Spider-Fold: The OriSpider-Verse


Spider-Fold: The OriSpider-Verse

By Mega3

Author’s Note: Hey everyone!  It’s me, Mega3.  I’m so sorry for getting this story out so late.  I’ve been extremely busy with my first year of high school and haven’t had much time to finish the story.  Spider-Fold has gone through so many phases but I think that this is what I’ll be happy with. But thank you so much for keeping up with me and I hope you enjoy my story!

The Thanksgiving Doorbell

by Cal Largent

Ah, Thanksgiving.  The time of joy, the time of laughter, the time of delicious food, and the time of awkward family gatherings.

Thankfully, this year it was just me, Clark, Emily, Mom, Uncle Ricky, and a few friends from school.  Usually Mom wouldn’t let me invite my friends over for Thanksgiving because she says it’s “family time”.  But after she let Emily come last year, she let loose a bit. Mom only let me invite up to five people so I invited Aiden, Diego, Claire, Brandon, and Owen.  I’ll talk more about them later.

“Alrighty then.”  Mom proudly said as she put the turkey into the oven.  “Cal, do you think you could start up the movie?”

Every Thanksgiving we have a tradition where we always play the same movie.  That movie is Spider-Man.  The very first one from 2002 starring Tobey Maguire.  We always watch for that one Thanksgiving scene where Norman Osborn realizes that Peter is Spidey.

“Seriously, Mom.”  Clark grumbled. “Do we really have to play Spider-Man again?  We’ve done this over 10 times already.  Can’t we put on something different?”

“Come on, bro.  It’s tradition.”  I said. “So just keep your mouth shut about things you don’t understand!”  I winked at him and Mom. Mom winked back. Clark groaned and stood next to the door waiting for Emily.  Then the doorbell rang. Clark opened the door and it was Aiden and Diego! Clark cursed something under his breath.

“Hey Clark.  Hey, what’s up Cal!”  Aiden said as we did our own handshake.  I met Aiden way back in 6th grade. His dad is a professor at some university and his mom is a nurse.  He is probably the most chill dude I have ever met. He always keeps his cool and rarely ever loses his temper.

“Hey Cal what’s up?”  Diego asked as we also did our own handshake.  “I had to beat an old lady with a stick to get this cranberry sauce.”  He winked at me and I winked back at him. I also met Diego in 6th grade.  Diego is pretty smart. Whenever he gets his report cards, his grades are always straight A’s.  Meanwhile, my grades are either B’s or C’s, with that one A-. He says he wants to be a biologist when he grows up for some reason.

“I don’t have a Sam Raimi quote but I brought some yam.”  Aiden said.

Aiden’s dad honked at us from outside.  “Hey Cal!” He yelled.

Mr. Mitchells is one of the coolest people I have ever met.  He loves to just hang out and talk with us whenever we have the chance.  Everything he says is really smart and down to earth. I never really knew my Dad but I think Mr. Mitchells would be a cool dad to have.

The doorbell rang again.  Clark opened the door and it was Emily!

“Hey everyone!”  She kissed Clark on the lips.  Mom glared at the both them.

“I brought the pumpkin pie!”  Emily announced. Mom’s expression changed to something less irritated and more happy (I think).  Mom has gotten used to Emily and Clark being, well, a couple, but she’s still a bit overprotective.  I’m pretty sure Mom likes Emily, but she just doesn’t want to admit it.

“Hey Cal. You up for some Fortnite?”  Diego asked.

“Ok.  I guess we have time while we wait for everyone.”  I answered.

“Wait,”  Diego paused.  “Who did you invite again?”

“Well, there’s Claire, Brandon, and Owen.”  I said.

“Wait, Owen?  You mean the guy who keeps on flexing his IQ and thinks he’s superior to everyone?”  Aiden asked.

I don’t really know Owen that much because I met him in high school as well.  He can be kind of condescending and arrogant sometimes, but I think that maybe this dinner will help me get to know him better.

“I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s not that bad of a gu-”  I tried to explain before the doorbell interrupted. I opened the door and it was Claire!

“Hey everyone!”  Claire said as she walked in.  I met Claire in 7th grade I think.  She’s always been the super popular girl and always the center of attention.  She’s also a skilled origami master! One time she showed me a jar of almost a thousand paper cranes.  She says that if she reaches a thousand, she’ll have eternal good luck. I think that sounds really cool.

“I didn’t really know what to bring so I just bought this.”  She was holding one of those aluminum foil trays with plastic wrap over it.  I looked inside and it was some weird yellow clear noodles with a bunch of vegetables.

“That looks gross.”  Diego said. “What is that?”

“It’s (I don’t know what she said here but it’s some Korean word.  I think it was something like chop chay? I have no idea). It’s just clear noodles with vegetables and meat.”  Claire informed us. “It’s actually really good!”

Once again, the doorbell rang.  When we opened the door, it was Brandon!  I met Brandon in high school, unlike everyone else.  The crazy thing about him is that we look almost exactly alike!  It’s crazy!  We have the same eyes, same nose, same lips, but Brandon has a way better fashion style than me.  He wears this cool jean jacket over his red zip-up hoodie, and rocks his shiny Air Jordans.

“Hey, better Cal!”  Mom jokingly greeted Brandon.  I felt kind of hurt by what she said.  “I’m just kidding, Brandon. Come right in.”

Then, the doorbell rang for the last time.  When I opened the door, it was Owen!

“Hello, everyone.”  Owen said. “I brought the salad.”  I kind of expected Owen to bring something as boring as salad.  I mean, Owen’s unique, but he’s a bit weird. He looks sort of like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory but with glasses.

It was around the afternoon when we about finished setting up the table.  Mom brought the turkey to the center of the table and uncle Ricky set the mac and cheese and the green beans.  There was a bottle of apple cider next to the turkey. Now there’s cranberry sauce, yam, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, salad, and whatever Claire brought.

Next comes the actual dinner.  I’ll write about that once it’s over.  I hope everything goes well!

Claire’s note:  I said “japchae (잡채)”.  I don’t know why Diego called it gross when everyone ended up liking it anyway.

It Was A Disaster

by Cal Largent

Okay, everyone’s gone now.  I’m writing this on Clark’s laptop but he isn’t using it right now.  As you can tell from the title, things did not go well. I mean it wasn’t really a disaster but…  I’ll just say what happened.

“Alright.”  Mom said. “Before we eat anything, let’s say grace or at least give thanks for the food.  It is Thanksgiving after all.”

So we did.  Nothing special.  Just saying ‘Thank you for the food’.

“Okay.”  Mom said.  “Uh, well why don’t we have the newcomer carve the turkey?  We had Emily do it last time.”

“Owen, would you like to do the honors?”  I asked.

