Fantastic Folds: Grindelfold’s Comeback

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By Superfolder Guillermo. 

I closed my eyes for a second, feeling the breeze of the summer air come though the open window. That was the last thing I remember before waking up again.

But this time there wasn’t light coming out of anywhere.

The windows were open, but everything was pitch black. Dark all around the room except for a light that came from the corridor and left a little mark of light yellow on the wall.

I had woken up in the middle of the night. 

That was when I asked  myself: What time is it?.

I tried to extend my arm to reach for my cellphone on the desk nearby, but the only thing I could make was a crushing sound, and my arm couldn’t move. 

I tried with all I could, but I was frozen. And trying to move I figured out that not only could I not move my arm, but every single body part I have was completely paralized on the spot. 

I started to freak out just as I started hearing footsteps, and a large shadow of a man coming through the door came close to me, and the room was filled with red and yellow bright lights. 


By Tim Baker

Even though I find it hard to tell people what I think all the time, because they don’t care, I find it benefitting to write on these case files we make to keep track of the most important events that happen to the school and it’s students. 

For a month, Ilkley Grammar School hasn’t had any strange occurrences, or mysterious things happening within its doors, ever since Cassius DeNogaret, the vandalizer that kept stealing the equipment had been transferred to another school, which ‘normal’ students, or the ones not belonging to the student protection council (or it’s new name, the Ministry of Folders) must not know about, but word has it that it’s no joke, it’s not a juvenile jail but it gets close to it, but I prefer not to talk about that, actually. 

If you are wondering about me, I think I’m doing alright, school’s as always, not to brag or anything, but I think I am the best in every subject, almost, but you all know how I don’t like my English classes… Yeah. 

Life here hasn’t really changed from where you left off, for so to say, I’m still the nerdy weird guy who doesn’t want to talk to people that much because it makes me nervous. 


By James Bruce

I once met a guy long ago, who, since the very beginning, tried to make everybody happy, but in a way so that in the end everyone did what he wanted them to do. 

This guy is Angus Twigger, who took a special interest in Tim Baker’s recent activities and told me I had to record all I could on the conference the student council had later, last afternoon, to talk about future changes to the school, but mainly to talk about the end-of-school trip.

As much as I hate these weekly meetings (it was one of the only reasons why I thought twice about joining the protection council), I got to say this one went rather well.

We talked about where it could be, we had plans for Germany, France or Spain, but even though the ideas sounded really cool and seemed worth a try, the board of teachers agreed that it was better to make it a ‘short radius’ around Ilkey, and go somewhere around Leeds or London.

To keep it short, it’s still undecided, and the teachers say the students need to learn to gain their trust-whatever that means- and not mess up.

I have a feeling most of the people there didn’t know what she meant, but I think she was referring to the Cassius DeNogaret incident. I’m afraid that she’s worried that if we go to Leeds and stay in a hotel, we’ll make it all very difficult to handle.

“I think we can all agree it must be a trip not so far from Ilkley” Eustace Connors said, taking a look at his paper and then glancing back at the people in the round table. “If complications like vandalism, or maybe just situations where students get lost want to be avoided” He finished. 

He was known for always needing to look at his notes before making a public declaration or saying something to a large crowd of people. He was a promising person, everything he did no one ever took regret for, neither him nor his followers, and that’s why he was a very influential figure to his fellow comrades of the council. 

The funny thing about him is that he’s not the only one in his family that has that ability, his parents were both politicians, rather well known for a fact, and that makes people wonder if the reason people follow him do this because of his character, or because of his parents. 

“Situations where a person gets lost?” Howard Meeks asked ironically while he held his head high. “What 16 year old would get lost on a trip? Why, they are not three anymore, Eustace.” 

Howard Meeks was probably the most egocentric person I have ever met. He just sits there at the table waiting until someone says something he doesn’t like, and then I use it to make fun of him. 

I mean, that’s the least you would expect, coming from this guy, in every other situation he just roasts you and silences you in front of everyone and let’s you deal with it. So, he may be smart, but he’s certainly not intelligent (which he claims to be), everyone in his right mind would know it’s not good to make an enemy out of everyone. 

