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By Sf Guillermo 

My Relationship with Alan
By Telly D’Lunes

You probably have heard of me before, after all, who hasn’t heard of me? I’m probably the most influential kid in all of Kane High School!

Anyways, as you may have also heard, Alan Wade has been temporarily suspended from Kane High for…umm reasons that me, the class president, am unaware of. But I must admit that even if it doesn’t have anything to do with me, I somehow feel pretty guilty for it.

You see, not only has Alan Wades sad family story affected my feelings, but Alan has been my friend practically since my childhood. I can still remember those times we played with the pokémon cards, or played hide and seek in the rain ( even though our parents told us not to), or even watched movies together during the winter. GOSH! We even shared some Christmases together, since that had a huge house they could invite everybody. 

I know, you must be confused. How can a sophomore run for class president? Well, you see, I pulled some strings that I don’t want to discuss and managed to earn this chance. I am trusted and loved. That’s just it.

We have been so close together as friends for as long as I can remember, and even the fact of not seeing him around school anymore makes me feel weird. 

For that reason, I’m going to get him “un-suspended” from Kane and help him come back. 

Another Successful day for Terry
Transcribed by The Source

Speaker: And now Terry D’Lunes will speak for the role Class President. 

(Huge sheer from the crowd) 

Conrad Mordecai: Why are they all cheering? He isn’t even important.

Hooded student: The chances are either him or those Bullies. 

CJ: Shut up guys! I’m trying to listen!

( Terry reaches the stage and looks at everybody, he waves but the cheering doesn’t stop, it grows even louder) 

Terry: OK guys settle down! I’m running for class president and I want to leave things clear! 

(The crowd does settle down and furthermore is silenced) 

Terry: Now, most of you probably know me, since it’s not the first time I’ve run for class president, and… ( he pauses for dramatic effect).. It won’t be the last. (crowd cheers and settles down again) 

Over the years I have met a huge amount of respectable people in this school, one of them being Alan Wade, the straight A student who has been suspended from this school, and I have every intention of getting him back to Kane. 

If I get elected I will fight for better and for a wider range of electives, install fun activities in the school and defend, over all, student rights. For the safety of our school, I will select the arts hallway to be replaced by an in-school-suspension hall for trouble-making students.(The crowd cheers again). 

However as I have said before, one of my main purposes is to get Alan Wade back to this school, and believe me, I will. 

Thank you all. 

( Crowd cheer) 

Terry leaves the stage and we all walk back to class, everyone convinced to vote him for class president. Man, he HAS a way with words! 

Alan’s House
By Terry

So right after school that day I went to check in on how Alan was doing, he’s a great guy and I don’t want to make him feel like he’s alone. 

I mean, I’m working to bring him back but this may take some time, a couple of weeks maybe. 

During that time, daily visits will have to do, that’s just how it has to be.

Alan: How was school today? 

Me:Yeah great, I made a speech for class president. People liked me. 

Alan:Oh Yeah, well, good I guess? 

Me:You bet, I’m going to get you back to Kane. 

(Alan looks surprised) 

Me:Well I’m kind of working on it, but don’t worry, you know I can convince people. 

Alan: I don’t know about that mate, but I would sure like to go back, this online school is killing me, they make us write complete sentences and stuff, so please take it seriously. 

After that I just went home, wondering what the next day would bring. 

Second Meeting with Alan.
By Terry

Last night I also went to see Alan, this time it did not come out so good. 

We went out to McDonalds, I didn’t have much homework so I just decided to stay the whole afternoon. That was a mistake. 

I really wanted to show him this replica of Harvey Dents double faced coin, I knew he would love it, he likes batman so much. 

He was telling me about how bored he was at home when I decided to bring up the coin. He looked at it and got it from my hands. 

“Oh my goodness! Is it really???” He started yelling. He kept turning it over and over, flipping it in the air and smiling.

“Yeah, now give it back, man!” I told him. 

I guess I got carried away, but I grappled his fists and tried to take it, the coin fell down the sewer. 

I couldn’t believe it, it had fallen down the sewer and it was all Alan’s fault, I pushed him really hard and he fell down on his knees, and punched me as he got back up. 

This was getting ugly so I just went home, running the whole way. 

He didn’t even follow me, he knew he had messed up, I KNEW he had messed up, big time. 

Alliance Between Goons
By Ashley Leach

I’ve got to say, after that speech Terry made yesterday, I was willing to follow him anywhere, practically. 

There aren’t many people worth the fight in this school, but he’s an exception, he is, without a doubt, worth it. I would care to follow him around doing anything. 

I talked this through with the few of my friends who all agreed with me, they thought the same. 

That very same day we each walked towards Terry, who looked at us from the beginning. I guess it looked pretty obvious. 

“Would you come with us so we can propose something?” I said. 

Terry looked at me weird but smiled, he too needed our help. 

I Want to Apologize
By Alan Wade

I messed up. That’s obvious, I messed up big time and have probably sacrificed all of my chances of ever going back to Kane because of a coin down the drainage. So, I had phoned Terry to apologize. His mom answered, said Terry would be coming over later, and that she hopes my suspension is going well. I expect that everything will be okay. After all, we’ve been friends since we were children. 

The Confrontation
By Terry D’Lunes 

When I came to Alan’s home, he immediately hugged me and said “Hey Terry, I’m sorry man!” 

I looked at him but didn’t say anything, didn’t pay any attention whatsoever. 

“Look man, I will make it up.” 

I gazed at him again and this time I answered ” NO need” I got a hand in my pocket and showed him the two faced coin. ” I got it with a magnet or something, no thanks to you, more like thanks to them”

Alan backed a way as my band of goons got in the scene, backing me up. They were all behind me. How he didn’t see this when he opened the door is something that I don’t know, nor will I ever figure out.

“What did I ever do to you Terry?” Alan practically shouted. 

“You did… Enough.” 

My band of goons, looking tough took a stand in front of him. 

“You two faced jerk!” Shouted Alan. 

“Two PLEAT, actually” I answered, holding up my two pleat puppet,” And that’s your Go call Alan, I don’t need you anymore, I never did actually”. 

Alan finally backed away from the confrontation and, with a final glance at me, left. 

By Terry D’Lunes

Yeah, that’s what happened, I don’t think I’ll be needing him anymore, war has been declared. 

I suspect he is Batfold, and if it is so, I think him and me, we are gonna have a lot of problems.

Novick Detention was opened to an astounding “Oh, this wasn’t what I wanted.” As about a third of the population of Kane was put in it. Split into four levels, Novick has D-Class, meaning “low risk,” C-Class “medium risk,” B-class “High Risk” and A-Class “Super-high risk.” We don’t have any A class students, yet. But this is all for security and safety.

Terry D’Lunes returns in BatFold: Novick Detention

He also appears in “The Escapades of Condiment Kirigami.”

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  1. Lord Toademort

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  3. Thank you guys! Really means a lot

  4. origami_master53

    Nice! I just finished it for the first time… 😦 My goal was to read every DCOU story and finished with two Pleat! 🙂

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