Justice Pleats Dark

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By Superfolder Hades


By: “The Phantom Stranger” 

To understand the collected file before you, you must first understand the somewhat recent happenings at Kane, Donner, and Lampert High,as well as possibly many other schools, across the states, and rumor has it of one in Tokyo.

I refer to it as “The Origameme” no, not as in an origami meme. Well, yes I do mean an origami meme but not as in an actual… meme. To paraphrase the Oxford Dictionary, a meme is anything that spreads through non biological means. Architecture is a meme. Fashion is a meme. The Origameme is a term coined by me to describe the odd phenomenon of children, typically over the age of eleven and below the age of seventeen, folding finger puppets of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Video Games; you name it, characters. Through all of these it inspires the idea that students can strive to be more than they already are, that they can become their characters, in a metaphorical sense. 

I have managed to get my hands on a document detailing one such instance. The case file that you hold in your hands, currently. The Justice Pleats Dark Case File, is about an entire team, and how one girl’s selfishness can almost tear it apart. 

I feel as if I must also state why I chose this name, minus the obviousness of the comic book character. 

I am not a Presence who is always at the scene, oh lords no. I’m not a Source who knows all, just as I am not a Voice who speaks far too loudly. I’m not a hand who always intervenes, either. I watch what I can, intervene when necessary, speak when I must speak up and be a source for your knowledge. 

And now I bring you the glorious, yet slightly embellished tales of THE JUSTICE PLEATS DARK


Dawn of Nick Necronigami 

By: Charlotte Levaire 

Anger. Hatred. That’s how I felt as my Instagram blew up with messages about you being an all around jerk to me, in secret. Ms. Carter, I get it. You weren’t my friend, you took advantage of me. I saw that video and I finally understood it. Since then, well, I’ve met someone. No, not a girlfriend or a boyfriend, for that matter, but a friend. A benefactor and he gave me something I never thought I’d get. An army. This school, Theresa, needs better heroes. Not heroes who are so easily defeated like the Justice Pleats. She convinced me of that. She gave me a puppet too, a puppet who is the master of the mystics, warlock of the warlords, killer of the killed. 

I take it that you’ve stolen Alex’s diary. Such an in-character thing to do, if I do say so myself. You betray, of course you do. Alex, oh how heartbroken he was, moping and whining about Vietch. Vietch broke up with him for a reason, I suppose. 

As a matter of fact, he was so annoying that I, someone who never met him prior to this, had heard him, from one school away, how pathetic. 

You used him. You stole “Dr. Plate’s” diary. 

You stole the diary of a boy who is grieving from loss. For what, huh? You know that Dr. Plate has access to the three schools’ greatest secrets so of course you go on and take where he logs it down. How… evil of you. I’m leaving our girl scouts group. This is the last straw, Theresa. I’m going to get that diary back, and while I’m at it, I think I’ll use it against you. You will regret that you had ever messed with CHARLOTTE LEVAIRE, THE WIELDER OF NICK NECRONIGAMI.

I might mention my army too, well, army is a strong, strong, word.  Trevin Morgan, the hulking brute who owns the one and now only Chocolate Heart of Darkness, or as he is known as, THE ORIGECLIPSO

Judah Yurkunas, the leader of my army and the first of this school’s new heroes, the new heroes being heroes who shall not fail and be beat so easily. He is ORIGETRIGAN, THE DEMONIGAMI. 

A young man, one who’s bounced around from boss to boss, one who wishes to be anonymous, one who seems to have a strange manipulation over others, one who plans to exit Lampert and go to Kane not with a Bang, but with a coo-coo, he is MR. BLOOMIGAMI. 

And Alex, if you read this, do not fret, I will get you your book after I am done defeating each hero of this school once and for all! Not Wonder Folder! Not just the Justice Pleats! Not the Folders of Tomorrow! ALL OF THESE SO CALLED “HEROES!” Cower in fear, Theresa Carter, because you’ll never know when I strike. You’ll never know where I am, when I’ll be where, or who I’ll be with. You’ll never see me coming but when I am, I promise you, you’ll wish I hadn’t. You fool. 

Theresa’s comment: Oh great. I’m done with Charlotte. This is terrible. I think it’s time to begin. My own team, the Justice Pleats Dark, will rise. We’ll do what the Justice Pleats could not. I’m already friends with Alex and Vietch, so they’re obvious choices and I’ve already met with Derrick, so um… like… go team, go. 

