Captigami Britain and the Silver Label!

Captigami Britain and the Silver Label!


The Ride

By- Liam Kida.

Before we begin I think it’s only right that we rewind to when this all truly started, a terminal at the Leeds Bradford Airport. I was sitting in one of the chairs that was set to the side for solo flying kids like me. I still have no clue how Gerardo managed to convince me, his once-bully, to leave the country to visit a friend. I suppose it wasn’t a half bad plan, leave your old life behind in order to get a fresh start in one of the most chaotic nations in the world; I suppose I should be thanking him. I was thinking about all of this when she walked up, for context: she was like the Voldemort of our friend group, you bring her up and it’s war.

“Liam? Is that you?” She asked, pulling her bucket hat off her head, platinum and blond hair falling to her back.

“Natasha. Still in the business of shaking friendships?” I retorted.

“Bro, that was harsh.” She said, putting on the pouty face that made Steve swoon the first time they met.

“I don’t care about how you feel.” I glared at her.

Before she could continue the boarding agent started to call up groups, ours was the first.

We were stuck in the back, the smell of tea and American sweat started to fill the plane. In order to ignore Natasha’s persistence I stuck my headphones on and started to play my chill track. “Left Hand Free” by- alt J started to play.


I woke up to Natasha shaking me awake, after a good minute of me pushing her off I finally got what she was trying to tell me. We were here.


By- Liam Kida.

We were the last people off of the plane, we had to be for security reasons. Natasha used that as an excuse to get her flirt on and I used that as an excuse to tell her to shut up. After everyone finally got off the plane a middle aged man in his forties came up to us.

“Hello, I am your personal security. You will follow me until we get to the people who will take you to your final destination. After that, I’m no longer held responsible.” He told us

“Um,” Natasha said, “why did we know that last part?”

“Because you are at LaGuardia, where our slogan is ‘All hail the sewer rats.’”

Despite all the hate that was between us, Natasha and I exchanged nervous glances.

We walked out of the gate and down to baggage claim. Dawn had yet to break so I was very surprised to see an adult and a kid holding up signs with our name. Our look must have told them that we were the people they were looking for because they put down the sign and approached us.

“Hello, my name is Mr. Morse, this to my left is… What’s your name again?” The adult asked.

“My friends call me Kev.” Kev said.

“Well me and Kev will be taking you to Madison county where we will find and introduce you to your guardians.”

“You avoided the rats this time around.” The man said as he walked away.

Unneeded Audience

By- Natasha Symkaria

It took me some time but I finally pried Liam’s computer away from him, he is so attached to this machine. Anyways; we were finally at the school, the roof of Wheeler Academy shined above the other miniscule homes that surrounded it.

“This is our stop.” Mr. Morse said to us as we pulled to the back.

We hopped out of the van and walked into the cafeteria where the principal and a set of adults were waiting.

“Thanks Kev.” the principal told him as he walked off.

(To this day I don’t know what his job was.)

“If I may have your attention for a second. These lovely people have volunteered to take you in for the year that you will be staying with us. Treat them as if they were your parents, please.” The principal told us.

I looked over to Mr. Morse.

“So why were you there?” I asked.

“I was just your chauffeur, I have enough kids.” He told us as he walked back to his car.

“I’m Liam,” He walked over to the two adults, “but I think you already knew that.”

A smile crept across their faces.

“It’s so good you see you again Liam, I hope you didn’t forget about us.” One of them said.

“How could I forget about the Cates family?” He said as he hugged them.

I started to chuckle, this was rich. Cayde was going to hate every second of me being in his home. I stopped as soon as they looked at me.

“They are going to go now, their son will lead you to your living accommodations when the school day ends.” The principal explained. “Until that time you will be shadowing their son in order to learn your way around; speaking of which.”

We turned around to see the auspicious Cayde Cates walk into our little meeting. Once he realised who we were, he came up to Liam and gave him one of those weird bro hugs. It was too much now and I couldn’t contain it any longer. I started to bust out laughing. Cayde looked at me and then held his face in his hands; I already love it here.

The News

By- Chris Sorrento.

[Recorded on a BX140 Mono Digital Voice Recorder BX Series]

[Device used: megaphone]

(Location: The hallway outside of the library.)

[Walking followed by some static]

Me: Ahem, can you hear me alright?

Person 1: Shut up!

Me: I’m going to take that as a yes. I have some important information that you might want to hear.

Person 2: Get on with it then!