“I mean, imagine, if someone just leaves the hotel and can’t go back,” Eustace stood his ground, “If we can’t get to him then maybe the police can find him, it’s not as easy if it’s not a national police.” 

“Oh, you and your paranoia!” Alice Adams interrupted Eustace, “I know you’re talking about last year’s trip with the 12 graders, but that was totally random, teachers are far more careful now.”

Howard looked like he always did, pleased with himself, now that Alice had defended him, but he committed the error to ask Anna Leach, the president, about this. 

“I think I’m with Eustace on this one, Meeks, it’s better to prevent, we can’t risk it.” Anna explained. 

“If it means anything I also concur.” I declared, looking to the Principal, who nodded. 

” I actually think that is indeed the best option, we’ll have to take another look at it with the rest of the teachers to act as chaperones, but I also agree.” Principal Jones said, nodding.

And so it was decided, a national end of year trip was going to be booked. 

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to talk about anything more than this. There you go, I don’t know what this info was for but yeah. 


By Angus Twigger

Once more the bell rang, this time on a very shiny and warm morning of December 20th 2018, just a day before the Christmas Holidays started.

That meant we had to stop doing whatever we were doing at break and leave.

I was just hanging out with the boys, Jack Mountcastle and Joe Kenny, very different in character, but very physically similar. 

While they both were red-headed, and brown eyed, Jack was slightly shorter than Joe, nothing to remark much, but that made Joe uneasy when that was brought up as a topic, he always liked to be on top of things, if you know what I mean. 

And Jack was calm as ever all the time, and if you ask me, I believe that the only explanation there is for that is this:

Jack’s father was a pilot for the English Navy, he never let’s an opportunity go to shove the fact into a conversation once in a while. What can I say? He’s a proud guy.

He isn’t a straight A student as far as I’ve heard, though. Word has it, he misses two out of five days a week of school so he can fly planes and heavy fighters. He always said he wants to be a pilot.

I do hope so though, because I don’t know what he’s gonna do if he doesn’t, he isn’t bad at subjects, but as I’ve said, he doesn’t stand out and seeing as he’s missed 40% of his classes for flying, he better be good at it.

So anyways, I was about to say something to them which I couldn’t have said before because I didn’t want to annoy Jack for interrupting him. 

The thing was he kept on going even after the bell. 

” Move it, Mountcastle.” 

“Shut up Joe, I’m finishing.” Jack snapped. 

“Sorry Jack, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to leave too,” I said, “I’ll see you later anyways!” I shouted once I was far enough away. He was a little annoying. 

I found a seat next to William Harris, who was paying special attention to what Mrs. Eagle was explaining, whatever that was. 

“Seeing as it’s the very last day until Christmas Holidays, I only want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!” Mrs Eagle started, “As I always say, if you have any questions during the Holidays always feel free to ask me, because we’ll start straight off with some assessments to make sure your Chemistry level doesn’t drop during the break.” 

Some started making low exasperation sounds, but others remained silent in the wait for some possible good news. 

“But ma’am,” Alastor Bismark prepared for a question,  “What about that thing to raise money for the end of the year trip?” 

I seemed to be the only one who wondered what all this was about. 

” All you need to know is up on the walls, you can read it there.” She explained. 

” Mrs Eagle I actually had a doubt about the properties of metallic bonds, do you mind?”  William asked. 

“Of course not William, but I actually planned on doing something different this class.” Mrs Eagle answered. 

William lowered his hand, and for the rest of the class we played a Harry Potter quizziz, which was over before we could say ‘Quidditch’, so we had to start a chemistry one that was never finished. 

After class I went to see what the thing to raise money was about. 

It turned out to be a Chemistry experiment competition that the school had started.

Seemingly, everyone from the school who wanted to enter the competition would have to pay 5 bucks per person. They should also make teams of three, anyways, I’ll let the post explain. 

Dear students of Ilkley Grammar,


From the department of teachers and with the help of the recently renamed Ministry of Folders, we have put together a competition of chemistry experiments that will take place the 21st of January 2019, to coincide with the Augustus feast, or the making of the school one hundred years ago by the very own Augustus Morderley.

The objectives:

– For the school: Reach the money necessary for a one week long trip to a national city.

– For the competitors: Win, using your skills and resources. 

