MOU Zombies

Chapter 1: Doomsday 

By Niko 


It was a beautiful, sunny day outside. A perfect time for a villain to strike. 

From what I heard, some person put a sauce in the Sloppy Joes and everyone started running around, begging for water. Like quite a few other kids, I disliked SJs so I wasn’t infected. But those who were… went crazy! 


Chapter 2:The Showdown 

By Ezra 


I said, “Howard, bud, I’m gonna have to break the truth to you: Sloppy Joes also make people gassy. And after people go the bathroom, they have to…” 

“Wash their hands,” Howard sneered, “I know. And that’s why I shut off the school’s water supply.” 

All infected kids, who were unconscious, woke up and tried to wash their hands, to no avail. They started going crazy again. 

“WAAAATEEEER!!!” they screamed, and started chasing the non-infected students. 

“Oh no…” I said, “We just lost.” 


Chapter 3: MOU Zombies 

By Niko 


Iron Fold (still wanting water) walked up to a non-infected student. 

“Ummm… hello?” 

Iron Fold punched him in the face. 

“OW! that really… hurrr… water… Water… WATEEER!” 

Everyone screamed and ran away. 5 minutes later I had led the non infected kids to an abandoned F.O.L.D. HQ.

“What’s the plan?” a girl asked me. 

“We need to get out of this school and get to Wheeler.” 

Before we did that, though, I decided to make an origami, as I had become the leader of these escapees. I made my favorite character: Magneto. Or Magnefold. Even though he was a villain, he led humans to safety in the Marvel Zombies arc, so it seemed fitting. 

“EVERYONE READY?” I yelled over the crowd. 

“YES!” they screamed 



Chapter 4: The Escape 

By Niko 


We ran out of the F.O.L.D. HQ. Instantly, ‘zombies ‘ noticed us and started chasing. Luckily, they were slow, but as more kids got tired of running around, they started catching up. All hope seemed lost when I told the others to go, faced the zombies, and got ready to fight. If I was going down, I would do it fighting. I ran at the zombies and started fighting. 

Chapter 5: The Fight 

By Niko 


I punched Captain Americut in the face, then dodged Unshreddible Hulk’s strike. Some zombies started chasing the escapees, so I ran in the opposite direction, and the zombies followed. 

Then I noticed something on the ground: Captain Americut’s phone! It must of fallen off when I punched him. I snatched it up and continued on my way. 


Chapter 6: The Call 

By Niko 


I had locked myself in the F.O.L.D. HQ and turned on Andy’s phone- luckily he didn’t have a password. I scanned his contacts and found who I was looking for: Dove MacLeash. Thorigami. I called and he immediately picked up. 

“Hello? Andy?” he asked. 

“Sorry, this isn’t Andy'” I replied. “A big group of Kirbians are coming to Wheeler. A chemical virus has spread at Kirby, and many have been infected- including the OrigAvengers.” 

Silence. I could tell that Dove was saddened by his friends becoming zombies, but I had to keep talking, when I heard a bang on the door. 


I started talking faster. “Here’s what I need you to do. Get the Kirbians and Wheelerians to settle their differences, and assemble an army. YOU will lead them in a battle against the zombies.” 

“What will you do?” he asked. Another bang on the door. 

I sighed sadly. “I… will take my last stand.” 


Without hanging up, I dropped the phone and ran to the door, facing the zombies again.

Chapter 7: The Army 

By Dove 


I heard a crashing sound, followed by kids yelling. I heard the kid exclaiming, “Dove, go! Save the scho- OW! No… noooo….” A brief silence. “WATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!”

I sighed, then ran to the front office. I told our secretary to tell the principal to lock down the school. It was lunchtime, so I walked to the front of the room. 

“Students of Wheeler!” I yelled. The room went silent and looked at me. “In a very short time, a group of Kirbians will come to our school.” 

As I guessed, everyone was shocked and outraged. Once I got them to calm down, I continued. 

“They are not coming as foes, but as friends. Over half the school were affected by a chemical that turned them into… zombies. I need all of your help to beat them.” I held up Thorigami. “We must all unite. I think if we knock a zombie unconscious, they might snap out of their trance… after all, they are not actual zombies, only kids affected by a chemical. So… will you help me?” 

Everyone looked among one another. One boy stepped up. He was short, and seemed to strain himself when he walked. “Yes,” he said, “we will help you.”

Chapter 8: The Battle

By Dove

The Kirbians arrived shortly. We welcomed them and gave them some water (which they seemed really happy about for some reason). Then everyone went outside. The short kid was squinting towards the horizon. “Hey… are those more escapees?” I looked where he was pointing and saw a huge crowd of kids.

I frowned. “… I don’t think so.” I replied. A few minutes later, the “army” lined up on the school’s front yard. The horde of teens approached. Then, Clark stepped forward. My confusion turned to joy. “Hey Clark! How’s it going? Hey, I’ve been hearing this stuff about zombies and all, is this true?”

“W-w-water?” Clark asked. Suddenly the others with him became more alert.

“Water?” “Water!” “WATER!!!” After a few minutes of raving about the liquid, a Kirbian stepped up to me. “I think they’re the zombies,” he said. The infected students started walking towards us. A few students threw their water bottles at the zombies. The zombies cheered and slathered the water all over their skin. I turned around.

“Well, that was simple!”

“Soap?” I slapped my forehead. A FEW MINUTES LATER… I was one of the last survivors. Everyone else had been infected, and I was running away- not one of my proudest moments. Then, I tripped over a rock and fell on the ground. One zombie walked up to me and was about to infect me, when they got a surprised look on their face and stumbled to the side. And behind him was none other than Ezra Cronin.

