Skyfolders 4: Halloween Special

Skyfolders 4: Halloween Special

By DarthNoah

(These chapters will not be by anyone. Just read and enjoy.)

Chapter 1

It was Halloween night. The McQuarrie/Tolkien crew was trick-or-treating together. It was the first time they were going as a group. They were all dressing up thier favorite characters from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

They racked up tons of candy. When they were finally heading home, Tommy saw a community haunted house. He suggested that they go in.

Inside the haunted house, cobwebs were everywhere. There were bats flying above. It was almost completely dark. But up a flight of stairs, there was a door with light flooding out of it. The crew went to investigate. The group went up the stairs, and walked into the open doorway. They stepped into the room at the same time (it was a large door)……and fell straight down.

Chapter 2

Tommy woke up from landing on a steel floor. He ached all over. His leg was bleeding a little, and staining his Obi-Wan Kenobi costume. He was in a closed in room, with only one opening. Aragorn Paris was with him.

The rest of the group was waking up, too. Two in each room.

Suddenly, a big screen flashed to life. And who should be on the screen but the group’s worst enemy, Jacob Minch.

“Hello, friends,” Jacob started, “Welcome to a little maze I came up with. That haunted house was a hologram to the maze, which was built below. All I have to say is, the brain-washing power of Papertine is awesome. Try and find the end of the maze, and you live. If you don’t well….” the screen flashed to different traps throughout the maze. “Trick or Treat! MwaHAHAHA!!!”

The screen went black. Several lights flashed to life, showing a narrow hallway.

“This will be interesting,” Aragorn muttered.

Chapter 3

Noah had fallen into the trap with Sam, so they were working together. Sam had a good since of direction, so she was in the lead. Noah was kinda bummed that Rhondella had dumped him for the nostrul 8th grader John Oxley, so this was defineitely not helping the case. Peter and Sam had also decided to ‘try and see other people,’ so Sam was upset to.

Sam was wearing a Arwen costume, and Noah was wearing a Boba Fett costume.

“He he, he,” Noah started, trying to lighten the mood (and also trying to flirt with Sam), “Well, you like Arwen?”

“Yeah,” Sam replied, “She’s is one of the coolest girls in any of the Star Wars and LOTR movies.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

‘Ugh! That’s the best you can do?’ Noah’s thoughts banged in his brain.

He wasn’t watching where he was going. This was a maze built by Jacob Minch, after all. Two very sharp axes flew out of the walls. Noah ducked in time. The axes just missed him. They even slid on top of his helmet. They flew back and got caught on the wall.

He shuddered. One of the axes had sliced off Luke Skyfolders lightsaber. A similar thing had happened to Sam. Tons of poisonous darts had flown out of the walls straight towards Sam. Noah ran out, and deflected most of the darts with his armor. A lone dart shot by and hit Sam’s OriBalrog off her finger.

“Thanks, Noah,” she said, half scared to death. She noticed a tiny slinger from the darts on Noah and pulled it out. “Good thing I have a replacement Arwen.” Her hand reached into her pocket, and on her finger was a tiny origami Arwen. On the wall, Jacob Minch appeared.

He cackled. “Ha! You guys made past those, but more will come.” he held up origami Papertine. “Now you will witness the firepower of the fully operational  MAZE OF DEATH!!!! And now, young Skyfolder, you will die.” The screen went black.

Chapter 4

Kellen, dressed as Luke Skywalker, and Harvey, dressed as Darth Vader, had been thrown in together, much to Kellen’s dismay (Harvey complained and complained and complained). After the Minch Message, as Harvey called it, They started on their trek through the maze. They had passed flying bats, swinging maces, and dropping battle axes. Now was a hard part.

A giant abyss into who knows where. And there was no door in sight.

After trying everything, Kellen slumped to the floor.

“That Minch dude is clever, I’ll give him that.” Kellen muttered.

“Hey, I have an idea!” Harvey said. He ran back, started running at full speed, and jumped off the platform. He was trying to jump the hole.

“Harvey, NOOOOOOO!!!!” Kellen screamed as Harvey fell down, down, down.

Kellen was shaking with fear. “Hey, Kellen!” he heard the voice of Harvey in his mind.