This team sucks 

By: Derrick Boston 

Theresa, you suck. Like really. I now know the truth. I know the truth Theresa, you took advantage of my memory loss. How could you do this? Back in 6th grade, what you did to Damien. You broke his heart. I guess I’m the idiot for thinking that having a team with me in it with some big Justice Pleats bigshot would ever work out. I hate you. I’ll never forget this Theresa. 

Dang, real team spirit

By: Theresa Carter

A.Please write longer chapters. We won’t be able to meet our quota if you don’t write longer chapters and B. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK DUDE? 

Ok, so me and Derrick were working in our makeshift lab, really just my room. No one was currently here because I was yet to actually invite anyone. I have no clue as to why I invited Derrick. Just felt right. So me and him were trying to pick the lock on Alex’s diary to find out ways to beat Charlotte, I get the moral implications of this and all but I simply just don’t care. 

We were close but we did, in fact, fail. Hard. We were in Derrick’s old garage when Charlotte just leaped in out of nowhere, practically kicking the door down, it was lucky to still be on its hinges. 

Charlotte yelled at me about how I’m literally human garbage and that I deserve to rot in a rather unkind place for all of eternity, y’know, the classic insults. I was not having it today. I hollered back. I forget what I called her but it must’ve been good because she stepped back and almost fell over. What an idiot, am I right? Then she put her arm on a table and propped herself back up.

She walked up to Derrick and whispered something in his ear that I can guarantee is a lie, likely about me and some boy in third grade, I have no clue, really. He stared at me. He kicked me in the legs, what a dirtwad move, hitting both a girl, and where she’s weak. I got back up and shouted at Derrick but he was having none of it. He got up and renounced me, called me a “no-good lying scoundrel.” Dude. This is not the nineteen seventies. I got on my phone.  I scrolled through my contacts. I called him, Vietch Jimenez. “It’s time. Gather that one girl, the one who works for Foldifer. Find Zatannagami.”

The Girl Who Made a Deal 

By: Vietch Jimenez. 

I went through Kane, good gosh, I already know how this works. I should stop worrying. It’s after school and due to this fact and Kane’s shotty after school system I have no doubt I can do this, I’ve talked with Foldy before, he’s a friend, after all, and none of the teacher’s caught me then. I knocked on the door. 

“It’s time.” I told him. He told his ‘bodyguards’ to leave. “Sorry darlings, but I suppose someone else needs a piece of me.” The brutes walked away, I suppose their two brain cells were trying to sense the sarcasm in that statement. “Vietch! I’d like to say it’s a pleasure to see you, at my school, outside my room, it’s not.” He looked at Theresa who was there, might I add. 

“Hello, I don’t believe we met. Foldifer. Foldifer Morningpleat.” Neil said, extending his hand. 

“Folider like… Lucifer. Lucifer Morningstar. What do you think you’re some kind of… deviligami?” Theresa asked. 

“Not exactly.” Neil Vanderlin replied. She peered at me, “How do you know this guy?” Theresa asked. Neil peered around and saw the miniature recorder sticking out of my pocket.

“That’s a story for another time… could you add like a wink in this transcription or something? That would be great, gorgeous. Anywho, So tell me darling, what is it exactly that you desire?” 

“I-I desire to form a team of people to protect the schools, a more successful version of Alan Wade’s team. I need one of your employees.” 

“Oooh, making friends! Why didn’t you tell me? Y’know, me and Vietch here know lots on that particular subject. Fine. I’ll let you into my deep dark horrifying lair. Consider us even, John Con-stan-pleat.” “Haha, It’s Constancrease.” 

“Oh, really? I don’t care. Good luck Vietch. This’ll be entertaining.” I tell ya, I love this bloke. 

I walked in and onto the stage. I saw a girl who was just stunning. I mean that in no romantic way, but just stunning is the only way I can put it. I watched her perform her magic tricks, a trick that I had tried to do once, but had failed all four times, and she surely entertained the guests but I have no clue if they liked the actual magic or not. Neil had given me the key to Ms. Eleanor’s backstage area, so I stood up, unlocked her door, and walked in. It was a shoddily built room inside of the room, like a high school student had built it. which Neil had. She was still dressed in her full magician’s outfit, looking like she wanted to and was about to change so I stepped out and relocked it. After about fifteen minutes I stepped back in. Eleanor now had tied her hair back and had a black sweater on and jeans, she had removed her makeup at a rate that would make even me jealous. 

“Look, you don’t know me.” I said to her. 

“You don’t say, do you?” She replied. 

“Look, I know of Zattanagami, I read your file, you’re busy and all but we need your help. If not, well then… sorry for the inconvenience.” 

