Korgigami and Squeak: The Wrestling Team

Korgigami and Squeak: The Wrestling Team

By Superfolder YetiFang


The Korgigami Wrestlers
By me, Larry Mitchell

“Squeak!” I yelled at my guinea pig. He was chewing on my jacket again. I now had tiny rips in my right jacket pocket, but I needed to bring him. He’s my good luck charm/mascot to help me make the wrestling team.

“What the heck was that?” my friend Tyson Kneeplesen asked in my response to the scream. In fact, a lot of kids were looking at me strangely. I just continued walking down the hall to wrestling tryouts, hoping no one would find out about my smuggled-in ball of fur.

Tyson whispered in my ear again: “What was that, man?”

I quickly opened my jacket pocket about a quarter of an inch revealing Squeak to my friend. He snorted, quietly, then whispered again, “You brought your hamster?”

“Guinea pig,” I corrected.

We were now at the gym and lined up with all the wanna-be wrestlers. Tyson hopped in line next to me. Only four kids would make it to the team. To make a long story short, me and Tyson got the boot. Squeak seemed furious that we didn’t make the team, and I knew my dad would be disappointed.

I was disappointed too, obviously. I’ve always wanted to show my stuff on the wrestling floor and now I wouldn’t get the chance.

But then, a genius idea came to me.

“Tyson, why don’t we make our own wrestling team?” I asked Tyson.

“Because we suck, Larry,” Tyson replied.

“Besides that.”

“We would need to find two other kids to help us out.”

“That’ll be easy, with the right helper,” I said, proudly.

Tyson looked at me with a puzzled look. So, I reached into my backpack and fumbled around until I found a slightly crumpled piece of paper. I quickly smoothed it out and showed Tyson my master-piece.

“Oh, you have origami figures too?” Tyson said, rolling his eyes.

“Totally, man. They’re cool.”

Tyson looked at it closer. “Is that Korg?”

I glared. “No, it’s Korgigami, and he is the secret to our team.”

“How on earth is he supposed to help us?” Tyson asked.

“We start a team with Korgigami and Squeak as our mascots.”

On cue, Squeak gave a squeak of agreement. “However, we are gonna need pamphlets. Lots of pamphlets.”

The next morning, in the school library, I started designing the flyers for our private squad. After twenty minutes of Paint Program, it was perfect. I printed out about forty copies and handed them out to different boys. ‘Wheeler Academy’s Second Wrestling Team, Tryouts Tomorrow,’ the pamphlets said. Most kids denied acceptance of our pamphlets, but about fifteen took them. After school I folded three new origami puppets from Korg’s Rebellion; the three-headed guy, Hajo, the grumpy dude, Tasba, and a red guy I didn’t know the name of so I just called him Bob. I invited Tyson over for the night and he and I pestered our dad to become the coach, because without one we couldn’t make a team. He finally agreed, mostly so we would shut up.

When we went to school the next morning there were six kids ready to join. We only had two puppets to hand out so we got rid of four of the kids. So, we had our entire, elite team.

Me, Tyson, and two kids named Sam and Doug. Tyson got Hajo, Sam got Tasba and Doug got the red guy, Bob. We were the Korgigami Wrestlers.
Every day after school we practiced hard and long, and we knew we would win every match.

On the day of our first match, I gave a quick speech with Korgigami. “We can win, we will win. Doug, I decided you’re going first. Dig, Doug. Dig deep, Doug. Remember the work, the pain, the practice, even remember your puppets. Especially you, Doug. You too, Sam.

“Korgigami Wrestlers on three: One, two, three, KORGIGAMI WRESTLERS!!!” we all said. Squeak squeaked triumphantly in my pocket.

Doug was ready to fight. We watched him from the sidelines, hoping to soon watch an amazing victory! The match started.

Doug lost immediately.

Then Sam fought and got knocked out in one hit.

My dude Tyson lost quickly too.

I was up next against a kid named Jonah. Even though everyone on my team had lost, I knew I could win. I would win for the honor of the Korgigami Wrestlers!

The match started. My life flashed before my eyes. I got sat on and lost the match in thirty-two seconds. I accidentally forgot that Squeak was still in my pocket and he was not looking so good afterwards. Korgigami looked disappointed in me.

But I knew he wouldn’t after we won every other game in the season!

Actually we lost every single game, no contest.

I guess the moral of the story is that you can’t make a wrestling team when you get four kind-of-random kids and a dad who doesn’t know anything about wrestling and persuade them with puppets. Your team won’t do so well.

But don’t worry; Larry (me), Tyson, Sam and Doug are still the Korgigami Wrestlers! Hopefully we’ll do better next season.

  1. jdubblestuff2

    that was a sad ending

  2. Jar Jar Pleats

    I thought it was funny👍😆
    Oddly familiar way of writing similar to how Korg would speak, and Larry also is very Korg-like, it would seem.

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

  3. Lord Toademort

    well that was and interesting story wonder i this will go anywhere or be referenced in main continuity in some way also what school are they at

  4. Larry blatantly states the truth but still seems optimistic, just like Korg. I hope to see more of him, maybe in the main MOU.

  5. bro peyton why did this entire comment section get so pumped like this

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