All-New Spider-Fold!


Editor’s Note: this story takes place soon after Captain Americut: The Fall

How The Speech Changed Others
By Aiden Mitchells

Yo! It’s ya boy Aiden. This is the first case file I have ever written, so I’m pretty excited. Who knew I’d be a main character, right?
So, remember Andy’s speech? Well, it changed a lot people. Some people actually did want to have both schools join together and be a team. Like for instance, Jason in my class (who looks just like Hugh Jackman Wolverine) actually has a sister and an adopted brother that goes to Wheeler, and he’s always saying: “Kirby plus Wheeler equals a Team!” I think that’s a really good thing, and I want to help out as much as I can.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been on a superhero mission is sooooo loooooong. Cal’s been busy lately, first with the file thing and now something to do with Beta Ray Bill? I don’t know. It’s just frustrating. I don’t know if the Spider-Verse team is the place for me anymore.
But, my character (It’s Miles Morales, by the way, who is absolutely the best Spider-Man) is never known to be lazy. I want to make my character proud, and I don’t think I can do it by just waiting around for Cal to call. My puppets not even in the best shape anymore; it’s a bit ripped and crumpled in places. That might be a sign that I need to join a more active team.
Wouldn’t you know it, but the OrigAvengers are holding auditions tomorrow. I guess this gives me an excuse to refold Miles, and make him even better than before. They’re the ones that are always so active in taking down the real villains. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to join a team and use my full skills the way they were meant to be used: fighting crime, all the time!

Miles Morales: The All-New Spider-Fold!

By: Aiden Mitchells

I took my Airpods with me and walked over to Madison’s downtown Walmart and started playing Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee. (What? I take my character seriously. Besides, it’s a really good song.
I made it to Walmart and walked in. I saw a bunch of people inside. It was like everyone and their grandma was there (It’s an expression)!
I walked through the store until I found the craft supplies section of the store. I saw some black origami paper. Yes! They had it! I also purchased some crayons, sharpies, markers and colored pencils.
I ran to the check out, taking out my left Airpod.
“Hello sirrrr……. How has your day been, Sirrrrr?” The cashier asked me in a weird voice.
“Good, I guess?” I answered, confused.
He scanned my stuff, “Artsss and craftsss?”
“Funnn!” He told me. I grabbed my bags and I left that store quicker than I had came in. That cashier freaked me out.

The Deal (Earlier)

By: Colt

It was P.E., and Coach Corales was assigning partners for the rest of the semester. I got stuck with this annoying guy with a hoodie. He had buck teeth. I already knew this was going to be a [CENSORED] bad 3 months.
It’s been hard to focus for awhile, anyway. I’ll admit that Cal Largent isn’t a terrible guy, but I still wanted revenge against Cal for that one time he might have beat me up.
I guess my gym partner noticed my grumbling. “Angry?” he asked me, grinning. I could swear that his voice sounded familiar. It didn’t really bother me.
“You noticed, huh? I’ve just got a score to settle with the Amazing Spider-Fold,” I explained.
“Aren’t you on a team with him?” the kid asked.
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna still beat the [CENSORED] snot out of him.”
“That doesn’t really make sense, but sure.” The kid smiled again. “I think I might know a way for you to get out all that pent-up rage.”
“Oh, really?” I asked skeptically. “What even is your name, man? I wasn’t paying attention when Corales called it.
“The name is Alaster, ” Alaster said, grinning. So, he was really annoying, he had buck teeth, and he had a stupid name. But I gotta admit, he seemed like he knew what he was talking about. “And meet me at the weekly Watchdogs meeting, as you can read here.” Alaster pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to me. “This will get you a way to a fight that Cal Largent will be wholly unprepared for.”
“Eh, sure, why the [CENSORED] not.” We shook hands. Sure, it felt it a bit weird and black-market-y, but I was never one to shy away from a fight. And if it was against the annoying leader of the Spider-Verse team, how could I say no?