“Stop it. Look, I see that you’re like… a Detective Chi-” 

“John. John Constancrease.” 

“That’s more like it. Anyways, I don’t think I can nor do I want to be in a uniform team like that old Justice Pleats group. I’m in. I’m joining. Chill out about that. I do have one condition: This team can have it’s planners, it’s orchestrators, it’s muscles and all that jazz but it cannot, cannot, have a leader. Deal?” 

“Deal.” We shook hands. 


By: Alex Ledger

I hate Theresa Carter. Big surprise. I also hate Charlotte Levaire. They both stole my diary. I hate that. The only reason I joined was because I can get my stinkin diary back. At first, I considered just leaving it behind. Letting it die, it’s not worth being around Theresa. 

Then I consulted the Plate, as one does. It told me it’s suspicious but it said that I will grow to forgive Theresa Carter. I have my own suspicions but I trust the wisdom of the plate. Who doesn’t?

I’ve been sent to go find this one dude. I hear he has an Origami Swamp-Thing. He goes to a school far away and this guy actually has his own car. Theresa met him at her job, the local Burger King. I figured that since this guy goes to Burger King I can track him down there. I asked Theresa for a ride to what is technically her job and her mom obliged. 

Theresa’s mom was everything you’d want out of a Wonder Folder. Strong, kind, compassionate, the rest. To top it all off she was a Wonder Folder back in the 1990s, a really long time ago. She was really old timey too and gave off a strong Lynda Carter vibe which I always enjoy. When we made it to Burger King we waited for a bit. I sat there, basically loitering. Then a guy walked in. This guy was so obviously Swamp-Pleat. 

The guy came in, he ordered something and it was handed to him by Theresa. I was standing up and leaning by the trashcan and so when the guy went to sit down, I followed. I sat down next to him. “Hello.” I said. “Hi.” He said, getting up and leaving to go and eat in his car. I left as well and knocked on his car window. He turned the car on. In a moment of panic I pulled out Doctor Plate and that got his attention. I told him about what happened. 

“Look. First of all, I’ve interacted with Theresa Carter, so do you think I want to be near her ever again? Second, no and no.” Fair enough. He drove off. Dang it. 

I called my mom and got a ride home.  

I had no clue what would happen to my locker later that morning. 

What Happened to my Locker Later That Morning 

By: Alex Ledger 

I arrived on the school bus as I always do. Went through my daily morning routine. Lampert has always been weird. Then when I went to my locker I saw someone who doesn’t even go to this school, Derrick Boston, alongside another kid in a full football suit. The two were trying to break my locker down. They said they’re both members of “The Organization of the Masked Monster” and they work for Charlotte. Derrick, that traitor. The name of a true scoundrel, really. 

I pulled out my phone and went to the group text. I told Theresa and Eleanor to get off the bus at Lampert and not Kane. I knew that these two were trying to get in my locker to get my diary, so I punched Derrick in the face. Vietch arrived and so me and him tried to hold them off until Theresa and Eleanor arrived. When they arrived we were ready. 

The first real battle that the Justice Pleats Dark had ever had. Punches were thrown and we had beaten Derrick. Trevin Morgan, the kid in the football pads, pulled out his puppet that brought back horrid memories of the Lampert Flu. OrigEclipso. All four of us could not stop this brute, we tried nonetheless.

To make matters worse Charlotte appeared. I have no clue how so many kids who aren’t even students here got in. Don’t ask me. Punches were being thrown and Charlotte was somehow dominating the fight. It was terrible, horrid even. There may have even been some swearing and I vividly remember Vietch bleeding out of his gums as much as he denies it. We were losing. No, scratch that. In a moment we would have lost. 

Then someone hit Trevin Morgan in the back of the head so hard he fell over, likely knocked out. Standing above him was the guy I had met at Burger King. Kaden Fahey. Boston had woken up, slightly dazed and so, Theresa basically brainwashed him into thinking that we’re all good. As much as I hate Theresa I have to say that I love this team and thank her for forming it. We did it. We had won. Charlotte had been sent to Novick and had brought us together, accidently.

The End

Lol jk 

By: Theresa Carter. 

