, dedicated to using his hacking skills to HELP the SF Community. So, he actually told me (How’s he know my email?) that he would’ve helped the SFPL Members in our quest to save OscarU!!

The Strange Case of OscarU’s Hacking

By The Evil Jawa

OK, this is a short chapter so, I will just get to the point. It hasn’t really happened when I’m writing this, but this is what happened so far-  I was on the SFPL and I was looking at the posts, and I found—OSCARU HAD BEEN HACKED! He left a post saying he had been hacked and he thought Nonomos was the culprit. We are currently tring to figure out who done it. I will explain now- The “New” Nonomos is saying he will help us with his GOOD hacking skills. He’s a good guy! Not Firk. He says he is trying to STOP Firk and hack for GOOD reasons. How do you hack for good? Anyway, I DO know who he is and I’m not telling! He wants it to be a secret! He is good though! To Be Continued…

The Mysterious Sue…

By The Evil Jawa

The mysterious hacking possiblity of on a post is getting WB Sam FIRED!  The hacking name is Sue, and they are MORE ENERGIZED THAN THE ENERGIZER BUNNY! I know it’s crazy, but Tom deleted the post. So no more WB Sam or info on the post except the title- A Very Weird Day Today… 

The VERY Weird Day

By The Evil Jawa

It was when I finished playing a video game, I got on Gmail and checked it. I saw all sorts of bad stuff! JC and T@yler arguing, OscarU has been hacked, I’ve been removed from OY EU, I have been added as an Admin on SuperFolders and SFPL, and a subscriber on YouTube. Some of it bad, some of it good, I had to stop! I went to the JC and T@yler aguing post, and read them. I stopped it, and JC was almost a SUPERSITH before it was over. I had caused it, calling Firk a hacker, and it was all, well, WEIRD!  It’s all over now, at least I hope.

The Fold War II!!!!

By CJ and JC

CJ’s part: Well, it was just a normal day and I decided to go on Origami Yoda Expanded Universe, well, there was a problem.  When I went on, it was turned into a private blog, and even though I was an admin at the time, I couldn’t get in!  So I emailed JC to see what was going on.  Turned out even JC didn’t know what was happening!  So I waited a little and then he emailed me back to say OY EU was shut down for a little because of something… but what was it?

JC’s Part: Firk. That’s what happened.

Kieran Firkaly aka Firk aka Nonomous aka Nick Kankerson had returned, and he (as well as me) was in questioning, being given by Evil Jawa, SWF Max, and Tayler, all of which were big parts of the SuperFolder Protection League.

Firk and I were in the middle of questioning, when things got rough. The questions kept coming, and everyone was asking the same question:


Nobody outside of that questioning knew who The New Nonomous’s identity was, until NOW. Now I will tell you who the vigilante hacker-fighting New Nonomous was.


Evil Jawa and I had planned it for awhile. We worked together to throw everybody off track. We even changed who posted some things that were from NN, just to throw SFs off the trail.

SWF Max and T@yler were shocked. They were all angry at me now. Even Evil Jawa was.

Firk seemed to understand me. I joined him, and became his apprentice.

That was a BIG mistake.

Evil Jawa and I went onto a private gmail chat, and quoted Obi-Wan and Anakin on Mustafar while we almost got into a giant internet fight.

Firk declared this as the Second Fold War.

Me and Firk VS. Evil Jawa, T@yler, and Max.

After a lot of trash talk, Evil Jawa and I realized the truth:

The Origami Yoda and SuperFolder Communities were for the sake of our love for a book series, NOT about dealing with hackers and spammers. Firk was just a big internet troll, and, sadly, I must say he almost won. I mean, he almost turned ME to the Dark Side!

After banishing Firk from our blogs forever, we could finally be in peace. SWF Max and I were still at odds, though, and T@yler practically hated me. I banned both of them from the EU, as I was still angry, but I thought better of it, and they both returned.

But Firk had one last ditch effort to stop us: HE WAS STILL AN ADMIN ON THE EU!!!!
I forgot to delete his admin rights! He could DELETE the EU!!!!!

So, the SF Protection League and the OYEU teamed up, and we deleted Firk…forever!

Nowadays, Firk is still a SuperFolder, but I don’t talk to him anymore. Everything seemed perfect again.

Until T@yler had a confession.

The Loss of a Friend, and an Accidental Betrayal


T@yler was leaving. He had too much on his plate, and had to leave the SF Community.

So, with the loss of Tayler, more SuperFolders began to drop like flies. There were some who just didn’t have the time, some who were too busy, and some who just got bored. (Why?)

Anyway, T@yler was having a going-away party. He scheduled it, prepared it, and for days, it was all the SF Community talked about. But when it happened, we had all spaced on the time!! I personally was out at the movies, so I felt really bad for T@yler. The only person who came, according to SWF/GFF Max, was himself. It was an accidental betrayal.

Even now, I am still very sorry.
Sorry, T@yler! Good luck!

Ok, now at that’s done, let’ get on with the story……

The SuperFolder News
By Megan/Phred


Present Day

So, with the SF Newspaper becoming a big hit (M/P will tell you about it in the chapter above), things were finally calm.

Amazing fan stories were being made, and lots of creative SuperFolders started coming online because of TSOTFW being released. New friends were coming, and new stories were, too!
But, I really don’t have the time, anymore. I have a lot of work to do, and I have many movies to make, so working on the EU has been paying it’s toll. (Remember, this is PRESENT DAY, so I am talking in present-tense).

So, I have decided to LEAVE the EU, and give the job to my sister Megan/Phred, who really proved herself by making the SF News. So, I am leaving, but not after a GRAND FINALE PARTY!!!!!

The Grand Finale Party! November 1st. – November 3rd.

Have fun! I can’t wait to chat with you there! 😀




My Chapter

by Starwarsfolder12

Earlier on, I was known as simply Superfolder Malcolm. However, on June 5, I joined WordPress as starwarsfolder12. So, I went and joined the OY EU. I helped a lot, and did some stuff. I was a nice guy. Until, I took a LOOOOONG break without telling anyone, and I am very sorry for that. I came back a while later, roughly in September or so, and continued what I did. Earlier on this week, I lost my admin, and asked JC. He told me about the revamp for PL. I agreed, and later, I was given it back. I thought of doing a prank about Nonomous, saying he had returned, but I quickly erased that thought, because I would NEVER hurt my fellow SFs. Please don’t ban me for saying that last sentence. It was a prank, but I scrapped it immediately. Now, I patrol the site, looking after it while JC is gone. I am very glad to be part of this, and I will continue, until we close (which I hope we don’t, for a LOOOONG time).


  1. I dought that artoos hands came off.

  2. JC, am I a Superblogger or a Ultrablogger?

  3. Origamimaster3000

    Can I be an SB?

  4. I just sent a picture in Oct. and posted it in Jan., but anyway, good luck JC, and thank you for being the FIRST to comment on my Count Creasu (my only post)!

  5. imadeyoda(morning right now jc is awsome)

    don’t leave. me and Yoda are begging you

  6. JC, you are amazing. We will miss you. May the Force be with you.

  7. Will you return in at the end of the summer?

    • SuperFolder JC

      Well…….since I actually was considering leaving for good………


  8. Origami donitello

    remember when it was called oyeu !!!!because i dont lol

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