The Requirements, as follow:

Each student that participates must bring 5 pounds to enter the competition accompanied by a team of three. 

The supplies, puppets and elements are provided by the school, nothing must come from home as the students will have to deal with a mystery box that will be placed before them. 

Good Luck, 

Principal Simmons and Anna Leach. 

Personally, I thought this was a good idea, seems like Anna Leach has taken the Initiative to bring back this school’s glory! 


By Tim Baker

Yeah, umm, well this school really knows one thing about sports, how hard you hit your opponent, and that can only be measured in my opinion, in the most violent game of all, rugby. 

Rugby has been a part of Ilkley Grammar for as long as I can remember. 

It’s much more than just a simple game we play during PE, it’s also one of the most prized things we have, because we hold rugby competitions every term, like a competition which kind of reminds me of the Quidditch games from Harry Potter. And since Mrs. Eagle and the rest of the Ministry of Folders have been trying to get Mr. Peltier to make the competition teams by the Hogwarts Houses each student has been sorted into, I bet it’s going to look a lot more like that in a matter of weeks. 

Aside from the fact of the competitions every term, when the rugby experts fight, we, the other ordinary people who don’t really like rugby must also learn to play it.

Why? Because the board says so, it’s compulsory, it can be a job or something I don’t know. 

Many have tried to argue against it, but it’s no use, because not everyone agrees, for there are those like Henry Walker who think it’s the best game ever.

I prefer to deprive myself from the right to opinion, I don’t want to create tension. 

So anyways, this Friday morning when we all headed for the benches where Mr Peltier told us all what we’re going to do every Friday for our double session of PE (horrible, isn’t it?), I sat down and waited in the cold breezy air of a cloudy December, while everyone started coming during those 5 minutes of ‘courtesy’ as Mr Peltier says, for the people who arrive later for some reason.

I arrived when another kid had already sat down. I couldn’t see who it was then, but I soon found him out to be Trevor Hallard, companion of mine from previous adventures. 

“Tim, my man!” He said, “How are you on this particular Friday?” 

“I’m fine thanks, you?”  I asked, sounding interested. 

He made an expression of satisfaction. 

“I’m alright.”

I sat down next to him. Even though we barely were together in any classes, we were in the same PE class fortunately, I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have him in the most embarrassing class.

“How’s Heather?” Trevor asked, looking at me. 

” What do you mean ‘ how’s Heather?'” I answered, I didn’t know what he tried to say. 

“Oh, I don’t know, have you talked to her recently?” He asked me. 

“Not really, I would say I haven’t actually even seen her since last week.” I answered. 

He realised I didn’t want to talk about it and looked to the teacher, who had just come in carrying a wooden board that held a list of names. 

That was before Alastor Bismark came to sit down next to Henry. And started caring it up, and the teacher had to tell them to shut up. 

“Now, since the rugby season has just started again, and I don’t want the IGS Rugby Team to lose again next term,” by this time everyone from that team had realise Mr. Peltier was looking at them,”We will begin with physical preparation” 

He divided us into teams of two when he called out names, and we soon found out he was dividing us into the team where ‘the good’ at rugby were, and another where ‘the bad’ at rugby remained. Me and Trevor were lucky enough to be sorted into the second team, which got divided again to make rivals. 

Teams made, we exited the school gates and boarded the two busses that were waiting for us at the road, the trees from the forest beyond moving sinisterly in the distance. 

That brought me memories from a month back. 

These gates were the ones where an origami Credence was taped, and where we found who Grindelfold really was. 

It seemed like ages ago, and was probably one of the last times I had talked to Heather. 

Maybe Trevor was right, I should regain contact again, probably for the best. 

That brought me back to another question that had been striking me for some time: Where was Cassius DeNogaret now? What was the thing the Ministry and teachers weren’t telling u-? 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I almost tripped with the double deckered bus’s stairs. 

Me and Trevor always rode up top in the front seat to Ben Ridding, the town where we practiced rugby, accompanied by  Dylan Jackson, this guy obsessed with Fortnite games who kept murmuring the same fortnite dance to himself all the time and annoyed the rest of us. 

We gave a small turn around the school and followed a pathway that led to a street that reminded me of Privet Drive. 