After Charlotte was sent to Novick the team was fully formed, but we still had to go back to our schools. Things were fine. I might also add that once the full story got out I was sent to Novick but only for a week. Then the fire alarm rang. I ran out. The whole school had evacuated and out in the distance I saw something. Kane was evacuating as well. Lampert and Donner, from what I hear, had also evacuated. I got the team to put their firsthand accounts as to what happens in a hectic few hours

My time in the “Fire” 

By: Vietch Jimenez 

There was no fire. Duh. I noticed this and decided to go to the JPD’s group DM. This had happened at all of our schools. An odd coincidence. We all decided that due to this fact the schools will decide to let us out early to discuss things over. We’ll all be meeting after school. Not a crazy amount happened at Lampert, ironically. Nor did anything happen at Donner. Theresa, dear, I see no reason as to why you set this up to be a compilation other than the fact that you wanted to share your Novick adventure. 

Levaire’s LeLair 

By: Theresa Carter

Charlotte was quite obviously the orchestrator of this, so I went to find her. She was escaping through a different entrance and created anarchy to free herself. I caught up to her and blocked her entrance. 

“Theresa, I’m only going to ask you once. Move.” I refused to move. My legs and back felt like they were becoming firm. I might be able to kick her. Might be. I ran, I knew I could do that, and punched her. I had knocked her down but she had gotten back up. 

“Theresa, Theresa, Theresa. Have you ever wondered why I did this? Well, time for my big bad guy speech. Did you really think I would not view a viral video of my best friend? Yes, I saw it. Duh. Everyone and their mother had seen it. I realize now. You did use me, you did. Don’t pretend you haven’t because that’s a load of bull. You deserve this. These quote-un-quote heroes who have all been beaten so easily. You’ll all be defeated.” 

She pushed me onto the wall. She walked out and just before the doors closed she said goodbye and blew a kiss.

 I sat in the Novick halls. The school was empty. Alone. That’s how I am. I failed my team. I failed Charlotte. The school is empty, just as I am. Novick is alone. 

I am alone. 

No. Charlotte may have gotten away but we’ll get her, but first things first, I have some confessions to make. Our story, the story of the Justice Pleats Dark will not turn out like the Justice Pleats. The bonds will not be cut. 

Oh, and great. Mr. Nolan has to escort me to my Mom’s house because Novick kids are like… dangerous. 

Look like I’m sorry and all 

By: Austin Nolan

I didn’t have to bring Theresa to her house. I wanted to. No, not in like a creepy way but I wanted to meet her mom. I missed her. For those unaware, I am Bat-Fold. Not Bat Fold, Bat-Fold. There’s a difference. I’ve been here since the late eighties. No hate against Alan Wade, he’s an excellent student, he’s just not the original, I’m glad he isn’t. Times were hard, he had it easy. 

I knocked on Ms. Carter’s door. Things are rather awkward, of course but it’s hard to track down other ex-teammates, it’s even awkwarder when you used to date. I knocked on her door. When Thalia opened I was struck. She was still as beautiful as she had been when I… transferred. She looked taken ajar. I have always had that effect on people. 

“Yeah, it’s me.” I told her, she remained silent. 

Then the doorbell rang. Standing outside were five kids. Most I had recognized. They all went downstairs and me and Thalia talked and caught up. We even concocted some plans for the future, and I told her about the JFLFIt’s great. Just like old times. We talked for hours and at five we heard a rumble downstairs, coming from Theresa’s room. We went downstairs and saw a six person fight ensue. 

The Minor Hiccup of the Justice Pleats Dark 

By Theresa Carter, Caden Fahey, Vietch Jimenez, Eleanor Borkoshavski, Alex Ledger, and Derrick Boston. Transcribed by Eleanor Borkoshavski 

TC: Hello and welcome to the first official meeting of the Justice Pleats Dark. 

KF: I agree.

DB: Glad to be here. 

VJ: Theresa. 

AL: Very nice, indeed. 

EB: Hey guys. 

VJ: Theresa. 

TC: So I gathered– 

VJ: Theresa. 

TC: you all here today for– 

VJ: Theresa. 

TC: Vietch what the $!#&$@!* do you want? 

VJ: We came here for you to confess something. Stop stalling. 

TC: Ok, where do I actually even… begin? 

VJ: Just pick something. 

TC:O-O-O-O-O (This goes on for quite some time) Ok, so, first of all I did use Charlotte’s… equal love of both genders against her. 

AL, VJ: *I have no clue what this emotion even is* 

EB: Not cool. Not cool at all. 

KF: Ok, so I have a question. You made this villain, why don’t you deal with her yourself? Why should we help you? 

VJ: Fair point. 

TC: Ok, so that’s a load of crap. I need your help so that I can use Alex’s diary to not only stop Charlotte but all of my enemies. It is our shared diary, after all. 

AL: At what point did I ever insinuate that I’ll let any of you even touch my diary? I trust none of you and it’s my property. 

