CreaseWing: Legend Reborn

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CreaseWing: Legend Reborn

By Superfolder Guillermo


By Braxton Bouvet


Good afternoon, my name is Braxton Bouvet, an average student from Kane High school.

Over the course of two years since I first came to this school, I have met a great deal of friends and enemies alike, many with different qualities. 

Some enemies were the bully kind, others were just little savages that messed with you while you couldn’t see them, but that in reality you were much bigger than they were. 


I have chosen to write this case file for a good reason: during a time, I have been serving two masters, I have been between a sword and against a wall, between a rock and a hard place. 


That has put me in a manner of difficult situations that you could not imagine, being forced to decide between the two of them sometimes, earning fights from one or the other.

But, in the end, I only seek one thing: appreciation for helping the school. For even me, who doubted my own capabilities for the good, have ended up as a hero, and I hope it stays that way.



Info from Braxton’s discord 


P: My requests are simple. 

P: The faster you bring them, the more the payment will be. 

B: I’m working on the bombs, they will be ready by the end of the month. 

P: I’ll be expecting them. I’ll send someone to pick them up. 


P: Can you meet him right after school. 23rd October.


B: Why don’t you come urself? 

P: You know I don’t trust you enough to show you my face or my name, and besides, I can’t let people see me with the bombs. 

B: They’ll be ready for when you need them. 

P: …. Why are you still online? 

B: Oh yeah… I’m going offline now. 



By Braxton Bouvet 

Let me put you in my situation. Since the beginning of the school year, news of a mysterious student, taking down street and school criminals alike fascinated me from the very first moment.

What could I do to get his attention?

And for a couple of months, that question struck me over and over, to the point where I became obsessed with the idea of BatFold. 


That was, until very recently, about a week ago, Mr. Alan Wade revealed that he was BatFold. 

I said to myself: “That’s the guy, look up to him”. 


And believe me when I say, had it been for me, I would’ve gone the next day, walked up to Alan Wade and asked for his blessing, but unfortunately for me, that would’ve been against his own ways.


Alan Wade had just invested part of his share of thousands to millions of dollars to the construction of another school, much different from Kane, Lampert or Donner. 

A place where he could keep all those rabble rousers in one place: Novick.

But, of course, you’ve heard a lot of this from previous case files.


And meanwhile, I had been in contact with a guy that was, at that very moment, looking for a crew. If I had known I would’ve encountered this situation, I wouldn’t have put myself in this position, but once you get into the Penguinigami’s crew, you don’t leave just like that, it’s a High School’s worth of servitude, and that’s exactly what happened.


The Penguinigami, or more like a henchman or a goon of his, whichever you want to call it, had a mission for me right from the start. 


“Take this note.” The student next to me said, passing a note from under people’s noses to my hand  “Do not drop it, do not show it to anybody.”


“Gotcha.” I replied.


The mission was simple, an order for the creation of an ink bomb.

The problem was the resources. Where on earth could I get those kinds of materials? Was there even a store I could get these from?

I didn’t know, and neither do I now, but fortunately, I knew a guy that could help me get all of this. 



By, oh boy, Alan Wade 


There I was, sitting quietly in my library, in an armchair big enough so that two people could sit at the same time. 


This library was so old now, the carvings on the wook of the aisles was so antique that not even my grandfather would be able to recognize it. 

Of course, that aisle belonged to my great grandfather, but my parents had been the ones to insert it in their library they had done with the success of their enterprise. 

I felt lucky enough to have it, even if I was the last Wade to be able to enjoy it, although I know Mr. Whogley spends more time in this place than others.

I’ll be moving out in the next couple of days, to pursue my own endeavors, while someone else will host the opening of Novick School.

So, reading ‘The complete Sherlock Holmes’, the bell rang and I got up to answer the front door. 


I opened the door only to find an empty sidewalk that crossed the garden and the manor grounds. 


“Umm” I started, “Anyone there?” 

Of course there had to be someone, because the door had been knocked, and because of the extension of the garden, he wouldn’t have had time to run away if it had been a prank.

Instinctively, I looked sideways, and sure enough! A boy was there, I knew him from Kane, Braxton Bouvet. 



“Oh, hi!” He exclaimed when he saw me, “Yes I was just examining these windows, very neat.”


“Uhm, can I help you with anything?” I asked. 

“Yes, actually, you can,” He replied.


I invited him inside. The house was clean, very fortunately, so I had no inconvenience in showing him the house for a minute or two and then got to business. 

“So,” I said, taking a glass of water and offering it to him “What is it you came here for?” 

