Video Game Origami Universe


Created by Origami_Master53, The Video Games Origami Universe takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan at  Rapids Middle School. The main premise is that, with puppets based on video game characters, students go through challenges like a friend going missing or a failed paper needing corrections. Defined as “Something Happens to the Main Character”, the VGOU has become a staple of the BTfolds section of the site, and had boosted site viewership. 

The story is broken into three folds. Each fold has a crossover based on “Super Smash Folds” and further sequels.

Fold One

  1. The Legend of Zelda-Gami
  2. Crease of the Wild
  3. Assassin’s Crease: OriBayek’s Saga
  4. Pac-Fold and the Candy Chase
  5. Sonic the Foldhog
  6. Super Smash Folds: Brawl!

Fold Two

  1. Legend of Zelda-Gami 3: Ocarina of Folds
  2. Shadow the FoldHog
  3. Sonic the Foldhog 2: OriSonic Forces!
  4. OriMario
  6. Paper’mon
  7. Donkey Crease
  8. Art-Mong Us
  9. Super Smash Folds 2

Fold Three

  1. Mega Pleat
  2. The Tragedy of Joe Martinet
  3. Sonic the Foldhog 3
  4. Legend of Zeldagami: Skyfold Sword!
  5. Super Smash Folds: Ultimate
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