TC: It’s our property because we’re protecting it and also I don’t think you or any of those Exaggerators of Tomorrow members will need it. I am THE WONDER FOLDER! Wonder Freaking Folder. I’m the one who’s going to have to go through these big problems like when people like “OrigAres” inevitably comeths. None of you will ever need it anyways, what would Zattana need it for? 

VJ: Um… isn’t Nick Necron a Constantine vil-

TC: Vietch. Shut up. Just shut. 

EB: Vietch, I thought we didn’t have a boss. 

KF: Look, I think I shouldn’t be here, I have no clue why I even came here. 

TC: No. Vietch, block the door. 

VC: No, he scares me. 

KF: I scare you? Your eyes are practically red, dude! 

EB: Derrick, you’re being awfully quiet over there. 

VJ: Maybe you’ll brainwash him into speaking. 

DB: What’s that supposed to mean? 

AL: Oh, nothing much. Just that the Pleatcess of Themysciragami over there used you being knocked out to trick you into forgiving her for gosh knows what.

Then Derrick stood up. He tried to hit Theresa but Vietch stood up and blocked it, trying to stop him from hitting a girl. Then Theresa stood up, walked around Vietch and hit Derrick. Alex tried to drag Vietch out of the fight but he fought back, leading into a four person fight. Me and Kaden stood up and tried to break it up when Kaden got punched by Derrick. Derrick and Kaden started shoving each other and Derrick got shoved into Theresa’s table. He fell down and his face turned red. Then he stood up and just beat the ever-loving crap out of Kaden. Theresa got mad at Kaden for nearly breaking her table and it escalated even further. Then Theresa’s mom and this teacher from Kane ran in and broke up the fight. We all got sent home but had a big argument over the phone, but we kinda calmed down a bit. 

Theresa’s comment: Guys, I think Charlotte snuck into my house. During the fight I pickpocketed Alex’s diary and unlocked it but then I went to bed. It’s gone now. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I know that our call really helped calm each other down but we need to have an emergency meeting 

Alex’s comment: Seriously? You absolute idiot. You did give me an idea. Charlotte’s clear motivation is that our schools need better heroes. Her current plan, as much as she tries to deny it, is a PUBLIC defeat of us, a team that, minus Thersa, is the only team with members fully trusted by the public, people are still wary about the Justice Pleats members and still believe those old rumors, some people don’t trust the Folders after the Chocolate Heart Fiasco* so what we need to do is defeat Charlotte and her whole entourage. Isn’t there meant to be a big dance later this week? We have a date now, don’t we? A plan as well. Beat Charlotte publicly. Get my notebook back. Profit. Sound good? Good. See y’all at the dance. 

The Dance with the Deviligami in the Pale Disco Lights

By: Vietch Jimenez 

Ah yes, the dance. I’ve had my fair share of them. Most of them typically turn out worse than when you’re fighting your enemy’s evil ex-boyfriend. It was kinda lame. Where should I begin?  I know, the arrival. 

I arrived in a car, my trench coat flapping behind my back like a superhero’s cape. My mop of brown hair is slightly less degenerative than usual. I thought about the chemistry of how this happened, which kept my mind at bay for maybe four seconds. Then I was bored again. 

One by one I saw people like Matthew Yen and Chris Booth hop onto the floor as I sat drinking my kool-aid that was definitely one hundred percent kool-aid, with nothing else in it.  

Then Kaden walked in, he looked uncomfortable. He saw me and made a bee-line towards me, bumping into three or four other kids. “Hey.” He said. “Hey,” I replied. It was awkward. The team was functional and all but we aren’t friends. We just stood there, staring at people happily dancing. I walked away, knowing that he wouldn’t even say anything about it. Everyone slowly came in and we all kinda conjoined. Theresa’s first reaction was “Who chose the Jesse Mcartney?” That person being me. “Anywho, we should act natural or else Charlotte,” she sneakily pointed in a direction that was vaguely near Charlotte, while still being off by a quarter mile, “will become aware of our presence.” 

I looked around at the other people who were going absolutely nuts. I saw the Kane kids kick the black and red balloons in the Donner kids’ faces. I watched girls move around in football huddles occasionally approaching some poor guy and leaving him with ribbons in his hair and lipstick graffiti on his face. 

Derrick tapped me on the shoulder, tuning me back in. “Hello? Earth to Vatch?” “Vietch, actually.” 

“Sorry, anywho.. we need to y’know, act natural.”

“Yeah, yeah. Who you gonna dance with?” 


