Skyfolders 3: Revenge of the Sith

Skyfolders 3
The Revenge of the Sith

By SF Darth Noah and SF JC

Ever wonder why Noah was on vacation throughout summer and the REAL reason Noah had put the Skyfolders away? This story explains it all……

Will the Skyfolders keep Noah from leaving?
By Tommy

First, it was “Is Origami Yoda real?” Then it was, “Will Darth Paper destroy Origami Yoda?” And then, “How can you have a case file without Dwight?” Well, The new question is “Will the Skyfolders keep Noah from leaving?” Yep, you heard right. Due to budget cuts, Noah’s parents are thinking about pulling Noah out of school (probably from the persuasion of Rabbski). 
The only thing that could help now is Luke and Leia, Noah’s origami, and some meddling from Origami Yoda. It has been said before, so I’ll say it again. What will happen next?

Enter Lando
By Kellen

So yeah, um, I was in Math, when Noah walked up. He looked sad because this might be his last week, but he seemed to still have his usual spunk. He handed me a new piece of origami. It looked like the suave baron administrator from Cloud City. Lando even had a stolen Stormtrooper blaster! On the back, it said, “Use wisely.” What the heck?
Right after Noah had given it to me, the teacher, Miss Rissian, walked in. I had really grown to like her. 
“Alright, class. Get out your pencils, cause’ we have a test.” she said. Most of us groaned. But me and Noah didn’t. Anyway, Miss Rissian gave us the test sheets and we started. Lando was looking at the sheet. He (and me) were thinking very hard. Then it seemed like Lando sparked my thinking. I immediately knew what the answers were! And there wasn’t even a cheat sheet on him! I got done before anyone else, and I got an A+! I am totally showing this to Noah’s parents so that he can stay!

Harvey’s comment: Wow. I mean, wow. I spark thinker. Again, just, wow.

Tommy’s comment: I think Kellen just had a good idea! Let’s show the chapters to Mr and Mrs Jekan!

What happened next
By Tommy

So today Kellen went to go show Noah’s parents his chapter to see if that would change anything. He was riding to Noah’s house on his skateboard, but when he was headed to the door, and high-schooler named Will jumped out at him with a origami person on his finger.
“What the Fett! Is that Boba Fett?!” Kellen exclaimed. 
“Yeah. Um, what are you doing?” Will answered
“I’m showing this story to my friend. Why are you asking?”
“I just wanted to know because that ‘friend’ is my cousin. Capeesh?”
“Uh, yeah, okay….I guess I’ll be going now….” said Kellen as he walked up to their front porch.
“Sure. See ya later.” said Will.
Kellen went in to the house and was met by Noah.
“Dude, do you really have a freaky high-schooler named Will for a cousin?” Kellen asked him.
“Sorry. Did he scare you?”
“Uh, yeah!”
“He dosen’t really want to hurt you, I think, he likes to hang around and ‘protect’ me. I have know idea why.”
Kellen turned around and looked out the window. He saw Will hiding in the bushes staring at him threw some binoculars. 
“Okay, well bye. Give these papers to your parents and let them read it. I will leave now so that guy dosen’t pulvarise me. Bye!” Kellen said worriedly.
“Yeah. Bye!” Noah answered.

Skyfolders: Helping you step by step

By Noah

With Kellen’s papers in hand, I took to my parents’ room, and found them, typing away on their computers, doing the paperwork for my transfer to another school. (Some place called “Hairsprinkle Class for the Gifted,” lame!)

“Hey, Mom? Dad? I have a . . . proposal.” I said, trying to sound official.

They tilted their heads towards me. I started rubbing my sweating palms together, trying to avoid their glare. My heart skipped a beat, and that’s when I decided to leave.

I walked out of the room, and my parents simultaneously went back to their work, without asking if I was okay or anything, but I guess that was for the best.

I ran into my room, put down the papers on a small desk, and sat down on my bed, thinking about what would happen if I did end up in a different school.

I thought about all the friends I would be leaving behind, the people and the origami and the teachers.  I thought about Mcquarrie’s classes, and the fun I would be missing at this new place. I thought about Origami Luke and Leia.

“Wait a second!” I said. I reached under my bed, and grabbed the small box that I kept the two Skyfolders inside it, so they wouldn’t get crumpled or anything. Without hesitation, I opened the box, and was welcomed by a cool gust of air, which smelled of spearmint.

I picked up the two paper figures, and put them on my fingers. I then felt a burst of courage, and I was instantly ready to give the papers to my parents, without chickening out. All I had to do was pick up my papers-

“Hey, where’s my papers?!” I exclaimed, running over to the desk, and finding only a note, saying:

Sorry, Noah, but you ARE leaving McQuarrie Middle, whether you like it or not.

Signed, You-Know-Who


By Noah

I couldn’t figure out who the you-know-who was. I mean, the only enemies I had were Zack and Jacob, but they wouldn’t be able to get to my stuff without my knowing. I looked at Luke, and then at Leia, hoping that they would give me some answers. And they did.


