Sonic the Foldhog 2: OriSonic Forces!

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Chapter 1


Hi everyone! You may not know me but I am Mike Jones… Sonic the Foldhog! You know when I became STF (Sonic The Foldhog) I always thought that I would be fighting my own villains. But then I got to team up with one of my heroes and now BEST friend! Today I was late for tech class aka the worst class ever! And when I opened the door Mr. Pollock pushed me out!

“This class is only for people who get here on time!”

“But I am only one minute late!”

“Who cares!”

“Mr. Pollock is so stupid! How did he even get his job back! I just wish Jacob was here. He would know what to do!”

“Mike, what are you doing? I know that Origanondorf took over the school, but that doesn’t mean you can just skip class.” Mr. Allen started saying.

“I wasn’t skipping class! I was… I don’t know 5-10 seconds late for my tech class and Mr. Pollock kicked me out for it!”

“Okay. Let’s go talk with Mr. Pollock.” 

“Ok… But I seriously think you should fire him again.”

“I never fired him. The old principal did.”

“Oh, well he should get fired again.” After I said that we quietly walked over to the classroom…

Chapter 2


As we entered the classroom I saw Mr Pollock scolding a student for getting a piece of coding wrong.

“Ahem” Mr Allen started.

“Who did that! Oh! H-hello Mr Allen. What are you doing here?”

“Well I brought Mike here back to class.”


“What was that?”

“N-nothing! I am very glad to have Mike back in the classroom… after he walked away after seeing me…”

“Mike said you kicked him out of class.”

“Why you dirty liar!”

“MR POLLOCK! If you don’t treat your students with the same respect they give you I will have no other choice but to fire you! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!”

“Yes Mr Allen.”

After that class I went home since it was the last class of the day.

Chapter 3


When I went to school today I saw two kids holding a sign that said MIKE JONES. I walked up to him and he said this.

“Here is a message from my employer.” After that I started getting punched and kicked from my left AND right!! and no one even cared to help! They all sat and watched like they knew all about it! The worst thing that happened was I saw Mr. Pollock in the hallway smiling. It made me so mad! When the kids finally stopped they said. 

“Let this be a warning, Mess with us OR our employer again and the pain you feel WILL be much, much worse.” 

I went through the day regularly and didn’t even say anything to Mr. Pollock during his class. I went home and my parents said they had some great news.

“Hey Mike… We have some news we’d like to tell you. We decided to have a foreign exchange student live with us!” He walked out from behind them.

“Um… Hello.” He had a British accent and seemed very nice. But I wasn’t in the mood after what happened today.

“Hi.” I went straight up to my room and saw his bags. Next to an air mattress I threw my Sonic the Foldhog on my desk.

“I quit…” I mumbled to myself.

Chapter 4

    By:Oliver Charles

I went to unpack my stuff in Mike’s room and saw the finger puppet on his desk. When I was living in Britain, my friends always talked about how a school called Ilkley Grammar School had finger puppets based off of Harry Potter. But back on topic. The finger puppet looked like it was a Sonic puppet. When I arrived at the home, Mike’s father (Jordan Jones) showed me around and told me all about the sonic toys, video games, etc. I picked up the puppet when I heard a voice.

“What are you doing with that?” I turned around to see Mike in the doorway.

“I was just looking at it. The craftsmanship is great!”

“Just put it down. I don’t want to be reminded of it anymore than I have to.”

“Oh. Ok, Your father told me you used it to fight the bullies. Can you tell me what happened? I won’t judge.”

“No! I-I mean, no, I just don’t want to see that thing anymore.”

“Oh. Ok.” I said, stunned. The next day, I went to school and Mike showed me around. His parents requested I be in all of his classes to get used to the school. When we went into the Tech class I saw the teacher Mr. Pollock.

“Ok class, today we have a new student. His name is… Let me check here… Okay, I found it. His name is Oliver Charles.”

“H-hi everyone.” I stuttered.

“Just because you’re new doesn’t mean I will go EASY on you.” Mr. Pollock whispered in my ear. I just sat down in my seat.

Chapter 5

    By:Oliver Charles

Weeks have gone by since then. Mr. Pollock ‘hired’ people to help him rule. No, not the WHOLE school but just the 7th grade. Mr. Allen can’t do anything and it is a complete nightmare! A small rebellion has been formed, but they said we need Mike’s help to take Mr. Pollock down. I wanted to join, but they said I needed a puppet. So I decided to make a red wolf with a black vest and goggles. They accepted and I became the newest member. After school I went back to Mike’s house and finally met his brother Jacob!

