Origami Jar-Jar’s April Folds Day!

 Origami Jar-Jar picJJ 1JJ 2

  1. HAHAHA! This is hilarious!!!! Nice work, Emily C!

  2. ZOWA STOOKY to the FIZZPOP power! That is awesome!

  3. I just doodled on this!

  4. SuperFolder EmilyC

    Hi it’s EmilyC thank you for liking my story, I really worked hard on it!


  5. Sad. Make part 2 return of Jar Jar.

  6. Sad… Thanks for doing that to Dwight, Harvey!

  7. I will have my revenge JC…….

  8. youd make a good author!

  9. Origami Zombie: BRAINSSSSS
    Origami Plo-Koon: What the wha?
    Origami Boba: Zombie, quit being weird and get your deadness in the cargo hold.
    Origami (VERY creepy wearing santa hat) Skeleton: Weee! We wish you a merry Crease-mas we wish you a merry crease-mas we wish you a merry Crease-mas and a happy new Fold!

  10. I love it but can you make a part two because the ending is a little bad (no afence)!!!;)

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