Super Smash Folds 2

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By: Well, me. Origami_Master53

    I know, I could wait to say sappy stuff until later. But I don’t want to. I will have acknowledgements though. Anyways. This story. Boy oh boy, this story I didn’t start writing until APRIL 13TH! I could’ve done it earlier than added stuff into it later on but I procrastinated on it. I wanted to wait for every main story to get sent in. So I could add at least ONE cameo from every character. Was that smart? Maybe. I honestly do not know. But that caused me alot of stress. When I finally started writing this, I had to think of an idea good enough to be about as good as the original Smash Folds. I wanted this to be better, even though I didn’t think it would be. I wanted to have alot more interaction between the characters. I wanted this story to change me as a writer. I didn’t want the climax of this story to have a big fight between the characters. Sure, they are developed decently, BUT I wanted them to be able to handle problems without fists. I’ve noticed that these characters (At least in the VGOU) handle alot of things with fighting. I didn’t want that anymore. I wanted these characters to have more emotional depth to them. Link for example, Who I have been writing for, solves most of his problems with a foam sword. And that is my fault completely. This story is a redemption arc for these characters. To learn that not every problem can be solved by whacking people with foam, or punching or kicking. To learn that some problems, you just need to talk about, face to face. With this, I give you SUPER SMASH FOLDS 2! -Origami_Master53


By: Link

    Hey everyone! It’s Link! Lately I’ve been hanging out with Jayden. We have been talking after school and Mike invited us to play Sonic with him. I didn’t want to be mean, but I don’t want to play Sonic. Anyways. Tonight (Me and Jayden) we are going to Wendy’s, then we are going to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate at my house. My Parents are saying this is a “Date”, but I think that we are just friends hanging out. Not much has happened since I last wrote in this. The most exciting and Least Exciting thing is that we have ONE MONTH LEFT OF 7TH GRADE! It is exciting because Summer is almost starting, but it isn’t exciting because that means ALL the teachers are cramming us with projects, homework, assignments, ect. I HATE IT! Well… This is my update for now, I will tell you guys more updates later.


By: Mike

    Hey everyone!!!!!! So I got the new Sonic racing game and I invited Link to play it with me! He told me I quote “Maybe over the Summer”. Ugh. So I made some new friends! They all have Sonic Puppets!!! I mean… Um, not SONIC Sonic puppets. I meant that by, They have puppets from the Sonic UNIVERSE! Like, Amy, Knuckles, ect. You may have heard about them before. In my last “case file”. You know, the one where my brother, Preston, Oliver, Origami Tails, Origami Knuckles, Origami Amy, and more! The rebellion disbanded after we freed the 7th grade, but some of us still hung out together. Dr EggCarton is gone… For now. I don’t know if he will be back, BUT me and my new friends will be prepared for whatever evil event he will come up with!

UGH! Link isn’t texting back! Know what? I’m just going to call him.

Phone rings…

Link: What, Mike!

Me: That was rude. I just wanted to know if you wanted to pl-

Link: Mike, I’m sorry. I really am! But right now I am busy trying to crack OriGanondorfs mystery! He said, and I quote: “ Origami is destroying the school from the inside out!” AND he said “Remove me from this story now, and stand NO chance against what’s coming!”

Me: Maybe I could help!

Link: I guess you could. Tell me what you think it means?

Me: Well… This kid already knows what is coming. So why don’t we go talk to him and get more answers!

Link: I would’ve done that already BUT he moved back to Roanoke Virginia.

Me: He did? My 5 year old cousin who LIVES in Roanoke! Her family invited us to her birthday party next week! My parents said I could invite one friend if it is fine with them!

Link: Really? Could you have your parents call mine? We need to get to Mcquarrie Middle School!

Me: Okay!


By Link

    So, my parents said I could go with Mike! I started packing my bags because I’d be skipping school on Monday and be gone for the whole week! I don’t really have any more updates I could say right now, soooooooo… I will write more later.