“No thanks.  I’m vegan.” Owen condescended.  “Some of the most intelligent people who ever lived on the planet were vegan.  In fact, …”

Then he went on and on about how Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci were vegans, and kept talking about how people who eat meat are “less intelligent” or whatever.

Owen yelled, “ … and all of you would be almost as smart as me if you stopped eating sh-”

“Uh, okay…  Then, Brandon?”  Mom interrupted.

“Oh yeah, sure.”  He replied.

So Brandon carved the turkey.  Everyone (except Owen) got a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, yam, green beans, a tiny bit of salad, and that weird thing Claire brought.  Owen kept most of the salad to himself and got a plate full of only salad. I honestly can’t imagine being vegan.

I pressed play on the remote and the cool opening of Spider-Man started playing with the awesome Danny Elfman theme.

“The Raimi Spider-Man?”  Owen said. “What an overrated choice.”

“Well, it’s tradition here.”  Mom said.

“So, how is school for you kids?”  Uncle Ricky asked us. “I’d imagine it’d be so fun because I had so much fun at Kirby.”

“Wait, were you an OrigAvenger too?”  Brandon asked Ricky. I told him how Mom was Iron Fold back in her days.

“Well, technically I was a sidekick.”  Ricky remarked. “Wait, hold on. Let me get my puppet.”

While Ricky went through the cabinets, Mom asked, “So Cal, how is being an OrigAvenger?”

“Well, I actually haven’t been on any OrigAvenger missions…”  I said as I gave Clark a look.

Clark noticed and snapped, “Well, I still think you’re too young.”

“Clark, I really don’t think you should-”  Emily grumbled.

“Really?”  I hollered at Clark.  “You’re bringing that back up again?”

“And you’re also naive, hotheaded, immature…  Should I go on? I have a whole list.”

I was getting really angry and frustrated.  My face was turning red hot and I wanted to strangle Clark. Clark smirked tauntingly. I knew he wasn’t serious, but I was so mad.  I got up and flung a piece of green bean his way.

But Clark dodged it and it hit…

… Ricky.

“Hey,”  Ricky uttered, holding his Cardboard Machine puppet.  “What’s going on?”

“Oh uh,”  I stuttered.  “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“Oh it’s fine.”  Ricky said as he waved his hand.  “Anyways, here’s my Cardboard Machine puppet.”

Although Ricky forgave me, I still felt really bad the whole night.

Then, Owen cackled obnoxiously.  “That’s a pathetic pun.”

Ricky sighed, with a slight smile.  “I just thought it was a good pun when I was younger.”

“Excuse me, Owen,”  Mom snapped. “I think you should apologize.”

“Hah!”  Owen scoffed.  “What authority do you have over me?”

Mom was furious.  Her face looked like it was going to erupt and turn us all to ash.

“Hey, what gives you the authority to talk to my mother like that!”  Clark exploded.

“Oh, let me tell you that I have an IQ of 144, and therefore I am superior to all of you!”

It was getting really out of hand.  Things were getting pretty heated.

“Oh yeah?!”  Diego hollered.  “Well, you’re…. v-vegan!”

“Bruh, what kind of insult is that?”  Aiden asked Diego.

“Ok enough everyone!”  Mom shouted. “Let’s have a peaceful night of fun together, alright?”

The rest of the night was pretty boring.  I mean, I love Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and I enjoyed it a lot.  Willem Dafoe will always be cool. But there wasn’t much to do afterwards.  Most of us tried avoiding Owen from berating us. Aiden, Diego and I played Fortnite together and it was pretty fun I guess.  Clark and Emily were pretty happy together that night. No family problems with Ricky and Mom. It was nice to finally have a peaceful night together in our house.

So maybe it wasn’t a total disaster, but one thing’s for certain.

School’s going to suck.  A lot.

Me, The New Girl At Kirby

by Lacey Stone

Dear Diary,

Today is my first day at Kirby.  Wow, I am so not ready. A new state, a new town, a new school.  This is what it’s been like for me every single year.

This year, I’m moving from New Jersey to New York.  Now I’m not gonna lie, moving all the time is stressful.  I have to worry about packing and houses by the end of the year so I can’t focus on homework and studying and whatnot.  After a while, it just became our family’s yearly routine.

Why bother making new friends when you’ll never even see them again?  Why even care about school when you’re going to move anyway?

It’s not like I don’t miss New Jersey at all.  Of course I do! I miss New Jersey already. From the cold, chilly weather to the taste of a sloppy joe.  Or maybe even my best friends over the years that I have to say goodbye to. It’s not that easy to just let go of a year’s worth of memories.  I don’t even know why we keep moving all the time.

Every year I always want try and make the most of school like joining clubs or making new friends.  My parents still expect me to get perfect grades every year. My state test scores were terrible last time.

What makes Kirby different from any other school?  It’s probably just a boring high school with nothing special and annoying schoolwork.

My homeroom teacher was Mr. Hammond.  He wore a faded blue dress shirt with a beige suit, and there was a camera on his desk.  I found an empty seat near the back.

“Hello class.  Welcome back to Kirby High School.  I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving recess.  We have a new student today here at Kirby. Welcome to Kirby, miss…  Let’s see here… uh…”

My heart was racing.  My mind was thinking, Oh gosh, please don’t…

“Lacey Stone?  I hear that you have moved here from New Jersey.”

Everyone looked in my direction.  Oh no. Ok, first impressions. Gotta keep it together on the first day…

“Uh…  yes!” I answered.  “I move to a different place every school year and it just so happened that I moved here to Madison.”

“Well, that’s very interesting.  Thank you for sharing that. Anyone want to share what they did during the break?”

Phew!  That’s the most stressful part of the first day done.

“Oh, and Cal Largent!  Since you’re the new friendly neighborhood hero now, so why don’t you go show her around the school?”

“Yes, sir.”  He said as he slowly walked out of his seat towards me.

I felt nervous but I also slowly walked out of my seat and followed him.  He led me outside the room and into the hallway near the lockers.

He looked pretty cool.  He was wearing a grey hoodie and a Spidey t-shirt.  There was a tiny red piece of paper hanging from his pocket.

“So, uh, how was New Jersey?”  He asked.

“Oh, it’s pretty cold.  Not too cold, though. For some it’s too cold, but not for me.”

“Oh uh, cool.  I guess New York isn’t that much different…”

“Yeah, yeah I guess it isn’t…”  I said.

There was a bit of a silence, and then he asked, “So where are your classes?”

I looked in my schedule and he asked me if he could take a look.  Then he said that we have the same 2nd and 5th period together, which is pretty cool I guess.  So he went around the halls and showed me where the classes were located. He seemed to know where everything was, despite being a freshman like me.  It’s almost like he’s studied the school map or something.

Then I asked him, “What’s that red piece of paper hanging out of your pocket?”

