Legend of Zeldagami: Skyfold Sword!

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Chapter 1

By Linkin

The start of a new school year is always the same. You go into school excited to see your friends, and you do! But after, you start getting bored. Every year it is the same. I got to school the day after I got back from my ‘Daycation’ (See what I did there?). Me and my family went to the Mall Of America in Minnesota and it was AWESOME! The only unawesome bit was that we got home at Midnight and I couldn’t wait to sleep! But what felt like one second after I fell asleep, I was awake again!

Anyways, today I walked into school ready to take whatever eighth grade had to offer, but instead I had to break up a fight! NOT EVEN 1 MINUTE AFTER I ENTER THE SCHOOL AND I ALREADY HAVE TO STOP A FIGHT!?!?!?!?! This is stupid. I tried stopping the fight and it kinda worked. You see I stopped it, BUT the bully decided to PUNCH ME! He then walked away.

I sat there for a while so I could process what happened. Jayden then walked over to me.

“Link, what are you doing on the ground?”

“I- uh… I was punched.”

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay? Should we bring you to the nurse? Why didn’t you fight back?”

“To answer your questions, yes. I am okay. No, I do not need to go to the nurse. And finally I didn’t fight back because I have realized that talking is better than words.”

“Link, you do know that some situations REQUIRE you to fight back right?

“I do realize that. But I am trying to AVOID those situations.”

“So if something happened to me that required you to fight, would you?”

“Of Course I would! You’re my girlfriend!”

“Link, I feel like I am the only one keeping you grounded.” She said that jokingly before leaving. I know that she said that as a joke, but I think it is true.


By: OriGhirahim

I have a plan. You see, I am going to force someone to do something. But before I tell you the rest, you need some background information on my reasons why. You see, My brother was in love with a girl. That girl loved him back. They made mistakes, they were both in 7th grade so they did stupid stuff. Well, my brother did stupid stuff. The girl didn’t like the stuff he did, so she broke up with him.

Now, you may be asking, “How does this affect you?” Well, Me and my brother were both BEST friends. We did EVERYTHING together. Then, after the break up, He got upset. Angry. He treated me differently. Stopped talking to people altogether. Never left the house. It has been a year since then and you would think it got better. No it didn’t. It got worse. He flunked out of school after 2 MONTHS. The girl that broke his heart is Jayden Johnson.

My plan is to FORCE Jayden to date him again so he can return to his old self. I know that it is a long shot but it is the only thing I have! I blame Jayden for this whole mess! SHE broke up with my brother! SHE is the cause of his pain! SHE is the solution! HahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


By: Jayden

I was walking home from school today when I felt like I was getting followed. It was really creepy. I had to walk past my ex-boyfriends house and I looked up at the window. Today was the anniversary of the day that we broke up. I saw the shades move, and he looked out at me. All I did was wave before he shut the shades again. Before I could even take two steps I was swept off my feet and onto the ground.


“Oh, just shut up!”

After that I remember being put back onto my feet and pushed into a room with a concrete floor. Then the blindfold on my head was taken off.

“Who are you?” I asked the person that brought me here.

“Ha! You don’t remember me? Well that is expected.” He had a red cape on and it was covering half of his face. Then he lifted up his hand, revealing my phone.

“You’ll get this back soon enough.” He then left and locked the door. I was thinking about who it might be. OriGanon? OriGanondorf? Drake? No, Drake couldn’t, he moved away. This is so weird and scary! Even if I yelled for help, what are the chances that someone would find me!


By: Garry Curtis

I was in my room like I always am nowadays. I heard someone walking outside so I decided to look. I saw my Ex-Girlfriend Jayden. She waved, but I closed the shades on her. Then I heard a scream, so I looked back down and she was gone. I thought nothing of it. It could be a friend messing with her. That happened a lot when we were dating. I started remembering all the great times we had together.

I remember the time I took her to the beach at the end of Summer and it started downpouring on us when we first stepped on the beach. So we went back to my house and started watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That was the last day before the break up. Now when I watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the scene where Peter is putting the papers up on the wall really hits differently.

I was walking downstairs one day to grab my breakfast before heading back up into my room when I saw Jaydens phone.

I then saw my brother walk around the corner.

“Hey bro?” I started. “Why is Jayden’s phone right here?”

“I found it on the ground outside and brought it in before it rained.” He replied.

“Okay, I am going to bring it back to her.”

“Are you leaving the house?!”


I left the house and walked to hers. I knocked on the door and her older brother answered.