So we just got off of a 10 hour flight! I slept most of it, but when I was awake Mike kept telling me about Sonic and how fun the games are. I tried telling him about Legend of Zelda but he said “That type of game isn’t my style.”! After we landed, we went to the hotel. The next day after LOTS of relaxing, me and Mike asked to be driven to Mcquarrie. His parents asked why and we told them that we wanted to see an old friend. We got there about 30 minutes before school got out. This meant we had to wait until everyone left!


I am now playing my Nintendo Switch with Mike. We are playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate! I am obviously Link, while Mike is Sonic. I beat him in the first match but he beat me in the second one. We kept playing for the rest of the time. Then when I saw people leaving the entrance of the school, me and Mike went to the entrance and slipped in. But when I thought everything was going well a Teacher stopped us.

“Who are you and what are you doing here!” as he yelled this, I gulped and got very nervous! The teachers at Rapids yell at you but you know them! We never met this teacher before so this was VERY nerve racking!


By: Link

We went into this teacher’s office. I looked at a name tag on his desk. It said Mr. Howell.

“Now. Tell me why you two boys are here. I know you don’t go to this school.” He said.

“Well… uh.. Um… Mr…” I started to get TERRIBLY nervous!

“Howell. I am Mr. Howell.” He said.

“O-oh. Well Mr. Howell…  We were looking for a student who was at Rapids middle school, over in Michigan, earlier this year. He said he transferred there from here, and I heard he transferred back here after.” I said quickly.

“Well, the only student who transferred to Rapids was Victor Parker. But he never transferred back here. Now, will you two please leave?” He replied.

“O-okay…” I said while getting up quickly and leaving. That SUCKED! We went all the way there and couldn’t even complete our quest! UGH! I’m too angry to write anymore for this trip. Bye for now.


By: Joe Martinet

Just to make this clear! I am JOE not JONESY or ANY of those other Joe’s out there, got that! I’m going to catch you up on everything that has happened to me after Joe attacked me with Origami Bowser JR. Me and Audrey are doing good while Jonesy says it won’t last the summer. I DO THINK it will last! He doesn’t know what he is talking about! I AM OriMario! HE IS OriLuigi or whatever he is calling himself now. He is a sidekick! Someone I can boss around! But worst of all… I DON’T HAVE ANOTHER BAD GUY TO FIGHT! IT is so upsetting! I am ORIMARIO! Jerks should be lining up to fight me! Ugh, anyways… I was playing Super Smash Bros on my NEW Nintendo Switch when I played against someone named “DaRealLink-agami”. I laughed because some kid at school has a puppet called Link-agami. We played (They were Link while I was Mario) and they BEAT ME! I got a text from Link right after the match saying this:

Link: Lol, GG


Link: What?


Link: Dude… we really going to do this? I just got back from a trip.

Me: I do not care! I want to beat you AND show this school who the best Bully fighter is!!!!!

Link: Your ego is WAAAAAY too big.

My ego? Big? Nah, HE has a big ego!


By: Link

    So I just got back from Mike’s cousin’s party and got challenged to a fight. I am tired of fighting. It gets us nowhere in life. After beating up people alot, I realized that these people keep coming back to attack me BECAUSE I beat them up! They want revenge! I don’t want this “OriMario” to hate me too. And I honestly don’t know why I even had him in my contacts. I think it was because he wanted some girl’s phone number. I INSTANTLY called Joe.

Joe: Wazzup loser.

Me: I do not want to fight.

Joe: So you are scared of me?

Me: What? No, I am not scared.

Joe: So then why don’t you fight me!?

Me: It is pointless. Fights will get you nowhere in life. Well, they could get you in jail buuuuuut…

Joe: What are you getting at?

Me: I’m saying we DO NOT need to fight!

Joe: Fine! Don’t fight, scaredy cat!

Me: Ugh!

I Then hung up on him.