When Big Brothers Tease

By: Aiden Mitchells

When I was walking out of the store, I got a call from dad. Like the good kid I am, I immediately answered it.
“Son, where are you?” Dad sounded angry. He’s usually super chill. I have never heard him sound this mad before.
“Woah-woah-woah, are you mad?” I worriedly asked. I heard Mom snatch the phone from Dad.
“No honey, don’t worry, we just didn’t know where you were,” Mom said. “You didn’t come home after school, so we just wanted to make sure you’re fine. Where are you?”
“Mom, calm down. I’m fine, really!” I said, as calmly as I could. “I’m at Walmart, picking up some origami supplies.”
“Okay, good,” Dad said, way more relaxed. “It’s getting late. Stay at Walmart, and we’ll send Dennis to pick you up.”
Mom added, “Oh, and we love you! You make us so proud!”
I laughed. “That’s kind of random, but okay. Love you too.”
They hung up, and I stood there waiting for my brother. I could have walked home, (we live in the apartment complex just a couple blocks from the store) but Mom and Dad were really overprotective about this kind of thing.
“Wait, Dennis is picking me up?” I asked myself, finally realizing what that meant.
After a few minutes, Dennis pulled up in his Rav 4 Toyota. He rolled down the window. “Oooh!!! Looks like someone’s in troooooubleeeeee!” Dennis said, stressing the trouble into one long, annoying word.
Dennis is so annoying. He says that F.O.L.D. is stupid and so is origami. But you know who’s stupid? He is.
“Shut up, Dennis,” I snapped back as I hopped into the car. I closed the door and sighed.
“So, did you finally get to make your little paper Barbie doll toy?” he asked, cackling.
“They are called origami puppets. Use your noodle sometimes, Denny.” I said grinning.
He hated when it when I called him Denny. He just glared at me and started driving back home. “Whatever, bro, whatever.” 

Sidenote: Now I see why all of his girlfriends dumped him.

The Audition … Gets Interrupted

By: Aiden Mitchells

The day had finally come. It was Audition Day! I had circled the date on my calendar. I put my clothes on, brushed my teeth and ran downstairs. I put an apple in my backpack and rushed to the bus stop.
When I got to school, I was so excited that I actually tried to finish my math work so I could leave early, and I got an A+!
Later, me and a bunch of other kids were standing in line in the gym. The OrigAvengers are pretty popular, what can I say? I had completely refolded my Miles Morales puppet, and he looked so cool. I named it ‘The All-New Spider-Fold’ because, you know, it was all-new.
However, the day didn’t start out smoothly. There were a couple surprises in store.
In the middle of the gym floor there was a table, and sitting at it were three kids. Two of them sort of looked like Clark and Cal, but the other kid was someone I’d never seen before.
“Hey, you’re not a member of the OrigAvengers!” one of the kids in line shouted. People noticed and started grumbling.
“Is this fake?” someone asked.
The kid I hadn’t seen before stood up. “Hey, hey, guys, calm down. My name is Alan Greenspan. I realize I might not have been super clear with the words on the flyer, but I’m trying to start my own OrigAvengers team!”
“Aren’t you the guy who writes that fanfiction and posts it on the school website? Like, War Mache-ine and all that?” I asked.
“Hey, someone recognizes me!” He smiled, pulling a yellow and grey puppet out of his pocket. “Yeah, I am. I’ve tried to join the OrigAvengers before, but they make their team so exclusive. So why not make my own? I mean, there’s multiple teams in the comics, so…” He paused, seeing the skeptical faces of his audience. “Whoever wants to sign up first, please step forward, and meet the real Clark and Cal Largent!” He gestured to his two friends.
They didn’t look like Clark and Cal Largent. It was kind of weird because Clark had blue hair and Cal had red hair. But, I just shrugged and walked forward. Alan beamed.
“Thank you, kind sir!” he said. “Sign up for the new OrigAvengers!”
I ignored him and turned to Clark and Cal. “Uh… guys, what’s with the new hair color?” I asked, curiously. Looking closer, I noticed that they were wearing latex masks, which was a red flag.
“Uhh, nothing?” Fake Clark said, adjusting his mask.
“Yeah, nothing,” Fake Cal said in a suspicious voice. Mostly suspicious because it sounded just like Colt Melville.
“You guys aren’t Clark and Cal, are you?” I asked, annoyed. “Colt, is that you?”
“You have been tricked by the Chameleon!” Fake Clark, a.k.a. The Chameleon shouted.
“And you have been tricked by The Watchdogs, [CENSORED]!” Fake Cal, a.k.a. Colt added.
Everybody gasped. “Hahahahahaha!” The Chameleon laughed ran off with Colt behind him. I had no idea what those two idiots were up to, but it probably wasn’t good.
“Ah, man! I thought that was really Cal and Clark endorsing me,” Alan muttered. “Don’t worry, everyone! My OrigAvengers team will be starting, or my name isn’t Alan Greenspan and War Mache-ine!”
I was only half-listening to Alan. Was this a new threat that I had to face? If so, awesome.