Deep in my thoughts again, I thought of how crazy awesome the school was getting because of what Mrs. Eagle made. Heck, even I now carried my Newt Scafolder in my pocket…speaking of which…. 

I checked, he was still there, thank Gosh. 

We approached an originally green field covered with frost, which made it white. That meant it was so cold out there. And it was. 

The bus stopped next to it, and we came down the stairs to get changed to those spiky-on-the-bottom shoes.

” I can’t bear it!” complained Dylan, ” Every single time I freeze in the middle of the game, it’s too cold!” 

” I agree,” said Trevor, who was very interested in any type of conversation. 

I, however, was wondering why we had to spend 2 hours in a front-covered field in the middle of December, and on the last day of school before vacation. 

After I got my uncomfortable black sports clothes on, I stepped out to the freezing white field.

“Alright guys, ten laps, no stops.” Mr. Peltier said without remorse. I would have said the same thing if I was where he was with a furry coat on. 

We started running around, one, two laps, up to ten. It was a miracle when it all ended.

Alan Rawlins, from my team went to get the ball, but Lucas Redmayne, from the other team, got there first. 

“Oh, I’m taking this, AND I’m starting the game.” He said.

“Dude-what the? I was going to get it! Why do you care?” Alan snarled. 

Lucas looked back and got out his origami Hagrid, or what he now called Bagrid. 

“Get out of my house!!” Lucas/Bagrid said.

Alan pff’ed and came back to us. 

I looked at Trevor to see he didn’t want the game to start either, every single game was crazy. 

The teacher blew the whistle and Lucas, with all his strength, kicked the ball high up in the air, and started to come down. 

“Gosh, this seems like a physics problem alright.” I remember thinking to myself, before realizing that the ball was coming to us, falling down with incredible speed. 

” Run!” I shouted at Trevor, who hadn’t noticed. 

He didn’t move, but when the ball was about to hit him, James Bruce got in the way and ‘saved’ him. 

He looked at me as he got what looked like a piece of Origami. 

” Looking sharp brother” He said. 

I didn’t get it, but I soon realised he was holding an origami Theseus Scamander, or Theseus Scafolder, I assume. 

Out of all the distraction, he didn’t see a horde of people from the other team coming. They talked to him and fell to the ground, but he managed to throw the ball into the air, and I, without thinking twice, caught it.

Every single head turned to me as I realised I had just caught the center of attention and, as in slow motion, all of the other team let go of James and started running towards me. 

I ran as fast as I could, the rest of my team behind me. 

The goal was coming closer, but the guys were following me and I let go of the ball and threw it to Dylan who was right behind me. 

And to my regret, he started running, but just as he did another guy whose face I couldn’t see fell, got his leg, making Dylan trip and did a weird backflip in the air and falling to the ground with a large thud. 

Everything stopped, and I could hear Dylan groaning in pain while the others watched. 

Mr. Peltier came running, and the guys from the IGS Rugby Team on the other side of the pitch, who had been playing ‘excellently’ stood and watched what happens when you let people who can’t play rugby play rugby. 

“C’mon guys, really!?!?” He shouted while Dylan groaned some more, “All right, all of you get changed, yes, Lucas get changed!! While I call an ambulance, I’m afraid he might have broken something.” 

We got changed, and I was happy enough to get back to my white shirt, yellow tie (like the house) and black jacket mode. I felt lighter. 

And just as I reached the top of the bus I could see an ambulance come and pick Dylan Jackson from the ground. I just want to wish him a merry christmas in the hospital. 


By Heather Harrington. 

When the Christmas Holiday started, nothing could take me away from Netflix as I had ice cream on the couch on the first day.

However, something took my mind in a gap between episodes. The chemistry contest.

I dozed off for a while. When I read the post made by the school on the contest, I had just pictured in my mind the group I would like to be with. But no, I don’t think Tim and Trevor would take me in, not after all the time I’ve spent without talking to them. 

“What are you even saying?!” I told myself, “Trevor Hallard isn’t in chemistry! I even doubt that without Trevor, Tim would participate, he doesn’t have much of a team to make anyway, he doest have many friends”. 

I decided not to give it more thought and just write to Tim. 

Thankfully, I was able to reach him by Messenger and asked him if he was in. 

