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By Harper

Ah, Rapids monthly assemblies, it’s not like I love them, but anything to get out of class I’m in.

“Now, many of you may have heard of the recent events of last month… including the sixth grade hallway being rediscovered.“ said Principal Daniel.

“YES!” Half of the students shouted.

“Well that hallway will be permanently blocked off. I WILL NOT see ANY of you looking for it” Said the principal, “Am I clear?”

Half of the students nodded. Some just looked at their phones and played Among Us or something. I heard some kid folded an origami crewmate. A freaking Origami Crewmate, dude.

“On a happier note, student Doyle Ken is here to talk about a new club that I and the school board have approved.” He hands the microphone to Doyle, a short Eighth grader. I have to admit, I’m not all that excited. Usually the clubs they make are boring stuff like “The knitting club”, “The My little pony discussion group”… you get the point.

“Have any of you played Pokemon?”

I instantly look up. I always liked Pokemon, ever since my uncle gave me his old cards. I watched the TV show, good times…

“You may have heard of the origami craze. Students such as Linkin Roades have folded origami pieces. With the approval of the school board, I can start an official club centered around these unique pieces. Each student who wants to join must fold themselves as an origami pokemon trainer and an origami pokemon to follow.” Doyle hands the microphone to the principal.

“Thank you very much, any students wishing to join, please go visit the art room after school!” Says the Principal. 

“I would also like to include that Wednesday’s lunch choice has been changed from tacos to nachos” some students groaned, some screamed. After school, I immediately went to the Art room.

“Hello, who do we have we here?” Said a voice.

“My name is Harper.”

“Ok,“ Says Doyle, “Welcome to the Papermon training group!” Says the puppet on his finger.

“Um, Doyle, what’s on your finger?” 

“Profolder Oak, of course.”

“Oh… Uh, so could I fold an origami me?” I ask.

“Well, sense you’re the first member of the Papermon training club, you can fold any master or just yourself.”

“Okay… Could you fold one?” I ask.

“No you have to fold your own, otherwise it’s trash to you.”

“Ok, that’s a bit harsh.” I mutter.

“Here, take this.” He hands me white copy paper. “Fold an Origami Pokemon Master!” He demands.

“Is Ash okay?”

“He’s better than ok!” Says Doyle with a big grin on his face

Ash Creaseum 

By Harper

Doyle teaches me how to fold a basic puppet. Just fold the sides in, and fold the top down.

“Now we must go more into detail. You wanted Ash, right?” Doyle asked me.


“Add details such as his hat or Pikachu himself!” 

Doyle then teaches me how to fold a hat and I have myself a puppet.

“Thanks, man.” I say, looking at Ash. 

“Oh, and here’s this.” He hands me a smaller piece of yellow folded paper.

“Heres Pika-glue” Doyle says.

“Oh, thanks.” I murmur while taping him to Ash Creaseum 

“One more thing… since you are the first in a long line of Papermon trainers, you must convince others to join.” Says Doyle, looking me in the eyes.

“Is this a cult or something?” I joke.

“What? No.” Says Doyle, clearly not getting the joke.

“Ok, well, thanks for helping me.”

“No problem.” says Profolder Oak.

Team Rip-It

By Will (Harper’s friend)

So um, hey… Harper wanted me to write in his casefile thing so uh… hey! I’m Will, Harper’s friend. Ok… lets go! Cringy opening out of the way. Anyway, we were playing Pokemon on our Nintendo 3DS’ (Errr we kept ours) when two kids come up to us, one boy and one girl.

“Hey Harper, I heard you folded origami Ash!” Says the girl. 

“Can I see him?“ Asked the boy. 

“Yeah, sure.” Harper says while taking out his origami Ash and his “Pika-glue”

The boy snatches the Pika-glue and takes out a puppet of his own character, James from Team rocket!

“Hope you don’t mind if I take this…” He then takes out a sticky note with a huge HR written on it.

The girl takes out a puppet of her own Jessie from team Rocket.

“Call us team rip-it!” Shouts the girl.

“Aw, crap…” Harper muttered.

“What’s wrong, man, just fold another! Ask Doyle for one.” I said.

“HE WON’T FOLD ANOTHER IF HE KNOWS I GOT MUGGED BECAUSE OF IT!” Harper yelled. He shoves his Nintendo 3DS in his pocket and gets up.

“Look, I’m sorry for yelling. I gotta go.” Says Harper as he starts walking.

Paper’mon (again)

By Harper 

Those jerks… Team Rip-It… stole my Pika-glue. Like, what the heck? Now I have to beg for a new one or just get kicked out. After school I walked towards the art room…again.When I walked in, I saw Doyle helping another kid fold a origami Snorlax. 

“Hey man, we’ve got almost twenty kids to join! Isn’t that awesome?!” Doyle said.