It’s My Team And I’ll Rule If I Want To

By: Dennis Mitchells

I was in the [REDACTED] a.k.a. the Watchdogs headquarters, and I saw Colt and Alaster walk in.
“Nice work out there, kiddos!” I said with an evil smile.
The other members of the Watchdogs applauded as Alaster bowed. Colt just shrugged, grabbed a soda from the minifridge, and sat down on one of the open beanbag chairs.
“Now, down to business-” I started
One of the Watchdogs, Hayley Lin, raised her hand, and I gave her permission to speak. “I have a question sir, when will be our next attack?” she asked.
“Soon. Very soon,” I said. I began to tell them all my devious plan, which was fantastic, if I do say so myself. After I was done, I dismissed the group. The Watchdogs started walking away.
“Wait! Colt, I want you to come here!” I yelled out.
Colt walked over. “What’s up?”
“You did a horrible job out there!” I shouted. “You literally gave away yourself to everybody!”
“Okay, two things,” Colt replied, glaring at me. “One, Alaster, if that’s even his real name, was the one gave us away. Two, how in the world did you think I would be able to fool one of Cal’s best friends? I look nothing like him. The masks you gave us were awful, anyway.”
“No, he told me that you did it!” I snapped at him. “And don’t question my methods!”
“So you’re just going to automatically believe him? ” Colt said, raising an eyebrow.
“I HAVE KNOWN ALASTER FOR A LONG TIME NOW! HE DOESN’T LIE!” I screamed. “You know what? One more screw up and you’re fired. Now get out of here!”
“Maybe I want to be. You promised me a fight with Cal, and it doesn’t seem like that’s happening anytime soon.” He turned to leave. “Also, you do realize that The Chameleon’s entire purpose in life is to lie-”

The Spider-Men Team up

By: Aiden Mitchells

Dad drove over to the school to pick me up. When I got home, I asked dad if I could ride my bike over to Cal’s house. He said yes.
I wanted to do something to get my mind off of the audition. Thankfully, Cal was usually able to talk after school. I parked by bike by his garage, knocked on the door and rang the doorbell. Cal’s mom opened the door.
“Oh, hello, Aiden!” Mrs. Largent greeted.
“Hey Mrs. Largent!” I replied, politely. “I was just wondering if I could hang out with Cal. ”
“Sure! He’s up in his room playing Fortnite with Diego,” Mrs. Largent explained, opening the door for me. She’s so nice.
I went upstairs to his room and I saw Cal and Diego playing Fortnite.
“Hey, guys, this is important so please pause the game,” I said firmly.
“Can’t, man, gotta wait till Cal kills us both,” Diego said, watching the screen.
“Hey!” Cal said, offended. Unfortunately, Diego was right, because pretty soon Cal got them both shot. Cal turned off the game and looked at me.
“What’s up Aiden?” he asked me.
“Well… the thing is that there are these people at school named the Watchdogs,” I explained. “They’re working with the Chameleon, so I’m pretty sure they are evil. ” 
“Woah, wait I remember the Watchdogs!” Cal said. “Me and Clark have messed with those goons before! But, it turns out they were kind of  a joke from Clark’s girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure Clark’s girlfriend isn’t in charge of them anymore. They ruined this kids’ fake OrigAvengers team-thing.”
“The Watchdogs? Sounds weird,” Diego said.
“What I’m saying is that I need help to stop them!” I said.
Cal nodded “Sure thing, man. We’re here to help!”
“Guess this means it’s time to reform the OriSpiders! ” Diego shouted. “Now, I just gotta remember where I put 2099…”

Kirby’s Mightiest Folders, A Group Chat Conversation

By: The OriSpiders!

Aiden has joined the chat

Claire has joined the chat

Lacey has joined the chat

Cal has joined the chat

Diego has joined the chat

Aiden: Thanks for coming everyone. I really appreciate it.