Heather: Hi Tim! Long time! Do you plan on participating in the Chem Contest? I heard it gives house points, and seeing as we’re both in Hufflepuff… 

Tim: Hi! Yeah, long time, and yes, I actually did plan on taking part. 

Tim: Problem was I was alone, and we would be two if you joined, would you like to? That means we would need one more. 

Heather: Yeah, sure. I was about to ask you!

Heather: I think I’ve got one person that would be great for the team, I met her in the Ministry of a folders, she just joined. 

Let’s see if you can find Alice Adams. 

Tim: Gotcha. Btw I almost broke my leg yesterday at PE. 

Heather: Heard about it, is the guy ok? 

Tim: I only met him then, I don’t really talk to him. Anyways got to go, bye. 


After putting away the phone, I looked at my desk where my OriTina Goldstein lay. 

It was time to get the team back together again. 

That afternoon I got every single chemistry-related thing I had inside my house and put it all inside a box. 

Now I know this was for nothing and the only thing I did was lose time, but just to simulate the feeling of the mystery box that would be handed to us. 

I say that if they gave me that right now and said I had to make wine, or some weird reaction,I wouldn’t know what to do with all the mess, literally, but I suppose I could count on Tim and Alice to help me out. I wasn’t that bad myself but I guessed three were better than one. 

The good thing? If we get to first place, a hundred points will be awarded to our house for this, and therefore will make us win the ‘ house cup’ this year and get one more point in chemistry-not that we three need it though–but it will give us merit, that’s for sure. 


By James Bruce 

Tim Baker kept insisting so that I could give him the location where Cassius DeNogaret had been taken, even though the school staff had told me and the rest of the council members where it was, they were sure to let us know under no circumstances could we reveal either the name or the location. 

When the teachers were asked why, they answered rather differently than I thought they would. 

Instead of saying the typical ‘What are you doing poking your noses in stuff that’s not of your concern’, they gave an answer that was truly not expectable. 

“The reason is very simple” Mr Scott said one day. “The police department took very seriously the acts of Cassius, because, not only had he painted the walls several times and damaged the gates, but overall, he had stolen, and broken school material and high tech apple computers that sum up to cost thousands of dollars”.

I was surprised. I’m sure everyone knew what he had done, but I don’t think anyone had thought what the cost of his actions would be. 

” Cassius was taken to a Juvenile Prison centre, one of the worst in Leeds, where people even worse than him go” He continued, “I will tell you, because you helped solve all of this, and you deserve to know, but no one, I repeat NO ONE  must know that he was sent to Tuckerton Juvenile. No one must go looking for him, and I know this might sound crazy, but people might go looking for him”.

He was looking very serious when he said this. 

“Sir, why would we go looking for a delinquent?” Eustace Connors asked, curiously. 

I looked at him, I don’t know about the rest, but I felt that I was in agreement with Eustace, twice this month, although I normally didn’t. 

Why on earth would one go lurking in a place like that?

And here’s the deal. Tim Baker has always been a friend of mine since a very young age. 

We were placed in kindergarten together and even though we were not particularly close in those times, I remember I was the only person he could talk to when he entered Ilkley Grammar more than 3 years ago, and seeing as he always had that difficulty making friends, I took him in, and cared for him as much as a brother would- that’s sort of like the reason I folded an origami Theseus Scafolder when I heard he had made an origami Newt.

And today, he mailed me, just during Christmas time, asking for the tenth time this month, asking where Cassius was. 

He said that since he was the one that helped catch him, he would like some credit, and that meant giving him at least the location.

According to him, he felt like Italy after the first world War, a winner, but without credit. Sometimes I don’t know where he gets his ideas. 

So I decided to meet him the day after Christmas so we could talk about it over a cup of tea. 

And so I went to Mrs. Backerei, one of the finest tea houses in town, where we sat, both with light brown, wool coats on the edge of the road where a Christmas tree was, full of green and red light bulbs, although they were off since it was early in the morning, but the sun had come out hours before. 

” So, what have you been up to?” I said, while I took a seat. 

” Nothing. out. of. the. ordinary” He said, talking really slowly, pronouncing each word as if a dot was between them. 

” I see, why have you asked me here?” I said, even though I perfectly knew why. 