“Oh, that’s my origami Spider-Man.”  He answered as he took it out of his pocket.  “Or I guess you could call it Spider-Fold.”

I laughed, “That’s an awful pun.”

I examined the puppet closely.  It looked like it was based off of the Homecoming design.  It had all of the details, from the layered eyes to the tiny web cartridges.

“That’s really cool.”  I commented. “Why Spidey?”

“Oh, Spider-Man’s always been my favorite Marvel character.”

“Really?”  I asked. “My favorite was always Spider-Gwen.  She has such a sick design and a cool personality.”

“I think Spider-Gwen is pretty sick too.”  He smiled.

We kept talking about Spider-Man and Marvel Comics.  I guess there’s something with this school and Marvel.  Cal seems like a pretty cool guy. He seems to know a lot about Kirby already.  But what really confuses me is why he has an origami Spider-Man finger puppet. It’s kind of weird but awesome at the same time.

Now that I knew where to go, the rest of the day was a breeze for me.  I’m actually really happy that this school isn’t all that boring.

Anyways ttyl, me.



Back In Action

by Cal Largent

The amazing Spider-Fold is happy to be back!

Well, not really.

It’s only been my second day back to school and I hate it.  Now that finals are coming up, I have to work extra hard to at least get my grades up to a B.  There is no way that I’m ever going to reach straight A’s, but there is absolutely NO WAY I’m letting my grades drop to a C or a D.  That’s when Mom takes away my PS4 for a week and sends me up to my room to study. All I want to do when I get home is to play Fortnite with my friends and get another Victory Royale.  At least Mom doesn’t take away my phone so I can play Fortnite on mobile.

Mom, if you’re reading this, please don’t take away my phone.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic.

Ever since that Halloween party, I’ve been going on F.O.L.D. missions.  Well, I wouldn’t call them missions. They’re just sending me to go stop jaywalkers and class-ditchers.  I mean, I’ve heard of other F.O.L.D. agents doing some crazy stuff like sneaking into Wheeler or stopping a giant paint balloon from destroying the school.  Why can’t I do that kind of stuff? I’ve already defeated that supervillain Chameleon, so why haven’t I gone to any of the big OrigAvenger missions fighting alongside everyone else?

But today, today was the day.  Today was the day when I was going to change that.

While I was putting my textbooks in my locker, I saw a really mean bully who was doing some real bad stuff to this guy.  I kind of recognized the bully. His name was Colt Melville. I’ve heard he’s gone to detention 16 times in this semester alone!  I don’t know anyone else who’s gone to detention so many times.

“Hey [CENSORED],”  He shouted at an Asian boy.  “Why don’t you be a weeb somewhere else, huh?”  Colt pushed the kid against the lockers behind him, making him drop his book.   Colt was about to punch him when…

The Amazing Spider-Fold springs into action!

I somersaulted in front of Colt with Spider-Fold on my finger.

“Ha!”  Colt scoffed.  “Do you really think that a piece of paper is going to stop me?”

“No, but I think this will.”  I replied.

Then he lunged forward to throw a hook punch but I was able to perform an (almost) perfect back handspring and dodge the punch.  Man, those acrobatic lessons from middle school P.E. came in really handy.

I jumped back on my feet and in a swift move, I roundhouse kicked him in the face, pushing him to the ground.

As Colt slowly picked himself up, he said, “Nice moves,  But don’t think this is over yet!” He pushed the hall door open and ran out.

I walked over to grab the book for the Asian boy.  I took a quick glance at it and it was a manga that had some cool robot-looking guys called Ultraman.  I handed it back to him.

“Hey, you okay?”  I asked.

“Yeah.”  He responded.  “Where did you even learn those moves?”

“Oh, I just figured them out myself.  I’m Cal, by the way.”

“Oh, I know, you’re the Spider-Fold guy.  I’m Andrew.”

“So what was up with that Colt guy?”  I asked.

“Well, he’s been doing this ever since I came to this school.  I think he’s a Junior.”

“He sure was a tough guy.  Well, if you have any more problems, let me know!”

“Alright.  Thanks for everything!”


Okay, so I guess not much happened…  I mean, this is the first bully I’ve fought since the Halloween party but it doesn’t exactly feel like something big has happened.  Maybe I’m just asking for too much?

What is F. O. L. D.?

by Lacey Stone

During lunch, I thought I would meet a few new people.  It is my second day after all.

Cal and I started hanging out a lot.  We talk about school and stuff during lunch.  He’s in 3 of my classes so I see him around a lot..  He introduced me to some of his friends like Brandon and Aiden and Diego.  I think they’re pretty cool.

When I was 10, my mom showed me how to fold an origami swan.  Ever since then, I fell in love with origami. It’s just so calming and relaxing.  So when I saw posters for an origami club around the school, of course I went over to see what was up during lunch.

There were square sheets of paper on all of the tables and everyone was just hanging out while making origami.

I spotted a girl sitting quietly by herself so I decided to go and sit with her.

“Hi, my name is Lacey.  I’m new here.” Ouch, I already felt like I had messed up.

“Oh hi!  My name is Claire.  Do you like origami?”

“Like it?  I love origami!”

“Well then, I guess we have something in common.”  She took out a huge jar filled with paper cranes. “My grandma says that if you fold a thousand paper cranes, then you’ll have eternal good luck.”

“Wow, that is so cool.”  I said. “How many have you folded so far?”

“987.”  She replied.  “I’ve been working on it the entire summer.”

“Woah, that is a ton of dedication.”  I said.

“Well, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.”

Then she showed me how to fold an origami crane super quickly.  I don’t know how but she was able to do it in less than 30 seconds!  No wonder she was able to fold so many. Then I showed her how my mom taught me how to fold an origami swan really fast.  I mean, folding a swan is easier than folding a crane, but I could definitely fold a bunch of them in less than a minute.

“Very impressive.”  Claire remarked as I chortled at her comment.

“So Lacey, how has Kirby been for you so far?”  She asked me.

“It’s been alright.  I met some guy named Cal.”

“Oh Cal?  Yeah, Cal’s a good friend of mine.  He has an origami Spider-Man and he goes around with it all the time.”

“What’s with this school and origami?”  I asked. I remembered that little red piece of paper hanging out of his pocket the other day.

“Well there’s this secret organization called F. O. L. D.  It’s where people fold origami Marvel characters and fight bad guys and stuff.  I think they’re called the… errr… OrigAvengers.”

“That’s kinda cool!  I thought this school was going to be another burning hell.”

“Yeah, but it’s actually pretty fun here.”  Claire agreed. “I’ve always wanted to be an OrigAvenger.  I heard that last time, they stopped some big hacker from starting a war between Kirby and Wheeler.”

“Wow, really?  If I ever join F. O. L. D., I think I want my origami to be Spider-Gwen.”