Diego: No problem dude.

Claire: What are we here for again?

Cal: Diego needs help, so it’s time to reform the Spider-Crew.

Aiden’s note: You know how team scenes go, so I won’t bore you with the details.

Aiden: Meet me later at Taco Bell, ok guys?

Claire: Affirmative.

The First Attempt (Failed)

By: Aiden Mitchells

Ok, so, this went badly. Very badly. The story is below:

Claire was the first to meet me at Taco Bell, but she looked weird. Maybe she was just sad.
She walked over to my booth and started telling me this whole, weird story about how her puppet got destroyed. “And then, my origami ripped!” she said, showing me her puppet which was now torn in two.
“Why don’t you make a new one?” I asked.
She then sat right beside me on the bench. I felt a little uncomfortable. She got closer and closer to me.
“Hey, what are you-” I started, before noticing the latex mask.
Fake Claire slapped me, and then started cackling.
“You have been tricked by The Chameleon!” Fake Claire, a.k.a. The Chameleon, said. “Thanks to your friends, I knew exactly where you’d be meeting!”
I grabbed The Chameleon and punched me in the face twice, but he caught my second punch and kneed me in the head. He roundhouse-kicked me in the nuts, which put me out of commission.
While I was crumpled on the floor, I asked a question, “Where are the others?”
“Let’s just say, I have a friend on the inside,” he said, snickering. “Behind the curtain, if you will.” He ran away just as the manager of Taco Bell threw me out. Apparently it’s not good to have a fight inside a fast food place.
What friend did he mean? I know Colt is on his side, but does that mean someone else is, too?
First Attempt, failed.

The Explanation

By: Aiden Mitchells

The next day at school, the others looked at me strangely.
“Why did you call the plan off Aiden?” Cal asked.
“Yeah, and why are you so beat up?” Claire asked.
I bit my lip. “I was tricked and beat up by The Chameleon who somehow tricked you guys into thinking I’d called off the meetup.” I said very quickly.
“Wait, so this Chameleon guy can pretend to be people?” Claire asked me.
“I mean, he’s bad at it. But, yes, he can technically at like other people.” Cal said answering Claire’s question. He turned to me, confused. “Wait, how did he trick you-”
“Not important,” I said, sheepishly, feeling like an idiot for being tricked twice now. “He said something about a friend on the inside. I think Colt was with him a few days ago. Are any of you working with him?”
Diego grimaced. “Ooooooh, it was Colt.”
“What?” I asked.
“You didn’t include Colt in the group chat, so I sent him a text telling him to join us. He is on the team. Then he sent a message back saying that Aiden had cancelled, so I told everyone else.”
I glared at Diego. “Come on, man!”
“What? You didn’t give us any context other than ‘Chameleon’s bad, we should probably beat him up.’”
I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, that probably would have been important information.”
“So, how will we stop this guy?” Lacey asked.
“I think we should call in the OrigAvengers and a couple of tanks,” Diego suggested.
“No!” I shouted, immediately. “I’ve made too big of a fool of myself already by trying to do everything myself. I need to prove it to you all that we can do this. We don’t need the OrigAvengers help to solve this problem!” 
“But how?” Claire asked me.
“After P.E., we will sneak into the Watchdogs headquarters and put a stop to their evil plans!” I said sounding heroic.
“Alright, let’s do it!” Cal said, excited. “Wait, so where is the Watchdogs headquarters?”
I thought for a moment. “This might be really random…but Chameleon mentioned something…”

Second Attempt (Failed)

By: Aiden Mitchells

“How will you know if you’ve never even tried?”

-Mrs. Who To Meg, A Wrinkle In Time.

