Folders of Tomorrow: Season Two

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Folders of Tomorrow: Season Two

By Superfolder Hades

Episode one: The Inconveniencing 


By: Alberto ‘Jonah Hex’

Welp, it’s me, Alberto coming back atchu with another casefile! Today, we’ll be talking about how the Folders of Tomorrow being locked in a convenience store. Spoilers: It was maaaaad haunted. Edgar almost died. That was very bad. So, I was in my room and I got an email from what said Chronos at hotmail dot com and my immediate reaction before opening it was “Who still uses hot-mail?” The email read:

“Meet me at the closed convenience store. It’s called Palmer’s convenience store. All will be explained there. It doesn’t matter what time. I live here now. Forever.”

So, I did what a rational person would do and put my shoes on, leave the house and go on google maps to find ‘Palmer’s Convenience Store.’

 If you’re reading this like, 100 years in the future then just a quick warning: There are rumors that the place got shut down because it’s owners like, died there. [They also got numerous health code violations] So, of course, when I got there, I took my cowboy hat off in shock. The door was locked. Someone tapped me on the shoulder, making me nearly leap out of my skin. 

It was Daniel. He had his Atom puppet on. 

“Hey, did you bring Foldo Hex?” 

“No, and I told you to stop calling it that. It’s just ‘Origami Jonah Hex.’ So, I suppose you got the message from your brother too?” 

“Yeah,the others should be arriving soon, I guess.” 

I was silent for a moment, “I have a question.” 


“How the heckles do we get in?!” 

“Yeah, that may be a problem.” Daniel was stumped.

 “Ya think?”

 “You’re one to talk, you tried to beat down the basement door when we were locked in there.” 

“So?” I wanted to grab Daniel and give him a noogie. 

 “It was metal, genius!”

“Har-de-har-har.” Emma had arrived. 

Daniel blushed and he did that gross little wave thing to her. She waved back. We told her about our dilemma and her immediate reaction was to try to kick the door down. “That’s not going to work.”Daniel said.

 “Ok, then you try something, Dingus Dan!” Emma snapped back. 

Daniel simply looked down the left side of the building and all he saw was a trash can. Daniel ran towards the trash can and jumped on top of it. He then jumped into the roof and sneaked into one of those weird vent things. We heard him groan as he crawled through the vents. When he got out of the vents he searched for the keys and unlocked the door. 

“Know it all…” I whispered.

 “I’m Daniel Anderson, I can logic my way out of anything.”

It was odd seeing a store that had it’s shelves full with nobody there. Then we saw them. The rest of the Folders had come. It was nice seeing us all together; Chloe, Emma, me, Daniel, and Edgar. Shawn was missing. He has been since he graduated last year. After all of the “hey, how have you been doing for the past 6 weeks?” I turned on my little recorder and recorded what everyone said. That will be the rest of the story.


DA= Daniel

CP= Chloe

EA= Emma 

ME= Me

ED= Edgar

EA: Have you heard the legends?

Me: Yeah, we are the Legends, er, the Folders

EA: No, idiot, as in the legends about this place.

CP: What legends?

EA: There is a magical chocolate heart in here that can make you go insane. A new one appears every eclipse. They call it the chocolate heart of darkness.

DA: Babe, I love you, but you scare me.

EA: I am not your ‘babe.’

DA: [Visible confusion]

CP: Edgar, you’re awfully quiet. 

ED: Oh, me personally, I’m scared.

DA: The great Edgar Avilla is scared! Ironic.

Literally everyone other than DA: OH, Shut up! 

DA: OkieDay. 

CP: Nice Jar Jar quote. He’s my favorite character.

DA:  A. I wasn’t quoting the prequels, B. Who likes Jar Jar?

ED (under his breath): I did.

EA: Hey, I found the light switch! *flips switch*

This was when things got weird.

We saw strange ramblings written on the walls. Written in a strange language of symbols. Then we began to hear pounding on the walls. Red stains marked the rims of the floor. Chloe knelt down and licked some of the red stuff. “It’s just ketchup!”

 “Who would waste good condiments like that!?” Daneil asked. 

“I think we’re avoiding the fact that she just licked ketchup off of a dirty floor.”

Emma responded that she worked a case about some kid at Kane who threw Ketchup and mustard everywhere. That school is weird. We decided to investigate why A. Chronos brought us here and B. What is causing the thumping. Chloe narrowed down that it was in the basement. We went down in the basement and there was nothing there. 

We needed a paranormal expert. We sent Edgar to fetch Shawn’s brother, Veitch Jimenez. I made him bring the recorder as he sped off at full speed to Veitch’s house.


40 minutes of silence

*Violent panting

*Sounds of wooden plank hitting the ground*

VI:Did you just-


VI:Beat my door down?


*2 minutes of silence

ED:We need your help.

VI:With what?

ED:Ghosts, ghouls, possibly demons.

VI:Eh, okay. Just a typical day then.

*40 minutes of silence accompanied by footsteps* 

So then Vietch wandered around. Edgar introduced him to me and the others and we said our hellos. He visited the basement we found and did an investigation. He found a puppet. It looked like a blue version of Green Goblin. He pulled his Constantine puppet out of his finger and he/the puppet said “Interesting.”

Daniel saw the puppet and said, “Interesting, is that Eclipso? “

 “It would appear so, chap.” Then we heard a scream. Emma was gone. Daniel freaked out! He was all jittery and clammy. We were all scared. Reminded me of that weird Mr. Bloomigmai incident. I wondered if the 2 incidents were related when Veitch/Constancrease (Their voices sound exactly alike so it’s hard to tell if he’s voicing his puppet or is just saying stuff) said “Well, that’s tough.” Then Daniel ran off to the bathroom. I knew he was scared because, y’know, his girlfriend was missing. I followed him to be my comforting self but first I decided to have a chat with my puppet, Jonah Hex.

“That partner’s hiding somein.” My scared little cowboy said bluntly. I decided to investigate something. 