“Really?  Silk’s always been my favorite.”

“Yeah, I guess Silk is cool too.”  I remarked. “Well it was nice meeting you Claire, but I think the bell’s about to ring.”

“Really?  Oh, ok. See you later!”

We met up later after school and I got her number so we could text whenever.  I think Claire’s really cool and awesome. It’s nice to know that it’s pretty easy making friends here.

So that was basically the highlights of my second day.  Everything else was mostly just boring school stuff. Well, it’s not like there wasn’t any more highlights on my second day but I don’t want to bore you with all of my stories.  Oh who am I kidding, this is my diary! I can do whatever I want!

Until next time,


We, The Spiders

by Colt Melville

God, school [CENSORED] sucks.

Honestly, [CENSORED] school.  I hate everything about with every inch of my guts.  From the fake smiles to the eyes that are always watching, [CENSORED] it all.

I’ve gone to detention 17 times this year already.  One was for punching someone in the face and breaking his nose.  Another was for cussing out a teacher. Then about 15 more of those.  Why should I get in trouble when they picked on me first? The [CENSORED] school system is [CENSORED].

It was after 4th period, which is Mrs. Todd’s class.  I’ve kind of taken a liking to Mrs. Todd. I like her sarcastic and cynical attitude.  Then the lunch bell rang. Oh boy, what a fun time I will have at lunch, says everyone except me.  Gosh, I [CENSORED] hate myself.

Everyone was in a rush to get out of class.  What the [CENSORED]’s the rush for, idiots? What the [CENSORED] is there to be excited about something as mundane as lunch.  In the crowded hallways, I walked towards the stairs.  Then, I felt someone next to me, zipping my bag open, then closing it.  I looked back. There was a guy in a beanie wearing a scarf that covered the lower half of his face and sunglasses.

“Hey, [CENSORED], what was that for?”  I shouted. But the [CENSORED] was gone.  The [CENSORED] was that for? I reached into my backpack to find a business card that had the name “Lance Home” and the words “Room 500.”  Who the [CENSORED] names their kid ‘Lance Home’?

After school, I walked into room 500 like the card said.  I don’t why, but I was somewhat curious. There were some people inside that I recognized.

There was Owen Meyer, the so-called genius of the school.  He’s so [CENSORED] annoying and acts like he’s a god or something.  As if. With how skinny his bones are, I feel like I could break his legs in a heartbeat.

Nathan Dunn, the dark and mysterious type who always keeps a notepad in his coat.  I don’t know anything about him, and I don’t ever want to know. He seems like a [CENSORED] loser.

Emmet Pigg, the kid who jokes about his last name all the time.  Ha ha, so funny, your last name is pig. Yeah, you are a pig. He always wears the same shirt with a picture of bacon on it.  He thinks he’s the funniest comedian in town but his jokes are so [CENSORED] old.

Then there’s the new girl, Lacey Stone.  I don’t know her that well, and I don’t want to know anyone new.  The new ones always think they own the place, but really they don’t know [CENSORED] about anything.  That’s why I have to put them in their place.

“Hello and welcome everyone.”  Someone came into the room. “Please everyone, take a seat.”  It was the person who had given us the invitation in the first place.  His voice was muffled through the huge scarf that covered up most of his head.

“My name is Lance Home, F.O.L.D. agent and recruiter.  I have gathered you all for a mission.”

“Wait, you mean F. O. L. D. as in the OrigAvengers?”  Lacey asked with annoying excitement.

“Haha,” he chuckled.  “I can tell from the look on your faces that you’re surprised.  Sorry for being so abrupt with my introduction.”

You better stop laughing before I crush your windpipe, I thought.

He turned towards the wall and turned the projector on.

“The target is this student at Kirby.”  He projected an image of a person who I clearly recognized.  It was Cal Largent, the guy in my third period. Gosh, I hate that guy, thinking he can go around doing whatever he wants just because he’s an OrigAvenger.

“I’m assuming you know this individual.  Let me show you why he is being targeted.”

He showed a video that looked to be from someone’s Snapchat.  It had Cal in a Spider-Man costume beating up a small kid with curly hair as the kid yelled from him to get off.

“Cal Largent must pay consequences for his actions.  He may fight bullies, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a bully himself.  We must expose Cal and punish him.”

Shut the [CENSORED] up, I thought.  I hate Cal, but this was just dumb.

Lance took out a small origami puppet.  It was an origami Spider-Man based on the Last Stand appearance. What? This place sucks, but to survive you have to know your Marvel lore.

“Join me, and together we will bring justice to Kirby!  We must attack, to show who is truly worthy of the title Spider-Fold.”

“Wait,”  Owen asked, “Why did you choose us?”  We all nodded in unison.

“Well I think it’s pretty simple.”  Lance replied. “Owen, you’re super intelligent.  You have an IQ of 149 and a GPA of 4.5!” Owen nodded and smirked.

He pointed at Nathan.  “You’re extremely observant and always serious.  You’re tough and determined and ready for a rumble.”  Nathan just sat with his fedora down and tsked. There’s some dark energy going on with him, I can feel it.

Next, he pointed at me.  “You’re the troublemaker.  The bad boy. Your attitude gives you raw strength that no one else has.”  At that moment, I wanted to [CENSORED] kill him.

Then he pointed at Emmet.  “Emmet, you’re a, uh… funny guy, I think.  You have a pretty good sense of humor.” Emmet just grumbled under his breath and I couldn’t make out what he said.

Finally, he pointed his finger to Lacey.  “Lacey, well, I’m not sure. You’re pretty new here and we don’t know you very well…  Why don’t you show us what you got?” Lacey shrugged it off like it was whatever.

“All of you are extremely gifted and talented in your own ways.”  Lance said. “That’s what makes you guys, and one girl, the perfect team.”

“Excuse me,”  Owen sneered, “What’s our dumb team name?”

Lance paused for a moment, then said,

“The Spiders.”


When The Fights Come In

by Aiden Mitchells

After Mr. Garfield’s class is lunch.  When the bell rings, Cal, Diego and I usually walk out into the hallway, then we head over to the cafeteria or something.  But today was different.

“Hey Cal!”  I heard someone yell from behind in the hallway.  I looked back. There was a team of five people who were headed straight for Cal.  I recognized most of them. Owen, Nathan, Colt, and Emmet. Then they all took out origami puppets that all looked like different versions of Spider-Man.  Owen was holding an origami Superior Spider-Man with red foil arms. Nathan held a black and grey puppet which looked like Spider-Man Noir. Colt held an almost all black puppet with white eyes resembling the Black Spidey suit.  Emmet had a Spider-Ham puppet (Seriously? He keeps on making annoying jokes about his last name).

