The Mystery of Agent Venom-gami

The Mystery of Agent Venom-gami


By: James McLongway

First I was having a good school life, then I started getting villains, and finally I got to join the OriSpider-force! But T.H.A.N.O.S. attacked and Kirby High got closed. But at least I still get to hang out with Cal and Ezra because I am not moving or getting homeschooled. I am going to Wheeler! I also heard of Tilly saying something about a hidden origami that if found could help stop any fights at any school. So I decided to find someone to get it. Because I don’t want to betray the trust of Spider-Fold! His name is Tom Run. I hope the team likes him.

Help wanted

By: Tom

Hi everyone, I’m Tom Run. I am a kinda-new kid at Wheeler. I started school the month before the thing happened. (I’d rather not say T.H.A.N.O.S… dang it, I said what I didn’t want to say!) So Cal, Ezra, and James needed me to help them to find a lost piece of origami. They said it was ‘thrown away’. But they had reason to believe that it was buried. Let’s say that it was stolen from someone that wanted to be unknown. Well, Cal saw someone steal it. He tried to get them but they ran away. He found them after a couple minutes and they had nothing on them. Ezra also said that he saw them digging a hole and dropped something in it before filling up the hole once more.

“So, do you want to help us find it?” Cal asked.

“Yeah. What time should I meet you?” I asked.

“We were thinking 8:30am on Saturday.” James replied.

“I will be at the path between Kirby and Wheeler.” I say.

“We will be waiting!” Ezra replied.

The Hunt


I got to the path at 8:30 like planned and we started digging around 8:40. I started by the beginning of the path at Kirby’s side. Ezra said it was in a metal box so I had a metal detector with me. I started to get off the path when I got something around noon. Everyone else got tired and left. I dug it up and pulled it out of the ground. I opened it and a puppet of Agent Venom was in it with a note that said: Congratulations on finding Agent Venom-gami! Use this puppet for good unlike the old owner. -Charlie  Jones. I thought it was weird but then I called Cal, James, and Ezra and told them to come back because I found something.

“What did you find?” Cal asked.

“I found the target!” I say excitedly.

“SHOW US!” they all yelled.
“It’s an Agent Venom!” I said.
“Like mine?” Ezra asked.

“Yeah, but I think I’ll call him Venom-gami instead of OrigVenom. It also came with a note.” I replied. I showed them Venom-gami and the note but did not realize that we were being watched. That night I was in bed when I heard a voice. Tom… I can help you! Remember that I can help you get strength. But I can’t talk to you after thi- It was cut off. The next day was weird…

The Big Battle!

By: Tom

After walking up to Ezra and James, I started walking to my class and a whole group of kids came up to me. I recognized them though. They used to work for F.O.L.D. until they got fired, and now they started attacking me at lunch. I ran away but then I remembered that I had Agent Venom-gami and what he said that night. So I turned around and charged! I punched and kicked them and got 2 of them to leave! Now I just had to fight off the leader.

“GIVE ME THE PUPPET, TWERP,” the jerk yelled.

“NEVER!” I screamed back and we started punching and kicking again. He got the upper hand until I felt Agent Venom-gami in my pocket and stood up and punched him in the gut! He fell and ran off yelling “I WILL BE BACK TWERP!” and that was the story. But I have a feeling my next enemy won’t be far away…


    By: ???

You think you won… But you didn’t! You now have a bounty on your head and all the villains want you dead! I have taken the task to get you and now I am so close. I hope you have fun with the fame while it lasts cause it won’t last long! -Anti Venom-gami

  1. Great story! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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