I heard his voice come from a stall and I decided to see if it was locked. It wasn’t. I opened it and there was a pale, buff kid. Looked like a football player who doubles as a vampire. He then tackled me. I saw Daneil behind him and he hid in the corner. He tried to hide. Then the kid tackled me. I recognized him. He was Trevin Morgan. Some football player who got kicked off the team for cussing out the coach. He tackled me and tried to punch me. I ran out and he chased me. I decided I was done with this and jumped onto my motor scooter waiting outside. It didn’t start. He then ran up to me and caught me and dragged me away. I screamed and threw my recorder down the stairs. Then he dragged me away. The following is found footage. I am unable to transcribe the rest of this.

*The recorder falls down the steps.*

Hey, did you hear that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, 

Hey, where’d Alberto go?





Ah, shoot!

Hey, it’s me, Chloe. I found this tape on my way out. Me, Alberto and Emma are here. I actually almost escaped until I tripped in this thing and fell. I feel like the female protagonist in a horror film. I tripped in literally nothing and the bad guy got me.I did get to see his puppet. He told me to “tremble beneath the wrath of Oriclipco!” Or something. The pale kid locked us three in a dumpster. We’re here. We’re just telling stories. Eventually Edgar got thrown in here. Then Veitch. Only Daniel’s left.

Me and Veitch got into an argument over if The Last Jedi was good or not and Veitch got so mad that he punched the top of the bin. It flew open. While we’ve been talking it got unlocked. Then as we got up we saw Daniel sitting on a trash can. “Sorry about that. ” He said.

 “Sorry about what?” 

“For all of this.” Veitch said.

“We gathered you together” Daniel said

“To stop a Chronos.” Veitch said, as though they were finishing each other’s sentences.

“What?” The rest of us collectively said.

“This was all staged. We needed a threat to bring the bonds between us back together. Because Chronos has come back.”

“So all of this is one big lie?” Edgar asked


“Screw you, man.” Someone in our crowd exclaimed.

“Hey, don’t be like that!”

“No, this guy gave me a black eye! He punched me in the ribs!”

“Yeah, he took it a bit too far. “

That’s it!? No ‘I’m sorry?’ No ‘Jeez, that sucks, just blame it in the henchman?!’” Emma yelled.

“Well yeah.”

Then Alberto asked me for the cassette tape. 

“Why?” I asked. 

“Because I’m quitting the Folders.” Alberto said.

“Yeah, me too.” Said Edgar.

Alberto’s note: So I left the Folders. I’m keeping Jonah Hex, just not associating myself with that scumbag, Daniel. I’m just informing you that I added on all the ‘said’ and ‘says’ on there. 


By: Irene

Dear Diary,

Jeez, it’s been about 24 years since I wrote in this. I’m Irene Vazquel. When I was 14, in 1994, I was known as The Black Cutnary. I was a member of The Puppet Society of America. 

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode of FOLDERS OF TOMORROW

Hi, I’m Alan Wade, the kids at my school know me as Batfold. I made an origami Batman finger puppet and fought crime with it. But did YOU, yes YOU. Know that Batfold was made from this special super secret origami paper that I bought from Dozier’s craft store! Home of the best origami paper in The State! It comes in ALL the colors of the rainbow! You can get 50 sheets of the same Batfold paper for just a low, low price of 39.99. BUT wait! There’s more! Order now and we’ll double the offer! (Just pay a separate fee.) Call 1800-CRAFT to buy it today! Ok.. am I done here? Cut!

I’m so poor. You know this is breaking some child labor law, right? 


By: Mitchell Warner


Hi, I’m Mitchell Warner. So… jeez… where do I begin? I blew up a school microwave. I did. On purpose. I shoved my teacher’s phone in it. Some kids named the Folders of Tomorrow were there and they dragged me away while this kid named Edgar ran off to fetch a pail of water. Which is stupid, why do you do that? Water is pointless against electrical fires. Use a fire extinguisher. Which, a teacher knew better, so he had it out in a jiffy while Edgar stood there looking all dumb and whatever. The Folders, pshah! Stupid!

Anyways… I’m suspended.  I’m actually here at Novick, that new school that that rich kid opened.

I plan on causing more fires! What the people here don’t know is that I brought a little friend, like all the other lunatics here. My puppet is Heat Wave, I call him Microwave. My cellmate, er- no, not cellmate, he’s my locker buddy, but man the whole tone in this place is a prison. My ‘Buddy’ is this crazy kid who wants to burn this place to the ground. I mean, I want to do that, but he calls all of us evil brats, as though he isn’t? 

He brought a puppet of some character he calls “Gog.” I don’t know about this guy, nor who this puppet is supposed to be. 

They treat this place like a prison. When we have free time we still have to be in little areas and far away from everyone other than our “Locker Buddy.”

Ok, now enough with the introductions. Today I decided enough was enough and strutted right back into the school I was suspended from, Lampert. I sneaked past and found the kid who reported me, Matthew Yen. I shoved him against a locker but this other kid, Edgar, ran up to me and shoved me back. 

I punched him but I knew the odds weren’t good. I ran off when I bumped into this kid I recognized, he was one of those kids who takes the day off from school and comes here recreationally. His name is Vietch Jimenez. “Woah there bud,” he said “What’s got you running?” I pointed at Micheal and Edgar. 

“Aye I see, ok.” He said. Then he ran over to the two and elegantly beat the bejeezus out of them. Veitch was a member of the Folders and I decided that maybe they aren’t so bad. So, I joined them. Veitch invited me to the meeting of the Folders and they accepted me. They said that they needed new members anyway. So it was me, Daniel, Chloe, Emma and Vietch. It was about 9:00 PM when we got the message. All of us got a call at the same time. When we answered it we got an ominous message: “Students at Lampert academy. I have a message for you. If you wield a puppet then I have it. I stole them today. Some of you kept them in your lockers. Imagine, if I can get into your lockers, what else can I do? Heroes, I am holding all of this school’s puppets as hostages until you make my ransom.You have until 3 AM Also, your puppets are just the beginning. My demand is a collective 3,000 dollars. Every half hour I will end one of your puppets. The shredder is by my desk as we speak. I will make life awful for all of you. 

Sincerely, the Clock Crease


We all instinctively checked our pockets for our puppets and, I’ll be darned, they were gone. Somehow. 

We were all in Daniel’s basement sitting around a ping-pong table and we decided to sleep on it. Then we realized, we had to confront him by 3AM. So Daniel did the reasonable thing and got on his phone. He made a call with 3 different people. Later one by one, three different people arrived. First it was Matthew Yen, then Cooper King, and finally JC Russell. The big three of Lampert. Or two, I don’t know. Cooper King doesn’t sound familiar. Then Daniel pressed play on the new recorder thing he bought.


