Skyfolders 2

(Warning: Story contains major spoilers contradicting SF JC’s story “The Grand Finale”. If you don’t want spoilers, read JC’s story first)
Skyfolders 2
Return of the Skyfolders

High School
By Noah

High School. Even the Death Star is less dangerous. Apparently the only way you’ll ever get accepted by the other students is if your popular. We carry around finger puppets for crying out loud! I am pretty sure that we will never be popular. I know this is weird that I’m writing the case file and not Tommy, but I’m the one with the mystery.
Y’see, over the Summer Tommy and everybody had some problems with our new friends from the now destroyed Tolkien Middle School. I was on vacation throughout Summer break, so I wasn’t there to help. They say that everything is okay now, but they, and even Dwight is acting different, and dare I say, weird. So now I’m trying to figure out why they are acting like this.

The First Day
By Noah

The first day of high school reminded me a lot of the first day of middle school, without a hulking neanderthal dangling me under the stairwell (that hulking neanderthal is now too scared of me to even touch me). So yeah, I walked in the doors of the Hayden Christensen High, and see basically the same thing as last year.
But I look to my left and see on a bench Tommy and Sara. Sara had her head on Tommy’s shoulder, and by the look on her face, I think she was still pretty shaken up by what had happened in the last few weeks of Summer. And I couldn’t blame her. I was gonna head over there and say hi, but I thought they needed the moment.
Everything seemed so different. I wasn’t a kid anymore. I was now a teen, almost ready to take care of myself. It just felt so weird. It was….“Hey dude.” My little fantasy was cut short when Kellen walked up to to me.
“Hey,” he said again.
“Hey,” I replied.
“It’s good to see you. How was your vacation?”
“Eh, nothing compared to what happened to you guys. I wish I was with you guys. I coulda’ helped.”
“No, there was nothing you could have done. Nothing we could have done. And stop beating yourself up. You can’t change the past.”
“Your right. I need to remember to stop living in the past. Hey, Kellen, why is everybody acting so…..solemn?”
“It’s kinda personal.”
“Personal? Everyone of my friends is not telling me anything and you call that personal?”
“Dude, chill. I might tell you a little bit after school. But right now I gotta get to class. Bye.”
That wasn’t the Kellen I used to know. He was always so fun loving an care-free, but now he is all serious and stuff like that. See what I mean? I talked to my friends before school started, and none of them were the same. This is why I gotta get to the bottom of this. I took one last breath before I headed to class. “Yep,” I thought. “Welcome to high school.”

By Noah
I was thinking that I might need some help investigating, so I got the best people to help; the Superfolder Protection League! Tommy told me once that when Sara’s Fortune Wookiee was stolen, he called up the SPL and they helped a lot. So I emailed them, and they emailed back. Here is what I said:

Dear SPL,

My name is Noah. Noah Jekan. I am friends with Tommy and Kellen and everybody, and I had a question for you. As you may know, if you have read what SF CJ posted on, Tolkien Middle burned down and everyone was pretty shaken up by it. But there is something they are not telling me. I can sense it in the Force. I am trying to find out what they are not telling me, and if it’s important or not. I may need some of you to come and help me figure this out.

And here is what they wrote back:

Dear Noah,

Okay. We are sending you a couple of our best people to help. I hope you figure out what is going on.
Sincerely yours,

That gave me a little hope. Now I just gotta wait for them to get here.

The Arrival
By Noah

THEY ACTUALLY CAME! I AM SO HAPPY! WHY IS THE CAPS LOCK STILL ON?!? Anyway, the SPL sent the troops, and they are now here. The troops they sent were SF JC, Evil Jawa, their friend CJ, and SWF Max.
JC, CJ and Evil Jawa were actually there when Tolkien burned down, and so they might be a very valuable asset. So anyway, I told them all my problem, and, I didn’t mention this part before, how I couldn’t find Dwight anywhere so I couldn’t ask Origami Yoda. “Hmm. Very interesting,” Max said in a very good Yoda voice. “Lost a paper Noah has. How embarrassing, how embarrassing.” JC and CJ giggled. “Guys, were supposed to be professionals,” Evil Jawa said.
“Okay, do you guys think, with a little investigating, could you figure it out?” I asked.
“Did Grievous used to be a Kaleesh?” JC asked, which told me they were in.
“Great. Meet me tomorrow after school. We’ll talk about what we get then.”
“Got it. Bye!” They all said as they left. I really hope we can all figure this out.


