Kid Fold

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Kid Fold

By Origami Master53

Chapter 1: New school


Hello! I’m Johnathan Yen. My friends call me John. Now, I know that you all heard about The Fold or Matthew Yen. I am Matt’s cousin, and when I came to Lampert, I witnessed him breaking his leg. After I walked away to get to my classes but bumped into one of the Football players. His name is Ronald Lamden.


“What do you want, punk?” Ronald yelled as he pushed me back.


“N-n-nothing…” I stammered.


“Sounds like you need a beating!” Ronald exclaimed. After he pummeled me, I ended up in the nurse’s office. But after a week or two I started to get my place on the track team! I got the worst spot on the team but who cares, right? Ronald cares, that’s who! He got on the track team along with the Football and Wrestling team! Matt told me that Ronald wanted him to tell me that I am going to get kicked off the track team ‘due to an injury’ and now I am scared. But i’m starting to cheer up now that one of Matt’s track friends made me a finger puppet! I guess it is Kid Flash from The CW show. He called it ‘Kid Fold,’ though? Weird.


Chapter 2: First race!


The week after I got Kid Fold I was put into my first race! Boy-oh-boy, was Matt right about the feeling you get! I was running and realized that my shoes were untied at the beginning of the race! I quickly tied my shoes and ran but not with too much energy. I passed some people and started to get ahead! I got to third place as I passed the finish line. Wow, what a day. Ronald came up to me after the race. He placed last.


“Wow, pip squeak. You’re faster than I thought!” Ronald shouts.




“Yup! But you noticed. That’s just sad…” Ronald said with a laugh.


‘The sad one is you.” I replied as Ronald tried punching me in the leg. The coach caught him and suspended him from the team until further notice. That was my VERY first race. But I got to tell you when I realized my shoes were untied it felt like Kid Fold was trying to tell me it. Ah! What do I know? I’m just a highschool freshman with a finger puppet!


Chapter 3: Ronald strikes back!


I forgot to mention in the last chapter that I stuck out my Kid Fold origami puppet at Ronald. He looked at it and laughed. But today when I was ‘attacked’ Ronald had a King Shark puppet. This was his entrance.


“BEHOLD, YOUNGLINGS! KING CREASE!” Ronald yelled. Some kids ran up to ‘admire it’ as he bragged but I knew he was trying to get goons. After his new goons left he came up to me and tried to take a swing. With quick reflexes, I dodged and punched him in the stomach. He fell to the ground and looked up at me.


“You will never get away with this. You hear me? NEVER!” He screamed at the end. I ran away. But he made King Crease look at me and say this. “Finally! Some action!”


Chapter 4: New Day New Problems


Ok, so today I was walking to school behind my cousin Matt because… Well, my house is farther away from the school so he got the head start, even on crutches. While I was slowed down due to foot traffic I realized I was being followed. I looked behind and was punched in the nose. It started to bleed but I stood up and punched them in the gut. They fell on the sidewalk and I ran! I ran faster than I ever ran before. And when the attacker saw me run they got up and ran after me. I passed Matt and he yelled this “WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FOR YOU’RE NOT IN A  RACE!” But then he saw that I was being chased he yelled. “OH! KEEP RUNNING HE’S GAINING ON YOU!” I ran to school and when I made it I saw a teacher and started walking by them and when Ronald came and punched me he got in trouble! Sure, I felt bad at first but when he got out of the conference, he stuck out King Crease and said “Me. You. The courtyard, 2:00! Be there wimp!” I was not afraid and went to the fight. I will tell you about that in the next chapter.


Chapter 5: The fight!


I got to the courtyard early, and of course he was waiting for me.


“Well, looks like you came, nerfherder!” Ronald yelled as he was holding up King Crease.


“Do we have to fight? Sure, you’re strong and all out a really hard opponent. But you forgot one thing…” I said


“What’s that?” Ronald smirks.


“I’m faster.” I said with a smile. Ronald soon charged and I moved aside and put my arm out, making him get hit in the gut. He then punched me in the face and the arm but when all else failed I punched him in the face, gut, and tripped him! He came after me and I sprinted away. He came closer and closer but I tripped and was told to stay home for the rest of the week because I twisted my leg bad. Worst. Day. ever.