CK: So, what ya bring us here for?

JC: Yeah, and who even are you guys? Wait, actually, I know you. *points at Daniel* I don’t like you.

DA: Same. You vouched for me to join that new group, but you didn’t try hard enough.

ME: I assume you got the message on your phones about the Clock Crease?

MY,JC,CK: Wait did you get that as well? (Ok, they didn’t all say EXACTLY that. But close. )

DA: While you guys have been chit chatting I’ve been online tracking that call. And I’m uh, some now. I’ll text you his address. Let’s go get this guy.




Ok we just got dropped off, Daniel had his driver drop us off here. 




Things are crazy here, like a labyrinth. The walls are almost closed together. It’s nerve wracking. I hate it.




Daniel wandered off.



Ok, this is crazy, Daniel reappeared. He said very dryly that he defeated The Clock Crease. When we questioned him about this all he would say for the rest if the night is ‘Chronos sends his best regards.”



By:JC Russell


Today some weirdo ran up to me. He said “Aquaman is a golden age hero right?” 

“I don’t- don’t know.”

“It doesn’t even matter anymore, a calamity is coming! A calamity is coming! The Puppet Soc-“

Then he just ran off. Weird. Code

Episode 3: 20-8-5 20-8-9-14-11-5-18 18-9-19-5-19

By: The Thinkorigami

(This was mysteriously added on the schools website.)


I will not reveal my name. I don’t want to. I will tell you my backstory, however. I went to this school long ago and was expelled. Since then I have made it my job to become an intellectual. Knowledge is power. This jock filled school, this? This has no power. You will all bow down before me. You will bow down before me. You will bow down before me. You will bo- 01000 10001100001011011100110100101100101011011000010000001101001011100110010000001100010011001010110100101101110011001110010000001101000011000010110001101101011011001010110010000100000011000100110111101101001



You think you can be hacky boi, but I am the hacky boi supreme.


Who are you?


I’m Atomigami, your days of hacking this site is over. I will outhack you.


No U


A meme. I know you. You’re Graham Stuart, you got pushed out of here a few years back, you go to Donner now, right?


S O Y O U D O C A R E ? 


I listen. Now, you listen here. Leave me be.  This does not concern you. I fight for people like you. I do not wannnnnnnnnnnn


À̸͚̩̖̻͕̟̮͊́̀ͅm̵̞̯̓̌̍͛͆̈́̕͝ ̵̛̫̗̆͑̀̀̆̌̚Į̴̬͙͎̮̮̰̥̘͂͗͒̈̉͒̾͂̚ ̶̛͇̯͍͈̄̏ḭ̸̦͈̼͚̻̲̠́̈́̾̀̈́̽̚ǹ̵̢̨̥̤̟̪͔̖̙̆̓̾͒ ̴̧̨͖̩̫͖̤̤̮̰̬̰̺͈͌̑̒͑̎̀̈́ẏ̶̡̪̟̳̙̘́̉͐̽e̴̪̪̓̓̀͑̃̍̚͘͠t̶̠̀̒͋͊́̄̈́́̉̃̏́́̀͝͝ͅ?̵̛̼͂́̐͊̄̋̚̕͝


I̴t̴s̶ ̵m̵e̴,̴V̶e̵i̶t̴c̴h̴,̶ ̶C̷o̸n̵s̴t̶a̸n̷c̷r̵e̵a̶s̸e̶


Oh, I can get you out easy, your equipment is LAME


I̶̫̱̩̫͙̯͔̥̍̿̉͆̌͒́̈́̀̏̋̓̆̃̄͘͘͝ ̴̮̭̃̂͆̆̅͑͗̿̏̀̽̉͊͊̍̌̒́̓͒̋͌͂͋̇͠d̸̻̲̱̱͙̊̈́̂̈̈́͂̐̿̃͑̆̀͐͛̓̅͛͆̈́̐̀̀̈́̽̉̋̔̿͂͛͝͝͝ͅơ̸̡͎̩̮͎͇̯̱̾̈́̈͐͑̈́́́̅̽́́͂̈́̆̄́́̆̄͒́͐̈́͌͘͝͝͝n̷̢̨̧̛̦̞̬̥̺̭̺̝͇̪͎̦̦͛̎̈́͛̇͊̑̐̅͗̄́̾̇̍́̎̈́̓̽̈́̆̓͐̈̈́͂̕͘͝͝ͅ’̶̧̨̫̟̺̹͙̘̫̖̼̳̦͕̩͓͇̭̫̞̳͉͋̇̽͒̉̈̍͑̓͆̀̂̇͐͊́̈́̅̑̎̇̀̒̃͗̿̈́̆̚͝ẗ̸̯̯̺͈̳̗̳͇͔̩̙̣̩̬̳͕̙̻͎͔̟͈͚̘͉̥́́͛͊̒̋̓͛̆͂͐̑͊̊͌̀̀̓̚̕̚̚͠͠͝͝͝ͅ ̵̡̹̩̣̟̳̣̙̫̼̯̘͙̪̮̥̥̠̣͉̬͓̟͒͋̂̃́͆̀͑̈́́̎̾͂͊̈͐̍͆̽̆̍̓̎̀͘͝͝͝͠͠͝ͅţ̶̧̼͍̳̬̜̝̂͐͒͑̽̑͋̈̄̈́̎́̽̎̀̒͌͛͑͑͒̕͘͠͠͝͝h̸̛̛͙̏̍̈́̒̐̀̑͛̅͋͌̋́̀́̌̔̾͘i̶̧̨̢̛̳͖͙̱̯̰̥̭̟͙̱̘͕͍͉͙̪̤̟̮͈̮͖̗̣̦̹͕̍͋̏̌͗͊͌͝͝ͅͅn̴̡̡̡̟͕̖͕̳̪̜̭̘̿͗̃̍͜͝ͅk̵̖̒̔͒̑̂͗́̾͌̈́̓̽̂̾̊̄̏̏͘͠ ̶̧̢̢͇͚͇̫̙̖̱̝̳̘̫̠̘̦̰̲͈͕͇̰̗̞̗̺̼͋̀̿͑͋͂̇̅͒̄̈́̃̐̒͐͌̚ͅs̵̡̝̪̹̰̱͕̟̭̬̙̳̦̭̲̰̹̫̙͎̩̺̻̳̺̭̓̂̽̄͋̓̂͝o̸̡̢̼̝̤̩̘̠̯̻̪͍̘̤̭̖͂͂̂,̶̧̛͔͚̹̪̼̱̼̲̰̼̳̗̱̱̬̦̖͓͒̈́͗̇̓͑͋̈́͛̂͜͝ ̶̢̧̛̛̠̘͖͔͕̤̣̹͎̮̻̬̠͙͓̪̝̺̽͗̏̌́̌̍̋̑̎̕͜͜͝͝͠ͅͅb̵̡̢̢͓̳̫͇̳̟̙̘̭͇̩̗̞̭̝̼̝̱̳̮̦̰̹͎͎̪͈̠͖̱̐̇̾̌͑u̵̡̪͍̙̮̘̤̙̗͔͇͚̍̇́̇̈̅́̆̒͐̉́̏͋̔͒́̆̈́̂̕͘͝͝͝ḑ̸̧̡̛̰̟͔̣̩̜͎̩̣͕͍̳̮͙̣̯̀̓̂̃̂̄͆̆̀̈͊̈́͊̔̑͊́̂̔̅̅̓̓̔̚ḋ̷̛̟͛̄̆̑̌̂̉̈́̀̓͆̋̿̋̈́̽̎͋̎͂̄̀̃̚͠͝y̸̛̟̳̱̝̗͍͕͉̺͈̜͐͛̽͗̉͋̔̔̋̈̊͠͝.̶̡̢̧̛̰̱̮̥̹̝̰̗̬̟̠̤͙͈̮̼̭̈́́̿̄̍̍͋͂̋́̀̃̈́̐̃̒̕͘


