Teen Titans: Fold! 2

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Episode 1: All wells that end wells! (Sorta)


Well, after we got James expelled we got a little more popular. I loved it, Eric loved it, Peter loved it, Sara loved it the most but Jamie HATES it! She said that she liked being alone but now she can’t. Anyways, besides the popular, earlier this week we have been having notes placed on our lockers, TESTS getting sabotaged, and worst of all, Jamie says that it is her cousin doing all of this! Her cousin is named John and his best friend was James but now that he was expelled he is mad at us! Jamie said that at her family reunion she saw him and he had a Tri-Gon puppet! Or as he said Tri-Fold! I was walking with the team when all of sudden Peter disappeared! We ran around the school looking for him but as we made it back to the lobby Eric disappeared! I was scared because soon it was only Jamie and me left… “You can have our friends back when you leave this school!” A mysterious voice said over the loudspeaker. 

“WE WILL NEVER LEAVE! WE ARE A TEAM AND NEVER GIVE UP!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“Suit yourself” The voice says as all the lights go out.

Episode 2: I’m back!


HEY MY BROS! Richy asked me to write what happened after we were all ‘taken’. I Was with the team until Peter disappeared! I started freaking out and saying stuff like “WHERE IS PETER! HE IS MY BEST FRIEND!” All they did was walk around asking people! I then blacked out and woke up in the… School basement? Peter was next to me and we started say stuff like “French toast” over and over until Sara came! We started talking about school and stuff then Jamie came and we heard Richy scream something. He then came and we broke out and saw Tri-Fold sitting on a table behind glass! We tried to grab it but failed and soon enough John appeared and said “No no no!” He said.

“GIVE UP JOHN!” We all screamed.

“NO! I WILL TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL AND NOT STOP UNTIL YOUR GONE!” He screams as we black out once more…

Episode 3: I messed up…


They should have listened to me! But NO! We wanted to take down Tri-Fold! That made it so we had gotten captured and now in the school office!

“Do you know why you all are here?” Mr. Bruce, the principal asked.

“Yes! We are trying to stop Tri-Fold from kicking us out of school!” We all yelled.


“NO, PLEASE!” We yelled once more. After that we were kicked out of The school.It has been weeks since and we all go to a school called Barbera Academy now. We heard from our old friends that John took over the school and is bringing back James but it will take time! The teachers all got forced into this because he faked a recording about them ranting about how bad every kid is. HE THREATENED TO SHOW IT TO EVERY KIDS PARENTS! His plan was to make us get kicked out so we couldn’t stop him! We failed. No. I failed as a leader…

Episode 4: I give up!


I give up! I will let Tri-Fold win! The Titans mess up everything I make! They can find a new leader. But when they come back to me for help they will not get any! This was the LAST meeting THEY had with me.

“I’m leaving the team.” I said.

“WHAT!?! WHY!” They all screamed.

“YOU MESSED EVERYTHING UP! I WAS SO CLOSE TO DEFEATING HIM BUT YOU WEIRDOS GOT IN THE WAY!” I screamed loudly. “GOODBYE!” I heard them trying to stop me as I left but I ignored it. I walked up to Ward Middle and went inside to find someone.

“TRI-FOLD!” I screamed.

“Why, yes, Richy?” He says back.

“I want to join you!” I yelled. He starts talking to someone then says.

“You can be James’ apprentice! NOW MEET HIM AT THE GYM!” He yelled at me. I went and saw James and told him everything. He gave me a Robin puppet but in a slade suit instead. “NOW! Go destroy the Teen Titans FOLD!” he said as I left…

Episode 5: Destroy the TT:F

      By: Richy

This is a series of text messages before the big battle…

Hey guys!

What do you want?

I want to apologize!


Just meet me on Ward Middle 

roof at 5:30! Ok?

Fine we will be there!


They came and we talked until I got a text from James. I took out a hidden stick and charged at Peter but Eric also took a stick with him and blocked my attack! We fought until his stick broke. I cornered them and said “You have always held me back!” I then went to hit Peter but he had his phone out with a video of us celebrating after our first victory against James. I realized that even if we mess around we are a team and a team sticks together! That was when Tri-Fold or John came. I charged him and was able to hit him! I kept doing that until teachers came up to see what all the noise they were hearing was about. They saw me attacking John and stopped me but they called his parents and he had to move to I think a school called… um…Barbera! Yeah, that’s it! We had a new victory and celebrated the victory! We also transferred back to Barbera to fight crime there!


Richy’s story continues in “Batfold: Under the Red Hoodie.” 

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