 I asked, mortified. He told me he’ll have no trouble, given that girls are still flocking over the injured kid. 

Theresa went off with Fahey and Eleanor walked away before I could ask her. “So…” I began to ask Alex. “Who should I dance with?” Alex looked at me like I just threw a slab of steak at a window. “Hmmm, ” he said for what sounded like four hours but was less than a second. “Me, Mr. Heckblazer.” I walked towards him. It’s hard for two men to dance, might I add. Like, seriously. Who’s feet go on who’s? Just awkward. I had gotten taller than Alex. That disturbed me. We danced for a bit to the calm and peaceful music. Then I heard the familiar “bum bum bum bum bum of Mr. Sandman.” Oh bollocks, [Endless member who’s name I can’t remember at the moment] had made it here, and gave his five bucks to the DJ.

Then someone tripped me and Alex, leading to us falling over. We’re used to dealing with jerks like him but when we looked up we saw Trevin Morgan. The peacefulness was broken in a matter of seconds as Charlotte’s thugs cleared the red and black lighted floor. The speakers were taken over as I heard a modulated, slightly feminine, voice say “Will the Justice Pleats Dark please step forward?”  First Theresa ran up to me and Alex, Kaden, Derrick, and Eleanor ran up to us.

I saw Theresa pass the DJ five bucks and as the six of us stepped forward I heard the familiar tune of the Justice League theme play. We slowly walked and we formed a circle around the middle as Charlotte’s thugs ran in. I looked around and saw Theresa try to warn people like Christopher Booth and JC Russell against stepping forward, knowing they would meet defeat. 

Theresa whispered to us. “Eleanor, use slight of hand to steal the notebook back from Charlotte, she’s bound to have it on her. Kaden, Alex, work together and calm down the chaos that’s going to definitely happen, Derrick finds OrigEtrigan and brings him over to our side. Vietch? Go to the bathroom.” 

“And do what?” I asked. 

“Stay there.” 

Before I could object, everyone agreed.

We ran off and did our missions, as I heard screams of protest erupt from the bathroom. I pulled out a Kool-Aid jammer. I took a swig of it, and had it alongside a lollipop which looked awfully like a cigarette. 

No. Theresa put me in here because she thought I couldn’t handle working with a team. Joke’s on her. I was about to walk out but I heard the familiar sound of a discord call. I had been added to a group. “The OrigEndless”. They called me. All of us and Neil  talked for a bit. The OrigEndless planned to steal the book, if it’s worth fighting for, no one should have it, but them. Me and Neil agreed that this was unjust. We met in the bathroom and talked as the chaos ensued outside. “Well, chap, I realize something, now. The book must go. It must burn. It must blaze in heck.” 

“Oooh melodrama, looks good on you.” Neil said, mustering a wide grin.

“It’s not a game… Foldy.” 

“Yes, yes, Charlotte might have infinite power. It’s all very… biblical. Wouldn’t you agree?” 

“Yes, but let me go. We must not dwell. The books will burn.” 

“Very well, the heckblazer name seems fitting now, doesn’t it?” 

“Yes, my dude.” 

“Dude indeed.” 

I stormed out. Was I a traitor for not following orders? Is it treachery if you’re betraying the immoral? 

The Final Countdown

By: Assorted JPD members 

Kaden Fahey- 

I had a job. I was useful. I was surrounded. They’re in trouble. Me and my puppet, Swamp-Pleat, were going hard on this kid, Trevin Morgan. I was watching all of this absolute madness unfold but I could only handle dealing with this one kid. I got punched in the back. Mr. Bloomigami had bonked me on the head really enthusiastically. I fell to my feet for all but a moment, I pulled my puppet out and at that second I leaped up and started to try my best to beat this guy. I did. 

Alex Ledger- 

As I saw Mr. Bloomigami fell over and his mask yanked off of his face, I was distracted. Trevin Morgan had distracted both of us. He grabbed a football off the gym rack and threw it towards me at full force. 

Derrick Boston- I ran out of Kane’s halls, chasing this one kid. OrigEtrigan, Judah Yurkunas. He was fast. A little too fast. He ran into a wall. He fell over and his head was swelling. I helped him up. “Um what?” He looked slightly dazed. “You are a good person with no affiliation to Charlotte LeVaire.” 

“Ok, sure.” 

“You owe me ten bucks.” 

“Um, what for?” I ran off. Hopefully this kid is on a better path now. That would be nice. 