I’m staying. 


I can get you mkzkskeiekxjxjeiwih bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvv 




This really sucks

Oh, how I hate ducks


How  did you do this to me



No, don’t you dare mind that file name!

I will end you, Contancrease, the great!


I don’t think so, buddy boi.


Yes, Yes I will

Oh how I will, M Y N A M E I S N O T B I L L 





Oi, Mate, just some simple tricks I learned from a friend.


Hey, where did Daniel go?

Right here, bud. Just bring some buds, to stop this, should be soon, very so–




We are very sorry to inform you that yesterday, at 9:56 PM, our website was hacked by two students and one past student. It appears that the ex-student wanted to ruin our website and delete our files. We do believe that the two other students were trying to stop this ex-student who shall remain anonymous. The two students are currently suspects in an ongoing investigation. It would appear that some of the files have been leaked out onto the interwebs. The sites are hard to find and near impossible to delete. The leaker of the files is currently under arrest. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


                                         Mr. Garner Berlanti.                                                                         (Principal)



By: Daniel




One of the photos saved onto his file was a photo titled JusitceSociety.PNG, I found the file and all it had was an image. A downloaded photo of an odd plushie. I think there is more of a mystery to this. 


Episode Four: Bohemian Rhapsody 

By: Emma Sue

Is this the real life?

That was what I asked when I got in. What the heck is happening? People were singing and dancing all about. I was deeply disturbed. After I saw my ex-comrade, Alberto, perform ‘Shiny’ I nearly barfed in mouth. Then Daniel pulled me aside. I thought he was trying to dance with me or something but he was just as confused as me. He told me that everyone was suddenly singing when this kid showed up. His name was Micheal Tucker, this kid in the school band. There was an awkward silence in the air. We just stood there hiding from the rest of the school. Then the bell rang. Daniel had to go back to his school, Donner, leaving me all alone, having to deal with this high school musical. 


The teachers were weirded out. Everytime they asked a question someone would sing the response. During courtyard, I saw Daniel running down the street. Why did he escape from his school? HOW did he escape from gus school? He ran up to me and said “What’s wrong? You texted 911!”

 “I didn’t text anything!” Then I heard a shrill voice behind me say 

“I did.” It was this kid, Micheal Tucker.

 “You see, I want to help you two.” 

“With what?” Me and Daniel asked.

 “With your Re-La-Tion-Ship.” That’s how he said it. Emphasizing each syllable. 

“Our relationship is fine! See we even finish each other’s–” I said, expecting Daniel to finish my sentence. He did not. 

“See, that’s exactly the problem! Neither of you are in tune with each other! Daniel’s far too smart and Emma isn’t smart enough!”

 “Hey, she’s like, a kinda sorta Private Detective!” Daniel said. 

 “Exactly my point. ” Micheal replied. 

“So, I decided to bring forth a little musical! So now, welcome to Folders of Tomorrow, the Musical! I hired your friends and the other kids in band to be performers! How fun!” Micheal said. 


Then Micheal said “Think of your fellow man”

Chloe ran up to us “Lend them a helping hand.”

They both chorused together “Put a little love in your heart.”

 “Oh dear gosh.” Daniel said.

 “How do we get out of this nightmare?” I asked. “You just need to put a little love in your heart.” Micheal said,”and the world will be a better place. ” 

“You can’t be serious…” Daniel whined.

“Wait- are you asking- are you asking if this is the real life?” 


“Or is this just fantasy?”

“Caught in a landslide.”


We ran off only to get stopped by Mitchell Warner, Microwave. He stomped twice in the ground and clapped. Stomp. Stomp. Clap. He continued to do this except he began to stomp and clap while speeding toward us, stomping and clapping ever more violently. We stopped and ran up to Micheal, “Ok, we give up!” He then said “Then Sing!” 

So we sang. Daniel sang a song called Super Friends, Google the lyrics, really fun song, some of the lyrics were edited a bit but well, the end. 


Chloe’s comment: A tear is rolling down my cheek, that was so BE YOU TEE FUL!! Oh yeah, this was the song they sang… Imagining Daniel singing this will forever haunt me.  



By Micheal Tucker


As I was walking away from saving a dying couple I saw a man in a chair. He was pale  with black hair and he wore a green shirt and oddly a yellow cape. “Hello, Mr. Tucker.” 

“Who are you?”

