Episode I: The Rise of Jango Fortune

The Rise of Jango Fortune

By SuperFolder CJ

  1. yes……..sadly,tommy is darth paper,and Kellen is……..COUNT DOOKU

  2. AND………..me

  3. So Tommy dumps Sara OMG

  4. Duhhh

  5. Post it on oY.com

  6. Hello????????

  7. Garrett BURNETT

    How do you read an EU

  8. Hey where’s JC on the website nowadays?
    Anyway this is a good story.

    #DinosAreLit #JurassicWorld2 #LifeFindsAWay 🦖🦕

  9. SF MasterSkywalker

    Hey, guys! Back with the old name for this story!

  10. SF MasterSkywalker

    The Rise of Jango Fortune: The Unofficial Remake
    By SF MasterSkywalker

    Chapter 1: The Newbie
    By Tommy

    DAY 1: MONDAY.
    FunTime is defeated! It’s gone forever…though we only have one week of school left. Heh. Looks like we banished FunTime from this school a little too late in the school year. At least we have our electives back and took our field trip.
    Today me and Kellen were sitting down at lunch when this kid, who introduced himself as Tony, came up to us.
    “Hi,” he said. “Name’s Tony. Er…I’m not the most popular kid in school. Can I sit with you two? No one else wants to sit with me.”
    “Sure, dude.”
    Tony sat down at our table. He pulled out an origami Jango Fett. “I heard Star Wars origami’s popular here. I made an origami Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones. His name’s Jango Fortune. He’s a fortune teller.” Tony’s Jango Fortune was almost as big as Sara’s Fortune Wookiee.
    “You can get your fortune told for only…say…one dime,” Tony said. “Deal,” Kellen said. Jango Fortune’s fortune for Kellen said: “You will get a tasty treat later due to plain luck.” Later that day, Kellen told me he got a free ice cream cone from the local ice cream stand because he was their 100th customer!
    But later today, calamity happened! Tony and Jango were talking to that guy, Zack Martin! Here’s what I overheard of their conversation:
    “Gimme mah fortune NOW, you little [bleep.]”
    “Woah, mah! There is no need for this language. Jango says…you will humiliate a kid named—”
    And then I got cut off. I didn’t hear what the kid’s name was. But guess who it was. It was ME! Near the end of the day, Zack and Tony humiliated me in the hallway in front of everyone, and Harvey was laughing like crazy! I have a bad feeling about this kid already…
    Energy left: 90%

    Chapter 2: The Gym Accident
    By Mike

    Hi, this is Mike. Today in gym, something bad happened to me by accident, and I got humiliated like Tommy…thanks to Tony and his little Jango thingie. At gym class I heard Tony say, “Step right up, ladies and gentleman! Get your fortune told by the amazing Jango Fortune, 100% much more reliable than that Yoda puppet and that Fortune Cookiee thingie or whatever it’s really called. Only for five dollars, everybody! C’mon, don’t be shy!”
    Tommy said, “Wait, last time it was only a dime! What happened to that, man?!”
    “Ah…let’s just say…well…I have more customers now.”
    Harvey came from behind Tony and paid him the expected five dollars. Harvey’s fortune was: “Your fortune is…the misfortune…of another.”
    And that person was me. During gym class, we played dodge-ball. Tater Tot mistook me for a ball at one point and slammed me across the gym. I got a blood nose, and Harvey and Tony were laughing like crazy!
    “Are you okay, little dude?” Tater Tot said to me.
    “Kinda..,” I said back to him. I then fainted.

    Chapter 3: Kellen And The Embarrassing Song (not stain XD)
    By Kellen

    Um…this is…uh…Kellen and…uh…his…ummm…..recording…uh…thingie. Can you…um…erase all those “um”s and “uh”s?
    So today in English class, Tony convinced me to reluctantly have my fortune told by Jango. Here was my fortune:
    “A trusted friend will accidentally bring up an embarrassing thing from…the past.”
    RIIIGHT after that, Dwight accidentally turned the projector on, and it played an embarrassing video from a few years ago of me signing a song for Rhondella! Oh gosh…
    “Oh Rhondella!” past me said. “I think you’re swell-a! Let’s go on a date to Taco Bell-a! I heard the burritos there are real great-a! Let’s go to the pet store, get some pet turtles, and catch some salmonella!”
    Harvey’s comment: Tony was right when he said I’d laugh abundantly today! Also, on a serious note, I have to talk to Yoda and Dwight about this tomorrow at school! It’s getting real serious! And the week is almost over the day after tomorrow. I better hurry…there’s not much time left…

