The Wisdom of Origami Obi-Wan

The Wisdom of Origami Obi-Wan

Dwight had just made a new origami character: Obi-Wan! Everyone loved it! Obi-Wan even helped teach Kellen’s Origami Luke how to use the Force! But, one person didn’t think Obi-Wan was that cool… That person was Harvey! Harvey had turned his Darth Paper back into Anakin, but, with a few tweaks to the folding of Darth/Anakin, he made… DARTH PAPER SUPREME! Harvey brought DP Supreme to school one day and at the lunchroom, his paper lightsaber slashed at Obi-Wan. The Jedi-Master fell off of Dwight’s finger and hit the ground. “NOOO! Obi-Wan!” Origami Luke yelled. “Mwahahaha!!!” DP Supreme cackled. “You may have struck me down, but, I will return more powerful than you could ever imagine.” ObiWan said. Dwight picked up Obi-Wan and ran away into the bathroom. He didn’t come out for like twenty minutes. But, when he came out, he was holding a new puppet: Origami Ghost of Obi-Wan! Everyone cheered… Everyone except Harvey…

  1. origami_master53

    Short but good!!!

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