“Hi! I’m Jacob. You must be…”

“I’m Oliver. I’ve heard alot about you. As in I read your notebooks about the adventures of Sonic The Foldhog!”

“Really? Have you seen Mike fighting any bullies lately?”

“Nope. Whenever I try to ask him about it he changes the topic and gets angry.”

“He probably quit. I did that when I was The Foldhog.”

“I think it was because of Mr. Pollock and his minions.”

“Who are the minions?”

“I don’t know… someone named Infinite-Agami and Shadow the Foldhog.”

“Well it can’t be the Shadow I knew. It must be a fake.”

“But anyways, Mr. Pollock took over the 7th grade hallway and it is no longer fun. We have a small rebellion but that’s it.”

“Dang. I am tutoring at Rapids this week. I could get you guys, maybe 2 more people including me.”

“That would be great, Jacob! Thank you!”

“No problem, Oliver.”

Chapter 6


When Oliver told me this rebellion needed help I knew what I had to do. I went on my phone and called Preston Horowitz. My best friend and my only friend that still lives in Grand Rapids. Here is our conversation:


“Hey Preston, can I ask you for a favor?”

“Depends. What is it?”

“Well, my brother has been having trouble in school and it is because of Mr. Pollock.”

“Ugh! What did he do this time?”

“Well he took over the 7th grade hallway with the help of a ‘Infinite-Agami’ and a Shadow the Foldhog rip-off.”

“Ok. Now what’s the favor?”

“I was hoping you’d help me help the little rebellion they have to stop Mr. Pollock.”

“If it is against Mr. Pollock, I’d do anything!”

“Great! Meet me at the school entrance Monday morning. And maybe make a New Shadow Puppet. I am making a classic Sonic puppet tonight.”

“Ok. The funny thing is I thought we gave this stuff up years ago.”

“Haha! Same! See you Monday!”

“You too.”


After that I went to my room and folded the puppet.

Chapter 7


Some kids have been part of a rebellion against Mr Pollock and his minions. Now that it is Monday I had to see his face again. The weekends are the only time I get a break from it. Oliver has joined the rebellion and I was surprised to see Jacob and his friend Preston at school today. They were talking to the rebellion’s leader (AKA the kid that decided to make himself Origami Tails). I missed being Sonic the Foldhog. It gave me some sort of relief from the troubles in my life. For some reason, I had put Sonic in my locker. I was probably hoping for a reason to take him out and use it again. And I have found my reason now. If Jacob and Preston would still use puppets to help the school even though they are college students, then I shouldn’t be afraid to use him to help the rebellion!

“Hey guys?”

“Oh. Hi Mike.” The Origami Tails said.

“Could I join the rebellion? I think I am finally ready.”

“We have been waiting for this moment since we were formed!” He said.

“We are ready to win. Meet me in the library during lunch. I have a plan.” I started saying. “And Gather EVERYONE!” I yelled as I left for the bell.

Chapter 8


During Lunch I went straight for the Library and when I entered I heard cheering. I saw every member of the rebellion. I counted a total of fifteen including Me, Jacob, and Preston.

“Okay everyone… Here is the plan.” I then explained the plan MULTIPLE times. It was very simple.

We split into 3 groups: 

Group 1 will distract the fake Shadow the Foldhog. 

Group 2 will distract Infinite-Agami. 

Group 3 consisting of Jacob, Preston, Oliver, and me. Will get into Mr Pollock ‘s office and defeat him. After that we celebrate the victory!


Ok now it is time to put the plan into action! I sent Groups 1 and 2 into the hallway so they could distract the guards. After that, my group snuck into the hallway so we could enter the classroom. Preston decided to Rip the Origami Shadow that fell on the ground and I swear he said: 

“There can only be one TRUE Shadow the Foldhog!” 

We then entered the room.

“Oh. I didn’t expect any visitors this afternoon. I see my old enemy. How is college, Jacob?”

“Shut up, you jerk.”

“I see Preston Horowitz, the original Shadow the Foldhog. Too bad you betrayed me. We could’ve ruled this school for years!”

“I don’t care.”

“And finally I see two new enemies of mine. Oliver and Mike. If you give up now I won’t give you both F’s!”

“SHUT. UP!” We both said together. After that, we grabbed him and brought him to the principal. He was fired again and Rapids went back to normal. Mostly. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Preston gave the title of Shadow The Foldhog to Chandler King! AKA the bully who wants redemption.


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