” I told you in the email, I would at least like to know the location, just for fun you know… To know how far away he is from us”. 

“If I tell you, and that’s only an if, you must promise me, you will not tell anyone, you will not give clues to anyone and promise me you won’t go near that place.”  I explained. 

Tim looked at me with his brown eyes.

” You can trust me, I won’t tell.”

” He’s in a place called Tuckerton, in Leeds, a ticket’s worth in the Ilkley Train from the station next to the school. It’s serious, and full of bad people, really bad people.”

Tim held his hands up in the air ” Alright, fine”.

It was silent for a while, until I decided to change the topic of discussion. 

” So what do you think of the competition? Are you in?” 

” Yeah, I’m with Heather and Alice. Heather’s idea since we realised our friends from economics, Trevor Hallard didn’t take chemistry” He explained. 

“I see,” I said again, but realised something,”Wait, wasn’t Alice Adam’s in Ravenclaw? – She told me about it when she got sorted- how will that work? Will the points go to both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses?” 

“I talked to Mrs Eagle about it, she said we’d cross that bridge when we came to it, for now let’s see if we can win”. 

” I agree, with me as a competition that will be hard”  I said, mockingly.

We laughed, paid and then left, but we hadn’t realised that another person was sitting next to us, and had listened to the whole conversation.


By Heather Harrington

After the Christmas break, the rest of January went by as fast as light, and we soon found ourselves on the day of the competition.

I reached the school’s gates, which shone with the bright sun in the back, that was rising.

I could not help but notice that even though the competition was placed on a Saturday, so that the school would get too overcrowded, many students that weren’t gonna participate were even there. And many of those even came with their family.

I walked in and found Tim Baker waiting for me at the entrance, Trevor Hallard was with him. 

“Hi Trevor!” I exclaimed, surprised, “I didn’t expect to see you here today!”

“Yeah, well,” Trevor started, “I figured I don’t have anything else to do but come and help and cheer you guys up, so I just did and found Tim over here at the gates.” 

“That’s awesome!” I answered, and thought that maybe this was the reason so many people had come, since the exams were still a couple of months away and everyone had more time.

“Any ideas when Alice might be arriving?” I asked, looking at Tim, who took out his origami Newt Scafolder and shook his head in a ‘no’ way. 

We were soon told through a voice in the loudspeaker, that we’re to head towards the largest experiment room in the newest school building, where the experiment would be made, and that once the results were up, we were to go to the courtyard and publish them so everyone would know, and the points would be awarded. 

Alice arrived once Principal Simmons stopped the announcements and we were waiting to get a work-table assigned. We were glad to see her, oh boy. 

“Tim, Heather and Alice,” Mrs. Eagle said, “to table n-9, make sure to leave all belongings in the lockers, or you will be penalised.” 

I saw Tim leaving his phone, but tucking further in his Newt Scafolder inside his pocket, I believe he wanted it to be with him, and I did the same just for luck. 

The table next to us was home for the group consisting of James Bruce, Howard Morgan and Peter Chadwick. They all looked nervous, since they started trying to look inside the box that was handed out to them before they were told to. I was so distracted by this that I almost knocked off my team’s box when I turned around again. 

“You may begin!” Mrs. Eagle yelled from the other side of the room, and we all rushed to get the material out of the mystery box.

” …Pipetes, crystal stuff, checklist, instructions, some more crystal stuff-….” Tim was saying as he got all of the things out. 

I panicked when I saw every other group had already started to assemble the Crystal system and we were still reading the instructions, that lead to the main objective:


Tim took a deep breath and with a final glance at the instructions, he, at the speed of light, started making a mixture in the containers and transporting them into a series of Crystal conducts with fire to heat whatever up underneath. 

“Heather,” Tim said calmly ” Could you mix ammonia and the nitric acid over there please? I’m going to need it soon.”

“Sure thing, it’s just like making a potion.” I said. 

I was surprised when Mrs Eagle called t-minus 5 minutes, we were going to have to go faster. 

Tim handed me his reaction and mixed it with mine in a test tube, and in there, unexpectedly, a reaction was made and a large cloud of Grey smoke came out and filled the entire classroom. 

We could hear some running before we all were able to see through the smoke. 