I rode my bike all the way to Cascade Drive heading straight for Dwights house. I remembered how just a couple weeks ago he and Origami Yoda helped us figure out how Sara got hurt, so I was hoping he would have some help ready for me. I parked my bike, hopped off, and knocked on his door. Dwight came to the door with a homemade Rib-B-Q in one hand and his other in his pocket. 
“Hi,” I greeted.
“Hi. Did you know that you could make Rib-B-Qs by yourself? They taste so good!” Dwight answered.

“Cool! Can I ask Origami Yoda a question?”
Right as a finished saying that, Dwight’s hand that was in his pocket shot right out with OY on his finger. 
“Wish to ask a question, you do?” Origami Yoda said.
“Yes. More of a mystery, actually. Kellen gave me some papers to show my parents this afternoon, but I left them alone for one second and they were gone, and this note was there instead.”
I pulled this mystery person’s note out of my pocket and handed it to Dwight. He read it, and handed it back.
“So,” I started. “I guess the mystery is who this person is and why he would want me to leave McQuarrie.”
Dwight then grabbed two baseball caps, put one on to where the rim was facing backwards and one facing forwards, and he started talking in a horrible Sherlock Holmes accent that Cassie had told me about.
“By Jove, it looks like we have a case! The games afoot!” He said. “We will have this goose cooked by tea-time!” and off he went. I face-palmed, grabbed my bike and drove after him, hoping that he could figure it out.

Dwight’s Discovery

By Noah

I followed Dwight, until I reached a dark alleyway. It looked a lot like that creepy alley from Star Wars: The Clone Wars when Ahsoka and Ventress were hiding in Coruscant, and Barriss Offee was giving Ahsoka a mislead that almost got her. . .

“It’s a TRAP!!!” I said, pulling Dwight off of his bike.

As soon as the bike went past a small building, a group of thug-like ninth graders attacked it. Judging by the pile of metal that used to be Dwight’s bike, these guys could snap us like toothpicks.

I decided to surrender, like a reasonable man. (Ok, I might have been crying, but hey, those guys were scary!)

Dwight didn’t surrender. In a totally not-Dwight way, he pulled out Origami Yoda, and force pushed the ninth graders into a wall, knocking them all unconscious.

“Whoa! Dwight, where’d THAT come from?!?” I exclaimed.

“From Origami Yoda, I guess!” Dwight said, as he plainly walked up to the small building’s door, and, despite my warnings, opened the door and ran inside.

“Dude! What are you doing?” I yelled, but it was too late.

The door slammed in my face, but not before I caught a glimpse of the person who grabbed Dwight and captured him.


Attack of the clone?
By Noah

I looked in the window of the building to get a second glance of who had grabbed Dwight. It was me all right. But I thought I was me! I looked in again and saw that I was trying to take Origami Yoda from Dwight.
“Not on my watch!” I thought as I burst through the door.

As I ran to get Dwight, Myself stopped me and grabbed me.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Noah #2 said as I came staring at my cold eyes.
“Well, you are me, so, yeah, you would….” I said, jokingly. 
“Heh, heh, classic me,” We both said.
“Hello! Trapped here! Hmm, I wonder if I have a Rib-B-Q in my backpack,” Dwight said, trying to get his backpack.

I threw a punch at Noah #2, and he did the same thing. I hit Noah #2′s gut, and he hit mine. 
“Ooof!” We both said. I ran to get Dwight, grabbed him and we both ran out the door, back to Dwight’s house.

“I’ll get me for this!” Noah #2 shouted from the doorway.
“Oy, am I that annoying?” I asked Dwight, and he shrugged.
That was officially the weirdest day of my life.

The Clone Wars
By Noah

So, from what I know, I am trying to get myself kicked out of McQuarrie Middle School; I want to hunt down Dwight; and I will beat my butt if I don’t hurry up and find out what the heck I’m doing in the lower levels of the city!

The morning after the crazy me/me/Dwight encounter, I took my bike, and peddled back to that creepy building. And this time, I was prepared. I had with me a camera, so I could prove to my friends and parents that I have a clone. I also carried a new Origami Anakin Skyfolder, which was a lot different from Harvey’s, and finally, a can of pepper spray. (What? The guy scares the Banta dung out of me!)

I opened the creaky door, and sneaked my way past the sleeping Noah-Clone. (Was it really THIS easy?)
I drew a deep breath, and took the picture I needed. I quickly went into view mode, so I could see if the picture worked. My heart skipped a beat, and my breathing stopped short, when I saw the picture.

The Noah-Clone’s eyes were open.

Before I knew it, I was gagged and tied up to a chair, with a blindfold on. I could hear the clones voice, MY voice, taunting me.

“Noah! Poor, mixed up Noah! You really thought you could stop me? I mean, really, I expected more from –ahem– me.”

“Why are you DOING this?!” I cried into the darkness, “Why don’t you want me to go to McQuarrie Middle School?”

“Oh, I don’t have a problem with you going to McQuarrie,” Noah-Clone said, “as long as ‘you’ means ME.”

I took a moment to process that. I scanned my mind for the reason of this crazy plan.

“Wait a second. . .” I said, “You’re trying to impersonate me for school!”