“Oh. It’s you.” His face got a scowl on it.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble. My brother found Jaydens phone on the ground outside our house, so I brought it back.”

“Thanks, but Jayden isn’t home yet.”

“She isn’t?”

“Nope. It’s weird because she usually gets home 20 minutes after school.”

“I saw her walking home, then I thought I heard someone yell but when I looked nothing was there.” Jayden’s brother’s scowl got even worse.

“If I found out you have a part in this in ANYWAY-” I then shut the door before he could finish.


By: Link

So it has been a few days since I last wrote. (It was Friday before, now it is Monday.) I was walking into the First hour and saw somebody new.

“Hi, my name is Linkin but you can call me Link.” I put my hand out.

“Yeah, whatever. Have you seen someone?”

“Who? I know practically everyone in the school.”

“Her name is Jayden.”

“Well there is only one Jayden in our grade but I’m afraid she isn’t here yet. And I can’t get a hold of her because she isn’t answering my texts.”

“That may be because she doesn’t have her phone. My brother found it outside our house, so I returned it to her.”

“How do you know where she lives?”

“I- uh– I’m her ex. And she has had the same phone case since she-”

“Got her phone…” I was STUNNED. “She never told me she had an ex…”

“Yeah, well she doesn’t tell you everything. Never does.” He then left while I was still shocked by this news.


By: Jayden

I have been trapped in this place for who knows how long! The kidnapper brings me food and stuff, but when I ask about my phone he says he can’t give it back to me even if he wanted to!  Wait, something is happening outside.

“Why do you keep going in and out of the garage!”

“No! Don’t go in there yet!”

“Get out of my way!”

The door then opened and I saw my Ex-Boyfriend Garry.


“Jayden! My brother did this to you!?”

“I guess!!!!”

“I-I can explain…” He started. “I thought that if I could get Jayden to date you again, you would go back to normal!”

“YOU IDIOT!” Garry yelled. “I was the one the broke up with her!”

“Wait, what?” He looked stunned. Then Link ran in.


By: Link

After the weird experience I had with Jaydens ex, I decided to do some research. I found out that he stole from a jewelry store and GAVE THE NECKLACE to Jayden! Then they broke up and he was arrested. I looked at his Instagram and saw that he stopped posting after he was put on house arrest. He just recently was allowed to go back.

I then realized that HE might have kidnapped Jayden! HE found her phone. HE wanted her for some reason! Probably to get them back together! I then rushed over to his house which is on the same street as Jayden’s. That is when I saw Him, some little kid at the door to the garage. They walked inside and I slowly followed. I peaked in and saw Jayden!

“What are you doing to Jayden!”

“LINK!?!?!” They all turned around.

“Why did you kidnap my girlfriend!?” I yelled at Garry.

“I didn’t do it! My brother did!” He pointed to his brother. I then looked at Jayden.

“Link. Remember when you said that you would throw a punch to save me. Well prove it.”


“Punch the person that kidnapped me.”

“No! You know that won’t solve anything!” I said while helping her up.

“Well…you made your choice. I’m breaking up with you.” She paused. “I BREAK UP with YOU.” Then she left. I was standing there stunned.

I stood there for like 5 minutes until Garry told me to leave. I went home crying…


By: Link


“Jayden wants me to fight my enemies, fine. I will fight my enemies.” I mumbled to myself as I walked through the crowded hallway.

“HEY! Give that back!” I heard someone yell. I turned around to see the kid getting his phone taken. I calmly walked over and put on my black hood. I stop right by them and the kid taking the phone looks at me.

“What do you want punk! Do you think you can be a hero or something? Ha!” After he said that, I punched him in the face. “OW! If you’re trying to be a hero, this is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!”

I punched him again and again and again. He had blood all over his face and on the ground. I then start kicking him. When I do, I remember all the pain I’ve felt. I remember getting locked in the fort, I remember pushing all my friends away in the first smash folds, but worst of all, I remember losing Jayden. I then walk away to go wash my hands. As I did, I heard the School’s District Attorney yelling.


That was when I realized that I am no longer Link-agami. I am now the DARK Link-agami! Later that day I walked past Jayden in the halls.

“Oh Link! I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”

“So you could do what!? Break my heart again!! You were right, Jayden! You WERE the only person who could keep me grounded! Goodbye forever!” I then walked away, hoping that I would never see her again.


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  1. I know I say this about every story, but I REALLY did enjoy writing this!

  2. This was one of my more creative covers

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