The Fabulous Flight of Poe Foldameron

The Folds Order 

By John

In the last case file, Simon was rescued from The Dark Side. Nothing to worry about now, right? WRONG! We are still being tortured by Captain Foldsma and General Cuts. They are STILL evil! You’d think destroying their leader would be enough but noooooo. They actually had fun beating people up! Over the rest of the school year, they brainwashed (spread bad information about Micah and Origami Yoda) and turned the seventh grade against Micah! Teachers, students, Principal Matthews, and even the custodians! But me, Simon, Kurt, Russel, and Katie won’t listen to the lies of the First Order. (AKA The Folds Order.) We all decided we needed to stop The Folds Order from taking over the school!

Telepathic Instructions 

By Kurt

Origami Yoda told me to do the weirdest thing ever. He told me to fold an origami version of POE DAMERON! Now, Normally I’d look up how to do something like that, but then Yoda said, “Hrrm…” and I suddenly had it in my head. They lingered with me until I folded him, which was about five hours after I got the instructions. Then,when I finished, poof! The instructions were gone. Now try to tell me that’s not the slightest bit freaky. As soon as I couldn’t remember how to fold him, I heard a high-pitched voice in my head say “Puuuuuurrrrrrrpple…” and then I fainted. I had this weird dream where Origami Yoda said that Poe Foldameron was now one of a kind, and how I need to use him to stop The Fold Order and save the school. Just then, I woke up, and a PAPER X-WING flew through my open bedroom window, which was closed before I fainted! There was a note inside written in chicken scratch:



There was an envelope in the X-wing. I opened it up and there was a ton of origami paper inside! I guess Yoda meant we had to fold other Star Wars characters. So, I brought the letter and other stuff to school the next day…

The Origami Resistance

 By John

Micah told me and a few others to meet him in the library, while looking around carefully, worried The Fold Order would try to get him in trouble again. Once I got there, I noticed Kurt was with him, holding a pile of papers and other stuff. He explained everything that had happened, with the telepathic instructions and the note, and he told us we were supposed to fold Star Wars characters.

Kurt: I chose Poe Dameron. (Holds up the puppet so we can see.)

Katie: I think I’ll fold Rey. (Grabs a piece of tan/pink paper.)

Russel: Ooh! I wanna make BB8! (Grabs some orange/white paper.)

Simon: Well, now’s my chance to make that Ben Solo. (Takes black/white paper.)

Me: Uhh… (Shoot. I’ve always had a hard time choosing between lots of great options.) I guess I’ll make… Luke. (I snag a piece of grey/white paper.)

A new sixth grade girl walked up to the table. She had just started school here last week. She looked shy, but seemed like the perfect Resistance member.

New sixth grader: Um, hi. What are you guys up to?

Kurt: We’re folding origami Star Wars characters. Wanna make one?

New sixth grader: Sure. I love Star Wars! And my name is Wanda.

(We watch Wanda as she very quickly folds General Leia Organa.)

Simon: Wow! Where’d you learn to fold like that?

Wanda: I fold origami all the time! It’s my favorite thing to do. Well, besides watching Star Wars.

(We all look at each other. I can tell we are all thinking the same thing.)

Micah: Would you like to join The Origami Resistance?

Wanda: What’s that?

We told her all about The Folds Order and their scheme to turn everyone against Micah and Origami Yoda.

Wanda: I’m in!

The Rise Of Fortune2187 

By Timothy

I used to be part of The Folds Order, I felt a great sense of conflict one day when they told me to help them get Micah in big trouble, so now I want to help Micah and the others! They helped me make a fortune teller decorated like Finn. I like to call him Fortune2187. Katherine and Jake found out I was a traitor called me names like Scum.

Me: Am I doing the right thing, Fortune2187?

I opened a little flap in his chest. It said:  “If you’re going to be scum, you might as well be Rebel scum.”

So now The Origami Resistance has seven members. That’s a good start.

The Notice 

By Wanda

Today, General Origami and I were  walking to the library and we saw a notice taped to Micah’s locker door. It read:  

Micah, please tell your mom and dad to meet me in my office so we can discuss your recent behavior at 7:30pm tonight.

-Principal Matthews

I flipped it over and it had the First Order symbol on it. It read:

Micah, we tipped Principal Matthews off about your “recent behavior” because we are going to get you expelled. Operation: Starkiller is going to be a complete success! Sorry, not sorry!

-The Folds Order

Guys, this is terrible! We HAVE to stop The Folds Order.

John’s Speech 

By Simon

John gave a speech to the Origami Resistance today.

John: Bad news everybody. The Folds Order is ready to unleash their most nefarious plot yet. Operation: Starkiller. Today is the day we must give it all we’ve got! We need to attack their leaders today! Who’s with me?

Everybody: We are!

So we did just that.

The Fabulous Flight Of Poe Foldameron 

By Kurt

We attacked General Cuts and Captain Foldsma at Recess today. Origami Yoda told us: “Courage, we must have.” So… courage, we had. 


We all yelled and pounced on the five folders. 


I glanced over and saw the back of Principal Matthew’s Head. He hadn’t seen the fight yet. If I could just get his attention, he could see the Folds Order beating us up.Then I remembered. THE PAPER X-WING! I snuck out of the crowd and grabbed it out of my backpack. I tucked Poe Inside and gave it a hefty throw.  It soared above everything. 


Soon, it glided downward. RIGHT TOWARDS THE BACK OF PRINCIPAL MATTHEWS’ HEAD! It made contact with his head and he turned around, saw us fighting, and concluded that Michah started it. Wug. 


By John

We had lost. The Folds Order won. Micah was expelled. The Origami Resistance failed. The Folds Order succeeded. All hope was lost. Micah sent me this e-mail the other day:


I will miss you guys. Please give me updates about what is happening around there. I hope my new school serves meatball sliders in the cafeteria. Yoda says bye. He also said “Part of life, failure is. Hope, there still is.” But I don’t think that’s true.

Thank you for being my friend,

Capt. Micah

That whole thing just made me depressed. He had given up any hope of ever coming back to school. Maybe Yoda was right though… maybe he was right about there still being hope.

He was.

  1. Wow! To whoever made that cover: Thank you! It looks awesome!

  2. Stookiestorm! I absolutely love these stories, I just want to tell you to keep up the good work!

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