He looked like he was thinking before he answered, he didn’t know how to put it. 

He took a sip of water, hoping to excuse himself for a second and giving him a moment to think, too.

“Well, how do I put it…” He started “You like to fight against crime, right? You like to stop the bullies at school? I want to do the same, but I’m going to need your help”.


“Tell me, what can I do?” I asked him. 

“I’m gonna make a weapon, to stop the bullies that are still loose, but I’m gonna need these materials…”


He told me about lots of stuff with a lot of peculiarities or requirements. My first thoughts were to give this guy some pats on the back and tell him to get out.

However, I quickly realised what I could do with this. 


“Hey, so, you’re working alone right?” I asked. 

“Yeah, yeah, completely” He replied. 

“Listen here,” I started, “I can give you all of this, but in truth, they don’t really belong to me- well yes! Yes they do!” I had just looked at his face expression, “But it would be much easier to give them to you as a friend, and I believe the best way to do that is that you help me on this mission I’ve had since the beginning of the year.”

“Are you saying to.. to work for the Batfold?” He asked, confused. 

” Not so much, but like another guy, another character, the DC universe’s crawling with them!” I took a pause for him to let him think “Interested?” 

“I don’t know yet” He still looked confused, I tried to narrow it as much as possible. 

“I’m putting together a group of folders, and, sincerely, right now, I’m gonna need all the help I can get, I sense something is coming”. 

“Alright, let’s say I help you.” He looked more convinced, “Do I get my materials then?”.

I excused myself for a second and went to the storage room and got a white plastic bag out. 

I came back and gave it to him.

“I believe this will suffice” I said ” Welcome to the Crease Family” 

“Thanks! We’ll be in contact.” He told me. He reached the door and left with what he wanted. Something in the tone of his voice didn’t fully convince me.


By Braxton Bouvet


Great, I had just gone to a friend’s house to pick up some materials for a secret society of troublemakers just to find he wants to recruit me for exactly the complete thing I’m doing. 


I needed to play safe and think my every move, or things would change faster than I could imagine and end up being against both Alan and the Penguinigami.


So, once I had all the stuff that was required, I got home that afternoon. 

Both my parents were out, as always. 

They both worked on a famous enterprise, and even though they didn’t have a very important rank (that I knew of,) they were happy most of the time, could afford vacations in many places and lived in a comfortable house.


My brother, Darren (typical older brother name, right?) hadn’t been at home since the school year started, since he had enrolled himself into the engineering university far from here and had to look for another house to stay in during the academic year, so he wasn’t gonna be here.

I quickly sat down near the working bench on the garage mom had made last summer out of wood. I had inherited her manufacturing skills, and I guess I had some engineering skills in my genetics too, so making a ‘bomb’ wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve had to do. 


I’ve got to say there were some pretty difficult parts, and once I didn’t seem to figure out how to connect the two edges, for I had done the measurements all wrong. 



I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t know if I had the strength to do it. 

What if it didn’t work this way? Well, what if it didn’t? After all, you’re working for two guys now, if it’s not one, it’s the other. 

And so I did what needed to be done, covering the remaining space between shells with duct tape. 


“This looks about right” I muttered to myself, examining the masterpiece I had just designed “The Penguinigami will be most pleased”. 



Info from Braxton’s Discord. 


B: I’ve got it, it’s ready. 

P: Good, I’ll send someone tomorrow to examine it. 

B: When will we use it? 

P: That information is reserved for others, your mission is to get it to me safely, then we talk. 

B: yeah right 

P: What did you say? 

B: Said alright!


By Braxton Bouvet 


After messaging the penguinigami, I went to sleep. It was already so late, and my parents would be home soon. 


When I woke up the next day, I knew I couldn’t forget the ink bomb, which I had safely tucked away and hidden in my bag.


My parents were already in the kitchen, where I had breakfast rapidly and left for school, less than a mile’s walk away. 


I, as always when I went to school, had options to consider. 

Either I could go by bus, or walk. 

The problem was that the bus was not so reliable, and many times it arrived all too late.

I was near the bus stop next to my house. I had decided to wait for it, since I didn’t feel like walking a mile to school with a one ton backpack.


3 minutes until the bus came.. 



It didn’t come, and neither did it come five minutes after that. 

I was starting to get nervous, because there were only ten minutes left before the first class started far away from where I then stood, and if the bus didn’t come… I was gonna be late to class. 

Not only that, but I had agreed to give the ink bomb to the penguinigami this morning, and It seemed like I would fail to do that. 