I heard the clone spit into the ground, as my blindfold was lifted from my eyes.

“I will be a better YOU than YOU ever were!” he said, “From now on, I, DAN RABBSKI, will take your place in middle school!” His voice changed to his normal, non-Noah voice, “And. . . we shall have peace.”

I remembered that name. . .

“Dan Rabbski? Like, Rabbski’s evil nephew with the Fortune Clone Trooper?”

“That’s all you need to know, my dear friend!” Dan said, with an evil chuckle.

The echo of his footsteps rang in my ears, as Dan, apparently Principal Rabbski’s nephew and cousin to Billy Larry (and his General Creasious), left me in the wet, dark prison that was. . .

McQuarrie Middle School’s basement.

The Rescue
By Tommy

So, I heard that Rhondella got a call from Noah at about 4 o’clock. He told her that he was tied to a chair in the basement of McQuarrie and couldn’t his arms or anything (he had apparently butt-dialed her. She’s on his speed dial), and that he needed a rescue. So Rhondella called and told Sara, and Sara called me. And then I called Kellen and Harvey and Dwight. So our team was ready.

We rode our bikes and met at McQuarrie’s parking lot. 
“So where do we go?” asked Harvey as he pulled up.
“Noah said that he was tied down in the basement.” Rhondella said.
“Okay, but how do we get there?”
“Um, I’m guessing we find a stairwell that keeps going down. Then we’re in.” I said.
“Easy not it will be.” Origami Yoda said from Dwights finger.
“That’s what I was hoping.” said Harvey sarcastically.
“Then let’s go!” I said as I ran into the school. (they keep the doors unlocked. I have no clue why.)

So we found the stairs went down about forty flights, and finally got to the dark basement. There were a couple little light bulbs, but that was definitely not enough light. We looked for Noah for a bit, then we heard him screaming ‘Help!’ We scanned for where the voice was coming from, and saw him tied to a chair under the light of one of those dinky light bulbs. Sara ran over and untied him.
“Phew! Thanks guys. But we better get out of here. That physcopath Dan is here somewh….” He said, before he was cut off by the clapping of….another Noah? Followed by Dan and some high-schooler.
“Well well, you actually rescued him.” The high-schooler said.
“Will?!” both Noah and Kellen said together.
“Yeah. Do wonder why I did this? It’s because you were always the lucky one, always getting what you want. I wanted to show you what it’s like to be unlucky, like me.”
“Wait. You were the one that wrote that note!” Noah shouted.
“Yep. I wanted you leave McQuarrie, so you could feel what it’s like to be unlucky, always.”
“Okay….but why Is there another me, again? Is it a mask?” He said as he went over to the other Noah and started pulling on his face. 
“Nope. It’s a pure, genuine clone. I pulled a hair from your head when I blindfolded you. It’s actually quite easy to clone.” Dan said, proud of himself.
Noah #2 grabbed Noah and threw him over his back. 
“Oh, it’s on!” Noah said as he grabbed Noah #2.
“Cool! Noah versus Noah!” said Harvey.

Noah vs. Noah
By Noah.

After other me started attacking real me, the others started battling Dan and psycho cousin Will. Me and other me were pounding on each
other. I had punched him three times in the gut, and he had grabbed a clump of my thick brown hair.
I was on top of him sometimes, and vice-versa. I kicked him real hard, and he repaid me by punching me in the jaw. It stung. We succeeded in rolling into some boxes stored down there, and knocking them on top of us.
That got other me stunned just long enough for me to throw him against the wall and knock him out.

“K.O.!” I shouted as I reined victorious.

I saw Tommy fighting Will and the others fighting Dan. So I ran over to help.

The Duel
By Tommy

“So you two are related?” I said as Noah ran over to help. Will was fighting with Boba and I was fighting with a new Origami Mace Windu.
“Yeah. Great, isn’t it?” Noah answered.

“I’m not letting you win, Mace! You killed my father!” OriBoba said.

“No, Fett. I am your….wait. Wrong line.”

“Okay, Will.” Noah said. “Either you surrender and we all play nice, or you’ll be K.Oed like your litte knock-off Noah.”

“No way! I should be saying that to you!”

“Oh well.”

Me and Noah grabbed his arms, swung him around a couple times, (he’s surprisingly light) and threw him into the wall.

“K.O.! Again!” We both yelled.

We looked over, and saw Dan’s eyes swelling as Sara ripped the F.S.T. in his face.

“Whoa! Deja vu!” whooped Harvey.

“Victory!” We all shouted.

The End?
By Tommy

Well, after we got out of the basement, dragging Will, Dan, and other Noah with us.

Kellen had called the parents to come get us, and told them what happened. Noah’s parents, after this whole ordeal, didn’t change their mind, so Noahs still leaving. But at least he’s not going to Hairsprinkle!

“Well, see you guys later.” Noah said as he left towards his car.

“Bye!” we all shouted after him.

But I had a funny feeling that he was going to come back to McQuarrie, so our adventures are not over yet.

“The End…this is not!”-Origami Yoda

  1. FIRST COMMENT ON ONE OF THE STORIES! origami yoda: great this is!

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