Colt ran straight at Cal, with his Symbiote puppet still on his finger, and tackled him down.  Cal struggled a bit, kicking at Colt with all he had. Then he stood up, and placed his foot on Cal’s chest, keeping him down. The other three started to kick the sides of my helpless friend.

“This doesn’t feel very good…” Cal muttered.

I felt helpless.  Cal was outnumbered and instead of doing anything, I just watched.  I couldn’t move. I was frozen still. There was a crowd watching, but they also didn’t do anything to stop this chaos.

As they walked away, Colt said, “That’s what you get for bullying, [CENSORED].”  That sounded like something he would usually say, but I couldn’t understand what he meant.  Cal? A bully? That’s the most untrue thing I’ve ever heard about Cal.

Diego and I walked closer to Cal.

“Hey bro, are you okay?”  I asked. I’m not gonna lie, he looked terrible.  His nose was bleeding everywhere.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”  He answered. “Nothing too bad.”

“I just don’t understand, why would they just attack you?”  Diego said.

“I don’t know…” Cal responded.  “I just, uh, don’t feel so good.” He nervously chuckled at his terrible joke.

We took Cal to the nurse’s office to get him checked up.  The nurse, Ms. Summers, asked what had happened to him but Cal asked that we don’t tell her.  Colt’s a pretty scary guy and I wouldn’t want to mess with him either. So we just told the nurse that Cal tripped or something.  The nurse said that he only had a few bruises and stuff so he would be fine.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what Colt said.  Cal, a bully? I don’t think he’s ever bullied anyone in his life.  Maybe it was just a misunderstanding? I don’t know. Maybe this will all be over tomorrow.


File created 11/30/18 by Owen Meyer

Owen had a small recording pen device so he recorded our second “meeting”.  Here’s the short transcript:

Owen:  Ok, is this thing on?  Yeah, the light is flashing.

Emmet:  Why are we recording this again, Doc?

Nathan:  I thought that we should compile all of this in a case file for future reference.

Owen:  I’ll start.  That was not what I expected to happen when we attacked him.

Colt:  Yeah. He didn’t even try to fight back.

Lacey:  I don’t know what happened but don’t you think that this proves something?  That he’s not the type to start fights all the time?

Owen:  Yeah, I guess…  But why weren’t you there?

Lacey:  I was just busy with my friend.  What did you guys do anyway?

Colt:  I [CENSORED] tackled him to the ground and everyone else started kicking him.

Lacey:  Wait, what?!

Emmet:  Woah, woah.  We can cuss here?

Owen:  No, but let’s get back on topic.

Lacey:  How would he have fought back if you beat him up senselessly?  Are you-

Owen:  Okay… Let’s not have more than one person cussing here.

Lacey:  Alright, I’ve calmed down. I still can’t believe that you beat him up like that. You didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself!  Can’t we just talk to him? I don’t think Cal really did those things.

Owen:  You saw the video, right?  We can’t just talk to him knowing how dangerous he can be.

Lacey:  Are you even listening to yourself right now?  You don’t even know who Cal beat up or why he did it!

Nathan:  She does have a point.

Owen:  Will you shut it!  It doesn’t matter who he beat up or why he did it.  The fact is that he did it and that’s the end of it.

Emmet:  I think I’m going to have to agree with Lacey on this one, Doc.

Owen:  *internal screaming*  Don’t call me Doc. Colt!  You’re on my side, right?

Colt:  Do you really think I [CENSORED] care about what you guys are talking about?

Emmet:  We’re gonna have a problem here…

Owen:  *very deep inhale*  *slow exhale* Fine.  I guess our next objective is to find who Cal beat up and why he did it.  Meeting’s over.

Emmet:  Wait, why wasn’t that F.O.L.D. agent there when we attacked Cal?

Colt:  Because he’s a [CENSORED] weirdo.  Now let’s get out of here.

Texts Between Claire and Lacey 12/1/18  8:02 PM

Collected by Claire Lee and Lacey Stone

Lacey: Hey Claire what’s up

Claire: Nothing tbh hbu

Lacey: Not much

Lacey: Can we talk

Claire: Ok sure

Lacey: Its about Cal

Claire: Is it about your crush on him

Lacey: What no

Claire: Lacey I know you like him

Lacey: Ok fine

Lacey: But it’s not about that

Claire: Then what is it about

Lacey: You know those guys who beat up Cal right

Claire: Yeah

Lacey: Im part of their group

Claire: Wait what

Claire: What does that even mean

Lacey: Idk some fold agent came up and put me in a team with them

Claire: But u werent there when it happened tho

Lacey: When what happened

Claire: When they attacked Cal

Lacey: Yeah I didnt kno

Claire: What do u mean by fold agent

Lacey: Idk he just said something like Cal beat someone up so now hes bad

Claire: Who

Lacey: Idk

Claire: K ill ask Cal later

Lacey: No dont

Claire: Y

Lacey: Just keep it between us ok

Lacey: Me and the other guys are trying to figure everything out

Claire: K I wont tell

A Team Of My Own

by Cal Largent

After that one incident at school, a lot of my close friends like Aiden and Diego really wanted to stand up for me.  I told them it was fine, but for some reason, they wanted me to fight against those guys. I don’t know how I was going to do that but I thought that maybe I could create a little team of our own Spider-Folds.  Plus, it might help me understand what Colt meant by what he said that I was a bully.

Aiden folded an origami Miles Morales, while Diego folded an origami Spider-Man 2099.  I asked Claire if she wanted to join. When I first asked her, she felt kind of nervous and didn’t want to join, which is weird because Claire never acts nervous.  But then later she ended up joining and made an origami Silk puppet.

After school, we agreed to meet up at Wendy’s to talk.  We all ordered chocolate Frosties. I spotted Dove MacLeash and Ally Weber. They were in there talking a lot. Dove and Ally are both good friends with Clark, so it’s nice to see them having fun.

“Ok, so what’s the plan?”  Claire asked. “I think we should just talk it out with them.”

“No, that won’t work at all.”  Aiden said. “Let’s fight back.”

“Yeah.”  Diego exclaimed, cracking his knuckles.  “Let’s give them what they deserve!”

“You know what, maybe we shouldn’t do anything at all.” said Claire.  “What do you think, Cal?”

“It’s a difficult decision…”  I said. “But fighting back might be our best chance.”

Then these two guys came over to our table.  One of them was Andrew from earlier this week!

“Hey Cal.”  Andrew said.  “We overheard your conversation and we wanted to join your team.”

“What’s up?  My name’s Takuya.”  The other guy said. “I’m Andrew’s older brother.”

“Really?”  I exclaimed.  “Do you guys have any puppets?”

He took out a red and blue puppet with a silver band on one arm.  “It’s Supaidaman from the Japanese live-action show.”

