How Noah joined the Alliance (Skyfolders 4 1/2)

Noah was wondering around McQaurrie between classes, trying to find art class. No matter how many times he looked, he wouldn’t bring himself to believe that it was truly gone.

Today was the day that Rebellion had grown to a extremely large number. Noah hadn’t joined YET, but he had helped Dwight fold the origami puppets for the other students. He even helped Kellen fold a Luke Skyfolder of his own for the Alliance, which he thought was a little weird, since he is the one who uses Luke.

He was finally ready to join. But he was waiting for the right time….

It was time for class. A stampede of kids barreled over him to get to class. It was the of every day that Noah dreaded……it was time for Prof. Funtime and the hideous and insidious calculator Gizmo that Noah wanted so much to hit with a large pole.

*Professor Funtime song of the day:*

Funtime: Hey kids! What do you say?

We’re going to learn today

Grammer, Science, Art, Math,

Gizmo: We don’t need any charts or graphs!

We just need our pencils and our minds,

So hurry up and don’t waste time!


Noah groaned. Yep, today is the day, he thought. After class, he went to Captain Dwight.

“Dwight, sign me up,” Noah told his caped friend.

“Okay. Lets see in here,” Captain Dwight rummaged through a brown envelope, took out a piece of paper that was green on one side, brown on the other and handed it to Noah.

Origami Yoda, who was on Dwight’s finger spoke up. “With this piece of piece of paper, make Boba Fett you will. Be a scout for us you will. Find out Rabbski’s biggest plans, you will.”

Noah took the paper. “Boba Fett? Plastic Dinos!!! I will not let you down Dwight!”

And that is how Noah joined the Rebel Alliance.

  1. Cool! Do you know what the EU email is? I cant find it!

  2. Um, Ive known that for awhile NOW, but thanx anyway

  3. How can bascily NO ONE have seen an awesome story like this?!

    i’m sad no one is visting me and my new RPG……

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