Sorry, I just had to put that there. It’s a good quote. And also, this went more terrible than last time.
Me and the others crept into the Watchdogs headquarters. Just like I had suspected, thanks to Chameleon’s hint, their headquarters was behind the curtains on the stage in the auditorium. I had my origami Miles Morales on my finger. Everyone else had their puppets, too.
“This will show them that I can be a hero, too,” I thought to myself. “Now, I won’t be such an idiot.”
Unfortunately, somebody turned the lights on and caught us sneaking.
There was Colt, standing by the curtains with his arms crossed. “What do you think you’re doing here, Aiden? ” Colt asked us. “Wait, you brought Cal with you?” He cracked his knuckles, dramatically. “Exactly what I’ve been looking forward to.”
“Aren’t you on our side?” Cal asked, confused.
“Sort of,” Colt replied. “I just really needed to pay you back for beating me up, and these Watchdog [CENSORED] gave me the chance to.”
“You know, you can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, Colt,” Diego said angrily.
“This is for the shiner a couple weeks ago, Diego,” Colt said. He ran up to Diego and kicked him in the face.
“[CENSORED],” Diego muttered, feeling his face for damage.
“You jerk!” Claire shouted.
I got my All-New Spider-Fold out and ordered, “LET’S GO SPIDER-TEAM!”
We all ran at Colt. Just then, the lights turned off again. They turned back on and a bunch of Watchdogs were cornering us.
Diego was still down for the count. So, it was four against like ten guys. I tried to fight as many as I could, but the Watchdogs seemed to be all of the super strong kids.
“Why are you doing this?” I asked. “Why target us?”
“The Chameleon, and me, it seems, all have vendettas against Cal Largent,” Colt explained. “We didn’t really have any way to avenge them, until this one kid put the Watchdogs back together. Now, we go after all of the Spider-People like you, Diego.”
“So, all this for some revenge?” Cal asked.
“Pretty much, yeah,” Colt said, shrugging. He strode up to Cal and punched him in the chest. “Just like that.”
Cal coughed, holding his chest. “Ow. So…are we even now?”
Colt nodded. “Sure. I’m not sure about these other guys, though.”
Colt left, but we still had to deal with the rest of this group. I got punched in the arm a few times, and Claire got hit hard in the forehead. Luckily, though, we were able to get out of there in time while carrying Diego and Claire.
Second Attempt, failed!

Grounded, Maybe

By: Aiden Mitchells

I walked home as such as school let out, angry as I could be. Three times now, I’d been an idiot. First, I thought it would be better to join a new team, which led to me being tricked by Colt and the Chameleon. Second, I was just tricked. Third, I thought I could lead the team, and it led to all of our collective beat-ups.
I opened the door and slammed it, heading for my room.
“What’s wrong, honey?” Mom asked, spying me from the kitchen.
“Oh… uh nothing,” I said, lying. “I-I just fell off of my bike.” 
“You didn’t bring your bike today,” Mom said, raising an eyebrow.
“I’m still fine, though.” I walked into my room and saw Dad sitting on my bed with a sad face. I have never seen him so sad ever since grandma and grandpa divorced.
“Uh, hey dad!” I said awkwardly. “What are you doing here?”
“Sit down, son,” Dad said, seriously. I was nervous, but I obeyed him and sat down.
“I got a call from Kirby.” Dad said, frowning. “They said that you and some of your friends got into a fight.” 
“Dad, I can explain….” I started.
“Don’t explain son, I already got an explanation from the school. ” Dad said, getting angry but still calm voice.
“That’s not the whole story, though-” I kept telling him.
“Just be quiet, Aiden!” Dad shouted. “Even if you have the best excuse in the world, fights are not allowed in this household. You know that! You’re grounded. For two weeks.”
“I’m not lying, Dad! This group called the Watchdogs beat me up first, they ruined my auditions, and then when we tried to get back at them they whupped our butts! ” I snapped at dad. “I’m just trying to be my own hero at the school, but nothing is working, and I’m just making things worse!” I started crying.
Dad looked at me, surprised. “Are you sure?”
“Yes! Positive!”
Dad put his arm around me. “I’m…I’m sorry, Aiden. Dennis just used to get into so many fights at your age for no reason. I…just didn’t expect you to have a reason.”
“I’m telling the truth,” I said, breathing heavily.
“I’ll think about this a bit more, then. Is that fine?”
“Dinner is ready,” we both heard Mom yell

