Introducing… Hubs!

Hey guys!

As you all know, the DCOU has officially reached it’s conclusion, and, because of that, I have decided to take a less active role on the site for the next month before it closes. Think of me now as a sort of Web-Master Sam as I pursue a few projects to help future superfolders, looking for new content to read, navigate this site a whole lot easier.

Currently, we have 373 total pages. By the time the Origami Universe drops, along with Hades’ last story for the PJOU, we will total (much to my OCD brain anger) 381. That is a lot. It’s hard to navigate, especially on a phone in which all the pages are visible. As part of the archival project, we at the mod team are working on a few things:

Firstly, the Omnibus Project. At the bottom of the site, you will see two things under the “Collected Editions,” these being the OYEU Omnibus, and the MOU Fold I Omnibus. We plan to craft more omnibuses, collecting them as downloadable links within a drop down potentially in either the Resources section or the respective universe. These will probably be relatively large in size, given the amount of content we have ALL written for the stories. Heaven forbid a nationwide blackout, but these Omnibuses, I plan (if I have the money) to get printed so at least one of us has a physical copy of the sacred texts.

Secondly, the Stats Project. This project involves giving you guys some end of the site statistics. From word count length, total comments, most commented post (except for talkzone), total views, most viewed story, etcetera. This is largely just for fun, but it will be great for you guys to see it.

Lastly, the Hubs Project. Basically, to allow for a greater navigation of our 381 stories, you’ll see various “Hubs” on the site. They’re now accessible through our “WELCOME TO SUPERFOLDER CENTRAL!” Post, stickied at the top of the page.

If you click on one of these links (say the DC Origami Universe), you will come to the actual DCOU page, which has all the DCOU stories listed.

Say you start with Batfold, you click on that link, read through the story, and now… at the bottom of the page you’ll come to:

Clicking the “Click Here to Read “The Fold,” the Next Story of the DCOU!” will take you to the Fold, the second story of DCOU Fold One. Clicking “Return to Menu” brings you back to the hub. Except for the first story ever made of an OU, each story has at the top of the page “Click Here to Return to ___” to allow you to go back to the previous story.

Clicking on the BTFolds Hub will take you to another menu which has PJOU, VGOU, WF, OCU, and Other Tales. They function largely the same.

Currently, only the VGOU, DCOU, and OY:R, OCU, and Other Tales are completed. I plan to, within the next month, complete WF, MOU, and OYEU. Legends is an example in which, since everything is so separate from one another, unless specified, “Back to Menu” will be at the top and bottom of those pages. That’ll just take you back to the OYEU hub itself.

We’re so excited for all of these updates coming soon for ease of access for all! I hope you all have been enjoying Final Creases and some of the best stories that this site has ever seen!



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