Red X-Igami


You may want to know who I am. Well. Let me rephrase that… EVERYONE wants to know who I am. My name Is [Redacted], or better known as… Red X-igami. Let me explain. Richy Wickinni… He held this puppet before me. I stole his files and found a secret chapter. It was a single page long and glued behind one of the other pages so no one could ever find it! When he was fighting tri-Fold he wanted to get an inside scoop as Red X-igami and never told anyone. That quickly ended when he realized his mistake. The mistake that could make his ‘team’ quit and not trust him. I found the puppet laying on the ground. Robin once said this:

“There is good and there is evil, and the line between them is clear.”

And this story is told from the other side of that line.


My mission began two weeks before the Holiday Concert. I was in need of supplies.

Check list:

Transparent Red sheets of plastic.

Red X-igami

Ski mask


Paper Ninja stars

That list is easy enough. Now I need the red sheets of plastic. To get them, I have to break into the Art classroom. My distraction… simple: pull the fire alarm.

“RIIIIING!” I ran through the school and passed the Teen Titans: Fold. They noticed my black ski mask and followed me. I kicked open the Art classroom door and pretended to be a good guy and instructed them out.

“Perfect.” I said under my breath. I started opening the doors to random cabinets when the TT:F came in.

‘Time to cause some trouble.’ I thought to myself. I pulled out my laminated puppet and Richy looked VERY shocked.

“What’s wrong, Richy?” Sara asked.

“Yeah, what’s wrong kid? Is it that I have the puppet you made to try getting closer to Tri-Fold?” I said with a smirk.

“Wait, one sec, bruh.” Eric replied. “DUDE, YOU MADE THAT PUPPET!?!?!”

“Um… If you don’t mind, I have a mission to continue.” I took the sheets and ran. The water stopped coming out from the sprinklers and I saw teachers coming. Richy noticed me run and followed. I got tackled into the auditorium.

“WHO ARE YOU!?!” Richy screamed.

“If I wanted you to know that, I wouldn’t be wearing a mask.” I replied while kicking him off of me.

“Aaaah!” Richy was charging me but I walked out of the way.

“Lighten up, chuckles. I’m not such a bad guy, once you get to know me.” I said. Before pushing him down, running away and then after I escaped I took off my ski mask and jacket.


Two days until the concert. That is all the time I got. I’ve spent the weeks after I got the plastic sheets thinking about the plan. The perfect way to do it. I figured out my main problem is the TT:F. They would do anything to make me lose, and I now know how to have the TT:F not mess it up. They always love it when people give them hints on villains. But I need Richy not to recognize my voice, so I will tell Peter fake information.

“Hey!” I started.

“Oh! Well, Hi there… May I know your name?” He replied.

“My name is [Redacted]. I heard that a villain named Red X-igami is planning to sabotage the Holiday Concert.” I told him.

“Really? Well thank you so much, [Redacted]! Now I have to tell Richy!” He ran off. My plan is coming together nicely.

“Oh! Wait, Peter!” I yelled after him.

“Yes, [Redacted]?” He asked.

“I forgot to tell you that I saw Red X-igami.” I replied.

“Really? What did he say?” Peter asked.

“Well… When I asked who he was they got away but dropped this out of his back pocket.” I responded while giving Peter a fake note to make him head in the wrong direction.

Dear TT:F,

My name is Red X-igami. I know how important the holiday concert is to this school, so that is why I am going to ruin it! If you want me to not do it, then meet me in the gym tonight at 7:15pm. If you are even 1 minute late I WILL LEAVE AND CONTINUE WITH MY PLAN!

Sincerely, Red X-igami.


I slid a recorder behind the TT:F when Peter approached them.

“Team!” Peter started. “I just found out some news!”

“Well… What is it?” Richy asked.

“This kid named [Redacted] gave me a tip saying that Red X-igami is going to ruin the Holiday Concert!” Peter replied.

“We have to stop him!” Richy yelled.

“I got a note saying if we want to stop him, then we have to meet him in the Gym tonight at 7:15PM.” Peter said.

“I will go. If the next day I don’t answer any calls, you know where I am.” Richy told the group. This is where I grabbed my recorder and left.


I was waiting by the gym door.

“H-hello?” I heard Richy say.

“Aw. I didn’t think you would come, kid. Even a few minutes early.” I said back.

“Please… Please don’t ruin the concert! Please, Red X-igami!” He pleaded.

“Why should I listen to you?” I responded.

“I never go to that concert but since I am performing in it-” I cut him off.

