Giant Size Paper-Men #1!

By SF ThatPotterHead

This is a story of a group at Goodman Middle School. The students there created a group of origami characters based on the X-Men: The Paper-Men. The were formed to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.

By Charles M.

I decided to give the students hope. I created a group called The Brotherfold of Evil Mutants. I recruited Jockernaut, a super strong jock who is not very smart, and has a grudge against Timothy A. because he keeps beating him up. Mystshred, who is very emotional; Blob, who wants more exercise; and Saberfold, who wants to beat up his brother.

Stopping the Brotherfold Part 1
By Michael S.

I made a group to stop the other group terrorizing the school. Timothy A. became Cutolossus because he’s a super strong and athletic boy; I became Creaseops, the leader of the Paper-Men; Luke B. Became Paperine, because he knew Saberfold, his brother. My girlfriend, Pheobe T. Is The Foldienx, and Greg P. Is Nightcrease. Together, we will stop the Brotherfold!

Stopping the Brotherfold Part 2
By Micheal S.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” I said to Charles M. He smirked.
“And you are?” he asked slyly. “Don’t pick a fight you know you can’t win.”
“Paper-Men, ATTACK!” We attacked the Brotherfold using our puppets. It was right before lunch. and everyone was cheering us on.

Luke B. attacked his brother. “Hey bub. I’ve got better things to do, and I think you should get out of this crazy club!”
His brother replied, “I would never do anything you say, Luke.”
The rest of them clashed. Eventually, we won.
“We’ll get you next time, punks!” Jockernaut said.

The Principal
By Michael S.

“My office, Michael! Now!”

Everyone was looking at me. I headed across the hall to the principal’s office.

I opened the door, and I saw tons of Marvel comics framed. I see X-Men #135 framed on the wall, along with the Giant Size Avengers.

“I know you think you’re in trouble, but you’re not. I think what you’re doing is good. You are free to leave now. The Brotherfold is still out there.”


  1. Lord Toademort

    X-men coolio

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