The Revenge of Count Foldu

The Revenge of Count Foldu

a note from SF Megan/Phred: this story has some graphic things such as burns and K.O.s that may be intense on some younger SFs

By tommy
Ok so i was in the hallway at school wen i bump into someone he gets all wierd and says “im so sorry well i like starwars do u im Alex im new” i was like “ok…” Well any way i do like starwars i explained cool hey do u know dwight I asked he then yelled YES! Of course he said hes the origami master!!! Ok well bye see you later i said then he said oh you will…. And suddenly vanished…

count foldu
By alex
Ok so i got home and i thought what would make me popular in my new school… Origami star wars puppet!!! Dwight has a yoda and hes super popular. Then i got to work and maid count dooku ( count foldu) then i thought why stop there i made grievous darth maul jango fett and lots of storm troopers than i said to myself if i take down dwight and his friends i will be the ruler of Macquarie middle school!!with a little help from the sith…

The loss of darth paper
Bye harvey
No!!!! Darth paper!!!!!
Ok so this is how it happend me and
Vader were walking to the lunch room wen alex came up to me and told me his plan witch i can not say and i decided to join him but he gave general grievagami i said no i will use darth paper he told me to keep it then dooku said vader will be shreded i was like pfft yeah right and left then in I A i shreded him by accident and i have no more origami paper no!!!!!!!

The plan
By kellen
Ok so alex came up to me and heres what he said hi kellen i have a plan to tell i will give you darth maul and then we declare a war and once the jedi are defeated we will rule Macquarie school!!! I was like no way dude im totally for jedi so see you later then he said oh really and then a kid with a storm trooper came i pulled out good old star creaser from the papertine days
I fought him and his trooper went flying then zack martin came with jango fett and he punched me right in the face
I got K O (knocked out) i woke up in a pitch black room and i heard a familiar voice
Join the dark  side kellen
Then the lights  turned on and there he was jacob minch!!!!!
I tried to scream but my mouth was duck taped and jacob said i
Didnt do this alex did oh and i will be leaving now then he vanished and alex appeared with count foldu with a super sword  ( a light saber on fire) and he stabbed my finger with star creaser on it star killer was dead then he slashed my face i had a big cut/burn  I screamed then he slashed my arm and chest then zack came out with jango fett and his jango had a homemade gun thing it was made of twigs and rubber bands and he shot me with a flaming match his gun shot flaming amo!!!!
Then dwight came in with yoda and yoda said stop you must
and thats were things got bad!!

The war
By tommy
I ran through the door and said for kellen!!!! Then 30 kids with storm troopers came and so did harvey with darth maul and grievous

then i pulled out anikan
dwight threw kellen captian rex
sara came with ahoska
lance with obi wan kenobi
Mike with saesee tiin
Quavando with mace windu
Dwight with yoda
And the war was on I was fighting zack and i killed his jango he got mad and punched me he knocked me out

The war, prt 2
By lance ok so i had to fight harvey
I figured i would win because obi wan kills maul and grievous so i knocked his darth maul off then his grievagami’s light saber cut obi wan i lost so i pulled out my back up clone and fought storm troopers
The war prt 3
Bye kellen
Me and rex had to fight harvey  and grievagami i fought him he was wooping my butt then i cut of one of his arms then two more and i totally upper cut him yes harveys defeated then i saw alex slash mike with his super sword alex was unbeatable with that sword theres got to be a way
I ran at him and he burned me i fainted

The war prt 4
By quavando
Well i saw Zack come im with a new  jango fett i beet a storm trooper and ran at Zack  we fought and mace wind got a little burned but i beet him
Then i ran to help sara attack storm troopers

Lots of storm troopers also the war prt5
By Sara
Ok i was fighting storm troopers
And then a girl came up to me with asajj ventress i beet her so easy then i fought more troopers man they kept on coming i needed more help so did quavando we couldnt last

War prt 6 : help
By mike ok came in with three huge origami jedi star fighters and gave two to quavando and sara we put our guys in them and threw them at the troopers we beet the troopers now all thats left is alex! wait whys sara bleading huh she just fainted huh and quavondo and lance and kellen and ouch i feel huh alex why did u………i fainted

War prt 7 : the finale battle
Bye tommy
i woke up and it was just me dwight and alex
Alex was to strong with the super sword
Then he lit a wall on fire we couldnt leave now because the whole school was on fire ( again ) dwight and yoda ran at alex dooku slashed dwight
But dwight grabbed the super sword with his bare hands and threw it on the ground dwight fainted i picked up the light saber and put it in anikans hand man thats familiar, anikan with his and dooku’s light saber any way I
Slashed dooku and it shriveled up and burned  alex screamed no!!!! And ran right into the fire yep tragic but true
Then the fire department came in the school and saved us it was over.

The final chapter
By dwight school was canceled the next day because the fire so i checked my E mail and i had a message I thought it was from tommy but it wasnt ok here it is
I hate your living guts im all burned up and im going to jail but i will have my revenge mark my words i will be back
From- alex

So i told tommy and he said that alex is in jail for two years so i shouldnt worry
So i every thing was back to normal
( watever normal is)

The End.

How to fold count foldu!!!
Start with 1/4 of a paper
Start tall
Fold bottom up about an inch
Flip over and fold in to thirds
Do the ackbar tuck in thing
Fold down so its really long
If you want fold it in half hot dog way
Fold the heads bottom corners in to the crease you made bye hot dog folding then fold back
Youve made dookus beard dont fold top corners down make the top look square for his big hare
Youre done!!

| ‘ ‘  |   <- dooku’s head

  1. Yay my first storie

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