“You may call me Chronos.”

“I heard about you. You better not do anything weird.”

“No, I have too much to live for.”

“What do you want?”

“They’re rising, the heroes have returned, soon a society shall rise, me and 3 other pals Eclipsorigami, The Thinkorigami, the Clock Crease, we’re forming a team. To put it plainly, shouldn’t we have our own society?


Episode 5: The Puppet Society of America

By: Nathaniel W.

Dear Daniel, I did it, I found it. I found all the files in project JSA, I do ask, what do you need with this? I still bring you this for your curiosity. In turn you let me join your team, as Citizen Foil. After reading this I think that this idea applies to me now, more than ever.


Part 1


Written by: Norman Jimenez


“There were voices… and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake, and they were followed by hail and fire mingled with blood. There fell a great star from heaven, burning as if it were a lamp, and I beheld an angel, saying with a loud voice, woe, woe, WOE, to the inhabitors of the earth” – The Revelation


That was the dream I had today. My dark dreams have been getting darker and darker. It’s gotten so bad that you can tell I’m losing sleep. My friends are worried for my mental health. Gosh darn, Betty’s worried. Ok, Jeez, start over. 3 months ago some kids came together with puppets of heroes from All Star Comics, Detective Comics, Action Comics and a bunch of others. They formed a group called the Puppet Society of America, this is technically our 3rd casefile. I’m documenting this because my dreams are getting worse, I’m the Origami Sandman. They chose me because of my dreams, which I see as just really good luck. I don’t believe in paranormal stuff like that. Here’s a rundown of our team thus far


Robert Johnson: The Green Lantern

Rupert Johnson:The Flash

Betty Watson: Star-Girl

John Williams: Hourman

Thalia Carter: Wonder Folder

Mason Sanchez: Doctor Plate

Irene Vasquez: Black Canary


The first villain we battled was the Ultra-Humanite, then we engaged in war with Solomon Foldy, both of those problems I have foreseen in my dreams. Now I have foreseen a problem of literal biblical proportions. A chaotic war of violence and evil. Shrouded in red so that I may not see it. Horrors. In art I painted an image that ended up being seen and had me sent to the principal’s office for “drawing morbid images”  It was of some unseen being watching a photo of us, after we had split apart, reminiscing, of simpler times.  


I see how this image may appear to be ‘bloody’ or morbid due to the red but come on, people!


It’s been 3 days since my last entry,the Folders got a new member. He was Hawkfold, I didn’t trust him. Betty seems to be falling for him. I don’t like that. 


Part 2

The Next Generation


Today I was visited by my friend, Mason Sanchez, or, as he preferred to be called, Dr. Plate. He placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered to me “Let me take you on a trip.” He grabbed me and showed me the other member of the PSA (Really need a better name for that.) We were at a distance, unable to be heard or seen but close enough to hear and see them. This Hawkfold guy was manipulating them. He had them wrapped around his chubby little finger. I have to do something I have to—  


Part 3

It was finally time to begin, I had to confront this traitor. I stormed into the house they were meeting up at. It was a very fancy schmancy, large house that Irene lived in. When I went into the meeting place the door was locked. I was enraged that they locked me, their semi-leader, out of their own meeting! I’m not proud of this but I kicked the door to no result. Kicked it again and it finally broke down, but my foot was now hurt. I screamed at the Hawkfold man, I called him a traitor, I tried to shove him out of my seat. All that I did was infuriate him. He got up and hit me right in the ribs. I hit him back but at this point Rupert ran over to me from the other side of the room and tried to restrain me. I shoved him off and into the wall, he was surprisingly heavy OR the wall was just weak, but either way, the wall was shattered. That angered two people, it angered Irene, because it was her house, and it angered Robert, because I bashed his brother through a wall. They raced towards me, which in turn made things escalate. Here’s kind of how things went…


Team HawkFold






Team Origami Sandman






I screamed charge as we all raced into battle. Things got very destructive. I left with a black eye, a bloody nose and something wrong with my back. [REDACTED] was a total warrior. A barbarian. The rest of my side got angry with me for tearing this team apart. I knelt before the air and screamed into the nighttime abyss. The Puppet Society of America is no more. 



By: Daniel


Dear Nathaniel,


Thank you for giving me this casefile, I will not tell you why I searched for it, but I will give you your reward: you are now Citizen Foil. Enjoy being a member of the Folders of Tomorrow. 

Episode 6: The Infamous Constancrease

To understand this, you need to know how my family works. My dad was Norman Jimenez, he was a member of the Puppet Society of America. My Mom’s name was Mary. My parents aren’t together anymore, in case you’re wondering. My brother is Sean Jimenez who moved out a month ago. Now, it’s just me and my dad. I know he used to be the Origami Sandman. He doesn’t know that I’m John Constancrease. That’s all the backstory you need. So this is how I, Veitch Jimenez, the self proclaimed, Heckblazer,found my dad’s stolen Bible. So, we were at church this Sunday – now, I don’t believe in the big guy, but I do believe in Dad – this is all he has. So, I go without complaint. The story is actually investing. So, I think I need to explain my skill set. Now, I don’t have insane magical powers, I’m just smart with a bit of luck. I know how to hack into sites, brew up some slightly strange potions, and I’m learning to become a psychic. Now, time to know about me:


Name: Veitch Jimenez

Birth Day: November 7,  2004

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Favorite movie: Batman V Superman


So, on with the story! We were getting ready for church, when my Dad could not find his Bible, this is bad, apparently it was one of these 6 macguffins that can help find some wacky stuff. If someone found it and they could use it for some magic spells for destruction. I ramble,I know that. So, this Bible being missing was just very, very bad. I went from neighbor to neighbor asking if anyone had seen it. When I got to the one literally next door from me, things got odd.


“What do you want?” Jake Rudd asked. This kid, let me tell you about this kid, he had a Constantine puppet as well, his was based off the awful Keanu Reeves movie. Our conversation went something like this…..


Jake: Who are you?

Me: I shouldn’t say my name but I’m John Constancrease. 

Jake: No, hecking way.

Me: What?

Jake: I’m John Constancrease as well!

Me: Wow, so wait, what’s your name?

Jake: Jake Rudd.

Me: Veith Jimenez.

Jake: So…. What are you like?