His brother Andrew took out another Spider-Fold puppet but with skin-colored arms and white tape wrapped over them.  “This is Spidey from the Spider-Clan.”

“Woah, I never knew there was a ninja Spider-Man.”  Diego said.

“Awesome.”  Aiden said. “Those puppets look sick.”

“Cool.”  Claire said.  “So what do you guys think we should do?”

“Maybe we should fight back?”  Andrew said.

“Hmm…  maybe.”  Takuya said.

Claire facepalmed and buried her face in her hands.

“Ok, then Tuesday?”  I asked.

“Alright.”  Everyone nodded except for Claire.

“I don’t think I want to get into this.”  Claire said. “I think I’ll just hang out with Lacey or something.”

“Alright,” I said.  “Oh, and I wanted to ask, does Lacey say anything about me?”

“Yeah,” she replied.  Then she paused awkwardly.  She was acting really weird like when I asked her if she wanted to join.  But then, she said, “About how much of a loser you must be if you play Fortnite!”

I sighed in relief, but I felt like I had just been insulted, which I was.

“Hey!”  Diego and Aiden yelled at the same time.

“I was just kidding, guys!”  Claire said as she punched me in the shoulder.  “Yeah, we talk about you sometimes. Why, are you in love with her or something?”

“Pff, no.  Well, I don’t know.”  I mumbled. “It’s complicated.”

She laughed as she took a sip of her Frosty, almost coughing it out.  Everyone else started laughing too and it started getting really embarrassing.  My face turned really red and it was really uncomfortable.

Fight Spider with Spider

by Cal Largent

On Friday, all of us went into the hallway looking for Colt and the others.  We spotted them walking out of Mrs. McGregor’s room. Then we quickly ran up in front of them, blocking their way.

“Hey,” Colt said.  “Do you mind moving out of the way?”

“Why don’t you move out of our way, huh?”  Aiden said.

“But you guys moved in front of us first…”  Emmet murmured.

“Just cut to the chase.  What do you guys want?” Owen asked.

We held up our Spider-Fold puppets.  Then they took out their puppets.

“So it’s a fight you want.”  Owen said.

“Yeah.”  Andrew said.  “And we’re not going to stop until you do.”

We took out everything from our backpacks.  From books to folders and pencils and erasers and even glue sticks and threw them at each other.  I got hit in the eye three times and a really sharp pencil cut the side of my cheek. Emmet threw his lunch, which was a bacon and ham sandwich.

Once we ran out of things to throw, we ran at each other with our fists.  It got pretty intense after that. We still had our finger puppets on, so while we were getting punched, we got paper cuts everywhere.  I jumped onto Owen and tackled him onto the floor.

“Why did you beat me up that day?”  I shouted at Owen.

“You beat up that kid, right?”  Owen shouted back.

“What kid?”

“What do you mean ‘what kid’?  You know what you did!”

I kept punching and kicking him and he elbowed me in the ribs a bunch of times.  He finally got a grip on me and started punching me in the gut.

“Largent!”  Someone yelled out amidst all the chaos.  It was the dean, Mr. Rooney.

“After all the good you’ve done, you decide to do something as bad as this.”  He said. “You all are going to I.S.S. for the day.”

We all got in major trouble.  Mr. Rooney had to make a bunch of phone calls to our parents.  Owen and Takuya got in the most trouble because their puppets had sharp foil on them and some of us got a really bad cut.

When I went home, Mom and Ricky had that mean look on their face that said “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”  Clark heard a few bits about what happened but didn’t really care what happened.

“Cal, you know this is unacceptable, right?”  Mom asked.

“But Mom, didn’t you get into fights when you were at Kirby?”

“That’s true, but not as bad as this.  Right, Ricky?”

“I think, yeah.  We didn’t get into like a huge war or anything like that.”

“But this wasn’t a war!”  I shouted. “This was a personal problem!”

“Then why were your friends involved?”  Mom asked. “This is bigger than just you.”

“You weren’t so mad when Clark was getting into fights.”

“Yeah, but I expected him to do that,” Mom said.

“Hey!” Clark shouted.

I sighed and went up into my room.  I sat on my bed, wondering if Mom was right.  Maybe something bigger is going on.

But I just could wrap around my head what Owen said.  Who was he talking about? Did I really beat up someone?


by Claire Lee

So while the boys were doing their thing, I decided to go hang out with Lacey.  Well, I guess you could say it was more than just hanging out though. I was also going to ask her about the whole situation with the weird F. O. L. D. agent and maybe sort this all out.

We usually meet in the cafeteria at lunch, so that’s where I went.  When I got there, there she was like always.

“Hey Lacey!”  I yelled.

“Hey!”  Lacey cheered.  Then we hug, like always.  (It’s not weird, boys. Trust me.)

“How’ve you been lately?”  She asked.

“Oh, like usual.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Ok, so let’s get this sorted out.”  I said. “Start from the beginning.”

“Ok, so I think it was on Wednesday.”  She started. “Some weird guy slipped some business card in my backpack and asked me to go to room 500.”

“Ok,”  I said.  “And then what?”

She basically told me how the weird F. O. L. D. agent showed her a video of Cal beating some kid up which somehow shows that Cal is a bully.  So that F. O. L. D. agent wanted to make a team including her so that Cal would be “brought to justice” or whatever. She also said that the F. O. L. D. agent put her in the team for no reason, even though everyone else had some sort of special ability.

“That seems kind of suspicious.”  I remarked. “Why don’t we check out room 500 and see if anyone’s there?”

“Ok.”  Lacey agreed.  “I don’t think anyone’s there.”

The room was pitch-black.  In order to avoid being caught, we turned on the flashlights on our phones and closed the door.

“Uh, Lacey, I’m not sure if this is the best time to tell you this,”  I started, “Cal and a few other guys are trying to start a fight with your team.”

“Wait, what?”  Lacey exclaimed.  “When were you going to tell me?”

“I don’t know!”  I responded. “I thought this would be a good time to tell you.”

“Let me guess, you didn’t go with them because ‘you’re not a fan of fighting.’”

I sighed and nodded my head.

Near the door, Lacey noticed a trash bin that was filled with crumpled up papers.  Nothing else, just papers.

“Claire, look.”  Lacey whispered, “There are names on these papers.”

“Why are we whispering?”  I asked.

“Just look!”  Lacey whispered loudly.

I picked one up and unfolded it.  Lacey was right. There were names.  But not only that, but descriptions of those people.  I read them off one by one.

Lacey Stone – Interacted with Cal and those involved with Cal, knowledge of Cal is limited, wants to join F. O. L. D.

Owen Meyer – Interacted with Cal at Largent family household, knowledge of Cal is limited

Nathan Dunn – Little to no involvement with Cal, wants to join F. O. L. D.

Colt Melville – Little to no involvement with Cal, wants to join F. O. L. D. Cal beat him up once.