“Hey, Kellen!” The voice was starting to torment him.

“Hey, Bantha Dung!” Okay, now this was kinda creepy. He looked down into the hole……and found Harvey standing on seemingly thin air.

Kellen fainted. When he got up, he jumped down with Harvey, looking for the door. They found a door about thirty feet away. They walked in, and their trek through the maze restarted.

Chapter 4

Lance and Amy had fallen in together. Lance, dressed as Han Solo, led the way. Amy, dressed as Leia, gave a little advice throughout the trek.

Lance was humming Vader’s theme. Amy was dancing along. Until they came to a gap in the floor where a dozen spikes jutted out of the floor, went back into the floor, and came back out a second later.

“This,” Lance started, “Not good.”

Good thing Amy’s Leia costume came with a real grappling hook. There were some bars above them, so Lance threw the hooks over the bars, garb bed Amy, and swung over the gap. Lance looked down for a second, and saw that around the spikes was a strange red liquid around them. Blood. Lance fainted at the sight of blood.

He saw the liquid, closed his eyes, and let go of the hook.

The floor opened up, and Lance and Amy fell through.

Chapter 5

Aragorn and Tommy were looking for the exit.

They had passed a room where two different walls of spikes closed in on them. They made it out, but one of the spikes had caught Aragorn’s leg. It bled for awhile, so Tommy helped Aragorn make a makeshift bandage out of Tommy’s left sock.

While in a open hallway with a open roof, Tommy thought he could here screaming high in the roof.

“You here that?” Aragorn asked Tommy. He nodded. All of a sudden, two bodies landed on Tommy and Aragorn.

Tommy screamed. “Wait a second,” He said as the two heads looked at him, “It’s Lance and Amy!”

So now the four were working together. For the moment.

Chapter 7
Noah and Sam ran down the hallway and came to a stop at a three-way stop. There were three different ways to head. Each one was covered with a thin wall of glass. And through them could be seen three different traps.

“Oh, C’mon!” Sam groaned.

Through one was darts flying from wall to wall and not stopping. Through the second was a giant wolf. And through the third were swinging battle-axes, a lot like the two they had run into earlier, just much bigger and MUCH sharper.

Jacob flashed onto another screen.

“Hello again, friends,” He said menacingly, “Welcome to the Barrage of Traps. One of these is just a hologram. The other two are the real thing. Find the right one and you have made it out. Pick wrong, and, well, say hello to Mr. Cuddles.” He motioned to the wolf. The screen went black.

“I hate that guy,” Noah told Sam. They searched for the right door. Noah decided on the wolf door.

‘I mean,’ Noah thought, ‘It could be just a little kitty,’

Him and Sam punched the wall. The glass shattered….and they found a snarling wolf.

“RUN!!!” Sam yelled. Sam got out, but Noah wasn’t that lucky. He stumbled, and the wolf bit his leg.

“AUUGGHH!!!” Noah screamed in pain. The wolf stopped biting his leg and tore out his pants pocket with his teeth….the same pocket that held Luke Skyfolder.

The wolf gulped down both Luke and the pocket.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Noah screamed. Sam pulled him away before the wolf could finish him off.

Noah and Sam tried the door that held the darts. Nope.

That one was real.

Finally, they tried the axes. Those were real too.

“MINCH!!!” the two said through gritted teeth.

They got down to thier knees and crawled under the axes. The wolf was still chasing them. The wolf started crawling under the axes too.

“The wolf crawls?!” Noah groaned.

Chapter 8
Tommy, Aragorn, Lance and Amy came to the end of the maze. The end of the maze was a very large room with a singal pedestal in the middle. It opened up into all the other parts of the maze, allowing all the other kids to come in the room.

Just as soon as they came out of their part of the maze, a huge cinderblock wall covered their opening.

Soon, a lot of the other kids came out of their parts of the maze. First Sara and Peyton, then Harvey and Kellen, Peter and Cassie, Quavondo and Malcolm, Frankie and Murky, and everyone else.

Soon, the only people to not be there was Noah and Sam. The McQuarrie/Tolkien kids were hoping they would be okay.

Chapter 9

Noah and Sam were still being pursued by the wolf. Noah halted. He remembered his Jedi powers that he seldom used.

