Creaseeus Versus The Mina-Tore

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Creaseus and the Mina-Tore
By The One and Only, Origami Donatello

Gods at Athens
Tyler W. 

Athens Middle possibly the weirdest place ever. You see, a month ago some kids folded origami greek gods. Why greek? I don’t know. I mean, the greek food at the mall aint bad. Maybe that’s why. See, they all folded origami versions of the greek gods like Hades, Zues and Poseidon, the ones you didn’t pay attention to in 7th grade. If you ask me the whole origami folding puppet is kinda child-ish but I admit I wanna fold one. 

I myself never paid much attention to the greek gods in social studies but I did pay attention to one, who i’ll break down for ya. 

So there was this guy, King Minos he ended up with a half man, half bull thing called the minotaur how? Well, that’s a story you don’t really want to hear, it’s super gross, don’t search for it in an encyclopedia. Every year he would send seven boys and seven girls to go into his giant maze, the labyrinth to get killed by this thing. This guy, Theseus, told his Dad, Aegeus, he would kill the beast and would sail back home with white sales to signal it’s him. When the time came he did slay the minotaur and he met this chick aridane and they fell in love. When he was returning home, Woopsie daisy, he forgot to change his sales to white so his dad, he- uhhh- well, go look in your textbook. As for his girlfriend, Theseus freaking abandoned her and on an island where she fell in love with a whine god. Theseus was kind of an idiot.

Nah, I didn’t really pay attention to any of the other stuff instead me and my friend, Estelle Astley were just passing around doodles and laughing until our teacher would yell at us to shut up.Something about that myth that specific myth interests me maybe the fact that dude lost everything I don’t know. Now you’re probably asking:
“Dude, if you love this myth so much make an origami Theseus” Well, my friends that’s what I’m writing about.

Origami Theseus
By Tyler

I didn’t know the first thing about folding origami. I mean I’ve made a paper airplane if that counts but not like a crane or anything. I walked up to our art teacher Mr. Russel.
“Um, Mr. Russel, do you know anything about making origami?”I ask. He turns around and looks at me
“Yeah, follow me.” I follow him to the art classroom and he takes a piece of paper out.
“You see all those OriGod kids came to me for help, I see you want to join in their finger puppet crusade.”
“Err- well i sure would like to fold one, I don’t know about walking around and talking with it.”
“Kid, if ya want a puppet, ya gotta make him talk. So… who do you want?”
“Well I really like this one myth-” I started.
“What myth?”
“I’m gettin to it! Theseus. The guy who killed the Minotaur”
“Ahh yes,here.” He hands me the paper
“Well, what do I do with it?”
“Jeez, do i have to tell you EVERYTHING? Ok, fine,  first, cut it into fourths.” I brought my scissors out of my backpack and cut it into fourths.
“Then ya want to fold him. Just fold the corners to the center, then fold down the top.”
“What?” I ask
“Kid you’re all on yer own.” Going by the brief instructions he gave me I made a half decent puppet.
“Now you decorate him like Theseus.” He hands me a sharpie,And i take out my greek mythology textbook. After a few minutes, I’m finished.
“ORIGAMI THESEUS” I shout a little too loudly.
“Kid, you can’t just call him origami theseus make a pun. Like some girl made ART-emis”
“Uh ok Fold-seus?”
“Do i have to explain everything to ya! Do Creaseeus!” 
“Uh ok so… uh… Creaseeus.” I pick up my text book and get the heck out of there.

When I walk out of the front doors I grab my walkman, put in the AC-DC thunderstruck and hop on my bike. When I finally reach my house I put my bike in the garage and run up to my room.When I finally get in I pull Creaseeus out of my pocket and examine him more closely. Am I actually gonna walk around with this thing? I mean, yeah, he’s cool and all but I mean, wouldn’t that make people think I’m weird. Who am I kidding? I’m weird without Creaseeus last year I asked this girl, Jaylen to the winter dance unfortunately I have NEVER asked a girl out so I was like:
“Um, so- uh I uh kinda wanna um… go to the winter dance do… uh… you wanna go with me?” If that wasn’t bad enough I screamed because I had an ear infection and couldn’t tell if I was talking too loud. Long story short me and Estelle just watched Batman Returns, eh, it was Ok.

I put Creaseeus in my pocket and rolled over on my bed.

Brat At The Comic Store 
By Estelle

“Etelle, wake up!” it was my Mom shaking me to death in order to wake up. Thanks alot, Mom. When I got on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt for an old beach I went to. I start down the stairs and fall onto the couch. I grab the remote and flip through the channels,I just put on this TV show called Friends, it’s pretty good. I pull on my blanket and pull up a pillow, just when I hear a knock at the door.
“Get the door” shouts my dad from the kitchen. I groan and get up when I open the door. Tyler is waiting at the door.
“Ah, watching friends? I’m more of a Seinfeld guy.”
“Come in.” When he comes in he takes out a piece of paper
“Hmm, interesting” J say
“It’s Theseus! From the Greek myth!”
“The guy who killed the Minotaur!”
“Um… ok? Please don’t tell me you’re gonna walk around with him and make him talk and stuff.”
“That’s exactly what I’m gonna do.” You see about a month ago some kids made origami greek gods, Tyler thinks it’s because of the greek restaurant at the mall.
“Ok, but wanna go to the comic book store?” Tyler ask
“Yeah, I’m in.” I tell my mom and grab my shoes and follow Tyler. He hops onto his bike and I hop on mine. When we get to the comic book store it’s just opened.
“Can I help you?” Asks a small, barely four foot tall kid. 
“Um, are you old enough to work here?”Me and Tyler ask.
“Ok, sorry, jeez do you have anything new?”
“Some Star Wars comics in the back.” He grunts. Tyler trips and his origami Theseus falls out.
“Sir, what’s that?” ask the kid trying to sound professional 
“Oh just some piece of origami” says Tyler shoving it back in his pocket.
Me and Tyler walk to the back where we see a bunch of Star Wars comics. Tyler buys a few. I buy some Thor comics, in my opinion he’s the only interesting god. When we go to check out we see the kid folding some sort of piece of paper. 
“Hey, um, sorry if you felt I was being rude earlier,” Tyler says.
“Yeah, good for you.” Me and Tyler were feeling ticked off so we put the comics on the counter.
“This will be fifty bucks.”
“Dude, I hate to be that person who complains but they were each a dollar and fifty each, we bought ten, all together that should be around fifteen dollars!” I drop a twenty dollar bill.
“Fine I’ll pay twenty bucks, sound good you little brat?” Tyler says. I nudge him a bit.
“Thirty five and we got a deal.”
“This isn’t the black market; we literally saw the price.”
“GET OUT!!” the brat yells.
“Jerk,” Tyler mutters. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. When we get out we can see the brat looking at us he gives us a sinister smile before he puts up the closed sign.
“How is it closed? It’s literally Ten AM!” 
“I dunno”