Chapter 6: Suspension (Kind of)


So I was sitting at my desk, thinking. I got my Mom to bring me some paper and yellow, red, and orange markers with a black sharpie. I was folding all day and made my new and improved Kid Fold! Now, I know what you’re thinking: ONE OF MATT’S TEAMMATES ALREADY GAVE YOU A KID FOLD! Let me explain! I was able to get a Kid Fold but it got blood on it when I had the fight. So yeah, I folded a new one! I took a picture and texted it to Matt. Here are our text’s.


“Hey Matt, I made a new Kid Fold!”


“What was wrong with your old one?”


“Oh, I got blood on it during a fight…”




“Yeah… See you when schools out…” Weird I know…


Chapter 7: School work!


After my ‘suspension’ was over I got lots of school work. As I got to the middle of it I noticed a note. It read: ‘Hello, Johnathan. You know who I am, right? If not, it is me, Ronald! It went well for everyone and I made the school suffer yesterday! I hope to see you soon!’ I just couldn’t believe it! When I get back to school I am going to kick him and-


Chapter 8: The next fight!


I went to school the next day and saw Ronald. He was ready and I saw King Crease on his finger. “You always thought you were better than me!” Ronald yelled.


“What do you mean?” I yelled back.


“ARRGH!! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! You made me last on that first race! I was supposed to be the best!” He replied.


“I didn’t know! My main goal was getting in the lead! I just thought you hated me!” I yelled back as I took out Kid Fold.


“Nice puppet, TWERP!” Ronald yelled. That got me all riled up, so I charged faster than I ever have charged before. He was about to punch me but a teacher came by, so I stopped running and let myself get punched. The teacher saw and ran to get the principal. I then tackled Ronald and he fell to the floor. “When you mess with a shark you get the jaws!” King Crease yelled.


“That’s not even the correct saying!” Kid Fold yelled back. Ronald pushed me off, got up and charged at me but luckily I ducked and kicked him. He tried punching me again and again and again but kept missing because he was getting tired when I still had all my energy. Ouch!


Chapter 9: School talk!


The teacher and principal came back and talked to us.


“What do you boys have to say to yourself!” The Principal yelled.


“Um-” I started to say but was cut off.


“That was rhetorical!” The teacher yelled at us. I was put into in school suspension! It sucks, just so you know! After school I went up to Matt. He was talking to someone I’ve never met before. I don’t think he even goes here! 


“Uh. Hey Matt, could I talk to you?” I asked.


“Yeah bro.” Matt replied


“Um. I have a bully that wants me dead and I don’t know how to stop them! I have gotten into so many fights in two weeks!” I yell.


“Dude! Calm down! Just beat them at what they hate you for! What do they hate you for, anyways?” Matt said.


“Um… They’re mad that I beat them in our first race…” I say


“Oh… That makes sense.” Matt says. “Now can you leave? I have to talk to CJ!”


“Ok! Gosh!” I reply. I arranged a race with Ronald and said that if I win he can’t attack me anymore and if he wins he can keep doing it for the rest of high school! He accepted!


Chapter 10: The final race!


I was at the track field prepping for the race. Matt was there, walking around. That CJ kid was there too… When Ronald arrived he said to start the race without any prep. I allowed it. He also wanted a 45 second head start. Yeah. I also allowed it. When the race began I counted 45 seconds and took off! I paced myself and when I was almost caught up I sprinted and passed Ronald for the win! He started to shout curse words at me but I am not going to type them on this. He then started to punch me and stuff. I let it happen because I had Matt record it for the Principal! I’m so smart!


Chapter 11/ Epilogue!


I had Matt text me the video and then showed it to the principal! Ronald got in trouble and was moved to the Novick Detention center in Alan Wades old mansion! It all worked out in the end. My enemy who tried to kill me was sent to a new school and I am Kid Fold! What a great ending! Oh, wait one second! I totally forgot that I needed to write something that happened to me this year! Let me think… OH! I got it. I will email my teacher this story!



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  1. Good job, nicely done Origami master.!

  2. Cool!

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