He turned, and faced the wolf.

“Noah! Don’t!” Sam tried to get him to stop. She was starting to have feelings for him.

“Either you get out or we both get eaten. And there is a slim chance that we will both make it out alive. Now just run. I’ll be fine,” Noah said. Sam was still worried about him, but finally left, albeit reluctantly.

When Sam was out of sight, Noah gazed at the wolf directly. ‘The wolf can smell fear,’ he thought.

He put out his hands to the snarling wolf. The wolf bit at his hand. Noah jerked it away before the wolf could get a piece.

“Hey, hey, I’m a friend,” Noah said, soothingly.

The wolf kept trying to bite at him.

‘Goodbye, world. Goodbye, Sam,’ Noah’s thoughts rang in his head.


Sam was sulking out of the maze. She found the end, and saw the rest of the gang already there.

Cheers erupted when her friends saw her, but quickly died down when they saw Noah wasn’t with her.

“Where’s Noah?” several people said to themselves. Sam started to cry.

Suddenly, they heard a cry from the tunnel that Sam had just come from. Sam thought that Noah was now eaten. If he was okay, the door from which he would come was already closing. And nothing could get through that cement wall.

But then a distant ‘Yee-Ha!’ could be heard down the tunnel. They could see Noah coming down the hall on top of the wolf, whooping loudly.

The wolf (which Noah had named “Chompy,”) bounded down the long hall and jumped threw the now almost-completely closed wall. He landed with ease on the other side.

Noah hopped off Chompy. Sam ran up to hug him. Noah, surprised, stumbled back, and then returned the hug. There were cheers among the crowd. But suddenly, Jacob Minch flashed onto a giant screen.

“Oh, how touching. I need tissues right now. But let’s not dwell on the subject,” He said, “Instead, I’d like to introduce you to some of my friends.”

Out of the walls came real-looking ghosts, ghouls, mummies, vampires and creepy hunchbacks.

“It is Halloween after all. Try and figh your way out of this one! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Chompy snarled. He jumped at one of the ghosts, but, it’s a ghost, after all. The ghost phased through Chompy, who was very much surprised.

“Okay, this is freaky,” groaned Sara. Everybody turned to the pedestal. Suddenly, names flashed onto the pesetal. Molds began to form on the pedestal, each looking like a certain origami character.

“Guys,” Tommy said, “Put your origami puppets where it has your name. That much be the key!”

Every one did as they were told. Sara put the Fortune Wookiee on hers. Cassie put down Sy Snootles. And Peyton put down OriGollum.

Soon, there was only one missing from a slot: Noah’s.

Chapter 10

Noah stared at his slot. Luke had already been eaten by Chompy (Chompy felt very guilty now). The monsters were closing in.

As he stared at his slot, he noticed it didn’t have the shape or size of Luke.

“This is bad, bad, bad, BAD!!!” Peyton screamed.

“Wait a second…..” Noah mumbled. He felt his remaining pocket. There was something in there! He pulled it out of his pocket. It was a Boba Fett puppet! He wondered how it got there.

The walls suddenly grew spikes! The spikes started coming, very, very fast. Noah didn’t have time to think. Mindlessly, he put Boba in the slot. The pesetal lit up as he put Boba in his slot. Just before the spikes, ghosts and vampires hit them, a part of the floor shot up. The McQuarrie/Tolkien gang were on the part of the floor.

The gang held onto the platform for dear life. The platform stopped suddenly….right back in the haunted house.

Jacob again came on-screen.

“ARRRGGGHHH!!!! You may have stopped me this time, but I will be back! You will never be rid of me!!!” He screamed.

The gang cheered. They had again outwitted Jacob and survived the Halloween maze. Sam kissed Noah on the cheek for his bravery. Noah smirked.

They went out of the haunted house and headed home. This was for sure the coolest (and scariest) Halloween any of them had ever had. Though, somehow, none of them could ever again find the haunted house…….


  1. Who wrote this?

  2. DarthNoah, that was EPIC!!!!!!

    I’m a little bummed that Sam and Peter are broken up, though…………..

    Oh well. I mean, at this point, I can’t tell what’s canon and what’s not, anymore. LOL!!!!

    But very good!

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