Emmet Pigg – Little to no involvement with Cal, wants to join F. O. L. D.

“What could these mean?”  I asked.

Knowledge of Cal is limited, seems kind of suspicious.”

“Maybe these were just traits that F.O.L.D. agent wanted.”  I said.

“More like traits he could easily manipulate.”  Lacey muttered. “Why do you think I was on the top of the list?!”

“Lacey, it’s not your fault.”  I said. “It could’ve happened to anyone.”

“Yeah, it just so happened that I was the one who’s naive and easily manipulated.”

“Look, Lacey.  We’ll find whoever that creep agent is.  For now, let’s tell everyone.”

As we walked out of the empty, pitch-dark room, my friend Laura passed by.

“Hey Claire!”  She yelled. “Have you heard the news?  Cal and a bunch of other boys are in the dean’s office!”

Oh no.


File created 12/5/18  by Owen Meyer

Owen:  Alright, the thing’s on.  Lacey, why’d you call us here?

Lacey:  Ok, so I was in this room yesterday and I found this.

(She took out a wrinkled piece of paper from her backpack.)

Lacey:  I found this in the trash bin over at that corner.  Read what it says.

Emmet:  What is this supposed to be?

Nathan:  I assume these are the people that F. O. L. D. agent wanted the most.  And look closely, Lacey’s on his top priority.

Owen:  But didn’t that agent say that he didn’t know why he picked Lacey?

Nathan:  It was a lie.

Emmet:  Hey, why am I at the way bottom?

Colt:  Because you’re a [CENSORED] idiot.

Owen:  He’s obviously been spying on us if he knows that I’ve been at Cal’s house.  He’s everywhere.

Colt:  Who is this [CENSORED] anyway?  We’ve never seen his face yet.

Nathan:  You’re right.  And he’s never been in the same place with Cal.

Emmet:  So are you saying that Cal is the F. O. L. D. agent?

Lacey:  Why would Cal want to fight himself?

Owen:  See, this is why you’re at the bottom of the list, Emmet.  Anyways, let’s try and figure this all out. Lacey, what are you doing?

Lacey:  I’m texting my friend.  She should be able to get the message to Cal.

Nathan: Uh, Lacey, could you ask if I could go with Cal?  I think I know a master detective who can help us solve this case.

Owen:  And who might that be?

Nathan:  Me, of course.

Solving The True Crime

by Nathan Dunn

Case #90214: The Enigma of The Faceless Agent.

I, world-renowned private detective Nathan Dunn, was suddenly met with four others by unknown F.O.L.D. agent, Lance Home.  His face was covered with scarves and goggles, never has he been unmasked. Ever since that day, the agent has disappeared like a ghost.

How curious.  Although the city of New York is quite freezing, not one person in the school would wear so much to warm up their faces.  Why must he (or she, perhaps?) have to cover his/her identity? It is because he/she is ashamed of their looks? Or perhaps the agent is a fugitive who is on the run?

What I do know, however, is that Lance Home (if that even is his name) had an origami Spider-Fold puppet based on Spider-Man’s appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #500, where an older Peter Parker becomes an anti-hero and is on the run from the NYPD.  Could this be a clue to the identity of the masked stranger known as Lance Home?

At approximately 3:50 PM on December 6th, 2018, I met Cal Largent. Although he had attacked us only a few days ago, it felt as if he was trustworthy.  He asked that we explain our entire situation, from the day we met Lance Home.

After we had told him our story, he remembered a person that matched the description of Lance Home.  Cal described a person named the Chameleon, who previously worked for Emily Madison, Clark Largent’s girlfriend, but he later ran away after an incident at a Halloween party.  I did seem to recall a Halloween party here at Kirby High School months ago, but I never heard the news about a Chameleon. In the Marvel Comics, the Chameleon was a supervillain who could disguise himself as anyone he wishes.  Cal explained that the Chameleon he fought used the simple disguise of a scarf and sunglasses, exactly like Lance Home. Every piece of evidence started to come together.

I asked for Cal’s permission to visit F.O.L.D. to acquire some additional information.  Cal allowed me to meet with some of F.O.L.D.’s top agents to investigate the situation.

I met agent Lane Leicester and Leena Hiltondale, who have access to the many school security systems at Kirby and Wheeler.  They were able to show me the security footage from the night of the Halloween party. It showed what happened inside the gym as Clark Largent and Robby Boone stood against the Chameleon and a few other people.  Cal abruptly entered into the scene as he attacks one of the people standing behind the Chameleon and then jumps on top of him. It was just like the video we were shown at a different point of view. Once the Chameleon gained enough strength to push Cal off of him, Emily Madison entered and everyone started talking.  I couldn’t hear their conversation because apparently audio recording in schools in illegal. Then, the Chameleon ran into the door, slammed his head at the entrance, and escaped. Just like Cal described. However…

As I closely examined the footage, the noticed that a small black box was at the entrance the entire time.  When the Chameleon bumped into the door, he scrambled to grab to device mounted on the door and ran off. It is very likely that the black box was his phone, which had been recording footage of the event.  This must have been how the Chameleon was able to get videos of Cal beating him up. Cal mentioned that this Chameleon is known to bump into doors clumsily. Could he have been recording footage everywhere he’s went?

Everything was starting to make sense.  The Chameleon recorded a video of himself being attacked by Cal, disguise himself as an unknown victim, then manipulated us to do his bidding.  How cruel.

Case closed.  Lance Home is the Chameleon.  Now, it’s time that we face him.

Mystery Solved!  Eleven Against One

by Takuya Akahoshi

“So, Cal, how did you even find the Chameleon?”  I asked.

“Let’s just say that the agents over at F.O.L.D. are real talented.”  He replied.

All of us: Cal, Colt, Lacey, Aiden, Diego, Owen, Emmet, Claire, Andrew and I, all stood in front of room 500, hours after school ended.  Apparently, room 500 has been abandoned for the longest time which explains why there’s no class going on and the trash bin only being filled with papers.

Luckily, the Chameleon really did show up like Cal said he would.

“Oh hey agent Cal!”  The Chameleon said. “Keep up the good wor-”

“You can drop the facade, Chameleon.”  Lacey said.

The Chameleon stopped in his tracks, and smiled a devilish grin.

“Oh, I understand.  You’ve figured it all out.”  The Chameleon took out a craft knife.  “I thought so.”

“That doesn’t scare me, man.”  Cal said. “I’ve beat you up before. I can do it again.”

We all took out our puppets one by one.  It was really cool when all of us were lined up side by side, holding our Spider-Folds.

“You’ll pay for manipulating us all.”  Owen shouted, holding his Superior Spider-Fold high.

“For hurting our friends.”  Claire said, with her Silk puppet on her finger.

