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Chapter One

  By Peter

“Hey everyone!” I greeted the team. “Today, we are getting our first leader since- Richy.” It was hard to say the last part.

“I would, proudly, like to welcome Jonathan Yen, AKA Kid Fold!” I yelled, outside of Lampert. All of us transferred there after we graduated eighth grade! It was hard when the team broke up but we all had our reasons, especially Richy. 

Here is what REALLY happened that day. It was two weeks before Christmas and we all were excited! We all wanted to get Teen Titans GO! stuff as presents! But then we found out that a bully was trying to mess up the Holiday concert! So Richy made a plan.

“Ok, Team. We will be standing on the right side of the stage, then we will start closing in on the bully who would most likely be on the left side by the electrical side!” 

We all got into position but when the plan started the lights went out! It was complete chaos! We later found out that the electrical was on the RIGHT side! 

After Christmas break which was after the day Richy changed- He- How can I put this? He- suffered a big loss. I guess he wasn’t up to being happy. I get that. You know that emotion when something tragic happens and that person is sad for a while? It was like that. But we stuck with him and he was grateful about that. After about a month of grieving he started acting reguler. Which for some reason seemed out of ordinary he was acting like we were still in fifth grade for some reason! I confronted him and this was the conversation.

“Hey… Richy?” I started saying, “The team and I started talking and we don’t like that you treat us like fifth graders and you are acting WAAAAAY to silly. Maybe grow up a bit?” I ended.


“Richy! WE WANT YOU TO BE LIKE YOU WERE BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK!” I started yelling “We have one month before graduation and going to Lampert…” I got cut off.

“Why do I have to go with you guys to Lampert?” He replied.

“Because we are a team and teams stick together.” I said.

“Maybe I don’t want to be on a team with you losers! I QUIT!” After he yelled that he stormed off… 

Chapter Two

By Richy

I was the sidekick of BatFold! Why did I throw it all away? 

It all started when my Dad died the day after Christmas- that type of thing makes you sad for a while. I tried acting like I was normal, I thought it worked for a while but they confronted me and I cracked. I quit the team. I wanted to rejoin but I was afraid that if I told them about my Dad they would act nicer than they really wanted to! 

I then went to Alan Wade trying to become his new ‘OriRobin’. I got it changed in case you didn’t know that by now. I kept thinking about what my Dad would want, always putting it in the far back corner of my head. 

I went and started waiting in line. I kept waiting for about an hour before I got the job and I thought it was going to be good! I thought we would be a good team but that flopped! EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE FLOPPED!

Chapter Three

By Sara

My family is saying that I might move back to Icona because my Father might get a teaching job at the high school there. But first we are taking a vacation to see the school, and the houses for sale. We went into the hotel room and started watching TV. Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans is on in two hours. Huh, they’re having a marathon on for Teen Titans (The original) I started watching and actually thought it was better than Teen Titans: GO! A commercial went on for the movie showing TT:G! It started reminding me of Richy and us. I wonder what happened during that Christmas break to make him act so…so- kiddish.

“I got the job!” My Father yells.

“What, really?” My mother screamed in excitement.

“Great job, dad.” My older sister said.

“I-I-I-” I started saying.

“Ok. So everyone knows what that means right!?” My Father continues. “We’re moving here!” Those might’ve just been the worst words I have ever heard. Everyone, I hope Richy gets better. And to see you all soon.



Chapter Four

By Richy

Ok. I started by sneaking into Lampert because you know I guess it is allowed or something. Not like it’s hard, I mean, a lot of people did this over a fight at a locker. Just to get this straight, people from the weird prep school Donner walked into Kane and didn’t get in trouble! 

I will deal with them next. (Just so you know I may want to get revenge but I’m not savage. I will go after every kid that is in Kane that SHOULDN’T be in Kane) The plan starts like this: I walk inside like nothing is happening then start spying on them. This plan consists of four parts. This- This is only part One. I snuck over to Eric’s locker and opened it. It was weird because for some reason his locker had no lock! I guess that makes sense because he is so weird. I put his worst fear in the locker. Spiders. Plastic Spiders. Just imagine it as a flower. The spiders are the- never mind not a good example. I know that Eric hates spiders so that’s why I did that. Oh and just so you know I hacked into the doc they have with some help. Now I can secretly add my stuff in and they don’t even know until I let them!

Chapter Five

By Eric

Hey, everyone! So something UN-rad just happened. So I was talking to the TT:Fs AWESOME new leader Jonathan when I realized I forgot my book in my locker. My locker was on the other side of the school and I had three minutes. I booked it, no pun intended, and when I got there I opened it to a disgusting surprise! 