It feels good to be back. Well, I went to school that next day, and met Tommy and Peter in the halls. They were talking a lot, since Peter had just gotten out of the hospital after taking in so much smoke at in Tolkien. And I know how that feels, cause I was with him!
“Hey guys!” I called over to them.
“Hey JC! What are you doing here?” Tommy asked, obviously surprised to see me.
“Ah, I’m helping Noah out with something. I brought the Jawa an CJ with me.” I answered, being careful to not give away to much.
“Cool! Well, anyway, it was nice seeing you but now we gotta get back to math,” said Peter. I’ve known Peter, and from what I’ve caught, he HATES math. Noah’s right. They have changed. “Well, it was nice seeing you guys. I guess I gotta go. Bye!” I said.
“Bye!” they said simultaneously.
I didn’t get anything, but at least I got to see them again.

The Battle of Geomathis
By Max

So, it was time for math, and that is where DT and Sara go. I walked in to find Sara, and there she was seating near a container of some of Dwight’s confiscated origami. I sat down at a desk behind her. I said hi.
“Hello…” she said, not to energetically.
“I’m Max, a friend of Noah’s. You must be Sara.”
“Yeah, that’s me.”
Right then, Harvey came in. Noah had told me that yesterday during lunch, he saw DT trip on someone’s chair, and he fell and spilled gravy all over Harvey. Harvey, being the person that he is, automatically started planning revenge. So, when he walked into class, he grabbed some papers off of the teacher’s desk, crumpled them up and threw them at DT.
“Ha! That’s for making me Harvey and gravy!” He shouted. Well, as there were a lot of boys in there, they followed Harvey’s example and there was paper flying everywhere. Harvey might as well have set off a bomb. It is was a madhouse. Me, Sara an DT crawled under our desks to avoid getting nailed with a test sheet.
The teacher, Mr. Arlin, walked in at the exact wrong time and got hit in the face with a paper someone had filled out in biology. That set him off.
“A paper war?! In high school?!? What are you kids, 8 years old?!?!? Okay, I.S.S. For all that were involved!”
Like he said, he sent everyone that was involved to I.S.S. For the day, including Harvey. That only left me, Sara, DT, and like two girls left.
After class, I asked Sara how Tolkien caught on fire.
“One word: Dwight.”
“DWIGHT?!?” I asked, surprised.
“Well, I gotta go. Bye.” and she left.
Now this was some useful information. Just gotta wait till after school.