A minute later, this wasn’t anything but a gamble:

I could just go as fast as I could to the school, and hope to be there in time. Or I could very well just wait for the bus for a few more minutes. 


I looked at my phone, which had rung. 

I had a missing message from Alan Wade. 


I heard a bomb is being made. Don’t ask, I have ears on the school walls. I need you to find out who’s making them and stop him.


Well that’s just great, another problem to look out for, Alan Wade wants me to stop myself from giving the ink bomb to the Penguinigami. 

Realising what time it was, I got back to the bus matter. 


“But what if the bus had a flat tire? What if there was an accident on the road?” A voice in my head kept saying. 

“Well, maybe you could just run” 

“Or, you could wait for the bus, I’m sure it’ll be there in no time” Another voice said. 

I had to make a decision. 

“OK,” I said to myself, “I’ll wait one more minute. If the bus isn’t here at that point, I run like heck.”

But the minute passed, and there was no school bus to be seen. 

“Run.” I told myself. 

I began springing as fast as I could to the school. Getting further and further away from the bus stop…. right when a yellow thing was taking shape, and crossed the stop. 

I only realised that thing I had seen was the school bus when it came past me at increasing speed, and now I was left there running for not wanting to wait 30 seconds more. 


Luckily, I arrived half an hour after the first period had started, and I was able to make up the ‘missed the bus’ excuse, and, technically speaking, I did.


As soon as Biology class was over, I headed to my locker, and found a large dude standing right in front of it. 


“Are you lost?” I asked, looking around. 

“Give me the bomb” He demanded menacingly.

“Are you the Penguinigami?” I asked him.

“No, of course not.” He explained, “I’m just… the tax collector, where’s my tax? If you know what I mean?” 


I got the ink bomb, wrapped inside several plastic bags, and gave it to him.


He was about to leave, but he turned back to face me.


He pointed at me with his finger, and said.

“He doesn’t like being kept waiting, I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

His menacing tone had risen in volume, and the people around us started staring.


This was the last time he was gonna embarrass me. 

“Or what?” I asked confidently. He couldn’t do anything, not with everyone looking.

“I will report him of your delay, and your attitude.” He said with a grin, then turned around and left.

Well, that’s a bummer. Now what do I do? That’s right! 



By Braxton Bouvet 


Angrily, I got back to class.

I was mad. But when I say mad, I mean REALLY mad. Hugely.


I got back home from school some hours after. 

Was the Penguinigami, whoever he was, making fun of me?

The impression I got from this organisation was very bad. 

I didn’t know who he was and neither did he trust me enough for him to reveal his identity. Having nothing else to do I joined them while I waited to attract Alan Wade’s attention.

I got the bomb project, get the materials from Alan just so I could help him stop an upcoming threat.


And now, even though I had done everything as requested, he sends this dude to harass me.

Did I really want to get mixed up with these people? I mean, c’mon! My skills are better than this.

There was only one thing I could do right now to fix all of this. 


I knocked on Wade Mansion’s front door, once more. 

But this time there was no answer. 

I knocked again louder, maybe Alan had his headphones on or something. 


His Butler, Mr Whogley, opened the door some time after. 


“Good afternoon” I said ” Is Alan there? I’m a friend from school”. 

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wade isn’t here right now unfortunately, he went to the crafts store, I think.” He explained “Would you care to come in?” 

“Oh, no, thanks! ” I replied “Thank you, could you tell him I came? It’s important”. 

“Sure will, good day.” Said he, and I went back where I had come from. 


I needed to tell him about the bomb, to tell him how I had been working with two people at once. At least he deserved to know. 


Once home, I laid in my  bed, just thinking and/or waiting for something to happen, kind of expecting a call from Alan sometime around.

I didn’t have any homework or anything to study luckily, and I could wait all day long… 

“I’ll just tell him tomorrow.” That same voice inside my head said. 

And that was when the phone rang. 

“Braxton?” A voice came though. I recognized it as Alan’s “Mr. Whogley told me about you coming.”

“Yeah, I had to tell you, I know where the bomb is.”

“You do?!” He asked, surprised. 

“Yeah uh…” I didn’t know how to phrase it. Maybe he didn’t have to know. 

“I was told by someone to build something.” I explained, “But I didn’t know what it was for until I gave it to them!”

“Alright, what? Who told you?” 

“What?”  I asked, confused. 

“You said someone asked you to build the bomb, who was it? “

“The Penguinigami” I sighed. 