Chapter 9: The Finale, part 1

By Niko

Water. Water. Water? That’s all I could think about for hours on end, and then it stopped suddenly. I staggered for a moment, then my foggy vision cleared. On the ground was Dove, looking confused. I looked behind myself. Ezra was there, holding a water gun. We were all quiet for a moment, and then I broke the silence. “What happened?” Dove looked down.

“We could not stop the spread. Apart from us three… everyone is a zombie.” Ezra explained. I frowned.

“Well, that’s not good. First off, let’s back up. Dove, you already have kinda met me, but my name’s Niko.” I proceeded to explain that I was the one on the phone. “Uh, I hate to ruin this meet-and-greet, but we should focus on the task at hand. I’ve found a way to beat the zombies easily. See, the cure to the infection is not just water, it needs soap too. Now, I’ve combined some water with that and put it in this water gun. Shooting a zombie with it heals them. I have extras. Can you guys help me?” I smiled, and grabbed two water guns. I helped Dove up and handed him one. “Well, let’s save the schools again,” Ezra said.

The zombie horde remained. When they saw us, they started to give chase, which was expected. Eventually they surrounded us, and were closing in. “Do we start blasting?” Dove asked. “Wait…” Ezra said. The zombies were getting closer. Just when they were about to get us, Ezra screamed “NOW!”

The Finale, Part 2

By everyone

Dove: We started blasting immediately- and Ezra wasn’t lying! Within a few minutes, we had cured about 100 zombies. But there were still 1000 zombies left. But at least we were making progress… but then 2000 more zombies came out from Wheeler. We were doomed.

Ezra: Reinforcement zombies came quickly, but we kept shooting the water guns. I tried to stay focused on the battle but my thoughts were trailing away. I thought of when Howard had beat us, and how I watched in horror as everyone I knew went crazy.

“Ezra!” Dove yelled.

“Huh? What? I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Look! Someone’s fighting the zombies!” And, sure enough, someone was knocking the zombies around. I squinted my eyes to see them…

“Cal?!? No… Origvenom!!”

Origvenom: Indeed, I was fighting back the zombies, and the urge to eat their brains. Hahaha. Just kidding, Ezra. Maybe. Anyhoo, I heard Ezra calling me over, and saw him with the one called Dove, and some random kid.

“Good to see you again, buddy,” Ezra said to me.

“Err, Ezra, did you just call him Origvenom?” random kid asked.

“Yes, Yes I did.”

“Wow. things can’t get any weirder… wait! That’s it! I have a plan and it involves things getting weirder!”

The random kid then proceeded to run off.

“Umm, I think he just ditched you guys,” I noted. Ezra facepalmed. A few minutes later, we were doing… terribly. The zombies just kept coming. They surrounded us and started closing in.

“Welp, guess that’s it, then,” Ezra said sadly. Dove just stood there, defeated. That’s when we heard the strangest sentence any of us had ever heard: “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!” And there stood Random kid, holding an enormous water-mini-gun, loaded with that beautiful liquid and its soapy friend. Good reference, kid. Good reference.

Niko: I started spraying my water gun at the zombies, a smirk on my face the entire time. The others just stared in shock. “That type of water gun exists?” Dove asked.

“This isn’t weird! It’s ridiculous” Ezra exclaimed. Within seconds, I had cured 50 kids. 10 minutes later, and there wasn’t a single zombie left. Ezra, Dove, and Origvenom smiled and cheered. I just yawned and smiled.

“Guys, we did i-” That was when I blacked out, and things got REALLY weird.

Chapter ???

By Niko

I was dreaming… I think. I was hearing things, fragments of conversations. “The names…”


“We’re just here to fix things.”

“…” I awoke in an empty cage- not the best place to wake up. I thought I was still dreaming, so I pinched myself. This brought a laugh from someone to the right of me, outside the cage.

“Haha, there’s nothing to wake up from now.”

“Who are you? Where am I?!” I asked angrily.

“I can’t tell you much… let’s just say, you’re not on your earth.” My surprised expression must have been funny to him, because he laughed again. I was getting a good look at him now- a robed figure, but no other features were identifiable. He started walking out of the room my cage was in, “Why are you doing this?” He turned around to look at me. I thought I could make out a smirk on his face.

“We’re just here to fix things.”

The end.

  1. I like to imagine that this story’s events were concocted entirely by that one weird kid whose name is Joe in his parents’ basement as some weird fanfic whose main character is Ezra, because that one weird kid whose name is Joe is some type of psychopath who canonically stalks Ezra and might be obsessing over him. Some of the beginning chapter happened in Carnagami, and no one knows that that one weird kid whose name is Joe might be an accidental prophet, not even that one weird kid whose name is Joe himself.

  2. Alrighty then.

  3. Me and my climatic cliffhangers

  4. No idea, I already posted

  5. Supreme_Leader_Skywalker

    Ah! You’re taking notes from my draft for an MOU Zombies story! Goooooood!


  6. Is chapter 8 being posted soon?

  7. Anyone else like my Lev Easter egg

  8. Grand Master Skywalker

    ok i hope in next chptr karl and ezra use friendship to restore the status quo asdfrkvugnjinuehefihfiu—

  9. origami_master53

    I still really like this story!!!!

  10. Grand Master Skywalker

    I’m surprised by this story…still am. It managed to go from a rather subpar writing level to some The End, This Is?-level stuff.

  11. origami_master53

    Nice chapter Potato Dabber!

  12. Good job, buddy. 🙂

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