Welp, I am going to stop writing on this for now. I have to study for a math test tomorrow.

I hope that I do Grrreat (Oh no! Now I AM doing the cereal thing!)!


By: Arnold Sanders

I don’t even know why I am writing this. I don’t have anyone to stop, and frankly I do not care about that. I would much rather spend my time doing Homework, getting good grades and playing Pac-Man after all of it. I also have a new friend. His name is Harper. He was part of that Origami Pokemon club thing that happened early on in the year. He’s tried getting it back together again but has failed because of… what were they called again? Team RoCrease? Team Crease-It? Origami Team Rocket? Ah, it doesn’t matter, they keep stopping him. Yknow What, I am going to stop writing in this for now. I have to study for a Math test tomorrow.


By: Link

    I have studied from the last time I wrote till I went to bed, I think I am ready to ACE my Math test! My math grade as it is isn’t that great… By that I mean I have a C-. I know some people would be fine with that, but I do not like it. My parents hold me up to higher standards because my older brother Colton ALWAYS got an A in EVERY CLASS! So now my parents think I should be as good as him! This test can get me (Hopefully) a B in math! The test is just about to start. I will write more after I get my grade back.


    I AM SO UPSET!!!!!!! I just got my test back and it said F! It had a BIG FAT F Written on top of it! My grade dropped to an F! I was complaining to all my friends at lunch and I guess they all got F’s on the test too! I need time to cool off. I guess I will go study for my science test. I need my grade to go up.


By: ???

    They don’t see it do they… They don’t see who REALLY sabotaged their tests… They don’t see that I will keep sabotaging them until the end of the year. So they get into Summer School with me… So I can ruin their summers… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA— (Links note from after the Case File ended: It went on like this for about 2 more pages so I edited those out)


By: Mike

I am SO not happy! My parents grounded me from playing ANY sonic games! They might have put me in jail! UGH! I studied so hard for that test! All of my work, only to get an F! I think the teacher is biased to people without puppets because only the kids WITH puppets got F’s! I need to tell Link this! I am going to call him!

Me: Link! I think I know who gave us all F’s!

Link: Who?

Me: The teacher! We all studied AND I double checked my answers with my brother and he said I got it all correct!

Link: Go on…

Me: I think the TEACHER is trying to get EVERYONE with a puppet in trouble!

Link: Makes sense I guess…

Me: We should confront him tomorrow!

Link: *Sigh* Ok Mike.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!


By: Link

    So I guess me and Mike are going to confront Mr. Ridley. Here is our encounter made from some recorder thing Mike bought online from someone named “NESfan7151983”. Anyways, here it is!

“Um… Mr. Ridley? Can we talk?” I started.

“Sure guys! What can I do for you?”


“MIKE! Calm down. Jeez… Sorry about that.” I said

“It is okay, Link. Now why would I give everyone with finger puppets an F? I have one myself.” He replied to me.

“Y-you do?” Mike asked.

“Yes. I do. It is Little Mac! Or as I call him Little Mac-igami!” He showed us the puppet.


“Um… Mr Ripley? Can we have hall passes?” I asked.

“Sure. Just let me write them for you.” He said while looking for some paper.

We then left after that. School was pretty boring the rest of the day. But I felt as if someone was watching me the rest of the day. Creepy right?


By: ???

    Link doesn’t even see me. Right. It’s because I’m a “hidden” nerd. That means, I am a nerd. A very big one at that! But I am hidden. Bullies never think to bully me! I’m also someone easy to ignore. But I’m someone smart enough to hack into the school and get everyone’s answer on the test THEN print the test again a couple 100 times before writing wrong answers on every assignment. I also switched out the real copies of the test with mine. Summer school here they come. I am doing this because when I TRIED to join everyone else by making a puppet of Simon from Castlevania, they laughed at it!!!! THEY ALL LAUGHED AT IT BECAUSE IT DIDN’T HAVE A GOOD DESIGN! Now I will get my revenge!