“For bringing me into this [CENSORED] mess.”  Colt cursed, gruffly waving his origami Symbiote.

“For ruining the hopes and wishes of others.”  Lacey hollered, proudly wielding her OriSpider-Gwen.

“We are the OriSpider-Verse!”  Cal roared. “And we’re going to put an end to this.”

“Now, count up your sins!”  I yelled, pointing my Supaidafold puppet at him.

“Really?”  The Chameleon taunted.  He took off his scarf and sunglasses to reveal his face, full of pimples and buck teeth.  Angrily, he charged straight towards us. He pushed us aside and attempted to break for the door.

Cal, using some sort of gymnastic skill, flipped backwards and tripped Chameleon. The boy fell to the ground, winded.

“All I wanted…”  The Chameleon cried.  “Was to get revenge on Iron Fold for ruining my life. Turns out that Clark Largent is nigh untouchable, so his brother seemed like the next best thing. So, I’ll ruin all of yours!”

“Clark never ruined your life!”  Cal shouted. “You’re the one who chose to keep a grudge!”

The Chameleon tried to throw a punch at Cal but missed, slamming into the wall.  He picked himself up and ran for the exit when…

A group of F.O.L.D. agents stood in his way.

“We’ll take it from here, Cal.”  Agent Tilly Waterson said. “As for the Chameleon, you’ll be in big trouble for impersonating a F.O.L.D. agent.”

The Chameleon was taken away by F.O.L.D.  We don’t know what happened next, but I’m sure that Chameleon guy got in some major trouble.

“Did we win?”  Lacey asked.

“Yep.”  Cal said with a sigh of relief.

The Infinite OriSpider-Verse

by the OriSpider-Verse

Cal: The Chameleon was finally defeated once and for all.  The school newspaper actually reported that he was a Wheeler student who got expelled afterwards for trying to disrupt the peace between the schools. I’m not sure about the accuracy of that since Emily did hire him at first, but who knows. I might have to talk with the reporter kid who ran the story.

We ended up celebrating our victory with pizza, because every victory is Pizza Time.  Mom ended up taking us to Shaffer Brothers, the best pizza in town! Their cheese pizza is so good.

Lacey: Even more good news, my parents said that we might actually stay in Madison for a while.  Dad found a really great job as a teacher at Kirby, so it looks like I might be at Kirby for the rest of high school!

Colt: I still hate Cal, but I’m at least glad that we beat that Chameleon creep.  This origami puppet thing is actually kind of fun, not that I want to do it for long.  I’m also trying to cuss less, so feel free to punch me whenever you see me cuss.

Claire: Yes!  I’m so happy for my girl Lacey.  We’re going to be friends for the rest of high school!

Andrew: I’m kind of bummed out I didn’t get to do some really cool stuff fighting Chameleon.  But, at least I’m happy that it’s over.

Emmet: Colt wouldn’t let me make any jokes about my last name, so I guess it was fun?

Aiden: I didn’t get to do much and I’m kind of disappointed.

Diego: Yeah, same.

Owen: I’m still way smarter than all of you.  But I have to admit, it was pretty fun doing this and meeting all of you.  Maybe again?

Takuya: Yes, we should totally do this another time.

Cal: Clark asked me if I wanted to be an OrigAvenger.  Well, I’ve wanted to be an OrigAvenger for the longest time now, but I said no.  I think I’m going to stick to leading the OriSpider-Verse.

Aiden: Is that really our name?  It sounds pretty cool.

Owen: I think that the Spider-Folds would have been a better name.

Colt: Both names are [CENSORED] terrible.

Cal: Alright, OriSpider-Verse, what next?

Lacey: Whenever the OrigAvengers aren’t available, we’ll be the ones to answer the call.

Aiden: Awesome!

Brandon: Hey, uh I found this.  Can I join too?

Cal: Sure, what’s your puppet?

Brandon: How about…  The Scarlet Spider?

Mysterious Email from Colt 12/27/18  12:01 PM

by Colt Melville

Some anonymous number texted me in the middle of the night, asking me to come over to the playground.  I put on my Symbiote hoodie and cap and took a quick walk over to school.

It was really cold.  Winter weather here in Madison is so chilly.  Should have brought a scarf. I rubbed my hands to warm up my body.  I could see my breath right in front of me. Gosh, it felt like my feet were turning into ice.

I saw two figures coming from a distance.  I couldn’t see them well from the unusual fog but there was a third figure walking towards me.  I recognized the third figure as Karl Blonsky Jr. The egotistical nutjob who won the science fair two years in a row.  I couldn’t make out who the other two were. Probably part of his stupid science club.

“So, did you bring your puppet here like we discussed?”  Blonsky said.

“Yeah. What do you want now, huh?”

“Nothing really in particular.  Get him.”

The two figures grabbed ahold of me and forcefully took the Symbiote puppet away.

“Let go of me, [CENSORED]!  You got what you wanted. Now go.”

The two figures would not let go of me.
“You do realize that this is, like, illegal?”

“Only if we’re caught, obviously. We’re not done yet.  We need to make sure you don’t remember anything about this conversation.”

One of the figures punched me in the gut.  I dropped to ground, annoyed that I couldn’t take any more. My stomach hurt really bad.

“You see,”  Blonsky explained.  “We need your puppet for very… special purposes.  But we can’t have anyone knowing.”

Blonsky crouched down and pinned me to the ground.

“Good luck telling anyone now.  And if you do, well, it’ll be worse than this.”

Then he gave me a hard punch to my nose. I couldn’t do anything as Karl and his two thugs walked away. I barely remember making it back to my house before I dropped like a rock, in very bad shape.

Special Acknowledgements and Other Words:

Great thanks to the legends JC and Jawa for creating this awesome site!  Thanks so much to CJ and Noah for allowing me to write this story. Thank you to OrigamiLuke100 for creating the character of Lacey Stone.  Lastly, I just want to thank everyone that has made this possible. Big apology to the EU team. I know it must have been hard dealing with all of my excuses.  From the people who submitted the ideas and to those who have supported me, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed this story and I hope you’ll enjoy my next story for the EU!


And speaking of my next story…








The Secret Files and Origins of Superfold

by “The Presence”

The story I’m about to tell you will be something unlike the previous story I have told.  This is a collection of writings, recordings, newspaper clippings, and interviews I have pieced together to form a cohesive story.


  1. Referring to Foldians of the Galaxy comments

  2. I’m surprised Owen didn’t mention anything about Vegan Academy. Or that his hair didn’t start floating and that he didn’t play bass.

  3. Jar Jar Pleats in January 2019 be like: Yo, dude, welcome back.

    Jar Jar Pleats in December 2019 be like: MISSING PET ORIGAMI GUNGAN—$500 REWARD.

  4. Origami_Master53

    I loved it!!!

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