Secret Squirreligami and the Barbera/Ward Case


SS: A puppet is all that matters.

Yes, a Puppet. It’s really that simple, it’s really how things can begin, it starts with a puppet. A puppet holds power, at least, that’s my belief. I’m starting to think these things hold magic, they hold some traits that I need to know.

Who am I? They call me zero zero zero, otherwise known as nothing nothing nothing, or-


MM: Marvin?


SS: Ugh. You know, Morrocorigami Mole, we have names. I’m the Secret Squirreligami, you’re the Morrocorigami Mole.

MM: What? I’m Paul. 


SS: We were recruited for this, man. We have a mission. 


MM: A mission? I didn’t know that.


SS: Yes, but it’s a SECRET Mission! Because we two sixth graders were tasked with chronicling and solving the case of why we have these puppets, why are they so famous? 

MM: Why did my cheese sandwich have mold on it…


SS: Paul! Focus!

MM: Okay… what do you want me to talk about?

SS: How about this: let’s look back at where it all started.

MM: Oh… yeah… I can do that. It really started with the Teen Titans:FOLD!


SS: No, no no! I mean which of the two schools did it first. 


MM: Oh.


SS: …..but I bet that was wild, huh? I remember hearing about those guys.


MM: Oh yeah, wild isn’t the half of it. They’re so out there, I think they had a fight on the roof…

SS: And, I assume that my special Morrocorigami was there to see it all happen?


MM: No.

SS: Well… what other cases have arisen?


MM: There were these two students having adventures all over the school. Three kids with different bear puppets, two seemingly regular kids in the Environmental Club. An exchange student from Japan fought another exchange student from Japan…

SS: Okay, we get it.

MM: Wait, there was more, 

SS: I said ‘Okay, we get it.’

MM: Right but I saw another person with a Gumball-

SS: Anyways, Barbera has been plagued with these puppets as well. We’ve had many students go Looney. There was this kid with a puppet as tiny as the tip of my finger, taking down bullies. Kids with puppets from far flung pasts and futures colliding. Some triplets running around as superheroes, and boy geniuses with annoying sisters.  A high schooler has directed us to catalogue all of them, and that’s why we have these.

MM: That stack of papers?

SS: Yes, Morroccorigami. That stack of papers. We must go through all of them, mostly handwritten, and type them all up and get them to that student ASAP. 


MM: Who’s the student?


SS: I… don’t really know. He’s a PI, I think. He had heard of my work, and he sent me some random anonymous email about it. He told me he wants them for ‘recruitment.’ Whatever that means. My sister throws around that word – scholarship – all the time. Could be for that.

MM: Ew, ships full of Scholars… So, what do I need to do?

SS: Yes, I’m going to take a seat, and you open up my brother’s computer and start typing these up.

MM: Are you going to help?

SS: No, that’s preposterous. The Secret Squirreligami works for no one but himself and the government!

MM: (Sighs) Yes, sir.

SS: Now, don’t just wait around, get started on these! As I was saying, let’s start with the mystery that started it all: ‘Scooby-Doodle and the Mystery Ink’ case.

Click here to read “Teen Titans: Fold!”

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  1. Lord Toademort

    good set up for the universe, lots of references I see

  2. origami_master53

    I really want to write about We Bare Bears or Amazing world of Gumball! if I can…

  3. ArcticCreeper999

    I’m a Hannah-Barbarian (Slang for Hannah-Barbera fan)

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