Me: Ok, I shall! I have received news that origami can be unbanned if we prove ourselves of being worthy.

Person 1: …

Person 2: …

Person 3: Really?

Me: What would I have to gain from lying?

Person 4: I volunteer! 

Person 2: No, I do!

Person 1: Am I worthy?

Me: I will set up a series of three trials that will be overseen by teachers. If you get eliminated then you are not worthy. But if you survive all three then you can be one of the new protectors of the school, or the villain. It’s up to you.


Job Opportunity

By- Liam Kida.

Something must have happened in between the morning and the end of the day because Cayde wasn’t talking. I understand that Natasha’s presence alone can cause enough stress in order to kill a bear but this wasn’t that.

“You ok Cayde?” I asked my friend.

“Not really to be honest.” He said

“What’s on your mind?” Natasha asked.

“Why should I tell you?” He asked her.

“Because I might be able to pull some strings.” Natasha explained.

“I- no. Let’s just focus on getting you two accommodated.”

“Dude, tell us or i’ll force it out of you.” I threatened him.

He knew that wasn’t a blank threat, I had done worse over less.

“No.” he said, sternly, “I can’t get anyone else tied up in my personal business.”

“Ooh, shady dealings, hot.” Natasha murmured.

“So you have chosen pain.” I told Cayde, ignoring Natasha.

I went to grab his collar but he slid to the side, grabbed my wrist and pushed on it until it was behind me and gave it a light push up. Not enough to cause any serious injuries but enough to let me know that I should drop the subject.

“You’re still exposed.” I said through gritted teeth.

I reached back and grabbed his hair, tugging on it.

“Say uncle and this will all be over.” I told him.

“You’re still exposed.” He copied my words and pushed against the back of my knee, dropping me to my lowest.

“Final warning.” He told me and Natasha. “Now get up.”

We continued to walk to his home.

Whatever business he was in must be taking priority in his life, my friend had changed and it scared me.


By- Natasha Symkaria

It’s Natasha again. I know, I know; save your applause. Once we made it back and homework was finished I started the search. I knew that Cayde had some dirty secret that he was hiding from Liam and I, all I needed to do was find it. I was slinking around his house when I found it, the mystery man’s room. I walked in and closed the door behind me. It was weird, there were so many posters on the wall; it looked like a nerdy Piet Mondrain painting. On his personal desk there were a stack of letters from him to no one. In front of that was a big box full of manilla files with weird labels like ‘Black Paint-ther’ and ‘Spider-Page’. In his bookshelf in the middle rack below a huge textbook, The Hobbit and the screenplay to an old movie called ‘Indiana Jones’ was a stack of picture books with the label ‘Marvel’. I walked over to his nightstand to check his drawers when Liam walked in.

“Hey!” He yelled at me.

“Quiet bro, you’re going to blow my cover.” I told him.

“Why are you sifting through his stuff?” He asked me.

“Where are you looking for me?” I asked back.

“That’s beside the point.” He told me.

“You know that if you asked me out I wouldn’t say no. Right?” I told him.

“I’m serious.” He got closer to me.

“So am I.” I told him.

The door creaked open and Cayde busted in with a USB drive.

“What are you doing in my room?!” He asked both of us.

“Oh, we were looking for your secrets.” I said to him.

“I warned you what would happen.” He balled up his fist and swung.

“Cayde wait!” Liam got in between us, and took the hit.

Cayde looked at his injured friend and snapped out of it.

“You want to know why I act like this? Why am I so serious all the time? I’ll tell you.” He walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a little paper man.

“The school you joined in order to visit me has a history richer than Nutella.” He told us.

“What’s Nutella?” Liam and I asked.

“Chocolate spread. It’s great.” he muttered. “Sit down, you have to know.”

One Last Time

By- Cayde Cates.

I had no clue I was scaring my friends. I never meant to hurt Liam, definitely Natasha, but not Liam. I suppose I put this facade on in order to push them away from the strange ways of the school but I ended up doing the opposite. I never wanted to get someone I care about involved in my dealings again, not after what happened with Zoe, the MCP and I. But it was too late, I couldn’t hide the origami from them any longer. I told them the history and what I knew, Natasha laughed it off but Liam took it seriously.

“Cayde. You and I have been my friend since kindergarten. I trust you with my life so if what you are telling me is true then I only have one question.” Liam told me sternly.


“How can we help?” He asked.

“We?” Natasha stopped laughing.

“Eye for an eye, you have caused us both a tremendous amount of pain so it’s only fair that we embarrass you.” Liam explained to her.

