By: SF YodaForce

Oh, welcome. Tell me guys, have you ever heard the legend of the Leatherfold? Well, I’m explaining anyway.

There’s this kid. His name is Carmen Kellsen. Basically, he was expelled from school. The reason why is because his parents made him think he was the best at everything, which he later started telling people at school. He was later expelled because he got into a fight with another guy. He then, well, lost his mind, and disappeared due to… mysterious circumstances. No, he’s not dead, because he started sending weird letters to random people’s doorsteps, with “From Carmen” written on the back of it. After the strange letters, people started getting weirdly folded leatherface dolls. Not a good reference, since this is Texas. Texas Chainsaw, the movie he referenced. I thought it was an urban legend until this happened…

It started out as any other day, school. I was walking down the halls with my best friend Hank, and we started discussing the topic of Leatherfold.

“Bro, that’s just a stupid urban legend people made up to scare kids.” Hank said, opening his locker as a strange note popped out. I read it out loud.

You’re next, Hank Jefferson.”

Hank wasn’t shocked at all, he just laughed it off. “Is this this kid’s only way of scaring people? Honestly hilarious!” He brushed it off and told me that he’d see me after class.

A few minutes later, after class, Hank had met me again, just like he promised. He opened his locker only to see a whole pile of sticky notes fall out. “THE HECK!?”

I gasped. I’m not one to believe in urban legends, but this is just giving me the creeps.

“Alright. It’s official. Gimme that kid’s address I’m beating him up.” Hank said, started to get ticked off.

“Hank, we gotta do something about this.”

Other kids started to pop in, suggesting things like ignoring him, or placing a restraining order. Hank denied all of the suggestions and advice, which would later haunt him…

Three months passed, and Hank lost his sanity. The letters drove him crazy, and he’s not the same guy I used to know. I feel bad for him. But today, he went absolutely nuts.

I was walking down the hallways again. I had forgotten a book for class and luckily, the teacher let me go get it. The hallways were deserted. Everyone was in class. I then felt someone’s mouth breathing on my shoulder as they mumbled; “You’re next, Jake.” I turned around and kicked the person in the shin. It was Hank. I ran back to class quickly.

Then, the letters started. The origami puppets started…it eventually drove me insane.

A way to defeat fear is join it…all hail Leatherfold, all hail Leatherfold…

You made a mistake reading this. You can’t hide forever.



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  1. Origami donitello

    mommy im scared

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