“Someone stole Pika-glue!” I shout.

“Wait, what?!” says Doyle,worried.

“Yeah, these kids they call themselves Team rip-it.” I yell, also worried.

Doyle looks scared for a minute before he finally talks.

“What?” I say.

2017 Team Rip-it (Again can we come up with chapter names?Apparently not)

By Doyle

This isn’t the first time someone made a team Rip-it. Our tale takes place in 2017… Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 had just come out. I was walking home from school one day when a Origami Ash came flying out the window and I picked it up. I walked around school with him until one day two kids stole him and tore him to shreds and put him in my locker with a sticky note with a R on it. That wasn’t the end… they Ripped ALL my origami I ever made. It made me quit origami. I thought they went away or moved on to high school or something, but when I opened The Paper’mon training club… boy, was I wrong. Harper said they stole Pika-glue and if they stole him, we know what this means.


By Doyle 

I told Harper about Team Rip-it and he looked worried 

“How come you didn’t tell me about this!” Harper shouted. 

“I didn’t think I had to! Boy… was I wrong…” I muttered.

“We have to track them down and get Pika-glue back!” Harper said.

“I know, I know.” I said. 

“Where do we start?” 

“We have to find them.” I said, “And I know how….”

I made a plan: Fold an origami pokemon and go to lunch with it, let Team Rip-it steal it and follow them. We decided to use a origami Magicarp or as we called him Magi-pleat (I know… not the best pun) We would use Harpers friend Will (He agreed).When we folded Magi-Pleat, we went to lunch.

“Ok… so be waving him around…” I whispered to Will.

“Ok ,Got it.” Will muttered to me.

As expected, two kids came up to us, but not the same ones from 2017.

“Um, hi can I have a look at your puppet?” asked the girl.

I nodded at Will and he gave her the puppet. She snatched it and ran off with her origami Jessie and the boy pulled out origami James. All three of us got up and ran.They kept running, not noticing us before they finally stopped and went into a classroom. We followed and went in

“Another to add to the collection…” the boy muttered while throwing Magi-pleat into a box.

“STOP RIGHT THERE” Harper shouted at them.

“Who do we have here…” The girl said.

“Who are you?!” I screamed.

“I’m Sam.“ Said the boy.

“And I’m Isabella.” Said the girl.

“Here, Will.” Said Sam, handing Will a puppet of Meowth.

“What?!” Harper said.

“I’m sorry, Harper… They offered me a spot on their team as OrigMeowth.” Said Will.

“Oh, ever heard of this thing? It’s called No.” Harper yelled at Will.

“YOU SHUT UP!” Shouted Will.

“We will after you shut up,” I said.

Will locked the doors and grabbed Profolder Oak.

“We don’t need this? Will we?” Said Will, tossing him in the same box Magi-pleat was in.

“What happened to the other team Rip-it? They sure were better than you!” I shouted.

“They hired us to steal all of your dumb puppets!” Will said.

Will then made a wild grab at Harper’s Ash Creasum but Harper pushed Will.

“BACK OFF!” shouted Harper.

Paper’mon Brawl

By Harper

Will betrayed me! He’s been a spy for Team Rip-it the whole time. Anyway, after he tried to grab my Ash I backed away, making him fall and I pulled out Ash Creasum.

“Team Rip-it! Stand down!” Yelled Ash Creaseem… or maybe I did. I couldn’t tell.

“YOU’RE PATHETIC!” Shouted Origami James on Sam’s finger.

“Yeah? So what?” Said Ash Creasum.

I made a grab for the box all the origami was in but Isabella grabbed it from me.

“No thank you.” said Origami Jessie.

She kicked me and opened the door to escape with the origami.

“Where are you going?” Said a kid with a origami Charzard on his finger.

“Yeah! Where are you going?” Said another kid with a origami Bulbasaur. 

“Uh…” Said Isabella.

“Get the box!” I shouted.

Just then the Bulbasaur kid snatched the box and tossed it at me. 

“THANKS!” I shouted.

“Get back here!” Shouted Will.

“No thanks, I’m good.’’ I shouted back.

“YOU’LL REGRET THIS!” Shouted all three Team Rip-it members.


By Harper

After the encounter with Team Rip-it, Doyle said he started getting notes in his locker from the Original Team Rip-it ones like:

You’re safe for now. Our employers will destroy Profolder Oak.

– From The original Team Rip-it

As for Will? He hasn’t changed; he’s still a part of team Rip-it… I’ll be right back, Doyle just texted me:

Doyle: Dude, I closed down Paper’mon. I didn’t know all this would happen 

Me:Wait, what! Why?

Doyle: Team Rip-it. 

Me: NO please don’t!

Me: Doyle are you still here?

Me: Doyle, answer me!

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