She gritted her teeth, but never argued.

“There has been an incident at school today, someone has claimed that they can un-ban origami.” I told them.

“Why is this a problem?” Natasha asked.

“Because they are going to be running a public gauntlet, if they get caught with origami then they will be sent to detention, and at the rate that people have signed up detention will fill and they might resort to some ‘extreme’ measures. We are talking about unnecessary suspension.” I told them.

I opened my computer and showed them the video that was on the USB, of a kid with a megaphone telling this to the most origami-centric place in school.

“What do you need us to do?” Natasha asked.

“I need you two to run the gauntlet.” I told them.

“Everyone is doing this for freedom of origami. So if we enter with no origami then they might retaliate.” Liam explained.

“No, no, no…” Natasha facepalmed.

“I have already thought of that actually. That’s why I made these.” I pulled out the two origami characters that I thought would fit them best. Captigami Britain for Liam and Silver Label for Natasha.

“NOOOOOOO!” Natasha screamed out into my room.

The Gauntlet

By- Liam Kida.

Even Nostradamus with all of his ‘power’ could not have predicted this turn out. After word had gotten out that this mystery kid could unban origami people from all over had agreed to participate, some of them had their puppets in their pockets or fingers but all of the contestants were sporting their character in one way or another. To my left was a guy wearing a Captain America hoodie, to My left was a girl with a foam sword that looked suspiciously real. I had tucked Captigami Britain into my coat pocket in order for him not to get stolen. Finally the kid showed up, he walked to the front of the crowd and spoke through his megaphone.

“He- hello?” he spoke, “Can you all hear me?”

“Yes!” the crowd yelled back to him.

“Good! My name is Chris Sorrento but for the rest of today you may refer to me as Artcade.” he took out a puppet with red hair and a bow-tie that looked like it had been assaulted with polka-dots. “The gauntlet that you will be running today is something I call ‘Shreaderworld’. If you survive the three trials you will win your freedom and go down in history.”

The crowd suddenly realised his goal, he wanted to thin out the herd of puppet users. Most of the people ran away, those who were left where few and far between; we looked at each other in a look of understanding because we all had plans once we ‘won our freedom’.

“Congratulations to those who remain. You have passed the first challenge, the second one is a race of sorts.” 

As Artcade was talking a bunch of people in inflatable sumo balls approached us.

“I have scheduled this so that the bell will go off at any moment. Once it does the race will start, if you are caught by the person in the ball you are out and we will alert the teacher to your origami.” Once he finished talking the bell rang and the hallway filled with students. The race was on.

The Second Challenge

By- Liam Kida.

I now understand what it’s like to be a computer from 2007, too much information coming at you so you just pop up an error message and die. I knew that I had to avoid the people in balls and I couldn’t just blend in because I knew that they had seen my face. Natasha ran up to me and pulled me to the side as one of the people reached out to me.

“This is crazy!” She yelled at me.

“Really? I had no clue!”

We were running away when someone grabbed my collar.

“Quitting?” Chris asked me “That would be a true shame.”

I peeled his hand off.

“In your dreams.” I told him.

He grabbed my neck and pulled me close.

“This chaos? I know you revel in it. Join me, the MCP won’t admit it but he is scared of Cayde. He recognises his power, his potential. Together you and I will cripple the MCP and rule over this school, everyday will be like this one, so make the right choice and join me.” Chris whispered into my ear.

I didn’t know who the MCP was and I didn’t care to find out. I just kept running with Natasha.

“What did he tell you?” She asked impatiently, her hands shaking.

“I have no clue.”

We rounded the corner and bumped into Cayde.

“How goes it?” he asked.

“Too much input pal.” I told him. “Not enough output.”

He grabbed my hand and led me to the auditorium.


“He told you that the MCP is scared of me?” Cayde asked.


“Natasha did Chris tell you anything?” He asked her.

She didn’t answer, she looked pretty shaken up from the hallway. I had seen her in some pretty rough spots but this was probably the worst.

“I just want to go home…” She mumbled. 

On any other day I would have made fun of her but we were a couple thousand miles away from the only appropriate location where I could do that. She was homesick and there was no fast solution to her problem.

“Natasha,” Cayde called out to her. “You can quit if you want to.”

“No.” She told him “I barely know that pheasant and I already want to ruin his life.”

She looked up at us.

“Besides, I’m the freakin’ Silver Label.”

Anger is the Best Medicine

By- Natasha Symkaria.