By: Link

    Ok, So I was asking around about who could’ve possibly sabotaged the tests, when I came to the conclusion that it was someone who was friends with Origanondorf! But I just couldn’t go ask to see video tapes from that time right? Oh one sec.

    Nope. I can’t. I just asked Principal Allen. He said:

“No way Linkin.”

Ugh! There goes my only lead! I need to study for another test! I REALLY hope someone doesn’t mess up this test!!!!!!!!!!!


By: Mike

    So we had a science test today! I NEED to get a good grade on this test! If I don’t, I just don’t know what my parents will do! Anyways, tomorrow is the day we get our test back! I am so nervous yet excited at the same time! I’ll write more then.


    Soooo… I’m not TECHNICALLY supposed to be writing this right now but… I failed the test again! And now I AM GROUNDED! THIS IS SO UNFAIR! I STUDIED SUPER HARD FOR THAT TEST!!!!!!!! UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!


By: Joe

    So I have failed 2 tests in the last month of school! I know who is doing that to me! IT IS LINK! Just think about it! He didn’t want to fight me, and when I asked why he never told me a reason! The reason was that he wanted to get my test and rig it! Then when he saw it didn’t affect me that much, HE DID IT AGAIN!!! It makes so much sense now! I cannot wait to fight him for this! Jonesy says Link probably never did this but I DO THINK he did! And since when do I care about what Jonesy thinks?


By: ???

Joe thinks Link did this. His Ego is way too big. I can’t wait to see the fight… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

But seriously, how do they NOT know I am causing all of this!?!?! I even went UP TO Link and asked about the tests! All he did was ask if I got an F also. And when I said no he asked if I had any puppets. I replied by saying I had one but never brought it to school. Link is so stupid!



By: Link

    Let me tell you about my day today. First I went to class. Some kid came up to me and asked about the tests, and to see if I had gotten a bad grade on it too. I said yes. THEN I went to a tree outside the school to eat my lunch and when I did, I GET PUNCHED BY JOE!

“WHAT THE HECK, DUDE!!!” I screamed!

“THIS IS FOR MAKING MY GRADE GO DOWN!” He kicked me this time.

“I DID NO SUCH THING!!” I yelled back. A crowd started to gather around us.

“So you didn’t make me flunk the test?” He asked while standing down.

“YES!!!!!” I yelled.

“You mean yes as in you DID!!!!!!” He started punching me again. Man, for an 7th grader he has a HUGE ego. In all the pain I saw someone in the window smiling. I couldn’t make it out fully but I think it was the kid that kept asking about my tests!

“LINKIN! JOE! MY OFFICE!” Mr. Allen started. “NOW!”


By: Joe

    DANG IT! Just when I was about to get answers from Link on WHY he messed up both of my tests! ANYWAYS, while Mr. Allen dragged us to his office, I was glaring at Link but he looked like he saw a ghost! Maybe Jonesy WAS right about Link not messing with the tests. B-but Jonesy is never right! Right? I just need to ask Link if he did it!!!


“Ugh. What now, Joe? You want to punch me again or something?”

“What? No! I mean- sort of – BUT that’s not the point of this conversation!”

“Well what IS the point of this conversation?”

“I need to know. Did you sabotage my grades, then give yourself F’s to cover your tracks?”

“WHAT!?!?!? NO!?!?! DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF!?!?!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, for starters: You are acting like an idiot! I bet Jonesy is smarter than you.”

“JONESY IS NOT SMARTER THAN ME! He is just a sidekick!”

“Keep telling yourself that Joe. Keep telling yourself that.”


Then he WALKED AWAY FROM ME! I cannot believe it! It makes me so mad!!


By: Link

    I can’t believe Joe would think that I’d sabotage the tests! I mean, sure. We’ve had some arguments. I’ve been mad at him. But I would NEVER sabotage another person’s test! If I did, then I wouldn’t be any better than the people that do it for fun! UGH! Anyways, I confronted the kid who kept asking about my tests today in science class.