The Meeting
By Noah

After school, we met at my house, in my room, sitting at the little table in there.
“Okay,” I started. “We will now here the useful, and possibly not so useful, information you people have brought me. Okay, JC, did you get anything?”
“’Fraid not, sir. Nothing.” he answered.
“Bummer. CJ, Jawa, did you guys find anything?” I asked.
“Yes, we did. We found out that Mr. Saru is still alive but nobody knows what he’s doing.” CJ replied
“Yes, yes. I read your story, and how Frankie wrote about how she heard Dwight talking on the phone briefly with his dad.”
“Wait, you didn’t let me finish. He is searching for how and why Jacob took control of Dwight.”
“Hmm, and maybe they are so……different because their hoping he will return safe!”
“Great job guys! Max, did you find anything?” I asked
“I also did,” he answered. “I don’t know if you knew this yet or not, but Dwight was the one who set Tolkien Middle on fire.”
“WHAT?!? I didn’t know! It wasn’t in the story that CJ posted……” We all turned and looked at CJ. “Um, CJ, why was it not the story?” Evil Jawa asked.
“Wait, what? It was in the story, honest!” CJ said, worriedly.
I pulled up on the laptop in my room, and showed him when I got to The Chosen One. I gave the computer to him so he could scroll down and see that it wasn’t there.
“Huh? I put it up with the rest of the story! Oh no.”
“What no?” JC and Max both asked.
“One word. Hack.”
“Hacks. They are the one thing us Superfolders hate,” Evil Jawa said. “But who could of done it?”
We were all puzzled. I did the only thing I could do at a time like this. I pulled a box out from under my bed. It was dusty, but the blue enscribings I had printed on there were still shiny.
“What is it?” JC asked.
“This,” I said.
I opened up the box, and brought out to paper figures that had long been discarded. Luke and Leia Skyfolder.
“These are from the first day of eighth grade. I didn’t need them anymore after the first month. So I put them in this box, and added the enscribing.”
“What does it say?” Max asked.
“Its Jawaese. The Jawa should know.” I snickered. “It says, ‘This box should only be opened in a time of need, and the contents should only be used in a time of emergency.’ “
“What are we doing just standing around? This hacking of the EU is probably not the only damage the hacker could of caused. He is also probably behind why my friends are acting so different! They could be in danger!” I said, jumping off my bed and heading out the door.
“He’s right,” JC said, following me out the door. “Let’s go!” And off we went.

Making the Route 24 Run in less then 12 minutes
By Evil Jawa and CJ


So, yeah, we hopped on our bikes, and since they usually stay at school for there little paper club, we headed towards Christensen High. We were going as fast as we could. But no one could out-ride Noah. When he friends are in possible life-or-death danger, if you’re standing the road with Noah driving straight towards, you will be sent flying all the way to Coruscant. He was driving about 60 miles a minute.


I was riding right beside Noah (very soon behind Noah), and I got full breeze. That kid was literally burning rubber. You could have a cookout on his tires.
We riding the incline up Route 24, but with how fast we were all going, you would have thought we were riding straight down Everest peak.
I was about to be sick about the time we were nearing the top of Route 24 Then we drove straight towards the school Noah beat and his Rocket bike beat us there. As Han Solo would say, ‘That bike made the Route run in less then 12 minutes.

Into the School
By Noah

My Jedi senses were skyrocketing. The only other this time this much I felt this much Sith-stuff was in my first battle and……no, it couldn’t be. He was in juvi. But I couldn’t shake the feeling. I tried to clear my head. Me, JC, Evil Jawa, CJ and Max walked into the building.
It was darker then the belly of the Sarlacc. We checked classrooms, the gym, the playground outside, everywhere, but we couldn’t find anybody. The only other place there could be was the lunchroom. We headed down the halls, and opened the big doors.
At first we couldn’t see anything, then JC turned on the light. We saw tied to the roof, everybody. Tommy, Peter, Kellen, Sara, everybody. They were tied, like I said, and had duct tape over their mouths. And then we heard very slow clapping. My senses starting going crazy. I looked over to the counter, and there, leaned on the glass, was the escaped prisoner and his puppet. “Good. Goooooood!” said Papertine.
“Jacob,” I said through clenched teeth.
“Ah, Noah. How longs it been? About a year, maybe?”
“Let them go, Jacob,” JC said.
“Why should I?”
“Because if you don’t your in for a galaxy of hurts!”
“Oh, I don’t think I’m the one you talking about.”
He snapped his fingers, and out of the shadows came Zach, Dan, Billy, and Mark the seventh grader, who was now in college. They all looked angry.
“Guys,” I said, starting to issue orders. “Keep the brutes busy and untie the hostages. I’ll take care of Jacob and Papertine.” I started going towards Jacob, and the others untied our friends. They got in warrior stances, and the battle began. “Win who will,” croaked the now untied Origami Yoda. “Good or Evil?”

An Orange a day keeps the Minchs away
By Noah.

