Origami Durge Vs. The Mandalorians


By: Origami_Master53

Chapter 1: The Letter Comes In

By: Luke


Hey guys, it’s me Luke, and today something strange happened! This was at my school Drocktorion Middle School and this kid named Micah brought in this weird piece of paper today to star wars club and everyone asked what it was. He said it was supposed to be Yoda from Star Wars! Later that day I asked him if Yoda could answer questions. He said banana, and then his arm shot up at least 10 miles per hour! I got scared because I have never seen him do anything like that before. But it gets even more scary because yoda started to say stuff. Micah was talking for Yoda but it sounded like Yoda took control of Micah’s body and now was talking! 

Yoda said “Ask questions you can answer them I will, hrrrmmm.”

So I asked Yoda if there was anyway he can make me better at meditation, but he said “Find a happy place you must and stay. If you stay there then learn the true meaning of meditation you will, hrmm.”

“Oooookkkkkkk!!!” I said.

“I am going to leave now! Leave now you do but back again you will be, hrrmm!!!”

But he was right. I was back again and this is the reason why: I was in gym class and I failed hitting the ball the whole time. I got so mad but then I remembered Yoda’s advice and sat down and started to meditate and got calm again. So I thanked Yoda but Micah tried to walk away.

I was so happy I soon hit the ball!

Nathan’s comment: HA!! This advice is baloney, anyone could have told you that, Luke! But why did you sit on the gym floor in class? That was just embarrassing!!!

Luke’s comment: Oh ya, I forgot to explain Nathan…

Chapter 2: Nathan

By: Luke

So last chapter I forgot to explain who Nathan is. He is the “kinda bully” who teases us and just cuts us down! But, he knows my locker combo so he can get to the case file and steal the case file so he can write his stupid comments in it! But I know what you’re thinking, “why don’t you just erase his comments?” It’s not that simple. He wrote his comments in with a blue pen!!! This next story happened to my friend Colton.

Nathan’s comment: I am not a kinda bully, I am your Supreme Ruler hahahahaha!! Now bow down to [The rest of this comment has been deleted]

Luke’s comment: Oh boy, here we go again!!

Chapter 3: The Hallway Rush

By: Colton

Ok, I just got to school when the five minute bell rang!= I ran to my locker which is on the second floor. I opened my locker just as the one minute bell rang so I grabbed all my stuff and sprinted. Micah stopped me though and his hand flung up again with Yoda on it. 

Yoda/Micah said, “Slow down you must, trouble you want then keep running.”

So I listened to Micah and walked but instead I made it to class ten seconds late and got in trouble. I realize now that when my teacher was talking to me about being late Micah ran into the room one minute late. I was about to say something when I got shushed.

Nathan’s comment: I would have ran because I would be sent to the principal’s office and then get a hall pass.

Luke’s comment: For once Nathan is right! That idea was smarter and this proves that Yoda’s advice may not be the best.

Chapter 4: The Rise of Origami Durge


Today we were in our grades hallway and Nathan appeared. He had something in his hand. I looked closer and it was an origami Durge! I ran over to him and he shoved me away. Actually, he shoved all of us away! He was going for Micah. Nathan grabbed him and ran off! We could not find them! But as Nathan ran with Micah, Durge said “I will get you all!!!”

Nathan’s comment: I will!!

Luke’s comment: I will have to make an army! A Mandalorian army.

Chapter 5: The Gathering

 By: Luke

Ok, so today is Friday, and this weekend I called Colton, my friend Carter and Lucas to my house for a sleepover. When all of them got there I told them about my plan. The plan was to make an origami Mandalorian army to fight Nathan! We started by calling Micah over and then we made my Mandalorian which is THE Mandalorian! Then we made Pre Vizsla for Colton, and Jango and Boba Fett for Lucas and Carter. This is when we start to grow our army with all the kids that don’t like Nathan.

Chapter 6: The First Battle

By: Lucas

Luke had to leave after the battle and he told me to write it down. Um, this is it. At the beginning we saw Nathan at Star Wars club and he stuck up Durge (still super cool!) and Luke took out the Mandalorian and they started to argue. Nathan was winning the argument so Colton also took out Pre Vizsla and he started to help Luke. Nathan grabbed both Pre Vizsla and the Mandalorian from them both!

So I stepped in. Jango could not stand a chance, so when Carter tried to help with Boba he took all of them! Luke got so mad he punched Nathan in the face right as the teacher came in. We got our origami back but Luke was suspended for the rest of the week, and it’s only Tuesday!

Chapter 7: The Office and Suspension

By: Luke

After I was suspended I wrote this down. The teacher took me right to the office. I sat in the chair which is surprisingly really comfy, so that calmed me down. I think they’re supposed to put you at ease, but when I got in…that’s a different story!

I got in the principal’s office and got screamed at! When I heard I was suspended I thought that was good, because I could make more origami Mandalorians, but when my Mom got there she said NO!!!!!!! So, that’s where I was the rest of the week. No TV, no origami, and no VIDEO GAMES! Help me guys, you’re my only hope!!!

Nathan’s comment: I liked that you were suspended!

Luke’s comment: In this next story I wish I did not punch Nathan!

Chapter 8: The Traumatic Loss

By: Carter

Today, Nathan was waiting for us and he had Durge. He made us get into all sorts of trouble today. After school was the worst of it. Lucas had to use the bathroom, so when he went, which was ten minutes long, we sent Colton to check on him, but when Colton did not come back I went, and Nathan was there with Lucas and Colton all tied up! I threw him outside and locked the door. After I untied Lucas and Colton we decided to play a trap. We unlocked the door and heard him running at the door. We opened it after we got the floor in front of the door all wet. Once he slid on the floor we would get out. It worked!

Chapter 9: The Second Battle!

By: Luke

The second battle was lost. He kicked us, then threw us into the wall! We just could not beat him. But, we did rip Durge a tiny bit. If on the next battle we rip him more we could win the fold wars! We only have one chance at this; we need to win!

Chapter 10 The Final Battle!!!

By: The Mandalorian army

Today was the final battle. It was hard and we suffered great losses, but we won and this is the story. It started like regular, in Star Wars Club. But this one was different. Luke: Remember the plan.
Colton: Yep!
Lucas: I do also!
Carter: I will never forget it!
Luke: Ok. Here he comes!

When Nathan came, the group was ready! They all stuck up their origami, and then Nathan took out Durge and the battle began. It was hard. Nathan first ripped Jango Fett, Then he ripped Boba Fett! Actually, he ripped all of them but mine. But then he came for me. I could only do one thing and that was to reach out and grab Durge. So I did and it worked! I just reached out and grabbed Durge, then ripped it in half. That was the end of the Fold Wars!

The End!!!

  1. Grand Master Skywalker

    Strange…but a cute story. I liked it!

  2. Actually? Yeah, actually. Yea

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