Me: Oddball.

Jake: Oh, um… cool.


So, guess what? We are apparently basically the same person! His girlfriend’s name is Alex, which is the same name as my boyfriend! We go to the same school, our best friends are both maniacal, nerds, and rich. We are also both believers in the dark arts. So, me and Jake teamed together and found out that this kid stole it, he had a puppet of the DC character, Solomon Grundy. He said he’s working for an organization called the InPuppet Society. We beat him together. 

My Dad decided what he needed to do, he hid his Bible at some random abandoned house. He said it was better guarded here. As we walked out I noticed a busted fold out table marked ‘The Puppet Society of America.



By:Gil Anderson


The funny thing about all of this? This casefile was mailed to Daniel Anderson, my brother, as I still have a key to the house, I basically walked in and grabbed the file, read it and put it back. I went to the old hideout of the Puppet Society of America and I got the Bible.

Episode Seven: The Plate of OrigAnubis


Dearest Diary,

Today my boyfriend, Veitch, knocked on my door. When I opened it, he had a piece of cardboard in his hand. “For three, count em, three weeks, I have been hunting for six things. Ever since my Pop’s Bible was stolen I needed answers!” He handed me the piece of cardboard and said, ”Here, babe, hold onto this.” He threw a smoke bomb and ran off, the stupid part was how I could still hear him coughing from the smoke. So I looked at the piece of cardboard:

It was made from a paper plate

It appeared to be a piece of CARDSTOCK not cardboard

It was designed to look like the Helm of Anubis from Dr. Fate and DC Comics.

A good pun would be “Dr. Plate.”

I grabbed a blue sheet of paper and folded into a simple finger puppet off the internet. I placed the little helmet on the puppet and pulled out a gold sharpie to add some details. I’m sorry, I had to. “I dub thee, Dr. Plate!” I exclaimed.


Dear Diary,

I lost the plate. I. Lost. The. Plate!! Goffnagorn! (That’s a made up word.) All that there was was just a sticky note on his head.

It read…
I have stolen your precious Plate, I challenge you to a battle of the mystics



Dear Diary,

Alright, Jeez, I had to save Veitch from a circle of fire. I’m freaking out. So he was Wotanagami, and he somehow broke into my house while I was sleeping and stole the plate. He was testing me. When I went to ‘The Battle of the Mystics’ he sprinkled some gunpowder around himself in a circle, and lit a fire, the idiot who thinks he’ll pull up some fire bender crud got stuck in his flame circle, so I fetched a pale of water and saved my boyfriend. The end, I guess. This is really disappointing, I don’t suppose how this could go wrong and some real villain somehow took advantage of Veitch’ distrust. That would be crazy!

By: Gil Anderson

I found a way to take advantage of Veitch’s distrust. I merely stole the plate from the guy who stole the plate from the guy who had a plate, who got the plate from the guy who stole the plate who found the plate on a great  journey, I then just dropped a decoy there. OBVIOUSLY!

The InPuppet Society

You must all be wondering why I brought you here. Many of you wish to be anonymous so I’ll stick to your codenames. Solomon Foldy, OrigInertia, Music Meister, OrigEclipso, Clock Crease, and The Thinkorigami. There are certain objects you must obtain, because I have a plan, a big plan. These objects will help me find something that can help all of us. So I have some missions for you all. 


Solomon Foldy- Imma need you to guard this ‘serum’ thing, k?


OrigEnertia- Are you okay if I reveal your name? Edgar. You worked with The Folders of Tomorrow, right? Give me some info, also I need you to guard this stupid plushie.


Music Meister- Distract my brother with a crazy musical thing. 


Clock Crease- Steal everyone’s puppets.


Thinkorigami- Hack the school’s website. 


Let’s do this my little comrades, and you will be rewarded greatly. We need to find this candle. The candle of Neron. More info will be revealed soon. 


Alex’s idiocracy screwed us all over

By:Veitch J. 

Oh gosh, so I tasked Alex with watching over this random book labeled ‘The Book of Destiny.’ Instead, he wrote some stories from our past about kids at our school. As a punishment for my boyfriend, I decided to publish the ‘writings’ from his journal into a book. The actual stuff was assorted newspaper clippings, sticky notes, finger puppets, etc. Then he added some random ramblings and stuff about magic and other worlds. Here is some stuff that basically complains about our first casefile. I am truly concerned for my boyfriend’s mental health. 

Context: A casefile about the Puppet Society of America, this is right after they finally beat there first villain

He even had an original name! The original name was Dr. Plate, my puppet, I am suspicious about this because in this casefile it is described as having markings on it’s back, while mine does not have markings on the back of the plate. He was throwing punches, left and right! He ended up helping us beating the Ultra-Humanite and we won the day as a divine divine, fascinating word really.  unit, all of us. Boy, as you can see the term all of us did not age well.

Context: A description of the first Green Creaser

Robert Johnson- The wielder of Green Lantern, brother of Rupert. A student at Lampert and member of the Nodel Summer Camp. Nodel Summer Camp, what are they talking about? Do they mean that place, Reynolds? I guess Nodel was the old name. Expert with technology, Wait, there was technology back then? and overall building. Woodworking? Mechanics? What does he mean by building?

Context: The opening of the first Folders of Tomorrow casefile

The entire group got expelled. Except for me. I had a girlfriend, and I was popular, but due to this scandal I was ruined. The story kind of reminds me of the DC Comics character, Rip Hunter, who was a very politically powerful man until his council was defeated and destroyed. He then became a lone ranger, like me. But, we’re different, in a way; I will bring back my council.

Context: Ex-folders member Jeff on whether or not he had gotten Alberto Ramirez to join the FoT (Folders of Tomorrow)

Yes. Yes I did. End of story. It doesn’t matter how. I just did it. Not gonna elaborate in that further?

Context: Daniel on his battle with Cronos

So, um, we fought him, and we won. We got the principal fired, and then, well, um…the end. Daniel was in shock so he didn’t have much time to write so I’ll forgive him for his vagueness. I need to point out that Chronos is still out there according to this file. 

Context: The first time Veitch popped up in the Folders

So, I got home. My brother came in with a Constantine puppet and said:

“What the heckles did you do?! You just opened the Archives to the students! You literally told the students to their faces that they’re being lied to! Worst of all, you can’t fix this because you’re graduating! Aww, heckin’ heck!!!! Not even gonna say his name. That’s just lazy writing. 