The school had recently stocked up on oranges, so I grabbed some and put them and my coat pockets. With Luke on my hand, I was read for battle. “Ah, Luke Skyfolder, we meet again. Your looking a little crumpled. Let me straighten out some of those creases,” Papertine taunted.
I couldn’t believe it. I was being taunted by what Harvey would call a paperwad. I have no idea how we got up there, but somehow we were fighting on the beams holding up the ceiling. As soon as I couldn’t see Jacob, I hid behind one of the air vents. I felt like Luke in ROTJ when hid from Vade after the Sith had cut down the catwalk. Jacob was searching for me, and he had his back turned. I jumped out from behind the air vent and started throwing the oranges. That immobilized him long enough for me to kick him in the gut. “Argh!” he said, grasping him stomach. Then, oddly enough, he laughed. “You were right, you and your little friends. I was behind Tommy and everybody not talking to you about Tolkien, Dwight, or me. I was behind the hacking of origamichewbacca, and I was also the one who planned the downfall of Tolkien and Dwight.”
“Yes. I mind controlled Dwight, but then he broke my power. And after CJ posted the story on his website, I hacked and deleted all the information you would need to know the truth.”
“But…but, how? You were in Juvi!”
“Oh, I have my ways,” and he pointed to a little portable computer stored in Papertine.
I held up Luke, and charged at him with all my might. He sidestepped, and I fell of the beams, and hit a bench below…….

We’re back
By Tommy

This is weird. This is the first time I have ever not really written in a case file. But watching the battle and Jacob revealing it was all him, my mind immediately cleared. But what I was wondering was how he had controlled so bad. But I didn’t have time to think about it, because Noah had already charged and fell off the beam. I did the first thing I thought of to break his fall: I ran up and tried to catch him.
Zach started charging at me to stop me from catching him, but Sara, Kellen, and Harvey stopped him. I jumped, and caught him. I didn’t have enough time to make a landing, so I tried to land on a bench. I landed on top of it, and surprisingly broke it, but didn’t get hurt that much. Noah was temporarily knocked ou by the momentum, but about a minute later woke up.
“Ow, my back.” he moaned.  Jacob had climbed down, and had his malicious little smirk going full blast. I swear, I was so angry I could’ve knocked all the way to Tattooine.
Kellen, Sara, Harvey, Peter, Sam and Frankie all stood beside me, with all of our other friends. Yeah, the spell was broken all right. We’re back, and better than ever.

Christensen High vs. Jacob
By Sara

We had never gotten rid of our origami characters, but Jacob had taken mine before we got tied up (why he didn’t take anybody else’s characters I don’ know. Maybe he’s scared of me). Noah tossed me Leia, which he had had in his pocket. Tommy pulled out the Han Foldo I gave him, Kellen the Foldi-Wan Kenobi Tommy gave him, Harvey pulled out Anakin, and  Noah  pulled out Luke. The brutes pulled out their origami, and it felt like the eighth grade battle all over again.
The brutes charged, Zack in lead, with a new Rancor, and also a Reek from the second film. And of course, Jacob and Papertine were over looking the battle from one of the beams that he was on just a minute ago. Noah took on the Rancor, while Dwight went over to face Papertine for like the millionth time. I took Dan and the F.S.T. Tommy, Kellen and Harvey teamed up to defeat Billy and Creasious, while the others took on the rest of the army.
Since they Dan’s F.S.T. didn’t actually have a body and no where put weapons, he was pretty easily beaten. I grabbed it, and ripped it, right in front of Dan’s teary eyed face.
Billy was very easily beaten, since the three of them teamed up, and Creasious was destroyed by the quick thinking of Kellen and Foldi-Wan. And even though Zack and Mark teamed up, they were so big that Noah’s small size could outrun and beat them. And the rest of the army was over quick to. Last was Jacob.