“Hi.” I started.

“O-oh hi Link.” He looked shocked to see me. “What do you want?”

“I want to know why you keep sabotaging everyone’s tests.”

“I would never do that!”

“I know it’s you. Don’t worry, Joe doesn’t know it was you. Now, please tell me.”

    He looked down before starting to talk.

“I was upset. I tried to make a puppet like everyone else. But when I did the design. I quote “Looked like a baby drew it”. It hurt my feelings. I got my feelings hurt.I got laughed at by everyone. Well. everyone but you and Mike. You guys went to Roanoke that week.”

“I am so sorry, Charley.” I knew his name from when it was called for attendance every day. “You have to turn yourself in. It isn’t fair! If you want, I could help you remake your puppet. But you have to turn yourself in at the assembly tomorrow.

“… Ok Link.”


By: Charley

This was what I said at the assembly today.

“My classmates. I have something very important to tell all of you. Most of you would probably want to kill me because of this but it must be said. I WAS THE ONE WHO SABOTAGED YOUR TESTS. I am sorry. A friend made me realize that what I did was wrong and that I needed to turn myself in. good day.”

    I then walked off of the stage and walked right into Mr. Allen. 

“Charley, You are going to have detention for a month!” 

“Yeah, that sounds about right. I am very sorry for this Mr. Allen.”

“Thank you for coming clean about this.” I then walked into the library/detention room.


By: Link

 After the whole fiasco I asked Charley what he knew about OriGanonDorf.

“I don’t know anything about him.” Charley responded. That confused me! I thought OriGanonDorf knew whoever was going to do this but I guess not. Well… Until next time. Goodbye.



Hey everyone! So here are my acknowledgements for Smash Folds 2! I have a WHOLE list of people I’d like to thank!

First, Peyton: I’d like to thank you first because well… you helped me so much! I could ask you questions or thoughts about an idea and you’d answer truthfully! You checked in on me about progress on most of my stories! Whether it be for the DCOU or VGOU! And when I needed the most help, when all I needed to have was OriMario, you helped me by writing it! Peyton, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Next is Guillermo: Thanks for helping me out by writing Pac-Fold 2! You really helped me out by doing the sequel! So thank you!

Now is Donatello: Thank you soooooooo much for writing 2 stories! And I am sorry you didn’t get to have your OriMario get made official. There just wasn’t enough time left for me to wait before writing Smash Folds 2. So once again Thank you!

Ok, now we have SF Arctic: IDK if you would ever see this, but I’d like to thank you for introducing the character of Peyton Hortwitz, who easily became one of my favorite characters for the VGOU! I really liked his vibe, if you know what I mean.

Finally, I’d like to thank StookieStorm: I took a while, and I will admit, I was getting nervous about ever getting it. But thank you for writing Art-mong Us!

Now I am going to thank the readers!

Hades: Thank you for always telling me your honest opinion! You have helped me improve my writing alot. Also, thank you for writing OriMario 2!

Noah: Thank you for agreeing to write Sonic the Foldhog 3! I didn’t really know what to do with it, if I had to write it! So thank you for writing it!

Finally, I’d like to thank ANYONE I forgot to mention! You guys (and girls) have helped me in ways, you would never know. So thank you!

I hope you enjoyed the story! Tell me in the comments! -Origami_Master53

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  1. I havent even read it yet, but I take back what I said in the last smash Folds comment section. I literally love the VGOU, its genuinely really funny and from what I hear you’re starting to realise the humorous potential

  2. My favorite part was the cereal thing XD.

  3. Fun Fact NESfan7151983 is supposed to signify that the Nintendo Entertainment System came out in 7-15-1983

  4. Ori Mario: the Donatello cut

    #release the Donatello cut

    Is it bad I kinda wanna do that as like a elseworlds thing? Lol

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