The Old OrigAvengers


The Old OrigAvengers

By: SF YodaForce

Diary Of A Hero

By: Gary Hudson a.k.a Captain Americut

Day #1, January 3, 1992 at Kirby High School

My name is Gary Hud. I work for F.O.L.D. and I am the leader of the OrigAvengers. Today Mrs. Gregg wanted us to write a poem.

I really don’t want to do it. Because boys don’t write poetry.

But girls do.

The Poem So Far

By: Gary Hud

January 10, 1992

Here is my poem, it’s not too shabby, I think.

Is it really true?

Can you get a hint or clue?

It’s not all about you

My Poem So-Far

Mephisfold’s First Attack

By: Johnny Smithsonian a.k.a. Thorigami

I am the worthy wielder of Thorigami! I hope they make a movie about him one day! Oh, and my brother Harry wields Lokigami. I am a member on the OrigAvengers.

I was walking on the field at school when some kid named Oliver came up to me with a Mephisto origami.

Me: What do you want, kid?

Oliver: Let me join F.O.L.D.

Me: I can’t just let you join kid, you need to fill out an application —-

The guy then tackled me. And he also started punching me.

Me: Kid, stop!

Oliver: Stop calling me kid!

Me: You’re 15 and I’m 17.

Leo Adams a.k.a. the director of F.O.L.D. and the most popular at school besides the beat boxing guy in Room 406 came out on the field and tackled the kid.

Leo: You’re pinned kid. Give up.

Wendy then walked over. She is the Black Widow on the team.

Wendy: He’s right, you’re surrounded kid.

Oliver held his Mephisto origami at my face. But then a bunch of kids with mad faces ran over to us. Good thing we replaced ourselves with dummies in time.

The Big Meeting Recorded By Wendy Shaheen

By: Max Keith a.k.a. Hawkpleat

Hello there anybody reading this! I’m Max! I am the proud owner of Hawkpleat. So here is a little about me, I am really good friends with Wendy. She’s like a sister to me. I absolutely love the marvel comics. I am a Scorpio. My favorite color is blue. Now let’s get to this conversation. It takes place in our dorm/team headquarters.

“So what are we gathered here for?” Bryan, a.k.a. The Unshreddible Hulk, asked.

“Just shut up, Bryan. We will find out soon enough,” Maria, a.k.a. Iron Fold, said.

“Hey no arguing. We have bigger fish to fry,” Gary said. 

“He’s right,” Wendy said. “We should stop fighting.”

“So what will we do to stop Mephisfold?” Johnny asked.

“Well we know he has a whole gang now so…… Do we just take him down?” Wendy asked.

“Well that’s the dollar store version,” Maria said crossing her arms. 

“But also the simplest way to beat him,” Bryan said. “Because I detect 90% chance that we actually might win…. according to my calculations of course.” 

“Well, you are the brain of the team,” I said smiling. 

“Hey!” Maria said. I chuckled a bit but then stopped.

Breaking In

By: Gary Hud

You got this, Gary. Be the leader that you are. Me and the gang were waiting outside the door for Oliver to leave and tell Ladd to hold on to and protect the key to the dorm. I knew this would be easy because Ladd is so naive.

Oliver then walked out. We walked into the math class homeroom and walked over to Alex. 

“Hey Ladd, buddy. Uh we were just asking to use the key you are holding. You know… for business reasons,” I said in my lying voice. 

“Can’t argue with that. Here ya go,” Ladd said as he gave us the key. 

“Thank you, sir, Ladd,” I said bowing then running.

Me and the gang ran to the dorm and opened the door. But when we were looking into the room, the door locked. And there were a bunch of Oliver’s goons there. “OrigAvengers, assemble!” I said as we ran at Oliver’s goons. I drop kicked a few of them. Yes, I was in TaeKwonDo for 3 years.

Later, we defeating all of the knuckleheads. “Come out and fight us like a man!” Maria screamed out. 

As soon as he said that, the pay phone turned on. “Dang it, anyone have a quarter?” I asked. 

“I do.” Bryan said as he gave me a quarter. I then answered the phone. 

Oliver then started to speak. “Hello leader of the OrigAvengers,” Oliver greeted me. 

“Hello Oliver. We took down your guards, so what now?” I asked. 

“Come and find me and you will find out. However, if you don’t find me, I tell the principals that you broke into my dorm,” Oliver blackmailed. 

“Fine, deal,” I said. I looked back at the gang. They nodded their heads.

Finding Oliver

By: Gary Hud

Hey guys. It’s me again. Ok, so now we are trying to find Oliver and stop him. 

“How about the security closet? There are pay phones in there!” Johnny blurted out. 

“Woah, chill your beans there, Johnny.” Maria said. 

“There are multiple closets. And they are surprisingly huge.” Wendy informed us. 

“Then let’s check all of them!” I said.

We checked closet number one. Nothing there.

Closet number two only had posters of the musical Grease.

Closet number three only had pictures of typical 90’s yoga.

We checked closet number four, and we found him!

“No! You found me!” Oliver screamed. We all stood in front of him like the Avengers would. 

“You’re surrounded.” Wendy said as a joke for the first time they met. 

“Ah *bleep*!” Oliver yelled.

The Next Leak

By: Ragnorfold

[Watches Johnny]

One day I’ll get you Smithsonian.

And that day is coming up pretty soon.

  1. Lord Toademort

    well good stuff liked the Mephisto pun and what could ragnorfold fellow want with Smithsonian wouldnt he be an ex-puppet user not enough clues to determine a motive

  2. Really good, you’re a really good writer!

  3. SuperfolderRedFold

    Was I the only one who got the poetry pun?

  4. SuperfolderRedFold

    The, “Because boys don’t write poetry.

    But girls do.”

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