The Last Battle
By Tommy

We all swarmed around Jacob, origami in hand, and tried to subdue him. “Surrender, Minch,” I said. He smirked.
“Yeah, trying to subdue me. Alright, that plan is about thirty years old but I’ll play along,” he got up, and suddenly the lights started flickering. It seemed as though Papertine was ABSORBING the electricity. And he had a malicious laugh while doing it. “Bye bye,” he said. He shot a giant orb of energy at me and Sara. We both jumped out of the way.
He turned at shot one at Noah, Harvey and Kellen, then at Peyton, Sam, and Quavondo. Kellen got hit in the leg. He flew bac and hit the wall. Well, that was enough to enrage all of us, and we all headed straight for Jacob. He shot two orbs. The first hit Harvey, Frankie and Mike, and the second hit Lance, Xarl and Sara. I was so angry. First, she broke her leg. Now, she just hit by who knows what, and I have no clue what is happening to her. After a couple shots, all that was left was me, Peter, Noah and Dwight
“Oh, it’s the four musketeers. Where’s your one for all slogan?” Jacob taunted. He is good at that.
“Quiet you must be, before fight we will.” Origami Yoda said from Dwight’s finger.
“He’s right Jacodork. Just fighting, no talking,” Peter said.
“Alright, if it’s just fighting…..” He ran up to Peter and kicked him in the shin. That guy has some strong legs, because Peter couldn’t get up. I ran up to him and threw a couple punches to his gut. I missed all but one, and Jacob paid me back by throwing me into Peter. And now I couldn’t get up.
“Ahh, let’s throw up this power gauge up to maximum power shall we? But before I shoot I shall get rid of Dwight.” He picked up Dwight, who threw Origami Yoda off his finger and into the shadows. He threw Dwight into me, and got ready to shoot.
“Ha, got all the three musketeers.” said Jacob.
“You forgot about the forth!” Noah jumped out of the shadows with Origami Yoda on his finger.
“The end of your rule it is, and not short enough it was,” said Origami Yoda.
He jumped in the way of the blast, jumped as Jacob pulled the trigger. As Noah got hit, a giant, blinding light emitted.

The End
By Noah.

I’m still alive! Yay! When he blasted me, I put Origami in front of me, and it blocked the blast! And Origami Yoda is not shredded*! I need to stop the exclamation points! The giant light reversed the effects of the orbs, and everyone is okay. We were all outside, while some firefighters came to put out the fire set up by Jacob (Why does that sound familiar?). I was standing outside, watching the fighters put out the flames within Christensen High. I suddenly heard somebody call my name.
“Noah!” came Rhondellas voice*. She had just returned from an into-the-school-year-vacation, and I was glad to see her. “Tommy told me about how you got blasted. Anything hurt?”
“Actually, Origami Yoda deflected the blast. Now Jacob is the one injured, finally. Everyone came over to me.
“Thanks for saving us,” said Peter, with his arm around Sam.
“Your welcome,” I said.
“Well, everyone of us is here. Now we can continue High School with our friends by our sides. Let us continue with smiling faces, even in the hardest of quizzes,” Tommy said.
“Well said!” said Aragorn Paris.
“What I want to know,” said Kellen. “Is why we were still sort of hypnotized, even though Dwight destroyed Jacob mind-control puppets.”
“That’s what we were trying to figure out,” I said, as JC, CJ, Evil Jawa and Max came over. “We figured out that when Tolkien came crashing down, Jacob’s terror still hadn’t left the school. The last ounces of terror made it’s way to you guys, and he hacked into the Chosen One story on origamichewbacca so that no one else would know what was going on.”
CJ pulled out the portable laptop from his backpack, and showed us the website. “See, after we defeated Jacob, the hack left.  Now everyone can read and enjoy.”
“Well, I guess we can have some fun now!” said Peyton.
“I call Origami Star Wars/and Fold of the Rings crossover!” shouted Peter.
“Well, let’s go!” said Tommy.
We headed into the sunset, ready for anything that would come our way. We were united….as one.

  1. Will there be Skyfolders 4? BTW, MONSTERLY BOLT STORY!!!

  2. Whoa! A clone? I wonder how Dan did it?

  3. I actually have a book that has to do with cloning and other scientific stuff

  4. Jarrett Tyree

    If there is a skyfolders 4, you need instrux for them both at the end of it.

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