“I Don’t care if you are performing! I am ruining this concert because… because… BECAUSE YOU’RE MY ARCH ENEMY!” I yelled.

“What? I never did anything to you! And for the record, my arch enemy is Slade-igami!” He responded to me like I was targeting the wrong people.

“I don’t care, Richy.” I walked away, turning off the lights and locked the gym door, hanging the keys on the handle. But he still doesn’t remember what he did to me! He is just a jerk like everyone else! So when I found this old puppet and figured out he used to own it I WANTED REVENGE!


This story happened when Richy was constructing the TT:F. I saw him leave the Tech room with a smile on his face.

“Hey, Richy?” I asked.

“Yes [Redacted]?” He replied.

“What were you doing in the tech room? I didn’t think you liked working on code.” I said.

“I wasn’t joining the tech club, but I WAS recruiting a student for a bully fighting team.” He responded.

“Ah.” I said. “What is this team?”

“It is an Origami version of the Teen Titans. I call it Teen Titans FOLD!” He told me.

“Well… I was wondering if I could join! Maybe even be speedy!” I was really excited! People thought I was weird but me and Richy had a decent relationship. You know, like friends but NOT best friends.

“Well… The thing is… uh… I only want to stick with the main Team.” He replied.

“B-but Robin made Speedy a Teen Titan in the Episode ‘Winner Take All!’” I stated.

“Well… I don’t think I ever watched that episode! Maybe I missed it… What TT:G season is it in?” He asked me, confused.

“What do you mean Teen Titans GO!? It came out years ago! I think season 2 of the ORIGINAL Teen Titans show.” I told him.

“Oh… well I only watch Teen Titans GO! The original has way too much action for me.” He said. “Plus, I don’t want you on the team because you… How do I say this… You’re a nerd. I don’t want people to judge us because a nerd is on the team.”

“O-oh… Sorry for wasting your time…” I walked away. The only person even CLOSE to a friend for me was Richy. But NO! He is like everyone else, being mean to me just because I am smarter! I promised myself that day to get revenge.


One day left. I skipped school today and went to a craft store. I got Origami paper and went back home.

“Time to get folding.” I said to myself. I went onto YouTube and searched How to fold Origami ninja Stars. I followed the video and made about 25 Stars. 

“The TT:F won’t ever mess with me again!” I yelled. I snuck into school with my ski mask on and went into the auditorium. I walked behind the stage and set up a box that looked like an exact replica of the electric box. I heard them coming, so I covered the main one with a towel and hid behind it.

“Team. Red X-igami is going to shut down the main lights power! As long as we corner him by the electric box he won’t get away.” Richy said smugly.

‘Nice plan.’ I said in my head. ‘But I am still one step ahead.’ They left and I wrote down my plan.


Richy and the others would be by the actual box, so when they head over to the fake one I will turn off the power! The teachers in charge of the stage lights would turn them on to get light in the room. I already put the red transparent plastic sheets over the lights and tightened the bolts so much they can’t move from the position I PUT them in. When the lights go on a Red X will appear on the seats. THE END.


I set up everything! I even got really good at throwing Ninja stars! So when the TT:F goes over to the FAKE electric box I will throw some at it making it stick in right before I turn off the power. This will make them think that I broke the electric box.


“This is it, [Redacted].” I told myself. “Time to shine.” My mom drove me to the concert and I lied, saying I am allowed to go backstage. I saw the TT:F standing over by the real Box. The show started and they started going over to my fake box. I threw Ninja Stars at it and that freaked them out! I then turned the lights off. Just like I predicted, the teachers turned on the stage lights. And my Red X appeared. Since I was happy with my revenge I went to find my Mom.


Now it has been a few weeks. Richy is not the same. Probably because he is STILL angry that I beat him. He also has been treating his team like they are five years old. They probably won’t like that and his team will flop (Not like it hasn’t already happened). It is time for my next plan. Make Richy lose more than just his team. Make him lose all of his friends! He is going to Kane High school when we graduate. So that is where I am going when I graduate! I am going to ruin his career!


It has been months since that last entry. Richy has become the Red Hoodie… Or at least that is the rumor going around the school. I have been going low. As in not attacking people as much. My second plan is canceled though because Richy already lost his friends when he left Alan Wade’s team.

“Jordan, please stop writing in that notebook and pay attention to class.” My teacher said to me. Heh… I guess my name is out in the open now.


  1. Pretty good story! I hope Jordan has a future in the DCou

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