The Tale of Origami Nightcrawler!

The Tale of Origami Nightcrawler!
By Origami_Master53

Chapter 1

Hello. I am Brandon. Brandon Taylor. I am Origami Nightcrawler! I REALLY want to join The Origami X-Men! Oh man, the Origami X-Men are so cool! They fight bullies and help people.
This file is going to keep tabs on everything I try. So far I tried begging, begging some more, and begging even more. I can’t believe that didn’t work, but now I am going to try to prove myself by jumping into one of the battles they are in and helping out! I have wanted to join ever since they saved me from a bully. First up is me helping Eric AKA Origami Cyclops! This chapter happened a couple weeks ago.

Chapter 2

I was secretly following Eric around when he started running towards the cafetorium. Being the helpful Origami Nightcrawler I was, I went after him. In the heat of the battle when Eric was about to lose I ran up and tripped the bad guy and slid underneath a table so nobody could see me. Once more I tripped the bully and slid to the table. I was then found by the bully picked up and thrown to the ground. HARD. I got back up but was pushed back down. Eric came back and took down the bully. Afterwards he came up to me.

“Brandon! What have we told you! You are not going to join the Origami X-Men! You could have gotten any of us really hurt,” he tells me.

“I know! But I thought you needed the help!” I reply.

“No! I did not need any help! Just put away Origami Nightcrawler and STOP HELPING! All it is doing is making our battles take longer! Just leave us alone,” he shouted, before walking away.
But I wasn’t going to give up that easy! The next chapter is about me trying to help Lila AKA Origami Pixie!

Chapter 3

I saw Lila fighting a bully. But for some reason it was the same bully from the fight that Eric had! I ran in and pushed the bully to the ground. He recognized me and picked me up by the shirt and I was thrown to the ground, even harder than before. I got up and pushed him away. I then ran behind him and when he was looking for me, I pushed him face first into the hallway floor! He got up and tried to grab me again, but I slipped away and could only watch Lila fight the villain. After I was sent to the nurse Lila came up to me.

“Are you okay?” Lila asks.

“Yeah. Did we win?” I reply.

“Um what do you mean by we?” she asks. “You are not part of the Origami X-Men.”

“Well I thought since I helpe-” I tried to say.

“You need to stop helping, Brandon,” Lila interrupts. “You should put Origami Nightcrawler away. It’s making the Origami X-Men look weak. Please stop bothering us.”

“Ok…” I say “I’m sorry for making YOU look weak. I will not bother YOU anymore.”

The NEXT chapter is about me ‘bothering’ Caiden AKA Origami Quicksilver.

Chapter 4

Once more I saw bullies getting fought, But the one to stop him was Caiden AKA Origami Quicksilver! Once more I ran up and tackled the bully! I then body slammed him when he wasn’t prepared. I know not my greatest moment. But hey, I am trying everything I can to prove that I belong on The Origami X-Men! The bully once more got up, pushed me to the ground, and knocked the wind out of me.

“OW!” I scream. After all that Caiden took the bully down.

“Hey. Are you ok?” he asks.

“Yeah. That was awesome, Caiden!” I reply.

“Ok. Why the heck would you do that?” Caiden says.

“Well, I want to join the team!” I say excitedly.

“You know you can’t, right? Eric and Lila told us that you have been ‘helping’ them every time they fight that guy! You have to stop, man. Just give up with Origami Nightcrawler! You keep getting hit into lockers and pushed to the ground! Just give up! Please!” he said. I then got up and left. But unbeknownst to anyone I wasn’t giving up until I got on the team! And I don’t care what it takes! Nobody will stop me! Not even the principal!

Chapter 5

The day starts like a regular day. Me waking up, getting dressed in my uniform and going off to school. Well that is what my day is usually like, but today was different. I got up, got dressed and went off to school…until I was attacked by the bully!

“What do you want?” I yell.

“I want revenge because you kept distracting me when I needed to take down The Origami X-Men for my boss!” He yells. “Without you I would be paid by now!”

“But I do what is needed to help the school whenever I can!” I reply. He then pushes me to the ground and kicks me in the gut! I can’t get up. Lucky for me after about 15 minutes Sofia AKA Mystique came up to me.

“You okay, kid?” She asks.

“A bully that I was helping the other Origami X-Men defeat came up to me and attacked before running away fifteen minutes ago,” I reply.

“Serves you right, Brandon. Just stop,” she replies

“I’m sorry Sofia. I can’t, I’ve started a mission that I’m not giving up on yet!” I reply to her.

“But why?” she says confused.

“Gotta go!” I yell while leaving her on the sidewalk. While running to school I was thinking about what the bully said to me. Who was he working for? Why does his boss want The Origami X-Men? So many questions that I don’t know the answer to. Hopefully later on I learn these but so far I don’t know. Right now all I know is that I’m late for class.

Chapter 6

When I was at lunch I was attacked again, by none other than the bully.

“What the heck dude!” I scream.

“You ruined my reputation! Now I will make you pay!” he screams back.

“I won’t let you!” I yell back.