By: Phil Watson

My name is Phil Watson, my younger sister was Betty Watson, she moved away after some trauma involving a fight with her friends in high school. She was a member of the Justice Society of America and I was her sidekick, Stripesy. Right before she moved off she hid a puppet here, her puppet. What’s weird is that I was her sidekick even though I was y’know, older than her. That’s besides the point. I moved back here now, I have a wife and some kids, well, they’re really my stepkids. 

Hey, World

By: Meg Andreas 

Dear Diary, 

Today I finally start my new school, Lampert! My stepdad is being well, he’s being Phil. Phil is just being overly happy. Phil is strange. Today he was being weird because our moving helpers were carrying a bag of just small stuff, the guys dropped something about the size of a picture frame. Phil was infuriated. That guy never gets mad. When I went to school I passed by all the cliques to find mine, the nerd table. I saw these kids who seemed to be having a nice chat, they had these weird finger puppets on their hands. They were an odd group of people. 

Veitch- Some brown haired kid with bloodshot eyes and a British accent

Alex- Veitch’s boyfriend, a kid who seems smart but is a bit of an idiot with life skills.

Daniel- A genius who keeps trying to flex his IQ on everyone.

Emma- this girl who is somehow Daniel’s girlfriend, she’s also a detective.

Mitchell Warner- A juvenile delinquent who technically shouldn’t even be in this school.

I got home and did my regular routine. When I got home I tried to be a good step-daughter and dig through Phil’s  stuff. I opened up the big box and it was just a photo of him and his sister. Phil’s dog, who hates me, ran up to me and looked like she was going to bite me. I dropped the photo and it shattered. I found that underneath the photo were a puppet of a girl, in a Captain America outfit. Next to it was a photo of a group of kids. I ran downstairs to confront my stepdad about all of this. He told me a story about these kids. I was entranced about the stories and the legacy of these heroes, he told me then to ignore all of it. Tomorrow I’ll talk to some kid with another legacy puppet, Alex. 

Ok so, it’s pretty self explanatory idiot.

Thanks Alex, that was very helpful. 

So let’s talk about how the puppet was stolen. It went missing. I have no clue how. I decided to fold a puppet, a new one, no big deal. I went and decided to protect kids with my puppet. I got in a fight with this kid who tried to, and I’m not joking, tried to lock the Folders in the school freezer, he called himself the OrigIcicle. Today, Phil found it and he made a deal with me. He won’t tell my Mom about all of this IF he could help me out with this to keep me from getting in danger. He made a drone to help me out in case I get in danger, I named it STRIPE, which is an acronym for Special Taped Robotically Integrated Phil Enhancer. Today I’ll be going to the school carnival, it’s supposed to last 3 whole days! I’m excited for Hayworld!


Dear Diary, 

Hayworld was terrible. Chaos reigns and there is nothing any of us can do about it. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. We were at the carnival which was AMAZING. Each sport group had a booth, the swim team was doing a dunk tank (I guess because they’re used to water.) Me and Emma, on the gymnastics team worked together to perform in gymnastics which went really well. Veitch stayed at the refreshments corner and drank lemonade alone. Alex is going around harassing people. Mitchell worked at a corn dog stand, which he very nearly burned down. (How do you even do that? He was there for 3 minutes!) Daniel was there as a DJ because he isn’t technically a student here. Daniel was in the middle of playing a gosh awful song called Kiss this Kiss. It all went bad-crap crazy when the music stopped. I heard Daniel scream and I saw a kid in a mask attack him. He changed the music into the song We’ll meet Again. Some kids came up to the big stage with the microphone, Trevin Morgan and Edgar Smith, then the three kids in masks, one with a V for Vendetta mask spray painted green, then there was a kid with a zombie mask who was completely mute. Finally, there was someone who appeared to be their leader. A kid with a green and white puppet, with a mask of Yellowjacket with blacked out eyes. Then some more weird music blared out, I discovered that the new DJ was Micheal Tucker. Phil made me bring an audio recorder so I pushed play to record what this guy had to say

“Dearest students, did you miss me? Oh, you didn’t? Well too forking bad!” He actually said forking. No joke,  “Well I, Gil Jimenez, am back, I brought some friends as well! As you can see. Well, Me and the boys need something from you! Yes, you. Some very simple things really. We just need a blue plush from behind the counter and a puppet of a man with a red shirt and a purple mask. For those who know who he is, he looks like a golden age Green Lantern. Oh yeah, I should mention, I hope none of you got anything from the chocolate fountain. Spoilers! It’s a bunch of chocolate hearts of darkness. Your pain should begin very soon. Don’t worry, I can help you out with that. My friend here, Solomon Foldy, has a cure for you. Just get me what I asked, Chronos out!

Fall of the Folders

By: Alberto Ramirez 

Ok, this is on my recorder thing again. There’s like a bunch of angry, easily agitated kids, and Mitchell, being Mitchell, provoked them so that’s going on outside. 

People are having terrible stomach cramps and are, well… not taking it well. We ran off to the old Folders of Tomorrow base. We made  a list of the people who are basically dying outside and the people who are safe here. 

There’s maybe thirty or so kids in here and some of us have puppets.

THE INFECTED (Ok, that’s over dramatization. Just… not… mad at us.)

  • Veitch Jimemez
  • Cooper King
  • Jamie King
  • JC Russell
  • Hannah Annah
  • Theseus ‘Theo’ Russell
  • Matthew Yen
  • Fifty other kids
  • Veitch Jimenez 
  • Emma Andrewson 

THE SAFE (people who didn’t eat some funky chocolate)

  • Daniel Anderson
  • Sean Jimenez 
  • Chloe Pines
  • Mitchell Warner
  • Alberto Ramirez
  • Jonathan Yen
  • Bella Watson
  • Jake Rudd 
  • Meg Calypiso
  • Thirty other kids

Ok, So I think we’ll wait things out here until we have a plan. Daniel just rallied us all together an— Hey, watch it, bud– Yeah I need this— Hey, it’s um…Jonathan Yen here. The Kid Fold. Hey give it back agggh, Ok, Alberto here *HIGH PITCHED SCREAMS* Oh crud, the door broke down and oh crud, it’s JC. I think I’ll just check in this right now…

I got in a fist fight with JC Russell! My life is now complete. Mitchell tried to weld the door back together… we’re locked in here now. There’s a window. They managed to replace me with a serial arsonist.

