Sonic the Foldhog

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By Origami Master 53


Hello! My name is Mike Jones! My brother Jacob Jones is Origami Sonic the Foldhog! Or he WAS, because I am now. You see, my family is HUGE Sonic fans! When my Dad was a kid he got a Sega Genesis and played Sonic for the first time! Every console since he got every Sonic game. In 1995 he found out that he was GREAT at making finger puppets and made a Sonic one. He used blue crayons and pencils. But when my brother went into 7th grade my Dad gave him the first Origami Sonic the Foldhog! Jacob recolored it to make it look like the sonic from the  newest Sonic game. (Sonic lost world on the Wii U) He was born in 2000. He protected his school from villains like: Origami Metal Sonic, Origami Dr. Eggman and more! But when I got into my first year of middle school at Rapids middle, Jacob moved off to college! Meaning I GET ORIGAMI SONIC! (I recolored mine like sonic from Sonic Forces) But he came back for spring break and I was helping him clean out his room and I opened a box and found a notebook called… The Legend of Origami Sonic: The Foldhog! I asked if I could read it and put it in this file and he said yes. Then the both of us played Sonic Mania together. (I was Tails BTW)

Chapter 1

Hello, everyone! I am Jacob Jones. I am a 7th grader at Rapids Middle school! I am also Origami Sonic: The Foldhog! I recently finished a month long battle against my enemy Origami Dr. Eggman! AKA Mr. Pollock, the Tech teacher! It started like a regular month. Me being teased because I was a Sonic “Nerd” and getting THE BEST GRADES OUT OF EVERY STUDENT! Yeah. I was the best. But anyways, I started Tech class because I never did that before and thought I was a guaranteed A. But as I started the class I did everything we were told and I made the best website made out of the class! But I still got a C-, my worst grade I ever got in my LIFE! So, I went up to the teacher (Mr. Pollock) and asked why I got a C- when I did better than anyone in the whole class.

“You see Jacob. You got a C- because you think that you’re better than everyone else at every subject in the school!” He said.

“Wha- what!?! I only got those grades because I studied! It’s not my fault the other students got bad grades!” I say back.

“Oh. But it is! You see. The student Colton Roades was supposed to make the new school website but because of you making a better site he backed out!” He yells.

“Yeah, well, make one yourself!” I yell back to him while taking out Origami Sonic.

“Oh. I see you’re a fan of Sonic. I am as well. You can see my Origami Dr. Eggman. Me and him have a few things in common. We both work on tech and I dislike you and he dislikes Sonic! And to answer your question, I made the old website and everyone hated it.” He replies. I then left the classroom and when I got home I started playing Sonic and Sega All Star racing with my little brother Mike. I won but made it sound like it was close, even though I lapped him 5 times! (I was being nice because he’s only 6.)

Hey! I always thought he was telling the truth! -Mike

Chapter 2

The next day I started it off by playing my Sega game gear! (I played Sonic) You know. I love the game gear! Even though It took 6aa batteries I am still fine with it. I fixed that problem and made it so I could recharge the game gear with an iPhone charger! But I still get teased… I started the school day by going to my locker and when I got there I saw a note.

Jacob! I am going to get you expelled! Somebody told me that you punched them 10 times in the right arm, 10 times in the left arm and 10 times in BOTH LEGS! Have fun Jacob!

When I read that I was shocked! I ran to my friends! They had origami Knuckles, Tails and Amy! But when I got there they yelled at me, claiming I bullied Colton Roades! WHEN I DIDN’T! They then took out their finger puppets and ripped them! Then I was bullied the rest of the day. But once more when I got home I played Sonic and Sega all star racing with Mike again. But I was thinking about Mr. Pollock. Did he really hate me that much? I decided to give into it and grabbed a box and a lock. I put ALL of my Sonic stuff in it and buried it in my backyard. When Mike asked to play Sonic and Sega all Star racing I said no…

Chapter 3

My so-called friends went up to me today and said they went to rejoin the group.  I said no and when they asked why I said I gave up on Sonic. I gave up on all the Sonic lovers and ALL Sega consoles. I didn’t even want to see Mr Pollock-

“Ah! Mr. Jones. How is your day?” He asked.

“Oh! It’s just great! I would love to go home and never have to see you or your dang puppet again!” I yelled sarcastically.

“Hrm. For that remark, come to my class. NOW!” I was in big trouble now. We walked all the way over to his classroom. It felt like it took 5 hours but really it was one minute.

“Now tell me why you don’t like Sonic anymore?” He started off saying.

“You ruined it for me.” I mumbled to myself.

“Say it again but louder!” Mr. Pollock boomed.

“YOU RUINED IT FOR ME!” I screamed.

“HOW DID I DO THAT?” He screamed so loud that I swear a crack was made in the window!

“You gave me bad grades on purpose, you started making me regret my choices and made me lose ALL of my friends, AND you keep talking to me!” I yelled. I then stormed out of the room and went home. I dug up the box and took out origami Sonic and decided to go back and expose Mr. Pollock! In the next chapter I will tell you what happened!

Chapter 4

Here is what happened. I was goin—

Chapter 5

Hey everyone! It’s me again, Mike. I asked Jacob what happened during Chapter 4 and he said it worked and Mr. Pollock was fired. But I guess they had to rehire him because they ran out of staff and needed a new tech teacher when I entered Middle School. Anyways I guess he hates me too! I hate him just like Jacob did. I replayed Sonic Unleashed today. It was… Weird. I have a feeling that Mr. Pollock will come after me when he finds out that I have Origami Sonic also!


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  1. Boy oh boy this sure was a story! Man oh man, I sure did read this!

  2. Origami yoda is awesome

    Nice story by any chance would I be able to write a Pokémon story if no one else is planning on it

  3. Hey, someone should do an Among Us book!

  4. ArcticCreeper999

    Sonic is awesummmmmmmm plastic dinosaurs stooky!

  5. Origami donitello

    Just re read this i love it

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