Eleanor Borkoshavski- Trevin stood up, the gym now being empty, and seemed very dazed. And angry. I was in a full magician’s garments right down to the black vest, I realized that I was holding a pencil as if it were a wand. “Hey, wanna see a magic trick?” I pulled my pencil up and shook it. The bendy pencil trick. He was unimpressed but I had his attention. I ran off to the control booth of our little gymnasium’s party. I turned the lights off. Then on. Then off. Then on and, well, you get the idea. Trevin was running towards me and as he was running and I was flickering the lights I made a point to stand still. I turned the lights off again and jumped out of the way. I heard him hit the ground with a thunk. He stood up, still being in the dark. I made a noise, but threw my voice to the direction of the water fountain, he ran right into the fountain. I took this chance to go and turn the lights on, I couldn’t fight blind. I made the lights a deep shade of red, red being the color hardest for the eyes to see. Me in all black versus him in all blue football padding gave me a visual advantage. The band kids, being band kids, dropped their instruments and ran off when all the anarchy started. I picked up a case. I hit him over the head. He got up. “Little twerp. You’re dead meat.” He chased me and pushed me into the wall. He looked at me, and I grabbed something out of my pocket. “You won’t lay a finger on me.” I said, holding Alex’s notebook. “Um, I’m just gonna go…gonna take this,” he grabbed his helmet, “and go.” 

Sleight of hand for the win. Someone tapped my shoulder. I kicked him in the face. “Oh bloody heckles, what is your deal, luv?” Vietch asked. 

“Oh I-I’m sorry, let me-” I said. 

“Give me the book.” He said, staring, with dark black circles now around his eyes. “This ends now.” He gave me a look of pleading and I knew what he meant. It had to say goodbye. 

Vietch Jimenez- I ran through the school’s halls and ended up in the parking lot. I pulled what I had brought just for the occasion. A lighter. I threw the book on the grass. I learned Latin for this. “Hic liber transtulit nos nihil sed difficultates estis. Magnus ignis aestuat habet. Nos in unum dixit. Magnus ignis aestuat habet.” I said, realizing that this notebook needed a tribute, something to immortalize it, never forget the pain. I’m sentimental like that. 

Then, just as I knelt down to place the book into the fire I got kicked over. The fire spread through the grass in a ‘W’-esque shape eventually stopping at a black and orange combat boot. I looked up at the girl in the leather jacket with the headphones over her ears. She popped a bubble of gum. Theresa bent over and picked the book up. “You fool, an idiot really. Vietch, Vietch, Vietch, Vietch, did you think you can hide your treachery from me? No. This is my team, my rules and I have my ears. This notebook is mine. This team is mine, and you’re off of it.” 

“Correction.” I stood up, “I can hide things, I’m an expert in the strange, exorcisms and the occult. I know all about lies and do ya think you can get away with em just because your folks back at home had a ding danger piece of folded paper, eh? That you’re something special? 

I bet my bottom dolla that your mum told chya something along the lines of you being destined for greatness. Well, my father could see the bloody future and he saw that teams never work out when led by a Carter.” 

I struck a nerve. She lunged at me and I jumped out of the way. I made sure I could win this fight without punching or hitting her, I am after all, a true gentleman. I dodged her and misdirected her, occasionally even landing some coincidental trips. Theresa had fallen over, tripping over a dead, low hanging tree branch that I had ripped off of said tree. 

Then, as I knelt down next to her, she kicked me in the shins and stood up. I knelt over in anguish and she kicked me in the legs once more. “This is where I give you a final speech, the big finale’s heroic speech and all that, and don’t worry, boy oh boy, have I been reading up recently.

The Folders predate Batfold himself, and you predate The Folders. So, you’re in a way the first modern hero. You’ve been here the longest so again, a quote would be nice for this occasion. ‘I want you to remember something, I want you to remember that in all your months and in all your years to come, I want you to remember my boot on your throat’ 

She got up and with her combat boot kicked me in the legs once more. I heard something crack. She picked up the book as fire was blazing around me and walked away. Then I saw black boots, red sneakers, worn out brown shoes, and elegant black ones walk up to me. I looked up  and saw Eleanor Borkoshavski, Derrick Boston, Kaden Fahey, and Alex Ledger. Kaden reached his hand out, I grabbed it. He helped me up. I put his arm around him and helped him around mine. Eleanor grabbed the other side of me, a completely symbolic gesture as my left hand only had a scrape but I am thankful. Derrick and Alex got in front of us. Alex pumped his hand into his fist and said “Guys, Theresa ran off, she has my stuff, and she honestly just betrayed us. But I’m not angry. She brought us together, she’s part of a team. The heavens know she’s bad a leader but she’s part of the team. We need to get her, we need to help her. So, who’s with me?” We put our hands together in a circle. I looked around and realized that something needed to be said. “Oh um… yeah um… she’s in the forest.” They looked at me and awkwardly said thanks for that tip, given that no one knew that she was taking a shortcut to her house. We climbed the fence and took a walk through the woods, chanting Theresa’s name as a war cry and as a tribute to our friend. 

