Origami Yoda and the Science Fair


by SF Ian

Origami Yoda and the Giving Up  principal

By Principal Rabbski

            I don’t know why I did it. I just gave in. The students were so reckless yet convincing at the same time. Here’s what happened.

It was the day of the science fair.  Everyone was very excited. All of them were already on “probation” because of the Dwight Tharp scandal. One boy, Lance Campbell, brought in a giant baking soda volcano for show. But that Harvey Cunningham was assisting and must’ve added too much vinegar and baking soda as a prank because when the “lava” hit the ceiling, Harvey was rolling the floor laughing like a hyena. I gave him an ISS slip for 3 days out of school. Then HE held up a finger puppet that looked like a character from the Star Wars series. It started saying , “You have made a great mistake. You will regret this day!” I did.

I had had enough of these children. I only had one thing to resort to. I called up Dwight Tharp’s mother, asking her if I could talk to him. She put me on hold. About a minute later, Dwight came on.

“Hey Principal Rabbski! Thank you SO much for recommending me to CREF. Now I can go to school with Caroline!”

“Yes, Dwight. Your welcome, but I have something to ask you. Can I please ask that Yoda puppet of your’s a question?” he paused.

“Uh, sure. Why not. Yoda loves helping people.” Dwight paused again.

“Question of your’s, what is?” asked what I suspected was Dwight playing with that Yoda toy.

“Origami Yoda, how do I stop the kids at McQuaire Middle School from misbehaving?”

“Toughy, that is, hm?” Dwight told me in his squeaky Yoda voice. “Reward them, you should.”

“They don’t deserve rewards. They are reckless, little brats!”

“Stop they will rewarded when they are. Understand, do you?” Dwight was really starting to get on my nerves, but when I thought about it, I understood.

“Yes, I understand. Thank you Dwight. Thank you very much.”

The next day was Saturday, so I went out to buy “rewards”. I took the fund-raiser money we got last year and bought multiple game consoles and educational games for the kids. I also bought a few games that were appropiate but not educational. I was ready for the school week.

On Monday, everyone was surprised to find game consoles in their elective rooms. I turned on the loud speaker and said, “Excuse me, everyone. With the money we made at the fund-raiser last month, we were able to buy consoles and games for each elective class. We hope you like them. Next on the agenda, Mr. Good Clean Fun will becoming next week to give our school “the talk”. Please get permission slips to attend the assembley in by Friday. Thank you, that is all.”

By the next day, everyone was completely behaving. A rumor must’ve spread that if they misbehaved, they would lose their games. Everything was perfect. Almost everything.

To this day, I am mad at myself for getting rid of Dwight Tharp. I’m also mad at myself for listening to that finger puppet of his.


            Harvey’s Comment: There’s really nothing that I can say that’s bad about this. I actually have to thank Dwight. Now I can enjoy Electronic Designing.


My Comment:  Now I am infinity percent sure Origami Yoda is real. If Principal Rabbski believes in Yoda, there’s no doubt that he is the real deal.

Dwight and the Small case file

By Dwight (Written down by Tommy)



  1. SuperFolder JC

    dude, I want more of the story!!!

  2. hey dude you could like write a STOOKY story about origami Yoda and the impossible question.

  3. SuperFolder JC

    Oooh! good point!

  4. Origami Yoda and the Question of Fate. I’ll get right to it!

  5. SuperFolder Colin


  6. Superfolder Vaktus

    and I’m sitting here with the wind from my friends butt a-blowin’

  7. ………………ummmm stooky i guess………….

  8. Awesome!!!!

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