Whatever It Takes

By: Cal Largent

The next day at school, Aiden came to school with a sad face.
“What happened, man?” I asked him. He didn’t look at me. “Aiden?” I tapped him on the shoulder. He threw my hand off of him.
“Leave. Me. Alone,” he said, angrily.
“But what about the Watchdogs and The Chameleon and-”
“I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of dealing with them.”
I looked at him, surprised. “Is this because you got us all beat up?”
“Yes!” he said, throwing his arms up. “I suck at being a superhero. I’ve let Miles Morales down.”
“You do realize he’s just a puppet, right?” I said. “You don’t actually have to be a superhero. You’re just a kid.”
“But I want to be one, like you!”
“Like me?” I asked. “Aiden, I’m a kid, too. I’m not a superhero. I just do my best to make sure everyone is safe in this school, and make sure there’s no villains around. That’s what our team is supposed to do!”
“Are you sure you want me on your team?”
“Of course! You’re one of my best friends.” I put my hand on his shoulder. He didn’t throw it off this time. “Now, there are villains around, like the Watchdogs. They’re bullying kids. Are you really going to let them do that? Or are you going to do whatever it takes to stop them?”
He looked at me for a second and seemed to be thinking. After a moment, he said, “Okay, yeah. I’ll do whatever it takes.”
We then shook hands. “Let’s go get them, then.”

Stop The Bullying!

By: Aiden Mitchells

Me and Cal were walking down the hallway and we saw the Watchdogs bullying Takuya, one of the Spider-Guys.
“Oooh, are you gonna go cry to your mommy?” a Watchdog taunted.
“I-I don’t want to cause any trouble.” Takuya said, nervously. A Watchdog picked him up by his shirt.
Cal ran over to where this was taking place. “Hey! Leave him alone!” he shouted.
“Well well well, it isn’t the golden boy Cal Largent, the Amazing Spider-Fold,” a masked Watchdog with a hood said. I rushed over.
“Who are you, anyway?” I asked the guy.
“Wait, is that you Aiden?” the figure asked me.
“How do you know my name?” I asked.
The figure took his hood off. It was Dennis.
“Dennis?!?” I yelled out.
“Yup, that’s me,” he said, laughing.
“So, you lead this group of knuckleheads?” I asked, sarcastically.
“Yeah,” he answered calmly. “Wait until Mom and Dad hear about this!”
“Mom and Dad don’t control me anymore, little brother. I do what I want.”

Dennis’s Evil Plan

By: Dennis Mitchells

I was sitting in the headquarters, as usual. Now that Aiden knew who I was, I needed to do something that would make him realize how powerful my group had become. That idea would be to ruin the Sophomore’s Formal Dance!
I called all the Watchdogs and they came right over.
“Listen to me, chumps!” I started. “We are going to ruin the Sophomore’s Dance! And I’m going to tell you how we are going to do it. First, we are going to get a huge bucket of paint, then we are getting one of Reggie’s pets and put it into the fruit punch.”
Reggie raised his hand. “Why would we get one of my pets?”
“Because your pets are gross. Especially those ferrets.”
“That’s rude.”
I ignored him and continued. “We are going to sabotage the music and change it to the ABC Song. We are going to put some chatter teeth into the mini burgers. We are going to ruin this dance once and for all!”
“But sir, what are we going to do with the bucket of paint?” Reggie asked me.
“We will attach it to the roof and make sure the paint falls onto everybody.” I explained. “Now get to work!”


By: Claire Lee

Cal had sent me down to the headquarters in disguise, so I could listen in to their plans. I heard everything! I ran and went to tell the others.
“Guys! Dennis is planning to ruin the dance!” I said panicking.
“Oh no! That’s horrible!” Lacey said. “I won’t be able to ask Cal out with me on the dance…..” she whispered to herself.
“I mean, you can still ask me to go,” Cal said.
“Well, that’s good.”
“Anyway, we need to stop them!” Aiden told me. We all agreed.

No Help From Mom

By: Aiden Mitchells

I went home and saw my mom in her nurse uniform.
“Hey mom, can you help me with something tonight at the dance?” I asked her.
“Sorry, honey, I have to work later,” Mom told me. “Whatever you need, I’m sure Dennis can help you.”
I was tempted to tell her that Dennis was a villain who was planning to wreak havoc, but I wanted to stop him myself. “Oh, ok. Maybe another time I guess.”
“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately! ” She apologized, walking into the car. She then drove away. It’s not her fault, she really has some sick patients. But, now it was time to focus on stopping Dennis.