Mrs. Eagle and Dr. Marshall, the two chemistry teachers came over to our table and looked at our project, to see if all was in order. 

“Everything seems to be alright” Dr Marshall said “and since this group was the first to finish, I believe we may have a winner! Anyone have any objections?” He asked. 

The room stayed silent. 

” Alright then let’s show our results to the rest of the school! Let’s head out!” 

The last thing I remember before I left was hearing pipe noises. 


By Trevor Hallard 

I was waiting along with the parents and students that wanted to see what had happened, like the principal had ordered, in the yard, when the participants showed up and Dr Marshall went up the stairs to a stage where the judges and Principal Simmons was.

“After a hard work put up by some students in a competition unlike any other, Mrs. Eagle and I have analysed the results and the team consisting of Tim Baker, Heather Harrigton and Alice Adams won first place, awarding them a prize of 100 points to their Houses, 66 to Hufflepuff, and 34 to Ravenclaw!!” Dr Marshall declared.

There was cheering all around, and I could sense my friend’s excitement.

Just then, when one of the last groups was coming out of the new building, a large eruption let go, and the bottom part of the building exploded, breaking glass and bringing every piece of flammable material it could find. It also made two of the last group’s members be pushed inside of the building against a burning wall, those three students were in mortal danger. 

The excitement turned into screams, no one knew what to do, but some teachers called the fire department while some planned a rescue attempt. 

They were beaten by a sprinting man, or better said, a white haired boy running towards the flaming building and went inside.

A few moments later, he came out with two kids who he carried, one on top of him, and another one motionless, who he pulled from the leg. 

When they were out, a final, big explosion covered with fire what would’ve been the wall they were on seconds ago, that boy had saved two student’s lives. 

Mr. Peltier, who was also there hurried to help him out, and brought them to a safe space. 

And that’s when things got confusing, because we couldn’t believe who that White haired boy was, Cassius DeNogaret. 

I was amazed, and I could tell everyone was, too, Tim, Heather, Anna Leach, James… Yeah. 

Cassius stepped onto the stage and in front of the microphone. And two policemen came running and stopped at the entrance when they saw what happened. Maybe they had been chasing Cassius. 

“My dear citizens and last friends, most of you may know me as the kid who was expelled and sent away permanently for breaking material without being aware of what happened if you did that and the repercussions it could bring. 

For months, I have meditated about my actions, and I’m truly ashamed of myself for what I did, and during this time the only thing I could do, was stare at myself in the mirror and try to bring myself back to joy again, but it was impossible, I needed to demonstrate the world I had changed, and today I got the chance during a break. 

I got the train here for an extraordinary event, even though I was forbidden to come here again, luckily I did, and saved two innocent lives. I wanted to redeem myself, and again, tell you I’ve changed.” Cassius finished his speech and looked down. 

We clapped, he was right, he may have been what he said he was, but those kids could now have a future thanks to him. 

The student’s parents, two of them being Howard Morgan’s, went to the stage and thanked him over and over. 

Had he really, after all this time, redeemed himself? 


By Tim Baker

If you have read Trevor’s last chapter, which he really well did, then you know what happened. 

Cassius DeNogaret just dared to risk his life to save two classmates. 

If the principal was surprised about this, the government was even more, and soon the entire country knew about the events and many protests were built in the streets for the Jury’s decision to send him to a correctional school.

So, another jury was appointed, and luckily for him, he was, due to his incredible acts of honor, was relieved of all charges and Ilkley Grammar School was more than happy to welcome a hero again to come though it’s doors. 

Howard Morgan, once more one of the victims, was questioned to see what caused the accident, but he refused to speak or look up, and while the reconstruction of the exploded part of the building takes place, an investigation is lead by the police, the school, and in a minor way, the Ministry of Folders.

We will be doing our one week, end of year trip towards the end of June to London, as the teachers have found it best. And Cassius was also allowed to come as a reward. 

For a while, everything seemed great, until I received an email through my school’s email address, from another student who claimed to come from London. He didn’t say anything else than this :

Dear Tim

Be careful, nothing is as it seems. 

Camster Jenkins, London, England. 

I, personally, don’t like where this is headed.

Click here to read “The Adventures of the Ori-Marauders”, the next story of the WFOU Fold 1!

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