“Ah jeez, I was afraid something like this would happen, and I just trusted you so you could betray my trust and build them a bomb with MY materials!” He exclaimed. 


This was just great, I looked like a little kid being harassed by everyone. 


“Look, I’ll solve it” I told him

“Braxton, I don’t blame you, Batfold would help, but I’m very busy right now, and I believe you can do this. Maybe if you do solve this I’ll forget you betrayed me.” He replied, “Oh, and also, I bought some origami paper in case I may need it in the future, I believe I have some to spare. If you come by my house and get it. You’ll need a hero if you’re to save the school.”

And then he left. 


While I went for the the third time to Alan’s house (if you could call it a house), I was thinking about how stupid my lie would’ve looked to him, it would’ve just been better to tell him I did it intentionally. 


I reached the door, and this time Alan opened it. 

“Please sit down” He indicated “I’ve got some blue and black paper over there, help yourself”. 

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Oh, I thought you were going to do an origami character?” 

” Yeah, yeah right” 

I got the paper from the pile while Alan got his amazing BatFold puppet out and examined it. 

“You know I was thinking you could have another sort of bat, a character that looks like batman.” He commented. 

“Like who?” I was thinking, any character like batman… “Man Bat? Oh, wait I got it! How about Batwin?” 

My knowledge of DC comics was finally paying off. 

Alan nodded, “I guess I’m going to have a Batfold Incorporated.”


“Can you, ehm, lend me your BatFold so I can see how it’s done?”.


And he did, I studied the structure and tried to recreate it with the dark blue pape,r adding a little difference in the creases and the face. 


“And here is CreaseWing.” I named him, while adding the final touches of the ” Redeemed Knight.”


I put him on my finger, and felt braver. 


“Now, let’s stop the Penguinigami, shall we?”


By Braxton Bouvet 


I went to school the next day, as always. But this time was different, I had BatCrease with me, the origami Batwing. 


I needed to find that guy that took the bomb and fast, because, if I was the Penguinigami, I would detonate the bomb in a public space. The cafeteria. 


Saluting Charlie Robinson, who was at the door, I went in. 

The hallway was full of people. I tried to trace a tall guy with rugged appearance, but no sign of him. 

Trying a different hallway, I saw a shadow bolting, going to the next one. 

I sped up, and found the guy I was looking for going through a metal door in an empty hallway. 

Was that a hideout? I didn’t know. But I was about to find out. 


I burst through the door, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if my face had fallen to the ground at that moment, for I had just discovered a hideout where lots of people were. 

They looked at me with ‘I don’t have many friends’ faces. 

I armed myself with bravery, putting CreaseWing on my finger. 

“I’ve come here to destroy my bomb and kick butt. And someone stole my bomb.”


Two of the ones closer to me tried to make a move, but I dodged them and they hit a wall. 

Moving to the other three, I punched one of them. 

The other one looked dizzy, so I let him be while I ducked another fist coming towards me, which hit the dizzy guy. 

The last one came to me, but I used an evasive kick and he fell to the ground. 

I got him and yelled. 

“Where is the bomb?” 

He signaled a place between some shelves, where a black ball was. 

“Gotcha.” I sighed in relief, and went straight to get it. 

Wait, one of the Penguinigami’s goons grabbed my leg and made me trip, knocking over the table in which the bomb was standing…. And sent it down to the floor, making it detonate in the room. 


Apart from the fact of being covered in ink from the bomb I made, I can’t say it was too bad. 

Angrily, I turned to face the guy who grabbed me. 

“I’m running out of patience. Who is the Penguinigami?!” I demanded to know. 

He didn’t answer, he just laughed. 

I looked around. They sure must be unpopular guys, because I had never seen them around. 


Advancing through the fallen crowd, I left the room, closing the door behind me. 


I told Dr. King, one of the teachers about the incident, and that he may want to check a room around the corner, and left in a hurry to clean myself before class. 



By Braxton Bouvet


I saw Alan after class, I wanted to tell him what just had happened, but by the look of his face and his detective skills, he was able to figure it out when he saw me completely wet from the water I had used while I tried to get rid of the ink spots. Of course, the ink spots had also remained, water wasn’t enough to clean them out. 


“Did you do it?”  He asked. 

“To my relief, let’s just say there won’t be a public demonstration of my engineering skills.” I replied. 


Thank Goodness.

Braxton doesn’t appear again until “Origami Mister Miracle,” however, we recommend you continue reading through the DCOU.

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    Good job!

  2. Yeah, batwing is a very underrated Bat-family character. Nice work!

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