Preparing For The Catastrophe

By: Aiden Mitchells

I saw Emily putting up decorations. Since she was a part of the decorating committee, she was in charge of all the dances. Even though this dance was only for Sophomores like us, I admired how diligent Emily was.
I had to just keep her, and everyone else who’d put so much work into the Sophomore Dance, hopes high. I don’t want to make them mad or sad. Especially mad. Emily’s like twice my age!
I started biting my nails, nervous. I didn’t know how to handle this. But I knew that we might just be able to stop their plan.

The High School Dance Brawl

By: Aiden Mitchells

Tonight was the night! It was the school dance. I was standing next to the fruit punch bowl. I kept checking and checking if there was an animal in the punch. “It’s been kind of quiet,” Claire had told me. “Do you want to go dance, or something?”
“I can’t, Claire. I have to guard this fruit punch.”
She shrugged. “Do you think, maybe you’re taking this too seriously?”
“No, of course not.”
“I just mean, you’re cool. I don’t want you to waste the whole night guarding the beverages.” When she saw that I wasn’t moving, she left.
Just then, I saw Reggie talking to Dennis about the whole animal in fruit punch thing. I followed them quietly.
Unfortunately, I felt someone grab me from behind. It was Colt. “Going somewhere?” he asked me. I kicked him in the knee and jumped up.
“Hey, wait-” he tried to say, before shoving him onto the dance floor.
Dennis turned around, holding one of Reggie’s ferrets, and saw me. “What are you doing, Aiden?” he asked.
“I’m stopping your plan, Dennis!” I said, confidently.
“I’ll call Mom and Dad to pick you up,” Dennis said, taking his phone out of his pocket.
“No way!” I kicked it out of his hand, and it went flying across the room. It landed in the punch bowl.
“My phone!” Dennis said, horrified. He dropped the ferret, who scurried off, scaring a bunch of kids. Reggie went and chased after it. “You broke my phone! You’re so dead!” He picked me up and tried to throw me into the bucket of paint. I was able to get out of his grip, and dumped some nearby glasses of water onto his head. And, I wasn’t alone.
Cal, Claire, Diego and Lacey stood behind me. Dennis ordered some of his men to beat them up, but they were ready this time.
Meanwhile, I was still trying to stop Dennis himself from ruining the dance.
“Why are you doing this, Dennis?” I asked.
“It’s because you’re so annoying!” he shouted back. “I’m just trying to enjoy high school, but your group of Spider-idiots is ruining that for me. So, I want to make sure you’re just as miserable as I am! And-” He was going to continue, but he was interrupted. The most unexpected thing had happened; Colt came over and hit Dennis on the back of the head with a flower pot. 
“Colt? You helped me?” I asked him surprised.
“That’s what I was trying to tell you,” he said. “I was able to punch Cal, so I didn’t have anymore reason to be with the Watchdogs. I’m still a Spider-Guy after all,” he said, holding up Origami Symbiote Spider-Man.
We saved the dance!
“So, now do you want to dance?” Claire asked me, after Dennis was taken to the principal’s office.
“Sure!” I said. So, we spent the rest of the night dancing and having fun. 


By: Aiden Mitchells

The chaos was over. The Sophomore’s Dance was saved (why do we have so many dances, anyway?) and no major harm was done. I’m not grounded anymore, which is good, but I still have to pay for Dennis’s phone since I did kind of ruin it. Dennis is still a jerk, though.
But what matters is that everything is back to normal! I’m still on the Spider-Team, and I’ve realized that I work way better with a team behind me. Maybe I don’t have to be my own hero if I have people helping me be one.
I bet Miles Morales would be proud of me. Don’t you think so?

  1. By the Wrinkle in Time, do you mean the 2018 movie where Kelly Kapoor and Oprah play super-powerful space beings?

  2. Supreme_Leader_Skywalker

    I kind of feel bad for the kid who tried to start some type of New OrigAvengers team, LOL. 😅

    Like, that could actually be a really cool idea. Post-Infinity Folds, if anyone, MOC or user, tries to make an MOU New Avengers Story, PLEASE MAKE THAT KID A MEMBER. I feel so much unironic guilt for him…aaaagh… 😅


  3. I love this story so much. Thank you.

  4. Grand Master Skywalker

    This was pretty good for its time. It fairly aged like fine wine, however, I think the sequel was a bit better.

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