Theresa Carter-  I took my shortcut through the long and winding woods. Me and Mom had been through them for years on hiking adventures. I don’t know why, but I felt a pain in my chest. I looked back at where Kane should’ve been but I was too far away to actually see it. I felt a finger tap on my shoulder. No one was there when I turned around.

I kept walking. 

I passed by the old abandoned houses, this place had been a flourishing community once. I passed by the old Vasquez House. Ms.Vasquez was a nice lady, about my mom’s age. She was the first Black Canarigami. I took a look at it. The Puppet Society members fell apart in this old house. The once wonderful mansion seemed haunted, like it felt sad about what happened those almost thirty years ago. A team had fallen apart. Ironic. I hate irony. I realized that in taking the book I failed as a leader, and as a friend. I was going to run back, but from the door a hand reached out to grab me. 

I knew it was Charlotte. “Knock it off Charlotte!” I was just tired of this, really. I couldn’t see Charlotte, so it felt like I was just fighting a voice. A hollow one. Charlotte would occasionally run out of the shadows and punch me. Low move. Eventually I just ran up the stairs and she followed me. One of the stairs had actually broken under her feet and she fell down, but got back up, seemingly injured. Eventually I found it. The fold up table, in spray paint that was definitely fading away. I saw it. “The Puppet Society of America,” it read. I opened a drawer. I was friends with this one girl back in Elementary School, she said her dad always carried a lighter, later her dad was a chaperone for Donner and even after that my mom told me he was the Origami Green Lantern of his time. I opened the drawers and hoped he’d have left a lighter in his drawer. The book had one of those metal rulings and a lock so it couldn’t just be torn. Only flame could end it. I was about to burn it when Charlotte caught up to me. She knocked the lighter, now with a flame out of my hand and grabbed the book. She seemed like she went crazy becuase she was doing stupid stuff like dragging me by the hair.  She ignored the fire that was slowly engulfing the building. I looked out the window, it felt like me and Charlotte would die here. I cried a bit. I whispered to her that I’m sorry but she didn’t hear it. Then I heard the loud chanting of my name and it slowly became louder, then louder, then panicked and it stopped. Someone had kicked the door down and with a push Charlotte got knocked over. “C’mon, loser, we’re cancelling this.” Said Kaden Fahey. They are all here. They helped me get out, first me and they promised to go back for Charlotte, but Charlotte just stayed there, tears dropped from her eyes. I dragged her but she stood there, silently. The fire had nearly surrounded us at this point, and everyone else had gotten across and out of the house. Just me and Charlotte. I was trying to drag her out and she finally budged but a large beam had fallen, getting in our way. It was way too heavy to lift on my own, but just as I closed my eyes I heard the sound of it being lifted. Charlotte grabbed my hand and simply dragged me in, jerking me back into the situation. Kaden, Eleanor, Vietch, Derrick, and Alex had all lifted it and we immediately ran for the door. 

We had escaped. We had lived. We all sat there, watching the fire rise on the old house. People would always be surprised that the house lasted so long in the middle of nature but now it has been engulfed by it. Out with the old, in with the new I guess. 

The Watch Party 

By: Charlotte LeVaire 

It’s been a month. Theresa’s improved a lot, we’re working together. Vietch had invited us all to watch a movie, Shazam, on a fire stick. So, we did. I looked around and saw some familiar faces. Theresa, Vietch, Eleanor, Alex, Derrick, Kaden, The OrigEndless, Ms. Carter, Neil and Mr. Nolan. We were all gathered around the TV screen and when Vietch hit play I realized that I was in a room with every person I had ever manipulated and lied to. And they treated me like family. The film went on and we loved it. Then, as the movie ended and we were getting ready to go to lunch, the doorbell rang and Theresa yelled that she’ll get it. “Oy, what’s that ya got in ya pocket?” Vietch asked me. I pulled her out, all in her red and black glory. My puppet. Artemisigami, not the goddess, or the Green Arrow character but the one who substituted for Wonder Woman and became her own hero. I told him that’s my plan.

Click here to read “OriShazam!”

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