The Origami Ewoks


by Malcolm

Hey guys. Malcolm here. I just joined this little group made of ewoks and sixth graders. Anyways. So they call themselves “Exceptionally Wonderful Origami/Kirigami Sculpters”. Weird name, huh? So I joined and they gave me a kirigami black ewok. I named him “Whatshisname” because he was the exact ewok from the LEGO set Ewok Attack.  So then we plotted our plan for the FunTime Menace…

The Plan

by Malcolm

Note: This chapter is by Remi, but I have to write it because her grammar is sorta nostrul. No offence, Remi.

Malcolm: So what do we do?

Me: Well. We must go to Rabbski and tell her that FunTime is borin-

Ben: Tommy and his friends already DID that.

Me: Oh…..yeah.

Will E.W.O.K.S come up with a plan?


  1. SF Austin/Meta Knight

    More more more!

  2. superfolder sam

    more more more more more

  3. SuperFolder JC

    Guys, this is the reason I only allow COMPLETED stories on the website!
    Everyone comments about “do more!” and things like that!

    I had to even delete some of my stuff! I understand!
    For The Origami Ewoks, I’ll make an exception, because Malcolm is one of our admins.

  4. Origami Zombie: BRAINSSSSS
    Origami Plo-Koon: What the wha?
    Origami Boba: Zombie, quit being weird and get your deadness in the cargo hold.
    Origami (VERY creepy wearing santa hat) Skeleton: Weee! We wish you a merry Crease-mas we wish you a merry crease-mas we wish you a merry Crease-mas and a happy new Fold!

  5. I have the ewok attack lego set!

  6. awsome do more

  7. nice

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