The Mino-Tore
By Tyler

We didn’t think that encounter at the comic store ment much, boy, were we wrong. I was walking to school (My bike had a flat tire) when J hear a kid yelling at me, it was the kid
“HEY!” shouted the brat
“What do you want!”
“Look man, I apologized and I wasn’t even that bad so can you just be the bigger man and leave me alone.” He started to charge at me with something on his finger.
“FACE THE WRATH OF THE MINO-TORE!” When he got closer I got to see the piece of paper he was folding. It’s an origami minotaur! When he’s running at me, I jump out of his way making him run past me. I start running away from the kid.
“Dude just go away!” i shouted
I ran like I’ve never before my lungs were about to collapse. 
“YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM ME FOR LONG!” I look back and run, I see Billy laughing. I accidentally bump into someone.
“OOOOF” shouts the kid as he falls.
“Dang it” I mutter
“Sorry about that,” I say while picking up a book of his.
“Oh, it’s fine.”
“Hope I didn’t bump you too hard”
“Like I said, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”
“Ok well-”
“Names Willian . by the way.”
“Oh hey man, I think I saw you in the year book. You’re in drama club, right?”
“Well gotta go, a sociopath is chasing me” I say getting up.

Tyler Faces Off Against The Mino-tore
By Estelle

Let me just say I doubted Tyler was telling the truth when the comic book store kid folded a Origami Minotaur or as Billy (Tyer said that’s his name) calls him the “Mino-Tore”. We thought he would just stop. I mean no one has really folded a villain. Maybe you can count hades as a villain but… Ok enough of that. I was walking to class with Tyler when I heard a voice I felt… a cold presence.
“Remember me” says billy
“Unfortunately “ I say, looking back.
Billy starts charging.
“QUICK! JUMP OUT THE WAY!” Tyler shouts. I jump out the way making Billy tumple onto the ground. Tyler takes out Creaseeus
“STAND DOWN” Creaseeus yells. Suddenly, I hear William.
“LOOK OUT” william shouts at me. I look behind me and see he’s tossing Tyler a pair of scissors.

Never Toss Scissors (Or Some Other Moral)
By Tyler

“Dude, that’s dangerous!” I say
I pick up the scissors, just as I pick them up. I hear Billy grunting as he gets up
“YOU GONNA PAY BUDDY BOY” he puts the mino-tore on his finger and runs at me. I grab the Mino-tore off his finger and cut it right down the middle. 
“For what?” says Principal Timely. 
“Um sir I-” starts Billy
“My office. Now.”Me and Estelle smirk before William comes up to us.
“Dang,” he says
“Hey do y’all wanna hang out at the qwikpik?”i ask
“Heck yeah! They give out good smoothies for like Twenty-five cents!” Estelle shouts.

The Final Chapter
By Tyler

In most books I’ve read, there’s an epilogue. Like a second ending so hey, why not put one in here! You see we would go to Qwikpik almost every day for almost 3 months then this one faithful day.
“Hey, so you know about the OrigGods?” I ask William.
“Yeah, they’re my sibling well Zeusagami  and Shradies are not the other kids.”
“Why haven’t you folded an origami Poseidon yet?”
“Hmmaybe i will”
“Also… uh… so tyler I don’t know if Estelle told you…. but we’re uh kinda um… how do I put this… dating.” He blushed. 
“Oh well, that’s nice ” I say, I mean, I guess I didn’t know it until now but I kinda liked Estelle, like, yeah, I’m happy for William but I feel like the third wheel of my own hero’s journey. 

“Will you excuse me, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” I sprint out the door. 
“The bathroom’s that way.” I hear William shout. Tears fill my eyes that I immediately wipe away. I can’t tell if they’re of joy or of sadness. 

By Ximena Strohm 
So, Mrs. Kemp tasked me to find old casefiles in our archives, stuff like myths and legends, this was the first one I discovered. I guess I’ll put the insider scoop on what happened to these guys afterwards, because thankfully we know how these guys turn out. 

William Emily folded that Posideonigami, eventually going on to have a son with Estelle Astley, note to self: Mac Astley must never know the truth about his parentage. 

After a breakup, Estelle moved to Madison County, enrolling her son in Goodman Middle School, and eventually returning him to Athens City. 

And as for Tyler, he went on to serve a term as Posideonigami, and became a swim instructor at Athens Middle School, where he still serves to this day. 

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  1. Origami Donatello

    Hades when editing you made a error charpeter 1 says tyler w while chapter 2 says tyler b

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