Ok Daniel has a plan. We split up into small groups and stop them in order of danger. First we needed to get the cure out of the hands of Solomon Foldy, we then put it into a contraption built by Daniel into the S.T.R.I.P.E. drone.

Ok, Phil just arrived and we split up into our teams.

Team A

Daniel Anderson

Phil Waterson


It will be their job to use the S.T.R.I.P.E drone to watch over things, and eventually disperse the cure when things are over

Team B

Chloe Pines

Bella Watson

Meg Calypsio

These 3 will be in charge of the eliminating obstacles in our path to Solomon Foldy

Team C

Jake Rudd

Me, Alberto Ramirez

Mitchell Warner

Jonathan Yen

The ones who will act as spies and sneak into the carnival of madness and spy on what the InPuppet Society is doing. 

Team D

Everyone else will work on finding the Green Lantern puppet

As a strange man once said, “We’re in the Endgame now” yeah so this a thing.

Interruption by Matthew Yen.

I… I don’t think this is how it went down, at all.

Obviously, we had massive stomach aches, but there wasn’t a nigh-apocalypse going on. I honestly think Alberto exaggerated it, tensions were high after the stomach aches, but there was a test in Mr. Jone’s that we needed to desperately study for, but we couldn’t do anything about it because of this dumb fair or festival or whatever. I saw the fistfight with JC, and it wasn’t anything big.

Take everything here with a grain of salt. It’s imaginative, but not at all true.

The Endgame

By: Chloe Pines

Ok, so I’ll be splitting this up into four parts each written by a different member of each of our 4 squads.

Most of the things seen here was fabricated and exaggerated to add to the ‘drama,’ according to Alberto and Matthew Yen. Other students at Lampert also corroborated that stuff here was exaggerated or falsified.

Team C

By Jonathan Yen,

Ok, so me and my squad were sneaking into the carnival patrolled by a JC Rusell, and my own cousin, Matt Yen, who were both off of their rocker. I heard the plans, they were going to split up to search for the Beebo plush, they were saving Green Paper Lantern for last. I saw the Beebo plush before them and I decided it was time to go for it. I abandoned my team and grabbed the plush, boy, I have to say it was soft. Then out of nowhere it blurted out ‘BEEBO HUNGRY.”  I attracted the attention of two people. 

They’re now deeply in pain, Matthew Yen, who basically is only feeling his pain, and the former Impaper, otherwise known as Edgar, or nowadays the traitor is known as the infamous OrigInertia. The two speedsters came running towards me. Two is greater than one so I didn’t have that great of a chance. I didn’t look so good. Eventually, I was beaten senseless. Then I heard the familiar sound of a crackling fire.

Mitchell Warner came running toward me with a blowtorch he found in the concession stand kitchen. He lit Edgar on fire! He freaked out and basically passed out. I padded him down before y’know, Mitchell killed someone over a plushie.  Then I punched my cousin in the face, knocking him out. I had the plush and ran off with the rest of my squad. 

See what I MEAN?! Mitchell Warner is not dead. In fact, I asked him if he was dead, and he said ‘no, I’m not dead, at all. Here I am. What?! I wasn’t even set on fire.”

Team B:

By: Chloe Pines 

We stopped Solomon Foldy and got the cure. We knocked him down and I knelt beside him. “Wadya have to say for yourself?” to which he responded. 

“Solomon Foldy, folded on Monday. laminated on Tuesday. Battled on Wednesday. Crinkled on Thursday. Worsened on Friday. Torn on Saturday. Buried on Sunday. This is the end of Solomon Foldy.” 

He’s kinda weird, in all honesty.

Team A: 

By Chloe Pines

So Daniel put the cure into the S.T.R.I.P.E. drone and we sprayed them down and most of the lunatics treated it like a snow storm.

Then we went through the school and fought Chronos over the Green Lantern puppet he had found. We beat him, thankfully. 

We ran up to Chronos, yanked the mask off of him and found out the truth. This time, Daniel was Chronos, I don’t know how, but maybe he did his whole villain schtick to bring us together, like last time. Nonetheless, he did start what is now called “The Lampert Flu” so that’s that. 

Daniel got dragged away, I’m pretty sure he’s going to court. All things are pretty well actually now. We saved an entire school of kids and a carnival that turned out amazing, in its last hour. 


Emma is in disbelief that her boyfriend had turned, her and some others have formed a team and are working to prove his innocence. They hired a child expert at law to help them, Terry D’Lunes. 

Chloe Pines is still infuriated by this betrayal and is forming her own team to prove how Daniel is not in fact, innocent. 

Alex and Veitch have broken up, while staying friends and Alex, whomst is on a quest to find out more about the PSA, has befriended Theresa Carter. Veitch himself is transferring to Kane to work with a certain devilish partner.

Sean Jimenez has returned and is entering his second year of college.

Alberto Ramirez still works as a lone ranger, occasionally working with the Folders.

Jonathan Yen is considering joining the Folders of Tomorrow.

Meg Calypsio is starting up her own group of the school’s losers, a new PSA

Mitchell Warner has burned all of the puppets owned by the ISA

Daniel is sitting at home, avoiding interaction with others, knowing the truth, he is innocent. 

What of the former leader, Sean? Well, he has signed up for a mentorship program, and he will soon return to Lampert.

Bye buds. Veitch will also be very important going forward, not for the Folders but for a MAIN story and a oneshot that he’s having with another kid and trust me, me and Peyton’s story will probably be so good you’ll hope it’s…


The Epilogue of SF Hades: well he is busy writing, the ROU, Adam Papercut, two spinoffs , Starpleat, and Justice Pleats Dark while trying to find out how he can work the song ‘Repress’ into season 3, please go check that out because that’ll be the closest thing to a sneak peek. Oh yee, thanks Peyton for letting me write this stuff. 

Click here to read “Teen Titans Fold!”

Or, continue some of the adventures of the Folders in “Kingdom Cut: A Beautiful Lie”

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