I screamed as tons of spiders came flying out! I realized they were plastic and slowly started to calm down. I grabbed my book and ran to class. I wonder who put those spiders in my locker but it doesn’t matter. I got home and checked my emails and had one from Sara! I read it and my mood dropped even worse. SHE WAS MOVING! If Richy found out he would be devastated but I don’t care about him anymore. We have stuck with him since seventh grade and he yells at us because we want to go to a different school! But I did like getting paid for defeating bullies. Jonathan says heroes don’t need to be paid…

Chapter Six

By Richy

I went after Peter next; I know he always has a camera in his lockers so if someone went to steal from him it would be on camera, so I made a spitball and right before he closed his locker I shot it right at the miniature camera so it would stop recording. After he left I snuck up and hacked his high tech lock and got in I took all of his stuff and put it in Eric’s locker so he would get blamed for stealing Peter’s stuff. Lets see what Peter thinks, shall we? After that, I went over to him.

“Hey, Peter,” I greeted him.

“Richy? What are you doing here?” he replied.

“I decided to come visit you guys. I learned the error of my ways,” I lied.

“R-Really? Well now that I think about it- I could use some help,” Peter said.

“Really? What is it?! I would use some detective skills to help,” I was actually starting to get happy again. It was like something I haven’t felt since the time my father died. I felt like I had a friend. 

“Well… Ok!” He replied

“Ok, so they had to know that you keep a camera in your locker. So that means one of the teammates. So it could be Eric, Sara, or Jamie.” I started. 

“Actually Sara is moving to Icona again.” Peter interrupts.

“Oh,” I felt a little sad, “Well, I don’t think Jamie would do it and I remember before I was fired, Eric was mad at you for stealing his Orange Juice. So… Eric is probably going to get revenge on you for doing that!” I finished.

“W-W-Wow Richy! Why did we ever fire you!?” Peter exclaimed. We then went to Eric’s locker and opened it and all the stuff I PLANTED there was still in it. Peter and Eric got in a HUGE argument about it. I’m almost done with my revenge…

Chapter Seven

By Richy

It started off going up to Jamie’s locker and I put her worst fear in it; pink stuffed animals. I opened her locker and put glue on the back of each stuffed animal. I then stuck it in and let them dry. It was the hardest part yet because it needed to dry for one class period. I left right after and now read what she just put:

Chapter Eight

By Jamie

I was walking back to my locker after the school day, obviously I brought my backpack to every class! But anyways I got to my locker opened it the pinkest grossest surprise I EVER GOT! It was pink stuffed animals all over the inside of my locker! I tried taking them off but they were glued onto the walls! I thought it was Eric playing a prank on me but when I searched his locker for glue I saw nothing! I asked Jonathan for help and he said he will track the person down. It has been one week since then and absolutely nothing has happened! Jonathan is saying nothing and I still can’t get rid of the animals! HELP ME! (No, really, help me. I hate it.)

Chapter Nine

By Jonathan 

I was asked by Jamie to track down the person responsible for covering her locker with pink stuffed animals. I asked the principal to let me look at the cameras and because I stopped the Pleatster I was allowed to! I saw someone in a red hoodie go over to her locker and glue the animals in. I then checked the live feed and saw them at MY locker! 

I ran over to my locker and got punched right in the nose. Immediately blood started coming out. I was told by them (Who had a strangely deep voice) not tell Jamie who did this and if I did I would regret it. I replied to that by saying ‘bet’ and got punched in the face again! So Jamie, if you read this, I am so sorry.

Chapter Ten

By Richy

I was walking outside the school when the old team ran up to me.

“Richy! We need your help! Someone keeps doing mean pranks on us!” Peter yells.

“Ok,” I asked, “What’s in it for me?” 

“We might consider letting you back in the team!” Peter screams once more.

“Fine- I’ll help.” I start saying.

“Thanks!” They all say. We started walking around when I opened a Janitor closet and pushed them in. I said this:

“Sorry guys but you will understand soon. I will tell Jonathan where you guys are,” I say locking the door. I taped an envelope on Jonathan’s locker saying this:

“Hey Kid Fold. your team is trapped in the Janitor Closet. Here is the key. Go get them!”

I then downloaded this file on a USB and gave it to Alan Wade. My path of anger is over. I’ve calmed down and maybe if Alan lets me rejoin him as Robin-agami, I will talk things out.

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  1. Origami donitello

    This story is STOOKY!!! the teen titans fold were one of the first stories i read on this site and i likes how its now really in the dcou(since it didnt take place near kane in ttf 1 and 2)

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