I never want to be seen as weak, it’s just not in my nature. I push people away and annoy them because I don’t want them to see that side of me. But Chris, that stupid brat, has gotten the closest. I don’t know what happened to me in the hallway, it wasn’t just one thing, it was a combination of everything. I had to regain my composure so I put up a front and apparently Cayde and Liam fell for it but me telling them that I was the freakin’ Silver Label was completely natural. 

That was then, this is now. We walked out of the auditorium and looked at Chris and the two other challengers.

“So you don’t quit?” He asked.

“You never said that there were bounds.” I sneered at him.

“I Like this one.” He said in between chuckles.

“Anywho,” he continued, “The third and final challenge is about to begin.”

“Go on.” Liam told him.

“The third challenge is as follows. Beat each other until there is only one winner, start!”

Before anyone could do anything, Liam lunged at Chris and grabbed him by his collar, suspending him above the ground. 

“We win.” he turned to look at me.

I turned to look at the other challengers but they had just run off after Liam picked up Chris.

“What should I do with this little weasel?” Liam turned to look at me.

“How about you shake him up like the pest he is?” I suggested.

It only took a second and a tiny josle to make him squeal like a baby. While he was being ‘shaken’ A puppet and a recorder fell out of his pockets. I picked up the puppet, Artcade, and handed it to Cayde. I then picked up the recorder and rewound it a second to hear Chris and the other two challengers talking.

Person 1: You want us to do what?

Chris Sorrento: The challenge is going to be a fight. While you guys are fighting I am going to record everything and form a story.

Person 2: what’s the story again?

Chris Sorrento: I told you this already Chamomile, they were assaulting you instead of you assaulting them.

Person 2: Its-, whatever, I no longer care.

Chris Sorrento: So are we all ready to go?

Person 1: Yeah.

Person 2: Yep.

“Wow,” I told Chris, “You are a true tactical mastermind. It’s a true wonder why Shreaderworld failed.”

“I know right?” He said.


By- Cayde Cates.

Once the whole Shreaderworld debacle was done and finished I decided to take my two new teammates out for a celebration, they earned it after all. We decided to go to the Dairy Queen where Miles Allen was once challenged by Cass Tyler’s goons. 

“So Natasha, still planning on being ‘the freakin’ Silver Label’?” I asked.

“Never planned on dropping it bro,” she retorted, “Besides I feel like I have a kinship with Silver Sablinova.”

I stared at her in a stumped silence.

“I watched one video ok? So ease off.” She warned me.

“How about you Liam?” I asked him.

He stopped inhaling his ice cream to look at me.


“You still planning on being Captigami Britain?” I asked.

“Oh yeah man! After all, someone has to keep an eye on the Silver Label.” he pointed at Natasha, who promptly stuck her tongue out.

“Well how do you two feel about taking up another job?” I asked.

“Is no an answer?” Natasha asked.

“Yeah man i’m down!” Liam eagerly responded.

“Good to know because our team’s first meeting is soon.” I informed them, “I just need to send out the invites.”

“Sick! What’s the team’s name?” Liam asked.

“We are the Secret OrigAvengers; and we are going to save the school.” I told Liam; Natasha could care less.

He jumped up out of his seat.

“We’re the Avengers! Lets go!” He yelled out.

I looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to Liams outburst. I saw one figure get up, pull his hoodie off and walk away.

“Was that Kev?” Natasha asked.


“Oh nobody.” She told me.

I heard footsteps coming from my right, I craned my head around Liam to see Zoe approach me.

“How are you today?” I asked her.

“Better now that I’m with you.” She gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Who might you be?” Natasha asked.

“Oh sorry, I’m Cayde’s girlfriend.” She told them.

“His what?” They asked at the same time.

Epilogue (Pt.2)

By- Cayde Cates.

To- Zoe Yugan, Robert O’Grady/ OriAnt-Man, Charlie Toland/ Doctor OriDruid, Johnny Reyes Jr./ Origami Ghost Rider, Liam Kida/ Captigami Britain, Natasha Symkaria/ Silver Label

Hello. The time has come for our first and only meeting. 

All of your teammates have been found and selected based on your shared encounters with the entity known as the MCP and its ‘operatives’. We hope that you will join us, attached is the meeting info.

Place: Saru Super-Stories 

Time: 8:30 AM/ This weekend

From- Cayde Cates/ Blank Knight

Up next: The beginning of the end! The MCP Saga: Part I!


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