    Chapter 4: Confronting Him
    By Amy

    Today me, Tommy, Lance, Kellen, Sara, an embarrassed Rhondella, and Mike confronted Tony and Jango. But guess who was with him. That’s right…Zack Martin! And that other meanie who Kellen once saw making out with Rhondella, John Oxley!
    “Ah, So this is the famous Amy,” Tony said. “Much more pretty than in your friend Kellen Campbell’s insolent drawings.” He tried to kiss my hand, but I pulled away just in time!
    “Ah, a feisty one, she is,” Tony said. He went to John Oxley and said, “I like her.” John Oxley nodded at his boss. I can’t believe it! Harvey and Darth Paper and the Edu-Fun Empire may have been something, but this is…going too far! Tony is the only enemy of ours who has successfully teamed up and made allies with the nostrul bullies here like Zack and John! And the only one to publicly humiliate more than one of us using only his puppet in one hand and an iron fist in his other hand.
    Right after Tony said, “I liked her,” Lance went up to Tony and gave him a big ol’ wedgie. Tony tried to punch Lance after that, but Lance throwed Tony into an open locker and tried to stuff him in there, probably hurting Tony a lot. “It’s the only way,” Lance said.
    Tony started laughing to Lance, opened the locker door, and said, “Yes. Anger. It fuels you, Lance. You have power with it. Join me and Jango. We can rule this school together! Me, you, and Jango! I can imagine it now…”
    “Never!” Lance said back to him.
    “Have it your way. Boys! Kick him out of school!” Tony said smugly.
    “What? No you can’t! Pff! John Oxley and Zack Martin aren’t teachers!”
    “No. Literally.”
    “Wait, What?”
    John Oxley picked up Lance by the head, kicked the school doors opened, and kicked him out of the school. Literally.
    “Poor Lan-Lan,” Amy said.
    Just right after that, Tony, Jango, John, and Zack left, and Harvey and Dwight arrived. Harvey said, “Yoda has a way to win this!”
    Tommy said, “What?! He does?!? Tell us, Yoda!”
    Yoda said, “Meet after school, we must. After that, only one more day left, there will be. The time is ticking.”

    Chapter 5: Lance, What Have You Done?!
    By Lance

    So, later that day, I’d been thinking about what Tony said earlier today. To be fair, Amy was one of the main reasons I joined the Origami Rebel Alliance, not FunTime (though Gizmo was pretty annoying). I mean, I love Amy and all, but she had gotten me in trouble several times before with Rabbski just so she should tell Rabbski about her math calculations about FunTime. Those little calculations. Those puny little calculations. Those puny little [bleeping] calculations!!!!! I’ve decided ONE thing and ONE thing only: Tony is kinda right! In fact, he IS totally right! Amy has been using me just to show the principal her insolent math work!
    Today, after I realized Tony was right all along, I quickly ran up to the phone in my house and called Tony.
    “Hey, Tony, this is Lance here,” I said. “I accept your offer now. For…well…obvious reasons.”
    “Finally realized she was using you just to show Rabbski her puny little math work back when FunTime still reigned?”
    “How do you know about that?”
    “I didn’t know about it. Jango did. He knows all. He’s a fortune teller, of course. That’s why.”
    “Oh, right.”
    Harvey’s comment: 😬
    Tommy’s comment: Same.
    Amy’s comment: WHAT

    Chapter 6: The End Of Tony’s Reign!
    By Tommy

    These last few days have been full of humiliation, betrayal, and much, much more, all thanks to me and Kellen letting Tony into our lives that fateful Monday earlier this week! So today all of us—even people who haven’t been involved in this Jango Fortune business, like Murky or James Suervo Jr.—confronted Tony, Jango, and Lance!
    “Hello there, friend,” Tony said to me.
    “I’m not your friend! Not anymore! Why are you doing all this? At first I thought you really were an innocent new kid to the school who just wanted to make a few friends!”
    “Ah…well…seems I haven’t told you my story…,” Tony said. “My father divorced my mother when I was only five years old. And then my mother died when I was only ten. Two years ago when I was still ten, I moved in with my guardian…she was mean. I know what life truly is. It’s hard, tough, and cruel. That’s why I’m doing all this. To get rid of my pain, I must inflict pain on others. It puts a smile on my face.”
    “You…you little monster,” I said. Lance then went all kamikaze on Tony, took out an origami Boba Fett, gave Tony a big painful-looking paper cut with the Boba Fett puppet, and slammed Tony onto the floor. Tony then ran away, with a shredded Jango Fortune in Lance’s hands.
    As we started celebrating, we didn’t notice a boy crmavling to the ground behind us, putting the origami Boba Fett on his finger. He said,
    “Well…it’s a pleasure to meet a Jedi.”

  11. SF MasterSkywalker

    Noah plz approve my Rise of Jango Fortune remake. 😑
    Anyways, critique is allowed. This is gonna be the type of writing style you’re gonna see in OrgiVdnom. Like what you see?

  12. Joeiswatcher

  13. Review: Solid Story. For the beginnings of some of the best stories i’ll ever read, even with its rushed incidents and nEw AnD iMpRoVeD DIGIPEN, it’s still pretty good. 7.5/10

  14. Grand Master Skywalker

    The beginning…and the end.

  15. MmM TaStY TrEaTz!

  16. nice.

  17. The very beginning. Nice.

  18. Origami donitello

    im probbly the first person here in a while

  19. it was a great book but more like a short story so if you think about it the plot isn’t like all of the other books it took 3 days for them to defeat the bad guy but it usually takes week in some cases months

    • You’re right! This was one of the first stories we had written! In SFC’s ten year history we’ve learned a lot about pacing, and you’ll find some of that learning out to good use in the Marvel Origami Universe and the recently concluded DC Origami Universe. I’d give those a read if you’re looking for some good storytelling.

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