“We will see…” he says with a crooked smile. I get punched over and over again and I can’t stop him! Soon Daniel AKA Origami Sunspot comes over and forces the jerk to stop! I stand up and punch him before walking into the cafeteria for lunch. Daniel also comes and sits by me.

“Hey man. What did you do to him?” Daniel asked.

“Well I made him mad by trying to help the other Origami X-Men fight him.” I reply. “I’m trying to join as the Origami Nightcrawler!” 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Brandon,” he says. “You just keep getting hurt and that’s not good at all. Do you think it might be better to leave Nightcrawler at home so you don’t get beat up?”

“Never! I won’t stop until my mission is complete!” I reply.

“Well…good luck,” He says, going to sit with the other Origami X-Men. I thought more and more about what they said. But I don’t think I will listen! When do I, Brandon Taylor, EVER listen?

Chapter 7

I have one last chance at helping The Origami X-Men. It is with Sofia AKA Origami Mystique. I’m pretty sure she hates me now after bugging her about joining the team…and seeing me beat up on the grass. Anyways! I am going to try again! 4th times the charm! I was watching her sit and read a book when we both heard a scream. I swear that this scream was so loud that everyone in the school heard it. Everyone down a block heard it. It was that loud! She got up and ran towards the scream and I followed her. When we got there I saw a bully. But not any bully. THE BULLY! He was pinning a kid to the wall, just like he did to me. I ran and punched him in the gut. He let go of the kid and I helped him up after the fall. I then once again was shoved into a wall but then was getting punched in the gut ten times. He finally let go and I fell to the ground. My body hurt so much that all I could do was watch while Sofia told him off. After a heated battle he ran off. She brought me to the nurse and we talked.

“Kid? What the heck? What have we told you?!?” She screams.

“You told me to leave you alone. My quest is almost over though! Ow…” I moan

“We told you already! Stop helping! You’re useless at this. Leave Origami Nightcrawler at home and just stop!” she yells before leaving the office. I sat there thinking. Maybe they were right. Maybe I should leave them at home.
Ok. It has been a few hours. I wasn’t going to stop, but my grades made me! When I got my report card at home I had 2 F’s and 4 D’s! I threw Origami Nightcrawler in my locker the next day and started working on my missing assignments.

Chapter 8

Some kids were getting bullied and the Origami X-Men were nowhere to be seen! But why should I care? They told me to get lost and leave my origami at home.
After about one full school day of the same kid getting bullied I decided to do something about it. Out of instinct I went to my locker and grabbed Origami Nightcrawler. I then started running over to the screams. I yelled at the bully who was THE bully that came up to me on the sidewalk and yelled “Put that kid down, you jerk!”

‘Look who’s back! Fine! I’ll drop this little wimp!” he says while dropping the kids to the ground. He then charges me and I dodge him. I then punch him. I keep doing this until… “OW!!!” I scream this. It is so loud that everyone in the whole school could hear me! I then fall to the ground with a crazy amount of pain in my right leg. The Bully walked back over to the kid and started shoving him into an open locker! I tried to get up but the pain was too much! But then I saw the kid crying for help and I pushed with my left leg and stood back up. I started walking- I mean limping.

“Get that kid out of the locker! NOW!” I scream.

“What are you going to do about it? Huh?” He yells back.

“This,” I say with a smirk. I got all of my energy and charged! At that moment I forgot all about the Origami X-Men being mean to me, I forgot all about the pain in my leg. All I cared about was helping that kid be safe. I then tackled the bully. I started punching him in the face. While he was in pain I slowly got up and limped to the locker. Thankfully it wasn’t locked. I opened the locker then everything went black…

Chapter 9

I woke up in a hospital bed with my parents standing above me. I asked what happened and they said I had broken my leg very badly to the point where I fainted because of the pain. When they left some kids walked in. It was the Origami X-Men! It looked like they had made me a new Origami Nightcrawler!

“Hey man.” Daniel says.

“Sorry about your leg!” Lila added.

“We made you this.” Daniel gave me the origami Nightcrawler.

“Thanks. D-d-did we win?” I asked. “Where were you guys?”

Daniel shrugged. “We had some…changes in management,” he said. “But yes, you won! If you want to join the team, you’re welcome to.”

“Well… I thought it over and I don’t want to join.” I reply.

“What?” Daniel and Lila reply.

“Yeah. I want to protect kids like me. While you all defeat the big baddies I want to defeat the bullies that are not too dangerous but still harm the kids,” I reply.

“Well, okay,” they replied.

“Thanks. I think I need to rest, so see you back at school?” I say.

“Yeah. At school!” They reply.

So that was the story of how I became Origami Nightcrawler, not an Origami X-Man, but a protector of Claremont High School!


  1. SuperfolderRedFold

    Can you post instructions, Noah, for the OrigAvengers?

    • Most of the OrigAvengers are just the Standard Doodle-Gami Puppets, and the Instructions for the Unshreddible Hulk are in that story’s comment section.

  2. SuperfolderRedFold

    Oh also, how do we upload stories here?

  3. SuperfolderRedFold


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