An Impromptu Decision

Hey guys! It’s Peyton. In a shocking turn of events (after some users messaging me to post them), I decided to say “eh, it’s the end of the site” and drop ALL of the Origami Universe!

Personally, I don’t consider them canon. They’re in the BTFolds, but they’re not meant to be stories that are the canon conclusions of some of the characters or stories… unless you want them to be. I might take on the arduous task, and you’ll get a post in the future about it, of making a “Canon timeline” of stories and folds. This is like a split-off timeline. Totally up to you.

It’s a dedicated hub in the BtFolds section, so feel free to check it out there! See you guys around. Here’s the hub button: THE ORIGAMI UNIVERSE



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  1. So, in another universe these could have been released when they were originally meant to, AND be a canon end to the site. am I correct on that?

    • OrigamiLuke100

      No I hated these I think that what we needed was just a singular story where we all got to have a part in it or something. It’s way too disconnected and makes no sense read in one thing, perhaps it should be looked at as it’s own original stories and not one overarching thing.
      Funtime for example is taken down in Guillermo’s Illuminati. This makes no sense because there was still two more stories left. Furthermore, Guillermo (the character) should be in Spain or England during the events of SS3 but he is still a student at Wheeler.
      These stories were not supposed to see the light of day until I had hades CD and Thrawn message me and say please release them… haha

      • Wow… I have only read the first one in the series and thought it was pretty good! Do you think it would have worked out better if, lets say one story from every universe was made and gave hints that Funtime was the big villain in the finale? I think that would’ve been better.

        • That was the original idea, in a sense. Shredder Squad 3 was for the DCOU, there was going to be a Young OrigAvengers for the MOU, a Pleaty Jackson 4 for the PJOU, and as tou onow we were gonna have you do Super Smash Folds Ultimate. Young OrigAvengers and Pleaty Jackson 4 became one story, The Spider-Fold, and we ended up MAKING SS3 the finale.

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